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Lepre is a character in One Piece Film: Gold.[1]


Lepre's concept art from the anime.

Lepre is a young woman, with long wavy blonde hair, and grey eyes. She wears a black leotard with a white rabbit tail on her rear end and "KAME" written in pink under it, a red bow around her neck, and white rabbit ears on her head.[1][2]


Not much is known about Lepre's personality. She acted peppy when starting the Turtle Car Race, but she likely felt the same grief of being under Gild Tesoro's control as the rest of the island's inhabitants.[2]


Four Emperors Saga

One Piece Film: Gold

Lepre was the one to begin the Turtle Car Race.[2]

After the Straw Hat Pirates let sea water into Gran Tesoro, Lepre was freed from Tesoro's control, as the king's gold dust was washed away.[2]


  • "Lepre" means "hare" in Italian.


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