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"Orb Panic Adventure Returns!!!!" is a special crossover story featuring characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball, and KochiKame. Like its predecessor Kyutai Panic Adventure!, it was screened only on interactive special events called Odaiba Boken-Oh to commemorate Fuji TV's 45th anniversary. It has yet to see a home release.

Short SummaryEdit

Ryotsu Kankichi witnesses Enel arriving at the city Odaiba in Ark Maxim. As Enel starts his attack, Fuji TV's orb section falls from the building. Son Goku challenges Enel to a fight, while the Straw Hats Pirates try to keep the orb out of harm. Unable to hit Enel's logia body, Goku teams up with Luffy to defeat him with the combined technique Gomu Gomu no Kamehameha. Chopper notes that the city was destroyed, so the Straw Hats and the Dragon Team use the Dragon Balls to restore it.

Long SummaryEdit

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