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Kyun Chara is a Banpresto figure series that was originally designed as a Ichiban Kuji exclusive concept: Super Deformed rendering of anime characters by putting the emphasis on the cuteness of the SD artistic style. Because the concept proved to be quite successful, the series has been released on his own as one of the figure series regularly filling UFO catchers of Japanese game centers.

Kyun (きゅん?) is a Japanese onomatopoeia used to express the tightening of one's chest caused by powerful warm feelings of love, a feeling usually expressed by girls when seeing cute (i.e. moe (萌え?)) things. Kyun Chara can then be translated in good English as Cute Characters.

Those figures, similarly to the WCF series, respect the SD head-body ratio of 1:3 and they come with a stand base. But the Kyun Chara series is declined following seven lines:

  • Huge Cute Character (でかきゅんキャラ Deka Kyun Kara?), figures of about 18 cm tall
  • Cute Character (きゅんキャラ Kyun Kara?), figures of about 10 cm tall
  • Mini Cute Character (ちびきゅんキャラ Chibi Kyun Kara?), figures of about 6.5 cm tall
  • Cute Character Accent (きゅんキャラアクセント Kyun Kara Akusento?), charms of about 4.5 cm tall attached to keychains
  • Cute Character Statue (きゅんキャラすたちゅ~ Kyun Kara Sutachū?), diorama between 6.5 and 10 cm high
  • Cute Character Illustrations (きゅんキャラいらすとれ~しょんず Kyun Kara Irasutorēshonzu?), for misc items like glasses, mugs, straps or pins exploiting the series character design.
  • Cute Plush Toys (きゅんぐるみ Kyungurumi?), for plushies.

All those lines have been created as needed for the different kind of Ichiban Kuji prizes. They may not all be released outside of the Ichiban Kuji raffle system.

Kyun Chara 『One Piece』 ~Sabaody Archipelago~

This line, released mid-January 2012, is simply a re-release of the figures that were originally produced for Ichiban Kuji The World of Cute Characters.

It has been repackaged as 3 sets of 3 figures:







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