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The Laotour Bandits are a non-canon group of bandits led by Ko.[1]


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Laotour Bandits
Ko Otsu Hei Tei Wadatsumi

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They seem to be strong, being able to easily defeat Niphtal's subordinates. They also use an assortment of weapons, such as a large pole, guns and a large axe while in battle.[1]


  • The group's name is derived from the Chinese word "lǎotóur" (老頭児), which in Japanese is written "rōtoru" (ロートル?) and used as a derogatory term for elderly people, referencing the group being made up of older men.
  • The group members follow a naming theme based on the Heavenly Stems, a Chinese system of ordinals. In the Japanese on'yomi reading, the first ordinals are Ko (1), Otsu (2), Hei (3), Tei (4).


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