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The Kyubu Kyubu no Mi is a Paramecia Devil Fruit eaten by Gairam.[1] It allows the user to cut anything they touch into cubes and control these structures, making the user a Cube Human (キューブ人間 Kyūbu Ningen?).


  • "Kyubu" comes from "Kyūbu" (キューブ?), the Japanese way of pronouncing the word "cube".
  • In the FUNimation subs, it is called the Cube-Cube Fruit.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strength of this fruit allows the user to make anything into a cube and stack them.[1] The user is also able to levitate the cubes and form structures from them such as towers and mazes or use one as a floating platform. The user can also compress the air around them or even living creatures—such as humans—around them into cubes.

The victims of the fruit's powers are still able to move around on their own and can break free if they exert enough willpower. Other than that the user still has the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Gairam primarily uses this fruit's power for combat. He is also able to channel the fruit's power through his hammer to turn whatever he strikes with it into cubes. This practice allows him to easily break through defenses by turning the defensive force into cube forms.


  • Cubreak (キューブレーク Kyūburēku?): Gairam puts his hand on a structure and breaks it down into cubes. He first used this on a Marine battleship. This is called Cube Break in the Funimation subs.
  • Cubooster (キューブースター Kyūbūsutā?): Gairam sends the cubes he creates flying at his opponent in order to crush them. This is first used against Luffy. This is called Cube Booster in the Funimation subs.
  • Air Cube (エアキューブ Ea Kyūbu?): Gairam uses the air itself to create a cube of compressed air in his hands.
  • Air Cubooster (エアキューブースター Ea Kyūbūsutā?): Gairam launches his Air Cube at his opponent where it explodes like a bomb. This was first used against the Buggy Pirates, but was stopped by Galdino's Candle Wall. This is called Air Cube Booster in the Funimation subs.

Gairam turns Buggy into a cube.

  • Totem Cube (トーテムキューブ Tōtemu Kyūbu?): After transforming his opponent into a cube, Gairam stacks several cubes on top of each other with them on top and knocks away the bottom cube to torment them. This was first used against Buggy.



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