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This article is a list of all countries, islands, towns, villages, and other known major locations of the One Piece universe.

East Blue

East Blue.

West Blue

West Blue.

North Blue

North Blue.

South Blue

Red Line

The Red Line.

Calm Belt

The Calm Belts.

Grand Line



New World

New World.

Exact Location Unknown

Sky Ocean

Map of the Sky.

The White Sea

The White-White Sea


Sea Floor

As the Straw Hat Pirates submerge to the ocean floor, they encounter many fish as large as Sea monsters in the Calm Belt. They also encounter the Kraken and the Flying Dutchman Pirates.

There is an endless but predictable current that flows underneath the Red Line and through Fish-Man Island.

The Moon

The moon is also called Fairy Vearth.

Exact Location Unknown

Places that does not have a confirmed location due to them being shown in flashbacks or mentioned only.

Non-Canon Locations

Islands, nations, cities, and villages that are not found in the manga but only in filler arcs, T.V. specials, movies, and video games.

In East Blue

In the Grand Line


New World

Alternative universes

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