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Limejuice[3] is an officer of the Red Hair Pirates.[1]


Limejuice is a relatively thin yet muscular man with blond hair. His trademark features are his nut-shaped hat with a Jolly Roger on it, and his white gloves, objects he retain in both of his appearances in the past and present. By the time of the Summit War of Marineford, he added to his attire a coat draped over his shoulders like a cape and a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes. His hair has grown longer, almost reaching down to his waist, and he has a stern expression.

Twelve years ago in Foosha Village, his hair was shorter, and he was seen smiling.


Limejuice 12 Years Ago.png
Limejuice as he appeared 12 years ago.
Limejuice Marineford.png
Limejuice's outfit during the Marineford Arc.
Limejuice Anime.png
Limejuice as initially depicted in the anime.

Abilities and Powers

Limejuice is an officer in the Red Hair Pirates, giving him authority over lower-ranking crew.[3] It can be assumed that Limejuice is a very powerful individual himself, considering how Marine commodore Brannew described the whole crew as having a high average of bounties.


Limejuice holding an axe.

Limejuice appears to use an axe as his weapon, although he has yet to be seen using it in the story proper.[4][5]



Limejuice was already part of the Red Hair Pirates 12 years ago.[1]

Summit War Saga

Marineford Arc

Limejuice showed up alongside his captain and other officers of the crew in order to stop the Summit War of Marineford, being ready to jump into action if the fighting kept going.[5]


  • Limejuice's name fits with the drink-based naming scheme of some of the Red Hair Pirates.


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