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The subject of this article is also called Raftel.

Laugh Tale[1] is the island at the end of the New World which supposedly holds the treasure One Piece.

There are four poneglyphs known as Road Poneglyphs that, when read together, lead to four islands which, if aligned, will lead to Laugh Tale's location. One of these is located on Zou, one is at an unknown location, and the last two are each owned by the Yonko, Kaido and Charlotte Linlin.[2]

Layout and Locations

Little has been seen of the island, but its shore appears to be composed of steep cliffs with large amounts of wilderness, though there are some objects that appear to be shaped like buildings or fortifications.[2]


Path to Laugh Tale

By reading the Road Poneglyphs, the destined island of Laugh Tale can be revealed.

It is said that upon reaching Laugh Tale, if one has taken with them along their journey the passages of the poneglyphs, then the Rio Poneglyph will finally be revealed.[3] Furthermore, the Road Poneglyphs, a set of four special red poneglyphs, each reveal a point on a map of the world once read. When all four points are deciphered, it becomes possible to discern the place at the center of these points where they all intersect, and the true path to Laugh Tale will be made known.[4]



Gol D. Roger and his crew are the only known people to have reached the island. Roger offered Whitebeard the information on how to get to Laugh Tale, but Whitebeard declined because of his own dreams of achieving a family instead of reaching One Piece.[5]

Translation and Dub Issues

Before the release of One Piece: Stampede, the name of the island was commonly known as "Raftel" in both official and unofficial translations. In the movie, however, the name is spelled as "Laugh Tale" on an Eternal Pose.[1] The Funimation dub opted to start using Laugh Tale from the movie onwards.[citation needed]

According Takuma Naito, an editor of One Piece, the editors in charge of the series had been told of this spelling and its meaning a long time ago.[6]


  • From what has been shown regarding the Road Poneglyphs points, the four marks form an "X" when they intersect, indicating where Laugh Tale and the treasure One Piece await. On a traditional treasure map, the location of the treasure is generally marked with an "X". The image given make it appears like "An X made by Xs", hinting at just how important of a location it is.


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