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Lego is an anime-only Marine that appears in the third TV special One Piece episode as a subordinate to Commander Governor. He holds the unofficial rank of Taichō (隊長).


As a Marine, Lego wears a standard Marine's clothing with a blue ascot around the neck. Lego has a scruffy mustache and beard.


Lego was once afraid of Commander Governor, as he threatened to court martial him if he were to refuse his orders. However, in the end, he stands up to Governor and refuses to acknowledge Governor as a commanding officer.


Sky Island Saga

Protect! The Last Great Performance

Lego was sent to arrest Randolph during his play.

When the Straw Hat Pirates protect Randolph's Troupe, as to allow them to finish their play, he reports to Governor that it was Monkey D. Luffy, a pirate with a Beli.png100,000,000 bounty, leading the defense.

Lego is last seen abandoning Governor with four other Marines, commenting on how Governor has no right to be a Marine Commander.[1]

Translation and Dub Issues

The credits state his name and rank as Captain Lego (レゴ隊長 Rego Taichō?). However, his position (隊長 Taichō, "captain" or "commander") is not a rank among the Marines. His rank and his role in the special more likely refers to his position as a squad leader or unit leader as "隊 tai can refer to a squad, unit, or division and "長" chō means leader or captain. Considering his uniform, he lacks the standard Marine cloak of a commissioned officer; which implies that he is not a commissioned officer, but is a Marine of some authority within the infantry division. In real-life terms for the military, the only type of "taichō" that is not a commissioned officer is a squad leader (分隊長 Bun taichō). This rank is roughly equivalent to a chief petty officer (軍曹 Gunsō).[2]


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