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Lance is a prince of Strumia and Taylor's younger brother. He appears in Piece Trail: The Adventurers and the Amazing Spring.[1]


Lance is a slim man with brown eyes and medium length brown hair. He wears a red and cream top, a red scarf around his neck, a red and cream sash around his waist, and a red-and-black cape with yellow edging. He also wears a cream bandana with gold patterning, black pants, and black laced boots that come up to his mid-calf.[1]


Lance is a rash person who is full of energy. He is a fan of the Straw Hat Pirates.[2]


Piece Trail: The Adventurers and the Amazing Spring

Lance and Taylor came to Tongari Island to complete the Fountain of Miracles' ordeal, in hopes of saving their home country. However, when Eric accidentally gave the rainbow-colored honey needed to begin the ordeal to Nami, he joined forces with Nami to complete the ordeal and treat her crew's lost voices. One of the endings of the Live Action Role Playing Game involve Taylor and Lance.[1]


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