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Weekly Shonen Jump traditionally publishes a collection of comments from each week's contributors, paired with the table of contents on the last page of the corresponding issue. These comments follow a strict character limit, and generally contain either mundane life updates or promotions for a manga's tie-in materials.

Below is a list of Eiichiro Oda's comments, indexed by Jump issue (and corresponding One Piece chapter). The comments for all chapters from 1 to 1000 were republished on the One Piece 1000 Logs website in 2021.[1] Since 2019, the official Viz website and Shueisha's Manga Plus platform have posted professional English translations of the comments.[2]

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Pre-One Piece
Chapter Issue Translation Transcript
GGftF Oct 1993 Monthly Jump Original Nice to meet you, my name is Oda. I'm extremely thankful to have been granted the opportunity to debut my work here. If you read this work and think to yourself, "Hmmm, that was pretty neat.", or even, "Hmmm, that was pretty lame.", by all means, please let me hear your thoughts and opinions.[ref]
IY 1994 Shonen Jump Spring Special Ooohkie-dokie, guess it's 'bout time to show you guys what I've got... Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm.[ref]
RDV2 1996 Issue 41 Wa-hoooW!! So this is the real deal, Jump huh, well it feeeeels GREAT and on days like this what I'd reeeeally like are your thoughts and opinions.[ref] うっひょーっ!!ここが本誌ジャンプかーっいい気分だなーっこんな日は感想欲しいなー

Chapters 1-400[]

Chapters 1–100
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
1 1997 Issue 34 When I was a middle school student, I decided to draw a pirate manga in Jump. I'll ignore the brutal historical facts and draw and fun pirates. It's summer, after all. But I wonder why Jump uses a pirate mark. Why? 中学生の時、ジャンプで海賊漫画を描くと決めた。残忍な史実は無視して楽しい海賊達を描きます。夏だし。でもジャンプって何で海賊マークなんだろう。なんで?
2 1997 Issue 35 The morning sun seen from the window of my workplace is truly beautiful!! I always think "I wish I could wake up to this in the morning" before I go to sleep. 僕の仕事場の窓から見える朝日は実に美しい!!これを朝の目覚めに見たいと寝る前にいつも思う。
3 1997 Issue 36 Asami-sensei and all the staff, thank for you the flowers in celebration of my serialization. Wild Half is drawn by such good people. 浅美先生とスタッフの皆様、連載祝いの花ありがとうございました。WILD HALFはこんないい人が描いてるさ
4 1997 Issue 37-38 A comrade from my rookie days, Mizumoto-san, will have his manga published in Akamaru Jump. Let's take this as a step towards us being serialized together!! 新人時代からの同志、水元さんの漫画が赤マルジャンプに載る。これをステップに一緒に連載しましょ!!
5 1997 Issue 39 Oh! I went to see Princess Mononoke!! That's a good one!! Too cool!! It's remarkably Mera at my workplace. ああ!観てきましたよ「もののけ姫」!!あれはいい!!かっこよすぎ!!仕事場はめっきり米良ですよ
6 1997 Issue 40 Tokuhiro-sensei and Rurouni's Watsuki-sensei took good care of me when I was an assistant. I wish Tokuhiro-sensei a speedy comeback. 徳弘先生と、るろうにの和月先生にはアシスタントでお世話になった。徳弘先生の早期復活を願う
7 1997 Issue 41 I bought a Lego pirate ship. It's a really fun creation. I believe that the Lego designers who never forget about about the heart of a boy are truly great. However, the target age range is 5-12 years old!! Ahhh! レゴブロックの海賊船を買った。すごく楽しい出来なんです。少年の心を忘れないレゴの設計者は本当に偉いと思う。ただ対象年齢は5~12歳!!あああ
8 1997 Issue 42 It seems that One Piece will be published in Hong Kong and Taiwanese magazines as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll change the title to. I'm guessing it'll be in kanji. 香港と台湾の雑誌にもワンピースが載るらしい。どんなタイトルに変わるのか楽しみです。やっぱ漢字か
9 1997 Issue 43 Let's predict the title of the Hong Kong/Taiwanese versions of One Piece!! 伸縮的冒険少年 ("Elastic Adventure Boy"). 麦藁海賊 ("Straw Hat Pirate"). 少女服 ("Girl's Clothing"). I wonder. 香港・台湾版ワンピースのタイトルを予想してみよう!伸縮的冒険少年。麦藁海賊。少女服。どうだろう
10 1997 Issue 44 It seems that recently so-called "towelers" have been emerging in my birthplace of Kyushu. How naive... I've been a workplace toweler since way back. 最近、わが故郷九州でタオラーというのが出現したらしい。甘い…。僕は昔から仕事場タオラーだ
11 1997 Issue 45 Even though the serialization has exceeded 10 issues, I'm still not used to the weekly pace. Oh, how amazing the professionals are. 連載10回を越えたというのにまだ週刊ペースがつかめない。ああ、プロの人達ってすげえなーっ。
12 1997 Issue 46 Thank you very much for all the fans letters each and every week. I believe that what I can do now is to repay your cheers with the energy of the characters. I'm gonna do it!! 毎週毎週たくさんのファンレター本当にありがとうございます。皆様の声援をキャラクター達の元気にかえてお返しする事が今の僕にできる事だと思っております。やるぞ!!
13 1997 Issue 47 This time, it was decided that One Piece will be published in Thailand. But it seems that the pictures will be flipped horizontally. I'm a little worried that the drawings will be distorted. 今度はタイでワンピース掲載が決まった。でも絵が左右逆になるらしい。デッサンの狂いがちょっと心配
14 1997 Issue 48 My family and neighorhood friend, Hiroyuki Takei-sensei's Butsu Zone volume 2 came out. I bought it. I knew it would be interesting. 家も近所のお友達、武井宏之先生の「仏ゾーン」2巻が出た。買った。やっぱこれは面白いと思う
15 1997 Issue 49 Toriyama-sensei's serialization has started! I'm so happy!! Too happy!! I'm looking forward to reading this every week from now on!! 鳥山先生の連載が始まった!!嬉しいっ!!嬉しすぎる!!これから毎週楽しみに読ませて頂きますっ!!
16 1997 Issue 50 When I was a child, I had a culture shock reading a book called My Father's Dragon. There is no other fictional creature as well-known as the dragon. Just who thought of it? How great!! 子供の頃「エルマーとりゅう」という本を読んでカルチャーショックを受けた。竜ほど親しまれている架空の生物は他にいない。一体誰が考えたんだ?偉い!!
17 1997 Issue 51 It's cold!! I hate the cold!! Ahh, I wonder if this is the place for that. I think I'll work dandily while drinking a warm, bittersweet cup of coffee. 寒いっ!!寒いのはぼくは嫌いだっ!!ああーここはあれですかねえ。ひとつ温かくほろ苦いコーヒーでも飲みながら、ダンディーに仕事しますかねえ。
18 1997 Issue 52 There was something called a 3D sticker inside a reader's letter. I've often seen them stuck on, but now I get how they're used. 読者のお手紙にポコポコシールっていうのが入ってた。貼ってあるのはよく見るが、ああ使うのか。
19 1998 Issue 1 Kazu-sensei, Mizumoto-sensei, congratulations on your new serializations! We used to drink a lot in the past, but from now on we're comrades in arms!! かず先生、水元先生、新連載おめでとうございます!昔よく飲みましたが、これからは戦友だあ!!
20 1998 Issue 2-3 Now then. Are you ready? It'll come out. Finally, One Piece Volume 1!! The release date is Christmas!! There are bonus pages. さあ。用意はいいですか?出ますよ。とうとうワンピース第1巻!!発売日はクリスマス!!おまけページあるよ
21 1998 Issue 4-5 Congratulations!! Two of my friends are in Akamaru Jump. Shinyacchi, Matsuicchi, I'm cheering for you. Go onward!! めでたい!!赤マルジャンプに友人が2人載ってます。信也っち、松井っち応援してます。つき進めーっ!!
22 1998 Issue 6 Ha! It's dawned!! Happy New Year. I really did my best last year. I'm sure becuase I said it myself. Well, for now this year...OK!! I'll do my best! Good luck this year too. はっ!!明けてるっ!!明けましておめでとうございます。去年の僕はよく頑張った。自分で言うんだから間違いない。さて、さしあたって今年は…うん!!頑張ろう!!今年もよろしく
23 1998 Issue 7 The boom box I bought with money from my very first high school part-time job has been with me for six years. Recently CDs started skipping. Hang in there!![ref] 高校の頃、初めてしたバイトの金で買ったコンポとは6年のつきあい。最近CDが飛ぶ。頑張れ!!
24 1998 Issue 8 I went to the party for the 'Big Two' Awards. It's been a while since I let loose singing and partying like that. Feeling rejuvenated is sooo important.[ref] 2大賞パーティーに行ってきた。久しぶりに歌って騒げて解放された。リフレッシュは大切だあ。
25 1998 Issue 9 Thank you for the incredible amount of postcards we received for last year's 'Cover Page Illustration Idea Contest'. Selecting them is tough![ref] 昨年募集した扉絵イラストのアイデア、超たくさんのおハガキありがとう。選考って悩む!
26 1998 Issue 10 It's so funny!! I've been watching Masaru-san on TV and it's crazy that a TV cartoon can make me laugh this hard.[ref] 面白い!!TVの“マサルさん”を観てるんですが、アニメであそこまで笑わせてくれるとは恐るべし
27 1998 Issue 11 I went to the New Year's party where I was able to meet Toriyama-sensei. If you can believe it we actually played rock-paper-scissors!! AND I LOST!! He really IS a living legend.[ref] 新年会に言って鳥山先生に会えた。なんとジャンケンしてしまった!!でも負けた!!やはり偉大だ。
28 1998 Issue 12 At last the unveiling of the winners of the 'Cover Page Illustration Idea Contest'. Since I love drawing pictures I'm going to put some extra effort into the next six weeks. Of course that goes for the series too.[ref] やっと発表になりました「扉絵アイデアコンテスト」。僕はイラストを描くのが大好きなので先6週も力入れていきますよ!!勿論本編も
29 1998 Issue 13 Crap. My wisdom tooth feels kind of weird. Is this all because I stopped going to the dentist mid-treatment last year?[ref] やばい。何だか奥歯に違和感を感じる。まさか一年前歯医者に通う事を途中でやめたのが敗因か!?
30 1998 Issue 14 FAIL!! I woke up the same time I went to sleep. I SLEPT OVER 24 HOURS!! This week's manuscripts are probably gonna be hell.[ref] 不覚っ!!寝て起きたら寝た時間。24時間も眠ってしまった!!今週の原稿はえらい事になりそうだ。
31 1998 Issue 15 The Olympics, which will be long over by the time this goes to print, have got me all emotional right now. Sports are amazing.[ref] この号が出る頃にはとっくに終わってるオリンピックに今僕は感動しています。スポーツって素晴らしい。
32 1998 Issue 16 Valentine's chocolates have arrived! Thank you so much!! The characters and staff included, we're all enjoying them. I love chocolate.[ref] V・C(バレンタインチョコレート)が届きました!どうもありがとうございます!!C・S(キャラクタースタッフ)一同でいただきます。僕はC(チョコレート)が好きだ。
33 1998 Issue 17 About that funky wisdom tooth I wrote about in Issue 13, after I brushed it with ApaXXrd all the ridges on my tooth were missing. THE HECK!?[ref] 13号のコメントで奥歯に違和感を感じると書いたが、アパ◯ードで磨いたら凹凸がなくなった。まじっ!?
34 1998 Issue 18 April 3rd, One Piece Volume 2 will be out!!! You can look forward to the lively antics of the Buggy Pirates. There are also some special extra pages for a handicraft project.[ref] 4月3日、ワンピース2巻が出ます!!バギー一味の豪快なバカッぷりをお楽しみに。工作おまけページあり。
35 1998 Issue 19 Did you guys know this!? If you put Kappa Ebisen in shoyu ramen it tastes delicious!! Just be careful of how much you put in.[ref] みんな知ってるかっ!?しょう油ラーメンにかっぱえびせんのせるとうまいんだ!!量の加減に注意
36 1998 Issue 20 Thank you for sending me all the One Piece cosplay pictures. If I did it I'd be a fabulous Nami ♥ Yikes.[ref] ワンピースのコスプレ写真色々と送ってくれてありがとう。僕がやるならやっぱりナミかしら♡ぎゃあ。
37 1998 Issue 21 Regarding the DVD player I got at the New Year's party. To tell the truth I wasn't too interested in it but I hooked it up the other day. Oh yeah, it's the Age of DVD!!![ref] 新年会で貰ったDVD。実はあまり興味なかったが最近接続してみた。うん、時代はDVDだ!!!
38 1998 Issue 22-23 Golden Week is coming. Three buddies from my amateur days will be published in Akamaru Jump. Fukushige-san, Shinyappo and Yamakawa-san, good luck-po.[ref] ゴールデンウィークがやってくる。新人時代からの友人3人が赤マルジャンプに掲載。福重さん、信也っポ、山川さん、頑張っポ
39 1998 Issue 24 At last it's here, the season of warmth. For a lazy guy like me, getting along by wearing just a t-shirt is too awesome to handle.[ref] やってきましたあたたかなこの季節。Tシャツ1枚で過ごせる手軽さが不精な僕にはたまらない。
40 1998 Issue 25 Recently been pouring over comics I read a long time ago. It's weird because just reading them now like this I can recall specific events from my life back then.[ref] 昔、自分がハマってたマンガを最近読みまくってる。一緒に当時の日常まで思い出すから不思議。
41 1998 Issue 26 Went around to some big bookstores for the first time in a year to gather materials. I naively thought three hours would be enough to buy up what I needed. Gotta make another trip to Jimbocho.[ref] 1年ぶりに資料集めの為にでかい本屋をまわった。3時間あればだいぶ買い込めると思ったが甘かった。また行かねば神保町
42 1998 Issue 27 Purchased a new stereo receiver during Golden Week. Is it one of those teletext ones? Can it handle dual Minidiscs? Anyway, it's cool.[ref] ゴールデンウィークにニューコンポを購入。文字放送ってヤツですか?WMDってやつですか?かっこいいっす。
43 1998 Issue 28 I was shocked when I saw the May 17th episode of Sazae-san!! Katsuo's voice actor changed!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED...!![ref] 5月17日放送のサザエさんを見てビビった!!カツオの声優さん変わってた!!何事だいったい…!!
44 1998 Issue 29 Went to the One Piece anime's voice acting audition to learn more about it. How to describe it. The power of their voices in person is amazing. I can't wait to see Luffy and the gang actually talking.[ref] アニメ「ONE PIECE」の声優オーディションを見学してきた。何てゆんでしょうか。生声優の迫力がスゴいんです。早くルフィ達の喋るところを観てみたいです。
45 1998 Issue 30 I don't care if we get flak for this but we're on a yo-yo kick at the office. Sure, might be a bit late to the fad but yo-yo's are all the rage here. I'm currently practicing the 'loop the loop'. I'll do my best.[ref] 今、誰が何と言おうとも、うちの仕事場ではヨーヨーがはやってる。遅いと言われてもはやってる。ループ・ザ・ループの練習をしてます。頑張ります。
46 1998 Issue 31 The whole planet is into the World Cup!!! I wanna watch it so badly and it's distracting me from my WORK!! But I'm going to watch anyway!!! Even if you are getting in the way of what I should be doing, I'm rooting for you JAPAN!![ref] 世の中はワールドカップ!!観たくて観たくて仕事の邪魔だ!!でも観る!!邪魔でもいいからがんばれニッポン!!
47 1998 Issue 32 I might be 'Swedistic' but I'm taking a break from Swedish music and listening to some Irish tunes now. They're so carefree.[ref] スウェーディッシュな僕は今、スウェーデン音楽を離れ、アイルランド音楽を聴いてる。伸びやか。
48 1998 Issue 33 Wonder what it means to be 'cool'. Right now I think Sachiko Kobayashi is cool. And so was the late Yoshie Utsumi.[ref] かっこ良さって何だろう。今僕は小林幸子がかっこいいと思う。(故)内海好江もかっこよかった。
49 1998 Issue 34 Right, it's been four weeks since that manga everyone's been talking about started. There was an oath we took to have our serials run together in Jump back when we were assistants on Rurouni. I've forgotten how long ago that was but we finally did it. Well, Takei-san, what more can I say than congratulations.[ref] さて、始まって4週、大反響のあの漫画。るろうにアシスタント時代に誓いあったジャンプ同時連載。もう何年も前の誓いだけど今やっと達成された。やーめでたい限りっすね武井さん↖
50 1998 Issue 35 The voice actors were chosen for the anime so I went to the recording session to learn about it. I was so moved by their stunning performances which were even better than I imagined.[ref] アニメ声優さんも決まり、アフレコを見学しに行ってきた。みなさんのイメージ以上の名演に、ただ感動
51 1998 Issue 36 WO----AAA~~~~H!!! I went to see it, the One Piece anime advance screening!!! It is aweSUUUUUM!! Please don't miss it!!![ref] す――げ~~っ!!!観て来ましたよアニメワンピースの試写!!すばらシィ――出来です!!絶対観て下さい!!!
52 1998 Issue 37-38 My debut work from 6 years ago will be in Akamaru Jump. It's a Western. Speaking of which, seems there's gonna be an unrelated Western story published in the same issue. The author is a Mikio Ito? I know I've heard that before but... wait, it couldn't possibly be!?[ref] 赤マルジャンプに僕の6年前のデビュー作が載る。西部劇です。そう言えば同誌にもう1本西部劇が載るらしい。作者は…イトウミキオ?聞き憶えがあるなあ…まさか!?
53 1998 Issue 39 When looking through an old Lego catalog I found a pirate ship even bigger than the ones they sell now!! Was it discontinued!? Mr. Lego Japan Representative-Man!?[ref] 昔のレゴのカタログに今のよりでっかい海賊船を発見!!あれはもう発売中止なの!?レゴジャパンさーん!?
54 1998 Issue 40 I can't get, 'A SAD MOMEEEENT!!', out of my head. Itsumo Koko Kara is a weird comedy duo name but they're funny.[ref] 「悲しいときーっ!!」ってゆう叫びが頭から離れない。「いつもここから」は変なコンビ名だけど面白い。
55 1998 Issue 41 Lately I find myself not feeling the least self-conscious when I go to a toy store and stand alongside other kids looking at the merchandise. Wonder if that's because I've awakened to the fact that I draw comics.[ref] 最近おもちゃ屋に行き子供にまざって商品を見るのが恥ずかしくない。漫画家である自覚のせいか
56 1998 Issue 42 Ran out of room to lay down the futon so I cleaned up my room. Kinda lonely without the stacked up magazines and clothes. I remain hopeful that things will be back to normal in a few weeks.[ref] ふとんを敷く場所がなくなってきたので、部屋を片づけた。積み重なる雑誌や服が一掃されて、なんかさびしい。でもきっと数週間後には元通りに落ち着く事でしょう。
57 1998 Issue 43 Japan has just lost the greatest entertainer of this era. Let's reflect on it once more. The spirit of Akira Kurosawa.[ref] 日本は、今世紀最大のエンターテイナーを失ってしまった。もう一度復習しよう。黒澤明の心意気。
58 1998 Issue 44 I put some beef jerky in orange jelly and it tasted like MSG. Also made me feel sick.[ref] オレンジゼリーにビーフジャーキーを入れて食べたら味の素の味がした。気分が悪くなりました。
59 1998 Issue 45 I bought an Akiko Wada album. SHE IS THE SOOOWL-SHOUTIN' SINGER! She shouts from her SOOOWL**.[ref] ワダアキコのアルバム買った。ディスイズタマスィーシャウトシンガーだ。タマスィーの叫びだ。
60 1998 Issue 46 The fifth One Piece volume was released. The Usopp arc wraps up. Yosaku & Johnny appear along with Sanji. It's a lotta fun!![ref] ワンピースのコミックス5巻が出ました。ウソップ編完結。ヨサクとジョニー、サンジも登場。楽しい!!
61 1998 Issue 47 Those who participated in the 'Character Popularity Vote', thank you very much. I'm really happy that Luffy came in first. I was worried that Zoro or Shanks might overtake him.[ref] キャラクター人気投票に参加して下さったみなさん、どうもありがとうございました。ルフィが1位で嬉しいです。ゾロやシャンクスに抜かれないかとヒヤヒヤでした。
62 1998 Issue 48 I watched Tenten-kun. That song in it is so funny. I'm sure it's gonna be a hit. This is the start of a really great anime!![ref] テンテンくんを観た。あの歌は面白すぎる。あれはきっと流行るでしょう。いいアニメが始まった!!
63 1998 Issue 49 I'm getting more and more letters with Tare Panda envelopes. Seems popular. But did you know if you look reeeally closely, that panda is actually droopy!![ref] 貰う手紙に“たれぱんだ”の封筒が増えてる。流行りだ。でもよーく見るとあのパンダ、たれてるぞ!!
64 1998 Issue 50 I got my hands on the legendary out-of-production Lego pirate ship, The Dark Shark!! A huge thank you to S-san, employee of a certain Kiddy Land, for the tip that you had one in stock!! THREE CHEERS FOR LEGOS[ref] 製造中止の幻の海賊船「レゴ」のダークシャーク号をゲットした!!在庫があったと情報をくれた某キディランド店員Sさんどうもありがとうございました!!レゴバンザーイ
65 1998 Issue 51 Shinyappo, whose one-shot debuted this week, helps out on One Piece from time to time. His selling point is definitely 'power' manga!![ref] 今週読切で登場した“信也っぽ”には何度かワンピースを手伝って貰ってます。奴の売りはパワー漫画だ!!
66 1998 Issue 52 Izumi Kato's new single is out. She's done it again!! I've got it playing on heavy rotation in my room.[ref] 加藤いづみのニューシングルが出てた。これがまた良すぎ!!今僕の部屋でヘビーローテションぐるぐる。
67 1999 Issue 1 Lately there are a lot of maxi-singles at CD stores. I buy them thinking they're albums but it's only two or three songs. Kinda disappointing.[ref] 最近CD屋にマキシシングルが多い。アルバムだと思って買うと2・3曲。少し悲しい。
68 1999 Issue 2-3 A manga by our staff member Ejiri-san will be in Akamaru Jump which goes on sale the 14th. Good work on those manuscripts.[ref] 14日売りの赤マルジャンプにスタッフの江尻さんの漫画が載る。原稿おつかれっ
69 1999 Issue 4-5 Went to Nakano Sun Plaza for the Anime Tour. It was a valuable experience to talk in front of more than 2000 people. Really enjoyed it.[ref] アニメツアーで中野サンプラザへ。2千人以上の面前で話をするとは貴重な体験。楽しかった。
70 1999 Issue 6 Happy New Year I wanted to try using a large font just once. But seriously it's just like, definitely a happy time n'stuff.[ref] 明けましておめでとう 一度こういうでかい文字を入れてみたかった。しかしあれですねめでたいっすねー
71 1999 Issue 7 In the seventh month of the year 1999, Mongol Man will fall from the sky. Be wary of leg lariats.[ref] 1999年七の月。空からモンゴルマンが降って来る。レッグラリアートには注意だ。
72 1999 Issue 8 Recently kids from the neighborhood have gotten into firecrackers. Nothing wrong with that at all but, KNOCK IT OFF WHEN I'M SKETCHING![ref] 近所の子供達が今、爆竹にハマってる。別にいいんだけど、ネーム中はやめろ!
73 1999 Issue 9 Thank you so much for the mountains of New Year's cards and birthday presents!! I'll return the favor by 'moving your hearts'!!![ref] 山盛りの年賀状と誕生日プレゼント、本当にありがとうございました!!お返しは感動(マンガ)で!!!
74 1999 Issue 10 Swing' is gonna be big this year!! These snazzy gang-rock tunes will be my background music for One Piece this year.[ref] 今年は〝スウィング〟が来る!!今年のワンピースのBGMはこの楽しいギャングロックでいく
75 1999 Issue 11 I went to New Year party. I got to ask the thing I've been wanting to ask about to the sensei I wanted to ask about it; was very informative.[ref] 新年会に行ってきた。聞きたかった事を聞きたかった先生に聞けて勉強になった
76 1999 Issue 12 The drama in each and every single match is what makes professional wrestling so interesting. May the great entertainer, Giant Baba, rest in peace.[ref] 1試合1試合にドラマがあるからプロレスは面白い。エンターテイナージャイアント馬場選手の冥福を。
77 1999 Issue 13 Voices of discontent from Sanji fans regarding the One Piece title page in the New Year's issue #6!! That was entirely my fault!!! (ROTFL)[ref] 新年6号のワンピースの表紙にサンジファンの怒りの声!!あれは完全に僕のミスだ!!(大笑)
78 1999 Issue 14 Nosebleed FWOOOSH!! Thank you very much for all the chocolates!! They've got my brain power running at full speed!![ref] 鼻血ブ――!!たくさんのチョコどうもありがとうございます!!これで脳ミソ全開だ!!
79 1999 Issue 15 Was shocked by the new Gundam. Turn A Gundam. As someone who has been a fan of the first Gundam series since elementary school I never thought it would evolve into…that! So it's come to this!![ref] 新しいガンダムにビビった。ターンAガンダム。小学生の時にハマってたファーストガンダムからまさかああ進化するとは…!ああきたか!!
80 1999 Issue 16 I've got three favorite watches. But none of them tick anymore. Batteries are shot. Off to the watch shop.[ref] 気に入ってる腕時計が3本ある。でももう時を刻まない。電池切れ。時計屋行こ
81 1999 Issue 17 At long last it's the return of the Star Wars series toys!! Gonna buy every last one of 'em without fail!! The only problem is finding display room[ref] 遂にレゴに「スターウォーズ」シリーズが!!絶対買うぞ全部買うぞ!!問題は置場所
82 1999 Issue 18 I was so moved by Morita-sensei's comment from Issue 16!! Phew, gotta do my best. Thank you so much[ref] 16号の森田先生のコメントに感動!!はー頑張ろ。どうもありがとうございました
83 1999 Issue 19 I am not a man that will simply lie down and allow myself to be a slave to the times. By the way, aren't Japanese dumplings just to die for!! I am a man that forges my own bold new path.[ref] 僕は時代に流されぬ男。最近だんごがうまいっすねー!!僕は決して流されぬ男。
84 1999 Issue 20 Final Fantasy is getting in the way of my work!! We can't have that. Thus I developed a breakthrough plan to deal with the issue. I'm going to do my very best, to beat the entire game. Yeah, that's the ticket.[ref] FF(エフエフ)が仕事の邪魔!!困った。そこで打開策を考えた。頑張ってクリアする。よし
85 1999 Issue 21 There's this thing called a 'foot-bath' but I think if you overuse it you'll probably turn your 'foot bad'!! That's...all I have to say.[ref] フットバスっゆうのがあるんだけどやったら足がフッ飛びそうだ!!いや…それだけ。
86 1999 Issue 22-23 Former One Piece staff member Kusanagi-san and a figure yet veiled in mystery, KIYU-san, will have their manga in the Akamaru Jump going on sale April 30th. I'm dying to read 'em!![ref] 元ワンピーススタッフの草薙さんと謎のベールにつつまれたキユさんの漫画が4月30日売りの赤マルジャンプに載る。早く読みてーなー!!
87 1999 Issue 24 I've just discovered a fantastic musician!! Her name is Yoko Kanno-san. Miss, you are just…wow, awesome!![ref] 素晴らしい音楽家を発見!!名を菅野よう子さん。あなたもう…マジすごいっス!!
88 1999 Issue 25 The CD player on the stereo set I just bought last year broke. I called the repairman and he fixed it. Thank goodness.[ref] 去年買ったばかりのコンポのCDが壊れた。修理屋さん呼んで直った。よかった
89 1999 Issue 26 Mr. Sagara, a friend of my editor Mr. 'A'da, thank you so much for setting up my Mac!! I'm so happy I could cry[ref] 担当A田氏のお友達相良さんMACのセットアップありがとうございました!!泣けたっス
90 1999 Issue 27 I went to the judges' meeting for the Tezuka Awards. It was great to hear such amazing stories from all those amazing people.[ref] 手塚賞の審査会に行ってきた。スゴい人達のスゴ話もたくさん聞けて面白かった
91 1999 Issue 28 There's just something exciting about those German toy blocks, Playmobil!! Their pirate series is outstanding[ref] ドイツのブロック、プレイモービルは雰囲気がたまらない!!素敵だ海賊シリーズ
92 1999 Issue 29 About the novelization of One Piece that came out on June 3rd. If you can believe it, there's a flip book comic in it!![ref] 6月3日に出たONE PIECEの小説版。なんとパラパラ漫画がついてるぞ!!
93 1999 Issue 30 "Ota-san, it's raining!!" "Oh heavens, thank you for telling me." Ah, listening to the conversations of the older ladies in the neighborhood. Really warms the heart.[ref] 「太田さん、雨よ!!」「あ、どうもすいません」近所のおばちゃんの会話。心暖まる
94 1999 Issue 31 I WENT TO SEE STAR WARS EPISODE 1!!! Oh MAN, I was in seventh heaven. Good job!!! STAR WARS!!![ref] スターウォーズ エピソードⅠ観たぞ!!!も~メロメロパンチだ!!Good Job!!!スターウォーズ!!!
95 1999 Issue 32 So they're called 'Pipozaru', eh. Those monkeys. Gotta say they're pretty funny. That dance is great. GET YOU[ref] ピポザルっつーんすか。あのサル。おもろいっすねー。あのおどり。ゲッチュー
96 1999 Issue 33 "We are gonna chug Pepsi like there's no tomorrow!" "OKAY!!" "We're not gonna stop until we've collected ALL the caps!!" "YEAAAH!!" That's essentially the resolution I just made with the staff.[ref] ペプシ飲みまくるぞーっ!おー!!キャップ集めるぞー!!おー!!と今スタッフと誓った。
97 1999 Issue 34 So the entire staff is trying to tell me that the sound a shishi-odoshi makes is *Kahko~n*. But I'm positive the sound it really makes is *Kahpo~n*!![ref] 〝ししおどし〟の音はスタッフ全員がカコーンだと言う。だけど僕はカポーンだと思うのだ!!
98 1999 Issue 35 As of late, they say that even compared to the rest of the world, the Japanese people are getting more dumb. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.[ref] 最近日本人は世界的にみても頭悪くなってきてるんだって。悪い事が良い事か。
99 1999 Issue 36 Was toiling over a manuscript on the day of a deadline. That's when a Star Wars calendar arrived from a reader. POWER UP!!!! THANK YOU!!![ref] 締切に追われる原稿当日。スターウォーズのカレンダーが読者から届いた。パワーUP!!!ありがとうっ!!!
100 1999 Issue 37-38 AND THUS, IT WAS DECREED, THAT IT WOULD BE AN ANIME~ SERIE~S!! And what's more is that three of my friends will be in the special edition going on sale August 18th!! Mizumoto-san and One Piece staffers Ejiri-san & Takei-kun!! Alright, it's summer time!![ref] ア~ニ~メ~化~決定~!!!さらに8月18日売りの増刊には友人3人!!水元さんと、ワンピーススタッフ江尻さんに武井君!!よし宴だァ!!
Chapters 101–200
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
101 1999 Issue 39 Mitsuru Nakamura is an artist-lyricist and I thought he just drew the album covers for 19. Turns out he's also a musician!! That's so cool.[ref] 中村満は詩描き(しじん)で、19(ジューク)のジャケット描いてるだけかと思ってた。本人バンドマンか!!すげー。
102 1999 Issue 40 How about this, Kita no Kuni Kara Episode 1: Kunie's Younger Years. Is it hot in here or is it just me.[ref] 北の国からエピソードⅠ邦衛の少年時代ってのはどうだろう。暑くなりましたね
103 1999 Issue 41 It seems that giraffes clean their ears with their tongue. They said so on TV. I had a friend that could pick their nose with their tongue but ears, that's incredible. Ears, just incredible.[ref] キリンは舌で耳のそうじをやるそうだ。テレビで言ってた。舌でハナクソほじる友達はいたけど耳はすげえ。いや耳はすげえ
104 1999 Issue 42 This summer I was given a priceless treasure. The opportunity to embark on the sailing vessel 'Kaisei' into the open sea. Thank you!![ref] この夏は、かえがたい宝を手に入れた。帆船「海星」で海へ出た事。ありがとう!!
105 1999 Issue 43 Staff member F-san became our hero when he captured the giant moth that invaded the office.[ref] スタッフのFさんは仕事場に侵入したでかい蛾を捕まえて、みんなのヒーローになった
106 1999 Issue 44 The other day I went to the One Piece anime audition. After much deliberation we personally selected individuals whom the entire anime staff was pleased with. We'll reveal them in the next issue. I can't wait!![ref] 先日、ワンピースのアニメのオーディションに行った。議論の末、アニメスタッフ全員納得の人選に決定。次号で発表。楽しみだ!!
107 1999 Issue 45 Lately I'm uh, you know. I'm having more fun than one guy should be allowed to. What with the anime starting and talks about a toy line progressing. Gosh, I'm just so happy I became a manga author (*crying*)!![ref] 最近僕はあれだ。もう楽しすぎてごめんなさいね。アニメ始まるし玩具(オモチャ)化の話も進むし。もー漫画家になってよかった(泣)!!
108 1999 Issue 46 A text I send keeps being rejected!! What's going on here!? It's a text I promised I'd send!![ref] 出したメールが返ってくる!!どうなってるんだ!?出すと約束したメールなのに!!
109 1999 Issue 47 I saw Watsuki-sensei for the first time in a long while. Mr. 'I'm-not-being-hounded-by-work' Easy-Going Wakky.[ref] 久しぶりに和月先生に会った。仕事に追われてないノンビリワッキー氏でした。
110 1999 Issue 48 Regarding the pirate treasure chest campaign commemorating the broadcast of the anime (see page 32). The keyword is 'Gomu Gomu'!![ref] アニメ放映記念の海賊の宝箱プレゼント【注:掲載号の誌面にて行われた企画】。キーワードは「ゴムゴム」だ!!
111 1999 Issue 49 Did you see the One Piece anime!? Isn't it a phenomenal piece of work!! The second episode is a ways off but while we're waiting let's watch the encore broadcast on the 13th and relive the excitement[ref] アニメワンピース観た!?やーすばらしい出来でしたねー!!2話目はちょっと遠いけど13日の再放送を観てわくわくで待ちましょう
112 1999 Issue 50 Ah yes, I currently find myself infatuated with the melodious sounds of classical music. What a splendid form of musical entertainment.[ref] えー僕は今、クラシックにハマっておるのざます。まことに結構な音楽ざます。
113 1999 Issue 51 Did you know that Pandaman is in the opening of the One Piece anime? You can spot him in slow motion[ref] アニメワンピースのオープニングにパンダマンがいるの知ってた?スローだとわかるぞ
114 1999 Issue 52-53 I started PosPe. I took a look around the related sites too and... this world of ours,'s just overflowing with cute stuff.[ref] ポスペを始めた。関連サイトも周ってみたが…この世界はオイ…かわいいづくしだぜ
115 2000 Issue 1 December 29th!! Something amazing is going to happen!! For now just be sure to write One Piece on that date in your calendar!![ref] 12月29日!!すごい事が起こる!!とりあえず、カレンダーにはワンピースって書いといて!!
116 2000 Issue 2 I received a WonderSwan from the folks at Bandai. The whole staff is obsessed with Gunpey.[ref] バンダイさんからワンダースワンを貰った。スタッフ全員グンペイに大ハマリです。
117 2000 Issue 3-4 It's getting closer, the One Piece anime special with, three episode airing back-to-back!? Be sure not to miss the broadcast on the 29th that will be sure to reach all your homes along with the exasperated cries of the anime staff!![ref] せまってまいりましたワンピースアニメスペシャル3話連続放映っすよ!?アニメスタッフの方々の悲鳴と共にお送りする29日を見逃すな!!
118 2000 Issue 5-6 A Happy New Year indeed. So what should I do this year. I think, yeah, I'd like to write a really good manga.[ref] 明けましておめでとうございますね。今年は何をしましょうか。いい漫画描きたいな―
119 2000 Issue 7 Bibiru were really nice guys. And for all of you that came to Jump Festa, I absorbed the amazing spirit you all brought with you!![ref] ビビるは本当にえー人達でした。そしてジャンプフェスタに来てくれたみんなの心意気受け取った!!
120 2000 Issue 8 I bought a hybrid cell phone. I'm always in the house but I just wanted one darnit!![ref] ハイブリッドケータイを買った。そりゃずっと家(ウチ)にゃいるけど、欲しかったんだ――!!
121 2000 Issue 9 I'm writing this on January 19th. Alrighty then, it's about time to start sending New Year's cards. It's what they call 'finishing what you start'.[ref] これを書いてる今は1月19日。さて、そろそろ年賀状を出さなきゃ。ケジメってやつね
122 2000 Issue 10 I received all sorts of birthday presents. Thank you so much!! Gonna do my best!![ref] 誕生日プレゼントをいろいろ頂きました。どうもありがとうございます!!頑張るで!!
123 2000 Issue 11 This spring three of my friends are getting married. That's the power of the millennium for you!! Congratulations and here's wishing all of you years of happiness!!![ref] 友人がこの春、3人も結婚する。さすがはミレニアムっ!!みんなおめでとうお幸せに!!!
124 2000 Issue 12 I went to one of the anime's wrap parties. The One Piece anime is entirely made possible by the remarkable people standing behind it.[ref] アニメの打ち入りに行ってきた。本当に素晴らしい人達に支えられてアニメワンピースはできてる
125 2000 Issue 13 Y-san of our staff is a SUPER sculptor. Using just putty rubber and some vinyl he can make an incredibly realistic cockroach. Please stop.[ref] スタッフのYさんはスーパー造形師。ねり消しとビニールでまるで本物のゴキブリを造る。やめて
126 2000 Issue 14 Buena Vista Social Club. It's all I listen to. I've fallen in love with the legendary voices of Cuba.[ref] ブエナビスタソシアルクラブ。こればっか聴いてる。キューバの伝説の歌声にほれた
127 2000 Issue 15 Hikaru Utada and Misia. Our workplace is divided between which one is a more talented singer. The winner is, Hibari Misora[ref] 宇多田ヒカルとミーシャ。どっちが歌がうまいかで仕事場分裂。勝者、美空ひばりに決定
128 2000 Issue 16 Thank you very much for all the Valentine chocolates!! When I eat these I'll be choc(olate)-full of power♥♥ Okay that was bad.[ref] たくさんのバレンタインチョコどうもありがとうございました!!これを食べてチョコっと頑張るっす♡♡いや、ダメじゃん。
129 2000 Issue 17 I went to the advance screening of the One Piece movie. It flowed really well and was a lot of fun!! It's packed with playfulness right through the ending credits[ref] 映画ワンピースの試写会に行ってきた。ノリが良くて面白かった!!エンディングまで遊び心ギッシリだ
130 2000 Issue 18 I went to see a K-1. The match between Kurosawa & Kakuta pierced straight through my heart. Here it comes…YEAAAAAAAH!!![ref] K-1を観に行った。クロサワと角田の試合に心臓を貫かれた。もう…うおおおおお!!!
131 2000 Issue 19 Oh Madam, have you heard the latest!? The One Piece soundtrack CD!! It's perfect for you and yours! You'll be sure to love it!![ref] ちょっと奥さん聴いたあ!?ワンピースのサントラCD!!いいのよこれがあ!楽しいのよお!!
132 2000 Issue 20 Staffer Y-san and his wife had a baby!! Congratulatiooons!! It's a girl!! You're a daddy now Y-san!![ref] スタッフのYさんの夫婦に子供が生まれた!!おめでとうーっ!!娘だ!!パパだYさん!!
133 2000 Issue 21-22 Smack in the middle of constructing the snow country arc I coincidentally received a The Snowman CD from a reader. It allowed for a really good atmosphere which helped speed up the creation process. Thank you.[ref] 雪の国編の構想中に、ちょうど読者の方から「スノウマン」のCDを頂いた。これがまたいい雰囲気で構想(イメージ)加速。ありがとう。
134 2000 Issue 23 Recently I've been browsing illustration websites from around the world in my downtime. SO MUCH TALENT!!! The world sure is a big place.[ref] 最近の一服タイムはインターネットで世界中のイラストサイト巡り。うめー!!!世界はなんて広いんだ
135 2000 Issue 24 When I'm struggling to come up with a decent story or sketch I simply put things in perspective. I simply remind myself that it's okay because after all, WE LIVE IN THE MATRIX!!! …oh, I uh, went to see it the other day.[ref] 話(ネーム)ができず苦しい時、こう思う。所詮この世はマトリックスだ!!!…あ、最近観ました。
136 2000 Issue 25 I connected the tablet I've been dying for to my Mac!! Don't even know how to begin describing how awesome this is!! It's siiiick!!![ref] うちのMacに念願のタブレット導入ーっ!!なんちゅう楽しさだろうか!!やべーっ!!
137 2000 Issue 26 I got hit pretty hard. Here I was thinking I was invincible when I had my first fever in 10 years. Now I know first-hand how bad Nami felt. Luffy! Hurry up and get her to a doctor!![ref] ヒドイ目にあった。無敵の筈の僕が10年ぶりに発熱。ナミの辛さを知る。ルフィ!!ナミを早く医者に連れてってあげなさい!!
138 2000 Issue 27 I wanna watch some Japanese movies. On DVD. Some Kurosawa or even the Honor & Humanity series, I hope they come out.[ref] 邦画が観たいっす。DVDで。クロサワとか仁義シリーズとか、出ないんでしょうか。
139 2000 Issue 28 Somehow the planning sheets for the One Piece video game keep chugging along. Wow, I cannot wait for it to be released.[ref] 何やらどんどん進んでゆくワンピースのゲームの企画書。もう発売が待ちきれない!!
140 2000 Issue 29 I got an invite from Shimabu~ to go see a recording of DOWN TOWN DX. I laughed my heart out at Macchan's real-time follies and Hama-chan's live wisecracks.[ref] しまぶーの誘いでダウンタウンDXの公録を観に行った。松っちゃんの生ボケと浜ちゃんの生つっこみに腹から笑ってきた。
141 2000 Issue 30 I bought Alflex's 'The Seven Samurai' figures. Guh, this craftsmanship, IT'S GOT ME ALL EMOTIONAL!!![ref] アルフレックスの「七人の侍」フィギュアを買った。くー泣かせる出来だキクチヨー!!!
142 2000 Issue 31 I got to meet Kyosuke Usuta-san for the first time at the 'Big Two' Awards. We're both from Kumamoto and we're the same age. Pretty cool[ref] 2大賞授賞式でうすた京介さんと初めて会った。同じ熊本出身の同い歳。何か嬉しい
143 2000 Issue 32 I'm late with this but Oguri-san, congratulations for all your hard work on the Tenten-kun serial. Please get plenty of R&R.[ref] 遅くなりましたが、小栗さん、『テンテンくん』の連載お疲れ様。よく遊んでください。
144 2000 Issue 33 The things I drew on Nami and Vivi on this week's cover. Dunno what they're called but I wanted to try drawing them once. They're all India-ish and stuff so I likes 'em.[ref] 今週表紙で描いたナミとビビが体に描いてるあれ。名前は知らんけど一度描いてみたかった。インドっぽくて好きだなーあれ
145 2000 Issue 34 Went to Takei-san's place and there was an owl there. It just kept glaring at me.[ref] 武井さん家に行ったらフクロウがいた。もうなんかめっちゃこっちギョロッて見てた。
146 2000 Issue 35 Didja see!? The One Piece anime's new ending!! It's another new song from Otsuki-san. I was listening to it when I just started running for the heck of it.[ref] 観たァ!?アニメワンピースの新エンディング!!次も大槻さんの新曲。あれ聴いて僕はとりあえず走ったね
147 2000 Issue 36-37 The second One Piece novel is in stores now. It's a side-story from the Loguetown arc. It involves the chivalry of a mysterious gunman and a bath scene with Nami. Chock-full.[ref] ワンピースの小説第2弾発売中。ローグタウン編の番外編。謎のガンマンの男気話とか、ナミの入浴シーンとかあったよ。盛り沢山。
148 2000 Issue 38 This week staff member S-san came back from Hawaii with cigars which helped us do a first-class job.[ref] 今週は、ハワイ帰りのスタッフSさんにもらった葉巻で皆ダンディーに仕事をした。
149 2000 Issue 39 I cried watching the One Piece anime's version of the Bell-mère story. Good music, acting and production. Anime is so unfair.[ref] アニメワンピースのベルメールさんの話で泣いた。いい音楽に演技に演出。アニメは卑怯だ
150 2000 Issue 40 I felt nostalgic when I received a correspondence from the crew of the ship I sailed on last summer. 'Fuu'-san of the 'Kaisei', thanks for the postcard![ref] 去年の夏乗った懐かしい帆船のクルーからお便り。〝海星〟のフーさん葉書ありがと
151 2000 Issue 41 There was a Kunihiro Hayashi CD I couldn't find in music stores no matter how hard I looked. Found it instantly on the internet. Great times we live in.[ref] CD屋でずっと探してた林邦洋のCD。インターネットであっという間にお手元に。いい時代ね
152 2000 Issue 42 Dragon Quest 7, I got it but. Final Fantasy 9, I got it but. If I start 'em I won't be able to hit the brakes on either so they remain unopened. I got 'em but...[ref] 持ってるのにドラクエVII。持ってるのにFF(エフエフ)IX。やり始めると自分でブレーキかけられないので今だ未開封。持ってるのに
153 2000 Issue 43 You can have a lotta fun with the 'Log Pose' from Bandai. In fact, I think I overdid it a bit and my muscles are really sore.[ref] バンダイさんの『ログポース』は結構遊べる。ちょっとやりすぎて筋肉痛になりました
154 2000 Issue 44 The snow country arc is finished. Phe~~w I sure drew a heckuva lot of 'em, 'circles'. Well, up next is a kingdom of sand so I guess it's on to 'dots'.*[ref] 雪国編が終わりました。は~~しかし描いたな~“丸”。次は砂の王国なので“点”だな
155 2000 Issue 45 WHOOOOOOOOOOOOAH KARELIN!!! Am I late to the party on this one?[ref] うわああああああああああああカレリンがあああああああああああああああ!!!遅い?
156 2000 Issue 46 I'm a bit late with this but, good job on all the hard work of your serial comic Mr. KIYU. You might be a Jump-published serial manga author but that won't stop me from asking for your help around here; looking forward to working with you[ref] 遅くなりましたがキユ氏連載おつかれさまでした。ジャンプ連載作家とはいえ容赦なく助っ人に呼ぶのでまたよろしくね。
157 2000 Issue 47 What I intended to be catnap turned into a one-way ticket to the very depths of a deep, deep slumber. Ugh, it's despicable. I hate Winter.[ref] ほんの少しの仮眠のつもりが深い深い奈落の底への片道切符。ああ好かん。冬はやだ
158 2000 Issue 48 Can't believe I was asked to write an advocative message in the back of Kochikame Vol. 122. 122 volumes. That's, astonishing[ref] こち亀の122巻の巻末推薦文をなんと書かせて頂きました。122巻って。すごすぎ
159 2000 Issue 49 It shows just how behind I am but I finally saw the Buena Vista Social Club movie. Sweeeet, super sweeeet[ref] 今さらなんだけど、ブエナビスタソシアルクラブの映画を観た。サイコーもサイコー
160 2000 Issue 50 I heard the One Piece anime's new opening song, Folder5's "Believe". How can I describe it, it's a song that somehow just wants to make you burst. Looking forward to it airing[ref] アニメワンピースの新オープニング曲、フォルダー5の『Believe』を聴いた。なんつうか、飛び出したくなる様な曲。放映が楽しみ
161 2000 Issue 51 I went to Nagoya, the land where god resides. I visited an aquarium- I MEAN I went to the Palace of Toriyama. Had an awesome time.[ref] 神の住む土地、名古屋へ行った。水族館、いや烏山宮殿を訪問。めちゃ楽しかった―。
162 2000 Issue 52 ooowwWWWW!!! Of all the times why now at the end of the year......!!! That wisdom tooth I didn't have pulled out three years ago, it's…!!![ref] イテ―――ッ!!!何も年末のこんな時期に……!!!3年前に抜かなかった親知らずが…!!!
163 2001 Issue 1 Dentist Diary Part 1. "This is gonna be preeetty tough to take out.", so I'm told. I see storm clouds ahead.[ref] 歯医者日記その1。『この親知らず抜くのは大変だよ―。』って言われた。雲行きは怪しい
164 2001 Issue 2 Dentist Diary Part 2. Late to the removal appointment. Rescheduled for next week. CURSE YOU ALARM CLOCK!! Oh wait, I forgot to set it[ref] 歯医者日記その2。抜歯予定日に遅刻。来週になった。目覚ましめっ!!あ、止めてある
165 2001 Issue 3-4 Dentist Diary Part 3. CRUNCH! Grch Grch CRACK! GRACK!! POP!! Extraction complete. Oh look at that, it's the end of the 20th century.[ref] 歯医者日記その3。サク!ミシミシボキ!バキ!!ボコ!!抜歯完了。あ、20世紀が終わる。
166 2001 Issue 5-6 Mmm, guess I should choose an aspiration or something for the year. Sure would like to go on a trip this year. Yeah, a trip out around the block'd be nice[ref] 今年の抱負とかを言っとこうかなー。今年は、旅をしたいなーそのへんぶらっと旅を
167 2001 Issue 7 Jump Festa is a battle of stamina. A big thanks to all those that came, it must have tired you out. Once again I was blown away by the incredible enthusiasm in the convention hall!![ref] ジャンプフェスタは体力勝負。ご来場のみんな本当にお疲れ様。今回も会場の凄い熱気に参った!!
168 2001 Issue 8 Went home for New Year's. I also saw friends I hadn't seen for years but it never felt like we were apart. Something magical[ref] 正月に帰郷した。数年ぶりの友達とも会ったけどぜんぜん懐かしくなかった。不思議
169 2001 Issue 9 Awww, didn't get to eat hardly any mochi this New Year's. My grand total was a pathetic two mochi[ref] 今年の正月はもち食ってないなー。トータルで2コくらいしか食ってないな―。もち
170 2001 Issue 10 We're in the middle of a slow-stewed nice and bubbly soup boom. It's got our workplace in its clutches this winter.[ref] じっくりコトコト煮込んだスープブーム。この冬うちの仕事場はコイツにやられてる。
171 2001 Issue 11 Is everyone watching the anime's original story-arc? It's really entertaining!! So jealous[ref] みんなアニメのオリジナルシリーズは観て頂けてるでしょうか面白いね~!!くやしい
172 2001 Issue 13 Sorry for taking a break!!! If you can believe it, I went to America and had fun for 10 days!!! But what I gained from this trip, is HUGE.[ref] 休んでごめん!!10日間アメリカで遊んで来ちゃいました!!!でもこの旅で得たものはデカイ
173 2001 Issue 14 Nosebleed FWOOSH!! I got some chocolates. Thanks very much. I'm gonna eat 'em all up and then draw, draw draw![ref] 鼻血ブ――!!チョコが届きました。どうもありがとう。もー食いまくって描きまくる
174 2001 Issue 15 Did you know that from April 15th the anime's time-slot is moving!? It'll be after Kochikame at seven-thirty!! FRESH NEW START!!![ref] 4/15からアニメの時間移動って知ってた!?「こち亀」のあとで日曜の7時半!!リスタート!!!
175 2001 Issue 16 Ejirin who worked here as an assistant for two and a half years is leaving. I don't know how I'll go on. I mean, who am I supposed to push around for kicks now!? Thanks for all your hard work[ref] アシスタントを2年半務めてくれたエジリンがやめる。どうしよう。これから僕は誰を苛めて遊べばいいの!?いや、ご苦労さま
176 2001 Issue 17 To whoever sent us the mountain of Dove Sables. Thank you very sable. We're all munch-sabling on them.[ref] 大量の鳩サブレーを送ってくれたあなた。どうもありがサブレ。みんなで食べサブレ。
177 2001 Issue 18 Wow, four and a half years. The editor with whom I shared many successes and hardships, 'Daasa'. Time to change. Thank you for working so hard all the way.[ref] なんと4年半。色んな苦楽を共にしてきた担当ダーアサ。交替です。今までお疲れ様
178 2001 Issue 19 My new editor Habuta-san has arrived. He has a family so I might think about possibly considering not asking too much out of him.[ref] 新担当土生田さん登場。家庭持ちなので無理させちゃいかんなーと思うだけ思っとこ。
179 2001 Issue 20 Just warning you guys okay, under no circumstances should you try listening to the One Piece Grand Battle disc in a CD player. In particular the second track…*heehee*[ref] 注意しとくけど、ワンピースの「グランドバトル」CDプレーヤーで聞いちゃダメ。特に2曲目とか…ぷぷ
180 2001 Issue 21-22 Mikio Ito's series has stoked the fires of inspiration in 'mongoose' all over the country. Hey big bro, here's to all the hard work on your completed serialization.[ref] いとうみきおの作品は、全国の漫画描き(マングース)に火をつけちまった。兄貴、連載お疲れ様。
181 2001 Issue 23 It's been decided where we're moving to~!! We went ahead and rented it out!! A brand new workplace!! Alrighty, all that's left is to actually move…[ref] 引っ越し先が決まった~!!とりあえず借りた!!新しい仕事場!!さて、移動はいつに…
182 2001 Issue 24 I heard that the anime's ratings have gotten even better since moving to Sundays and I couldn't be happier. I watch it too. From 6.[ref] アニメの視聴率が日曜になってさらにすごいらしく嬉しい。僕も見てます。6時からずっと
183 2001 Issue 25 During Golden Week I got together with my manga buddies and we discussed the Koizumi cabinet. …for like 10 minutes.[ref] ゴールデンウィークは、漫画仲間で集まって、小泉内閣について話し合いました。…10分くらいね。
184 2001 Issue 26 I received a pirate sword as a gift from the manager of the weapons shop I visited a while back in Kamakura. Thank you very much.[ref] 前に行った鎌倉の武器屋さんの店長から海賊剣のプレゼント。ありがとうございます。
185 2001 Issue 27 Katsura-sensei showed me his home theater. Uh…it's like…it might as well be a movie theater!![ref] 桂先生のホームシアターを見せて貰った。ああ…それもう…映画館じゃないっすか!!
186 2001 Issue 28 I got Hikaru Kawamura's autograph. A lil' somethin' we call 'having connections' here at Shueisha. Thank you very much![ref] 川村ひかるのサインを貰った。あれね、集英社のコネってやつ。どうもありがとうございました!
187 2001 Issue 29 I was surprised when my own named appeared on screen during the final post-credits screen of the Game Boy One Piece game. Now that you mention it, I am the original creator[ref] ゲームボーイの「ワンピース」のクリア画面で、自分の名前が急に現れ驚いた。そういや原作者だった
188 2001 Issue 30 I heard something amazing at one of the anime's general meetings. That role and that other role are going to be played by THAT person and THAT person!!![ref] アニメの打ち合わせでスゴイ事聞いちゃった。あの役とあの役はあの人とあの人が!!!
189 2001 Issue 31 T.T-san, thank you for sending the Chopper doll. It's so cute and well made; it's got rave reviews from the staff. Wow.[ref] チョッパー人形を送ってくれたT・Tさんありがと。かわいく出来もよくスタッフも大絶賛。すげェ。
190 2001 Issue 32 The One Piece illustration collection book to be released on July 19th is amazing!! Take my word for it, it's reea~~~~~lly something. I dedicate it to a world full of hardships.[ref] 7月19日発売のワンピースのイラスト集はすごいよ!!も~~~すごいから。せちがらい世の中へ。
191 2001 Issue 33 Aw come oooon. What the heck, Capricorn is sixth this week? What the- 'a revolving door'. THAT'S the lucky item. Well, might as well go for a spin[ref] 何だよ―。今週のやぎ座は6位かよー。回転ドアかよー。ラッキーアイテムはよー。回ろー
192 2001 Issue 34 Watched the Shaman King anime. When I saw 'Original Creator Hiroyuki Takei' I got all emotional. That man I, I know him!![ref] アニメのシャーマンキングをみた。原作武井宏之っての見てちょっと感動。知ってます僕その人!!
193 2001 Issue 35 Looks to be that the anime's ending theme has changed. They told me that middle schoolers sang it. That's so young![ref] アニメのエンディング変わりましたね―。歌ってんの中学生なんだって。若えな~!
194 2001 Issue 36-37 I bought a super functional chair that makes me want laugh out loud, "Shahahahaha!!"* A good chair is a must for desk work.[ref] シャハハハハ!!って笑いたくなる様な超機能的なイスを買った。デスクワークにいいイスは必需
195 2001 Issue 38 I went to a recording session of the anime to learn more about it. Hot damn, you won't believe how awesome the voice acting line-up for the Drum arc is[ref] アニメのアフレコ見学に行ってきた。ドラム編の声優陣はもう楽しすぎるぞコノ野郎
196 2001 Issue 39 Only intended to get my feet wet in Set Sail Pirate Crew! but before I knew it I was being sucked in deeper and deeper…!! They did a heckuva job putting this together!![ref] 「とびだせ海賊団!」を少しやろうと思ったらズルズルと…!!うまいなァあの構成は!!
197 2001 Issue 40 I went to see a stage production that Luffy's voice actress Mayumi Tanaka is in. Voice actors and actresses have such beautiful voices.[ref] ルフィの声の田中真弓さんが出てる舞台を見に行った。声優さんって声が綺麗ね~。
198 2001 Issue 41 WE FINALLY MO~~~~~~~~~~~VED!!* SO~~~~~~~~~ SPACIOUS!! SO COMFY~~~~~~~~~~~!! SO REFRESHI~~~~~NG!![ref] 引っ越した~~~~~~~~~~~っ!!広い~~~~~~~~~!!快適~~~~~~~~~~~!!リフレッシュ~~~~~!!
199 2001 Issue 42 The anime's voice actor for Smoker, Ginzo Matsuo-san, has passed away. May he rest in peace.[ref] アニメのスモーカー役の声優・松尾銀三さんが亡くなられました。ご冥福をお祈りします。
200 2001 Issue 43 I went to the neighborhood pet shop and there were a ton of weird reptiles. I want one. But…I wonder if I'd actually care for it*[ref] 近所のペット屋に行ったら変な虫類がいっぱい。飼いたい。けど…世話するかなあ
Chapters 201–300
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
201 2001 Issue 44 There are adults that kill people while declaring, "This is a holy war!", or "This is justice!" And there are children that see that. One Piece will continue for quite some time. All the while praying for world peace.[ref] 聖戦だー正義だー言って人を殺す大人。それを見る子供。まだまだ続きますワンピース。世界平和を祈りながら。
202 2001 Issue 45 I was outside at one of my favorite little gardens under the rays of the sun just reading and such when suddenly I was told it was bad for my eyes.[ref] お気に入りのチビ庭に出て、太陽の下(もと)読書などをしておりますと、目に悪いよと言われた。
203 2001 Issue 46 Oh…you must pardon me for listening to classical music as of late whilst I sketch. I propose a toast, to the intellectuality of myself.[ref] ああ…近頃ネーム中にクラシックを聴く僕を許して下さい。そんな知的な僕に乾杯。
204 2001 Issue 47 That's what it comes down to. But ya' know. You can't just up and quit exercising. Not when you get muscle cramps from riding an exercise bike, yeaaah.[ref] アレですなー。しかし。運動せなあきませんなー。エアロバイクで筋肉痛ではね~。
205 2001 Issue 48 I went to the Fukuoka Jump Festa. We were having a blast even from when we were planning the pre-stage routine, what a great time.[ref] 福岡ジャンプフェスタ行ってきました。ステージ前の小ネタの仕込みから盛り上がって面白かった。
206 2001 Issue 49 The anime's 'Drum Kingdom flashback arc' left me wading in my own tears. Starting with the director, I've got nothing but gratefulness for the entire anime staff.[ref] アニメの〝ドラム王国回想編〟でボロボロと泣いてしまった。監督を始めアニメスタッフにただただ感謝。
207 2001 Issue 50 Right now I'm in the middle of trying to memorize all the names of the Morning Musume. If I don't know 'em the staff make fun of me.[ref] 今モー娘メンバーの名前を覚え中。知らないとスタッフにえらいバカにされるのさ。
208 2001 Issue 51 I always feel like eating the food served at Shueisha's buffet parties after I get home. The timing of 'em is just soooo, you know. No way I'm the only one.[ref] 集英社の立食パーティーの料理っていつも帰ってから食べたくなる。時間帯がなーアレ。なー
209 2001 Issue 52 I'm going to try to add some miso soup to coffee. Mmmhmm. The perfect bitterness of coffee blended with the scent of miso…KER-COUGH![ref] ミソ汁に少しコーヒーを足してみる。んー。このミソの香りに程よいニガみ…ゲホッ!
210 2002 Issue 1 The jealousy of old men pierce through the Koizumi cabinet. They should just lend him a hand if they've got enough time to waste disagreeing with him. Bunch of weirdos.[ref] おっさん達のジェラシーが突き刺さる小泉内閣。反発してるヒマがあったら手を貸してあげればいいのに。変な人たちだなー。
211 2002 Issue 2 Finally bought the coffee maker for the office that I put off buying because I heard you gotta wash the darn thing after every use. Aha, so this is it. This is what they call coffee... It's...[ref] 使う度に洗わなイカンと聞いて手が出せなかった珈琲メーカーを遂に仕事場に導入。ああコレね。珈琲ってヤツァ…。ヤツァ
212 2002 Issue 3 Plans for a number of video games are moving ahead and the farthest from completion is coming out the year after next. Th-...The year after next you say... Guess it's pretty tough making games too.[ref] 色んなゲームの企画が進んでまして、中でも一番遠いのは再来年発売のもの。さ…再来年て…。ゲーム作るのも大変なんだな。
213 2002 Issue 4-5 And so this year now a close... Even though it's still coming to an end, it's already the New Year's edition of Jump. What's up with that?[ref] 今年も…暮れて…ゆきますなァ…。暮れでもジャンプは新年号…。これおかしくない?
214 2002 Issue 6-7 Alrighty, a happy New Year to you. Ah~ a fresh new year. So I should probably state my goal for the year, huh. This year I uh...yeah a good manga...that's what I'd like to draw...[ref] ハイ賀正。正月ですねー。今年の抱負を言っとかんといけませんね。今年は、そうだなー…いい漫画………描きてえなあ…。
215 2002 Issue 8 The year-end Jump Festa at Makuhari. It was a huge celebration and I had a great time. Did you see the One Piece stage show at Bandai they spent 50 million yen on!? It was awesome. They should perform it all around the country.[ref] 年末の幕張ジャンプフェスタ。大盛り上がりで面白かったァ。バンダイブースの5千万をかけたワンピース演劇ステージ、みた!?スゲェよ。全国公演すべきだ。
216 2002 Issue 9 The DVD player I won at the Jump New Year's party four years ago just broke. The timing was great because I got a new one at this year's New Year's party. THANK YOU.[ref] 4年前のジャンプ新年会でDVDデッキを貰ったがこの前壊れた。ちょうどよく今年のジャンプ新年会でDVDデッキを貰った。サンキウ
217 2002 Issue 10 I slipped away from working on drafts and went to Disney Sea for the anime staff's New Year's party, had fun to my heart's content and went immediately back to my manuscripts.[ref] 原稿を中断してアニメ新年会ディズニーシーへ。存分に楽しんで、即原稿
218 2002 Issue 12 Thanks for last week. I'm sorry for taking a break. I'm in the middle of watching The Godfather. I hate being controlled by others. So just call me 'Don'.[ref] 先週はどうも、休んじゃってごめんなさい。今、ゴッドファーザーを鑑賞中。僕は流されるのが大嫌い。首領(ドン)と呼んでくれ。
219 2002 Issue 13 OOOOOH~~~ (blush) I never ever thought I'd be faced with having to do voice acting. How can I put it? Th-The ebb and flow of the times? ...or getting sucked into it...!![ref] か~~~っ(赤面)。声優挑戦とかは絶対やるまいと思ってたのに。何ていうの?じ…時代のうねり?…それに…のまれて…!!
220 2002 Issue 14 We are now in The Age of the iPod. The iPod is niiice... I loaded it up with songs I love from CDs I don't listen to anymore and I'm at 700 songs. Niiiiice…[ref] 時代はiPod。iPodいいわ…。今ではもうほとんど聴かなくなったCDから好きな曲をどんどん抜粋7百曲。いいわ…
221 2002 Issue 15 I went to the test screening of the One Piece movie. The response from the audience was superb. Man, Chopper's Kingdom is fantastic. That'd be an awesome island. I'd lo~ve to go.[ref] ワンピースの映画の試写会へ行ってきた。お客さんの反応も上々。いやー、チョッパー王国素敵。ああいう島いいよなー。行きて~。
222 2002 Issue 16 Nosebleed FWOOOOSH!! I received so many chocolates thank you very much. I'm the kind of guy that eats chocolate every week regardless of Valentine's Day. Now recharging sugar supply~[ref] 鼻血ブ――ッ!!ありがとうございますチョコたくさん頂きました。僕はバレンタインとは関係ない時も毎週チョコを食う男。糖分補給~
223 2002 Issue 17 Lately Ando-kun, who has been helping me exclusively with final touches, has been on the ball. He's the kind of guy that would climb the corporate ladder in a company. And he's still so young.[ref] 最近仕上げ専門で手伝ってくれてるアンドー君はキチッとしてる。彼は社会に出たら絶対に出世するタイプだな。若いのにねぇ
224 2002 Issue 18 I think it's the first time this happened to me since I was born. I spilled my ink. But since my desk is packed to overflowing with stuff it was more like, "Oh-my-gosh-the-ink-is-not going anywhere actually." It's all good.[ref] 生まれて初めてかも。インク溢したの。しかし僕の机の上は物でゴッタ返してるもんで、まーインクが広がらない×2。全然平気
225 2002 Issue 19 The Straw Hat Gang Voice Acting Brigade came to my place. Starting with a food run for ingredients the main event was Sanji's spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino. We carried on late into the night.[ref] 麦わらの一味の声優軍団がウチに来た。食材の買い出しから始まりメインはサンジのペペロンチーノ。夜中まで大騒ぎでした。
226 2002 Issue 20 A popular song called "Family" has been included in the One Piece album. The producer, Shimizu-san, is busy running here and there trying to make sure that as many people as possible can listen to it. Good lu~~ck!![ref] ワンピースソングアルバムに「ファミリー」という名曲が入ってる。それをより多くの人に聴いて貰う為プロデューサー清水さんが奔走中。頑張れ~~!!
227 2002 Issue 21 I went to see Mr. 2's voice actor Mr. Yao perform on stage with his troupe SWAT. The attention to detail in the depiction of characters helped me see how interesting stage productions is. So that's what real theater is.[ref] Mr.2の声優矢尾氏が出演した劇団SWATの舞台を観に行った。細かい人間の描写に、舞台の面白さを感じた。これが芝居か。
228 2002 Issue 22-23 The three pages I drew last week for the picture book Noland the Liar held me back 15 hours in overtime. It turned out great and I'm totally satisfied with it. I love picture books.[ref] 先週作中で描いた絵本「うそつきノーランド」あの3ページの為に居残り15時間の残業をした。大変よくできて満足だ。絵本は好き。
229 2002 Issue 24 I always thought that 70's soul music was my favorite but lately I've started to pay attention to modern soul. I'll start with some Grammy winners. Ooh, this is gooood...[ref] 70’s(セブンティーンズ)ソウルが自分のベストだと思ってたけど近頃現代ソウルの良さにも気づく。手始めにグラミー受賞作からチェック。あ、いい…。
230 2002 Issue 25 Obata-sensei's illustration collection, Sai. I was deeply moved when I received a signed copy. It's just sooo beautiful. I have nothing but unconditional respect for those who have always been skillful artists. This is the real deal guys.[ref] 小畑先生のイラスト集「彩」。本人からサイン入りで頂き感激。もーめっちゃ奇麗。昔から絵の上手い人は無条件で尊敬。これがプロだぜ。
231 2002 Issue 26 I rented out a whole movie theater!! YEAH-HE-HEAH!! I'm messin' with you, just wasn't anyone else in it. It was a popular movie too but I guess it's because I saw the dubbed version.[ref] 映画館を貸し切った!!ヒューヒュー!!いや~ただ他の客がまったくいなかっただけなんだけど。人気映画なのに吹替だからか
232 2002 Issue 27 I'm out of shape so just walking around town gives me muscle cramps. There's a sports gym in my neighborhood. Every time I pass it I think, "Whaddya know, a sports gym." (so go to it ya' bum)[ref] 運動不足で町を歩けばすぐ筋肉痛。近所にスポーツジムがある。その前を通るとこう思う「スポーツジムがあるなあ」(行けや)
233 2002 Issue 28 Big brother Gin Shinga passed away. He was a dear friend from my assistant days when we dreamed of being manga authors. I'll continue to draw for the both of us.[ref] しんがぎん兄さんが亡くなりました。アシスタント時代から一緒に漫画家を目指した大切な仲間です。彼の分も漫画描きます
234 2002 Issue 29 This is something that really ticks me off. When some guy puts important scenes from a movie on the main menu of a DVD. Come oooon, isn't there something you can do other than THAT.[ref] 腹立たしいのはアレだ。DVDのメニュー画面で、名場面ダイジェストをやってくれるヤツ。もーどうにかならんかなーアレ。
235 2002 Issue 30 What I feared most at the 'Big Two' awards ceremony came to pass. The winners were scared of me because I wore beach sandals. Yeah I guess everyone else was wearing full suits. ...I'm actually a really nice guy.[ref] 2大賞授賞式で僕は受賞者に恐れられてた事が判明。ビーサン履いてたかららしい。確かに周りは皆正装。…でも僕は優しい人よ
236 2002 Issue 31 I went with the One Piece Comedy Voice Acting Brigade to Kobe. We succeeded in happily surprising Sanji. We spent half a year planning it. That was fun.[ref] ワンピースコント声優軍団と共に神戸へ。サンジ(平田さん)を喜びのサプライズに引っかける事に成功。半年がけの作戦だった。面白かった。
237 2002 Issue 32 The World Cup. I saw some booing from the crowd during a Korean home game. I thought that was awesome. That's exactly what fans should be doing.[ref] ワールドカップ。韓国のホーム戦で敵チームに対するブーイングが起きてた。素晴らしいと思った。サポーターはこれくらいぶちカマさなきゃ。
238 2002 Issue 33 Recently I've started enjoying texting and whenever I've gotta chance I check for messages. I get lonely if there aren't any. My dear friends, please text me. Don't expect a reply though (・◇・)[ref] 携帯メールが最近楽しく、一息タイムは何げにチェック。一通もないと寂しい。僕の知り合いの人はメールをください。返信はせんけど(・◇・)
239 2002 Issue 34 I watched the DVD of Rainbowman. So an evil army, the 'Die Die Group', makes fake yen bills in order to give Japanese currency the flu!! ...the hell kinda kid's show is this.[ref] DVDのレインボーマンを観た。悪の軍団「死ね死ね団」はニセ札により日本経済のインフレを狙う!!…どんな子供番組だコレ
240 2002 Issue 35 I'm playing Grand Battle! Swan Colosseum. This thing's crazy hard. SO TOUGH!! THE ENEMIES!! It's kinda starting to get to me. TAKE THIIIIIIS!![ref] グランドバトルスワンコロシアムをやってます。ムツカシーなーコレ。強っ!!敵!!なんかだんだんムキになる。おりゃ~~!!
241 2002 Issue 36 Whenever I have a color cover I draw the color picture a week in advance and add what I think the title will end up being but I made a huge mistake this time. This week's chapter is called 'Heaven's Judgment'.[ref] 色表紙の週は、色(カラー)だけ前の週に描くもんで、次週のタイトルを予想でつけるんだけど、大ハズレでした。今週は「天の裁き」ね。
242 2002 Issue 37-38 All I can hear is, “It's so ho~t.”, or, “The heat is unbearable.” Simply preposterous, is there anything left even resembling 'fighting spirit' in the Japanese today!!! P.S. Okay, so I spend all day in an air conditioned room.[ref] 口を開けば暑い暑い。猛暑だ猛暑だ。全く昨今の日本人はどれだけ気合がたらんのだ!!!PS.ハイ僕は1日中クーラーの部屋の中
243 2002 Issue 39 Sometimes I really yearn to be a salaryman. Get chewed out by the section chief, drown my sorrows in sake on the way home and wear a suit to work every day. But with rush hour, hell no.[ref] たまにサラリーマンに憧れる。部長にどなられて、会社帰りにヤケ酒のんでみたり、毎日スーツ着て通勤。でもラッシュはやだなあ
244 2002 Issue 40 Summertime means scary stories. Or at least that's what people say; what scares me the most are people who are quick to bare their fangs based on differences in status.[ref] 夏といえば怖い話。そりゃ世間の言う通りですが、人の立場の変動により、とたんにキバをむく人間の形相が僕は一番恐い。
245 2002 Issue 41 My staff are into those mystery programs. They seem to be interested in strange events from around the globe. But if actually provided any solid answers they'd be on the news instead. (meanie)[ref] ウチのスタッフは全員ミステリー番組が大好き。世界中の謎が気になるらしい。でも本当に謎が解けたらニュースに流れるよね。(鬼)
246 2002 Issue 42 As a child I was a little off-beat for liking rakugo but I just found out that rakugo CDs are available. So first up iiiiis, Kosan Yanagiya, an essential!![ref] 落語が好きという一風変わった子供だった僕が今落語のCDが出ている事を知ってしまった。まずはえ~、“柳家小さん”基本だ!!
247 2002 Issue 43 'Pierrot' and 'Pure' were put together to make 'Puroland'. I experienced the One Piece 4D Simulation Theater. It was way beyond anything I even imagined! Even adults will love this.[ref] ピエロとピュアの造語で〝ピューロランド〟。ワンピースシミュレーション4Dシアターを体感。想像以上の凄さに感動!こりゃ大人も満足だ
248 2002 Issue 45 There's something I absolutely had to see for an arc I'll be doing sooner or later so I headed to Nagasaki. I'd like to personally extend my thanks to Mr. Matsumoto and all of the workers at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.[ref] いずれ来るシリーズの為に是非見ておきたいものがあり、長崎へ。三菱重工の松本さん始め工場の皆様お世話になりました。
249 2002 Issue 46 There are a lot of things about drawing a long arc that are quite 'trying' but I'm really glad I did Arabasta. The wrap party for the animation was really emotional.[ref] 長いシリーズを描くのは色々とキツイ事も多いけど、アラバスタ編はやってよかった。アニメの打ち上げは感動的なものでした。
250 2002 Issue 47 This is late in coming but congratulations on all your hard work in completing your serialization Higuchi-san. For the time being just take it easy. If you've got time to kill come see me, and I'm not just saying that.[ref] 遅くなりましたが、樋口さん長い連載お疲れ様でした。とりあえずゆっくりお休み下さい。ヒマなら家に遊びに来て、ベタでも。
251 2002 Issue 48 Playing Fighter Maker 2 now. Pretty nifty. Oh the fun of actually making movements.[ref] 3D格闘ツクールを今やってる。おもろ。動きが作れるこの楽しさ。パラパラ漫画の帝王と呼ばれた僕には禁断のソフトです。
252 2002 Issue 49 Yeah it's definitely the age of 'The Sear'. I had my first seared sushi at a sushi place in Tsukiji. I'm telling you babe, it's either seared sooshee or no sooshee.[ref] 時代は“焙り”だよね。焙り以外あり得ないよね。築地のスシ屋で初めてアブリを食べた。やっぱシースーは焙りに限るよねえ。
253 2002 Issue 50 Man I just, I really like 'Kyon Kyon'. How do you describe that sense of humor, that... lightness of the laughter...isn't he great... Kyotaro Yanagiya.[ref] キョンキョンが好きなんですよね、僕は。何というかあのセンスの良さというのか…笑いの軽さ…いいよねえ…柳家喬太郎。
254 2002 Issue 51 Dear Readers. As the breath leaving my mouth turned a whisping white I thought winter was already upon us, but it turned out I was just smoking. As the sky was still darkening after the six o'clock sunset I called my assistant; turns out it was six in the morning.[ref] 背景読者様。吐く息が白く色づき、もう冬かと思ったら煙草吸ってた。空薄暗い夕方6時、スタッフに電話をかけたら朝の6時だった。
255 2002 Issue 52 Treasure Battle. My assistants are into Pirate Soccer. It's really simple but after work they go nuts over it.[ref] トレジャーバトル。ウチのスタッフはパイレーツサッカーがお気に入り。単純だけど仕事明けにもの凄い盛り上がってます。
256 2003 Issue 1 The Great Hidden Treasure of the Nanatsu Islands on Game Boy Advance. I knew about it from the early planning stages but I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. The characters are neat and the music and graphics are beautiful. I recommend it![ref] ゲームボーイアドバンスの“ナナツ島の大秘宝”企画から知ってるけど出来の良さにびっくり。キャラもいいし音楽も画面もキレイ。おすすめ!
257 2003 Issue 2 Oh man. Do I ever love drawing color spreads. And here I am stuck doing piles of 'year-end wrap-up work'. But I'm churning out the spreads without worrying about deadlines. Wahoo.[ref] 大変です。カラー原稿が楽しいです。年末は「年末進行」というやつで仕事量がスゴイのに。締切気にせず描いてます。イエーイ。
258 2003 Issue 3-4 I read the comment from Akimoto-sensei where he said, "Looking for an escape to refresh yourself when you come across a difficulty is only an excuse to avoid it." I was deeply moved!![ref] 「リフレッシュというのは困難から逃避する為の言い訳」だと、秋本先生の某著のコメントを読んだ。あたくし、甚く感動いたしました!!
259 2003 Issue 5 Bought the new iPod. 20 gigabytes. Up until now my playlist comprised of mainly 'soul', 'rock' 'mood' music and the like. This time I'll think I'll add some 'rakugo' and 'manzai'.[ref] 新(ニュー)iPodを買った。20ギガ。今までの僕のプレイリストは「ソウル」「ロック」「雰囲気」etc。次は「落語」「漫才」を追加するのです。
260 2003 Issue 6-7 Happy New Year to you. Last year was full of this and that but now it's this year. I'm gonna state my ambition ......I~ wanna~~~!! DRAW AN AWWWWWESOME MANGAAAAAAAAAAAA!!![ref] どうも賀正。去年は色々あったけど、今年になりました。抱負を言います。……いい~漫画を~~~!!描~~きて~~~~っ!!!
261 2003 Issue 8 Hello there!! One Piece is gonna be a stupid-ass manga this year too!! ...Was that a good follow-up? So that bombshell I dropped at Jump Festa. Worried about that after seeing I made fans cry.[ref] こんにちは!!ワンピースは今年もアホ漫画でーす!!…フォローになっただろうか。ジャンプフェスタでの爆弾発言。不安で泣くファンに動揺中。
262 2003 Issue 9 I met Ouji Hiroi-san. I always wondered what kinda dude he was and turns out he's an adult that knows how to live in style. He's got great values.[ref] 広井王子さんに会った。前々から一体何者なんだろうと思ってたけど、かっこいい生き方をしてる大人でした。価値観が素敵
263 2003 Issue 10 One of my current assistants, Y-kun, gave me a Haro from Gundam for my birthday. It's one of those toys that randomly starts talking which is annoying so everyone's always shutting it off.[ref] 今の助っ人Y君が、誕生祝いにガンダムのハロをくれた。急に喋りだすおもちゃで、うるさいのでみんなにすぐ電源を切られます。
264 2003 Issue 11 Editor-in-Chief Takahashi was a man of manga that always listened to us and saw eye to eye with us. I pray that he may rest in peace.[ref] 高橋編集長は話をよく聞いてくれる人で、意見の合う漫画人の一人でした。とてもショックです。心よりご冥福をお祈りします。
265 2003 Issue 12 The meaning of '(expld)' that I see written on fan letters and stuff. Apparently it's (explodes into laughter). I thought it just meant (exploding). Was under the impression flying all over the place was in fashion.[ref] ファンレターなんかによく書いてある(爆)っていうのの意味。「爆笑」らしい。僕は「爆発」だと思ってた。吹き飛ぶの流行ってんのかと
266 2003 Issue 13 I met Bump of Chicken. They were really pleasant and we ended up talking for three hours. Along with the new film their new song is really a work of art. Please, go see the movie!!![ref] バンプオブチキンに会った。いい雰囲気の人達で結局3時間近く喋ってた。映画共々新曲も名作です。映画、観て下さいね!!!
267 2003 Issue 14 Thought up words to the Godzilla theme. 'Purim, Purim, Purim has a festival (hypermetric)' are the awesome lyrics I came up with. I'm so good.[ref] ゴジラのテーマ曲の歌詞を考えました。「ブリム、ブリム、ブリムの祭り(字余り)」とてもよい歌詞ができました。ホントに。
268 2003 Issue 15 Nosebleed FWOOOOOSH!! Got chocolates! Thank you! In addition I also received personal health devices, wine, tsukemono (with miso) and a scrub that's love ♥[ref] 鼻血ブ~~~!!チョコレート頂きましたー!!ありがとう!!他にも、健康器具やワイン、漬物(みそ漬)、たわし…愛なのね♡
269 2003 Issue 16 STANDING ROOM ONLYYYY~!! It's a hit across the country!! In one theater on opening day it had four times as many customers as last year!! BEYOND INCREDIBLE!! Director Uda you're my hero~ ♥ It's in theaters until April 25th![ref] 満員御礼~!!全国的大ヒット!!映画初日ある館では前年の4倍の客!!凄っ!!宇田監督カッコイ~♡4月25日まで上映中です!
270 2003 Issue 18 Went to Sky Island to check out how to properly draw clouds. Was a perfect day and the smell of the clouds was so revitalizing. Great food too.[ref] 雲の描き方を学ぶ為に、空島へ取材に行ってきました。よく晴れていて、空島特有のあの雲の匂いに癒やされた。料理も最高。
271 2003 Issue 19 So uh, about that comment from last week... I haven't gone cuckoo or anything... It was for April Fool's. You knew that right (lol) ?[ref] 先週のコメントはあの…。別に頭のネジ外れたわけではなく…。エイプリルフールだったからですよ。わかったよね(笑)?
272 2003 Issue 20 In the middle of drawing final manuscripts I sent a text to Takei-san, "I'm totally screwed!", to which he replied, "Ignorant whelp! I'm the one who's screwed!!" That gave me the energy I needed (lol).[ref] 原稿中武井さんに「今ピンチだ!!」とメールしたら、「ばかやろう!ピンチなのはおれじゃー!!」と返ってきた。元気でた(笑)
273 2003 Issue 21 When I'm just standing around waiting or something while I'm outdoors I go right to Tetris on my cell phone without even thinking about it. Be nice if they put Puyo Puyo in there next. Oh and Tekken and JSR.[ref] 外で待ち時間などに思わずやっちゃう携帯のテトリス。今度は「ぷよぷよ」内蔵してくれないかなあ。あと「鉄拳」と「ジャットセットラジオ」。
274 2003 Issue 22-23 I'm now watching Oshin on DVD. I'm so not completely and totally addicted. "No ya... Puhlease, ya' just cain't send that thar child away ta be a servant!" OSHIII~~~~N!!![ref] いま、DVDで「おしん」を見てる。全然ハマってません。「その…そのおぼ子だけは奉公に出さねぇでけろ!!」おし~~~んっ!!!
275 2003 Issue 24 I just happened to be listening to the radio when I heard that mega-star idol saying that, "One Piece is really good." Well, well, well, looks like he's got some taste, guess he's a pretty cool guy.[ref] あの大物アイドルが「ワンピース」がいいぞと言ってんのを偶然ラジオで聴いてしまった。何だわかってんなーあの人いい人だ。
276 2003 Issue 25 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes produced by Mr. Hirotaka Suzuoki and Akatsuki 7 performed by the troupe SWAT. It was all about stage plays this Golden Week. Both were tour de force performances. Seeing live shows is so great.[ref] 鈴置洋孝氏プロデュース「煙が目にしみる」劇団SWATの「アカツキ7」。ゴールデンウィークはお芝居三昧。2本共もの凄い名作だった。生(ライブ)はいいです。
277 2003 Issue 26 The CDs we're playing at the office are from a genre called 'Polka'. Kinda like the music used for when a clown appears; it's so silly and fun.[ref] 今仕事場でかかってるCDは「ポルカ」というジャンルの曲。ピエロの登場時に使われる様な曲で、バカみたいに楽しくなる。
278 2003 Issue 27 I wanna be able to speak English. Even though it's something I've always thought about, it just recently hit me. What's a guy to do. I wanna study. *so tempted*[ref] 英語が喋れる様になりたい。と、昔から思ってはいるものの最近急激にそう思い始めた。どうしよう。勉強したい。うずうず
279 2003 Issue 28 A little while ago I went to see a performance by Mayumi Tanaka's troupe, 'Oh, Peretta'. Each of their unique personalities crack me up every time. Mayumi-san's singing voice is splendid.[ref] この前田中真弓さんの劇団「おっ、ぺれった」の公演に行った。毎度個性敵な面々が笑わせてくれます。真弓さんの歌声は絶品。
280 2003 Issue 29 Hello there. 'City Boy' here. I bought the futuristic card 'Suica' that you simply flash at the ticket gate to access the JR lines. And yet I never go anywhere.[ref] こんにちは。シティボーイです。JR線の改札をカードを照らすだけで通れてしまう未来派カード「スイカ」。買った。外には出ません。
281 2003 Issue 30 I learned from a back pain expert that sitting cross-legged on a chair is the worst possible position for your back. But I can't stop doing that now. Do I have to (*cries*)[ref] 椅子の上であぐらをかくのは腰に最もよくないんだと腰痛マスターが教えてくれた。でも今更やめられナイ。ダメっすか(涙)
282 2003 Issue 31 What's the deal with society revolving around high school girls. Grown-ups are supposed to be at the center!!!... Changing the subject, t.A.T.u are really cute aren't they.[ref] 女子高生に振り回される世の中ってどうなんだ。大人が中心にならにゃ!!!…話は変わりますけど、t.A.T.u.(タトゥー)かわいいよね~。
283 2003 Issue 32 Can you believe how good the sculpting is on the figurines sold at convenient stores lately. The sculptor's name is actually written on them; even toys are like fine art these days.[ref] コンビニで売ってるフィギュアの造形レベルが最近すごいですねー。造形師の名前も書いてあるし、玩具も芸術の時代ですか。
284 2003 Issue 33 It's the age of Akiko Wada. I bought the anniversary CD box-set celebrating her 35 years as a singer and it's been all Wada, all the time since. Wa~DA Wa~DA!![ref] 和田アキ子の時代がやってきました。歌手35周年記念BOX CDを買って、もう和田ザンマイな僕です。和ー田っ和ー田っ!!
285 2003 Issue 34 The Master who I worked for as an assistant 9 years ago, Shinobu Kaitani, came over to hang out. It's been like 7 years but that guy hasn't changed a bit. (*so happy*)[ref] 9年前アシスタントでお世話になった師匠、甲斐谷先生が遊びにきた。もう7年ぶりくらいなのに、変わってないあの人(喜)
286 2003 Issue 35 Lately I've gotten into that oxygen thing. You know, the oxygen supplement device thing. It's so futuristic it makes me giddy. As for where to keep it…[ref] 酸素のやつが気になるこの頃です。あの、酸素補給するやつ。ちょっと未来な感じがしてときめいております。置き場所が…。
287 2003 Issue 37-38 Found a great ramen place in the neighborhood. The extras on top are crunchy and the soup is so flavorful I find myself going every week. (^∇^)[ref] 近所においしいラーメン屋を発見。上の具がパリパリしてて、スープがコッテリしてて、ここんとこ毎週行ってます(^▽^)。
288 2003 Issue 39 The Matsudo Bandai Museum. There was a huge Gundam there. The Cutey Honey stage show was neat and so were all the old toys on display; I had a good time.[ref] 松戸のバンダイミュージアム。でかガンダムがいた。キューティーハニーの舞台も楽しく昔の玩具も並んでて、面白かった。
289 2003 Issue 40 We are now in the Age of 1.3 Megapixels and so it is that I'm busily tapping away on a brand new cell phone. Got tons of voice ringtones and weird applications to mess with. It's fun. It's keeping me indoors.[ref] 時代は130万画素という事で、新携帯をイジってます。着ボイスとか変なアプリとか使い放題。楽しいです。ほぼ家にいます。
290 2003 Issue 41 This summer I splashed in the sea in Chiba and frolicked in the forests of Yamagata. But now, the world is infatuated with a never-before-seen by human eyes man-faced-fish. I too experienced this creature first-hand.[ref] 夏は、千葉で海水浴してみたり、山形で森林浴してみたりしました。今、世間は空前の人面魚ブームなので、人面魚もみた。
291 2003 Issue 42 The Odaiba Grand Adventure's Going Merry will be dismantled when the event comes to a close. Again I'd like to extend my deepest thanks to all of the individuals who lent their energy to the ship.[ref] お台場冒険王のゴーイング・メリー号はイベント終了と同時に取り壊されます。この船の為に力を尽くして下さった皆様に改めて深々と感謝。
292 2003 Issue 43 The pot we used for heating water that we had to physically pump water out of has broken. I nearly shed tears of joy when I learned our new one releases water with just the push of a button until a staff member said, "That's considered normal these days."[ref] ぐっと圧力でお湯をおし出すポットが壊れた。新しくしたポットはボタンでお湯が出て感動してたらスタッフが、「今当たり前っす」と。
293 2003 Issue 44 Currently prepping the illustration book for release. This time I'm going to have an interview with THAT person...!! It's going to be me gushing like a fan again. No doubt.[ref] イラスト集の発売準備中。今度はなんとあの人と対談できる事になりました…!!またファントークになっちゃいます。絶対。
294 2003 Issue 45 One of my assistants informed me that eating raw egg with natto was just common sense but I had nary a clue. I tried it and the flavor was divine. A most righteous flavor of non-bogus delishness.[ref] ウチのスタッフは納豆に生卵は常識だと言うのだけど、知りませんでした。食べてみたら大変美味で、ヤバうまのゲロうま。
295 2003 Issue 46 The One Piece Character Solo Single CD. I was told that Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Sanji all ranked in on a certain ranking TV program. ∑(゚<>゚) This mean they're gonna be on Kohaku!!?[ref] ワンピースのキャラクターソロシングル。ルフィ・ゾロ・ナミ・サンジ、それぞれとあるランキング番組にランクインしてたってΣ(゜◇゜)紅白出場!!?
296 2003 Issue 47 Kishimoto-san's wedding was fantastic. The priest's broken Japanese during the ceremony was a thing of beauty. I see your wife looks just like Sakura.[ref] 岸本さんの結婚式は素晴らしかった。挙式の際の神父さんのカタコト具合も大変結構なお手並。奥さんサクラに似てるよね。
297 2003 Issue 48 I went to have an interview with Fujiko A Fujio-sensei for the illustration collection going on sale in November. He seemed to radiate such an agreeable personality, what a great guy. It was a lot of fun.[ref] 11月発売のイラスト集の為、藤子不二雄A先生と対談してきた。素直な人柄が滲み出てて、すごくいい人だった。楽しい時間でした。
298 2003 Issue 49 Was talking with someone about how Joshi Juuni Gakubo and Shorinji Sanjuuroku Bou sound really similar. Shourinji Musha Bou is pretty cool too. But the best is Arahan.[ref] 「女子十二楽坊」と「少林寺三十六房」は似てるよねっていう話をした。「少林寺武者房」も面白いよね。でもベストは「阿羅漢」だね。
299 2003 Issue 50 It's cool that I can see readers' faces with purikura. Most of the time they're from the girls but sometimes I get 'em from boys. Makes me smile when I think, "So these are the kind of kids that read it huh?"[ref] プリクラは読者の顔が見れていい。大概女の子だが、男子もたまに。こういうコ達が読んでくれてるんだなーとほほえむ。
300 2003 Issue 52 I saw a performance by the group who acted as the Straw Hat Pirates at Jump Festa. The troupe is called Punish. It was a blast. Looking forward to your work this year as well.[ref] ジャンプフェスタで実写版麦わらの一味を演じてくれた面々の舞台を観た。“パニッシュ”という劇団。笑えて面白かった。今年もよろしく。
Chapters 301–400
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
301 2004 Issue 1 I bought an enka CD!! The songs of people who have real vocal talent are a pleasure to listen to. I~ Lo~ve i~t.[ref] 演歌のCDを買った!!本物の歌唱力を持った人達の歌はとても耳ざわりがよい感じ。ハーマールー。
302 2004 Issue 2 So about the comment I made at Jump Festa last year regarding A CERTAIN THING that made some fans cry. I won't be able to get to it this year. Oh well, no biggie.[ref] 去年のジャンプフェスタでファンを泣かせた発言のアレ。今年中にその話までいけないです。いやあドンマイ。
303 2004 Issue 3 Had a ping-pong tournament at the house of Luffy's Mayumi Tanaka with the Voice Acting Brigade. The winner was Mayumi's son. Loser grown-ups.[ref] ルフィの声優田中真弓さん家で声優軍団と卓球大会をした。優勝は真弓さんの息子。大人達弱っ。
304 2004 Issue 4-5 Winter is the season when fish meat is most crisp. Speaking of fishy things, the other day the corns on my feet healed up.[ref] 冬は魚の身が引き締まっておいしい季節ですね。魚といえば、先日足の裏のウオの目が治りました。
305 2004 Issue 6-7 Happy New Year. I ate some meat and my tooth broke. Gee, guess I'm just a little calcium deficient (ROTFLMAO) I get the feeling something good is coming my way this year ♡[ref] 賀正。肉を食ったら歯が割れました。完全にCa(カルシウム)不足でしょう(爆笑)。今年はなんかいい事ありそう♡
306 2004 Issue 8 Thanks for all your work at Jump Festa 2004. I love just chilling out in the dressing room at the end of each year. Even though I'm slacking off my editor doesn't harp on me.[ref] ジャンプフェスタ2004お疲れ様でした。年末は毎年楽屋でのんびりできて楽しい。休んでても編集者怒らないし。
307 2004 Issue 9 I finally went to Yokohama's China Town which is someplace I've always wanted to visit. Lotsa Chinese restaurants. I couldn't eat nearly as much as I wanted so I'll be back.[ref] 一度行ってみたかった横浜の中華街に行った。中華の店ばっかり。まだ食い足りないのでまた行く。
308 2004 Issue 10 Thank you for all the New Year's greeting cards. I've also been lucky enough to get fan letters each and every week. Your support is what helps keep on my feet and moving forward. I'm very grateful.[ref] 年賀状をたくさんありがとう。ファンレターも毎週たくさん頂いています。支えて貰って生きてます。感謝
309 2004 Issue 11 I saw Usopp's voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi in a play called Son Goku. The nimble and monkey-like action was AWEsome.[ref] ウソップ役の声優山口勝平さん出演「孫悟空」という舞台を観た。猿の様な軽快なアクションがスゴかったー。
310 2004 Issue 12 I've put my enka craze on hold and I'm into Ayaya at the moment. A 'crazy holiday' indeed. Like so~~~~ ado~~~~rable.[ref] 演歌のマイブームも一段落して、今あややを聴いてます。めっちゃホリデイです。かーわーいーい
311 2004 Issue 13 Alrighty then, I've caught up with all the work I put off until the start of the year. It's about time to start writing my New Year's greeting cards. I do this every year.[ref] さて、年始に押し寄せるお仕事も一段落。そろそろ年賀状を書く時期になりました。毎年こんなだ。
312 2004 Issue 14 I met Machami Hisamoto-san, Shidou Nakamura-san and Hiroki Uchi-kun at the movie's press conference. Once again a really wonderful group of people.[ref] 映画の製作発表で久本マチャミさん中村獅童さん、内博貴君に会った。凄く良い人達だこれがまた。
313 2004 Issue 15 Interested in pottery lately. Those thick'n hardy-looking Japanese plates are really cool. I'd like to try making some ceramic art.[ref] 焼き物に最近興味あり。ゴッツイ和風のお皿などかっこ良く思います。陶芸とかしてみたいなー。
314 2004 Issue 16 Nosebleed FWOOOOOOSH!! I got Valentine's chocolates. Thank you very much. I'll use that love to do keep me running on purely love alone (・◇・)ゞ [ref] 鼻血ブ――!!バレンタインチョコ頂きました。ありがとうございます。その愛で、愛で頑張ります(・◇・)ゝ゛
315 2004 Issue 17 Kazuki Takahashi-sensei, congratulations on reaching the end of your long-running comic. It's no surprise that a comic which can be enjoyed by children all over the world is a remarkable one.[ref] 高橋和希先生、長い間連載お疲れ様でした。世界中の子供達が楽しめる漫画ってやっぱり凄いです。
316 2004 Issue 18 I saw the One Piece movie The Cursed Holy Sword. I hope that kind of intense action which is all for the sake of a special someone hits home in your heart.[ref] 映画ワンピース「呪われた聖剣」を観た。みんなが誰かの為に起こす激しいアクションに心打たれて下さい。
317 2004 Issue 20 'Shimabu~' just started a new serial in Super Jump!! It's a teen sports manga called Ring. I'm thrilled!!![ref] スーパージャンプでしまぶーが新連載を始めた!!「RING」というスポーツ青春漫画。嬉しすぎ!!!
318 2004 Issue 21 We held another Ping Pong Tournament at Mayumi Tanaka's house. Everyone brought food and drink and we partied up a storm. Lotta fun.[ref] 田中真弓さん家で第2回卓球大会が行われた。みんなで持ち寄った食材と酒でわいわい宴。楽し~。
319 2004 Issue 22-23 Mega House from the Bandai label designed Luffy, Zoro and Nami figurines. They're really top quality!! Amazing job.[ref] バンダイグループのメガハウスさんからルフィ、ゾロ、ナミのフィギュアが出た。出来良すぎ!!凄いよ。
320 2004 Issue 24 The accessory-maker DECOLE is AWESOME! A great battle rages in conflict with my manly spirit whenever I enter the store which is teaming with females.[ref] DECOLE(デコレ)という小物シリーズがヤバい。己の男気と葛藤しつつ、女だらけの店に入ってゆく。
321 2004 Issue 25 I went to see Sanji's voice actor Hirata-san in a play. Dancing and singing in that kind of costume. He had me doubled over in laughter.[ref] サンジの声優平田さんの芝居を観てきた。あんな恰好で歌ったり踊ったり。爆笑させて貰いました。
322 2004 Issue 26 Seems that Children's Day is actually a day for children to give thanks to their parents. But uh, not like you needed to know that or whatever.[ref] 子供の日って実は、子供が親に感謝する日らしいです。まあ別に、どうでもいい話なんだけども。
323 2004 Issue 27 A lot of people are working very hard in order for children all over the world to watch the One Piece anime. It moves me to tears.[ref] ワンピースのアニメを色々な国の子供達に観て貰おうと色々な人達が頑張ってくれてます。泣けてきます。
324 2004 Issue 28 A strange sensation went down my throat when I took a swig from the bottle of tea on the edge of my desk. Mold was floating in it. I drank mold.[ref] 机の端にあったペットボトルのお茶を飲んだら変なノドゴシ。カビが浮いてた。カビをのんだ。
325 2004 Issue 29 Been wanting to read some picture books from overseas so I went online to a foreign bookstore and ordered all the ones that had nifty covers. Turns out they were all novels.[ref] 外国の絵本を見たくて、ネット洋書屋さんで表紙がいい感じの本を注文。小説の本がたくさん届いた。
326 2004 Issue 30 Experiencing a Terumi Yoshida boom. No matter how you look at it, lately Terumi Yoshida is on fire. His Bunka Hoso thing and the rest are awesome.[ref] 吉田照美ブームが来ました。どうにも最近、吉田照美が熱いです。文化放送のアレとか最高です。
327 2004 Issue 31 In June we had a New Year's and Sky Island arc wrap party for the anime. I'm extremely grateful to all of you.[ref] 6月になって、アニメの新年会&空島編完結打ち上げがありました。いつも皆様お世話になります。
328 2004 Issue 33 The Going Merry will be appearing in Odaiba again this year! A creature from the Grand Line, Mohmoo, will show up too. Looking forward to iiiiit!![ref] 今年もまた、お台場にメリー号が出現!!偉大なる航路(グランドライン)の生物モームも現れるとか。楽しみだ~~!!
329 2004 Issue 34 I am madly in love with tuna. I've just realized this. Even from way back it seems like I'm always eating it without even thinking about it.[ref] シーチキンめちゃめちゃ好き。最近気づきました。昔から何かっつーとシーチキン食ってました。
330 2004 Issue 35 I went to see Robin's voice actress, Yuriko Yamaguchi-san, in a play. The message was that the atom bomb is a symbol that war mustn't be allowed. Struck a chord with me.[ref] ロビンの声優山口由里子さんの芝居を観てきた。原爆は、戦争はいけませんというメッセージ。効きました。
331 2004 Issue 36 Played One Piece: Round the Land. It's fun and the scenery etc. looks really fantastic so it's fun just messing around with it. A must-buy.[ref] 「ワンピースランドランド!」をやった。面白いし背景など素晴らしく、やってて気持ちがいい。買うべき。
332 2004 Issue 37-38 Regarding potato chips these days, it's surprising when I open a new bag only to find a smattering of chips. Would you please put some more in there!![ref] 近頃のポテチときたら、開けてびっくりするくらい量が少ない。もっといっぱい入れてください!!
333 2004 Issue 39 Kyoshiro 2030's serialization has come to an end in Super Jump. Master Tokuhiro-sensei, here's to all your work on a seven-year series. I haven't seen you in long time.[ref] スーパージャンプの狂四郎2030が連載完結。師匠徳弘先生7年の連載お疲れ様でした。もうだいぶ会ってないです。
334 2004 Issue 40 Wo~ah Shaman King is over~. I wonder if Takei-san will be able to do whatever the heck he wants now!! Here's to aaaaall your hard work!![ref] うわー終わった―シャーマンキング。これから遊びまくりか武井さんは!!お疲れさんでした――っ!!
335 2004 Issue 41 The other day my editor 'Habuyan' brought his two-year-old daughter to my place. Said she didn't know what a 'Luffy' was. I can do better than this.[ref] この前担当のハブヤンがウチに2才の娘を連れてきた。ルフィ知らないと言われた。精進します。
336 2004 Issue 42 Saw the stage performance of Sakura Wars. It was overflowing with Mr. Ouji Hiroi's flamboyant extravagant taste. And the performance by the Peking Opera took my breath away.[ref] サクラ大戦の舞台を観た。広井王子氏の派手好みがほとばしってた。中国京劇団の演技にも感動。
337 2004 Issue 43 Went to see a performance by the WAHAHA-HOMPO. I don't even know how begin describing their energy. I was still laughing on the way home. Awesome.[ref] 「ワハハ本舗」の舞台を観てきた。いやー何ちゅうパワーでしょうか。笑ってきました。スゴイなー。
338 2004 Issue 44 To all of those who helped us bring the One Piece anime to America, thank you sooo very much!!![ref] アニメワンピースのアメリカ進出に尽力して下さったたくさんの皆様本当にありがとうございましたー!!!
339 2004 Issue 45 The old-timer from the fried cutlets lunch delivery place said, "I added some extra for ya' special", and put a ton of rice in my order of half-size rice. THAT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE![ref] 出前のトンカツ屋のおっちゃんは、「半ライス」を「多めにしといたよ」と増量してくれる。意味ねー!
340 2004 Issue 46 The other day there was something I had to take care of so I returned to my hometown in Kumamoto for about 7 hours. Made certain to have basashi. That's non-negotiable.[ref] このまえ、ちょっと用があって熊本に、7時間くらい帰郷した。馬刺しはちゃんと食った。それだけは
341 2004 Issue 47 The thing about cockroaches is when you spot one, unless you destroy it that very same day there's simply no resting easy. Mega scary.[ref] ゴキブリは、発見してしまったら、その日の内に倒してしまわないと気が休まらない。メガ恐い。
342 2004 Issue 48 Yeah soooo, my computer was acting funky and I didn't wait for I-san who always bails me out in a fix and when I tried messing with it the thing died. odd.[ref] いやーパソコンの調子が悪く、いつも緊急時に来てくれるIさんを待たずいじってたら壊れた。…不思議。
343 2004 Issue 49 Was listening to some hip-hop on the radio when I heard the DJ say, "This is the real deal.", only to immediately correct himself, "It's da' real deal ya'll."[ref] ヒップホップのラジオ聴いてたら、DJが「ハンパじゃない」と言った後「ハンパない」と言い直してた。
344 2004 Issue 50 There's no expiration date printed on ice cream but, that's 'cause it's frozen so you can eat it a year later right?[ref] アイスには賞味期限とか記載されてませんけど、アレは凍ってるから、来年食ってもいいのですか?
345 2004 Issue 51 Every year I learn that I'll be appearing at the year-end Jump Festa when I'm leafing through the magazine itself. My editor Habuyan doesn't even ask me. Not like I won't go though.[ref] 年末のジャンプフェスタの出演を僕は毎年ジャンプ誌上で知る。担当ハブヤンが聞きもしないのです。まぁ出るけど。
346 2004 Issue 53 I got so married. We received way more congratulatory envelopes than I ever thought possible and we are very, very thankful. I'm still going to work hard to bee bzzy drawing manga.[ref] めちゃめちゃ結婚した。想像以上の祝福を頂き、深々感謝致します。今後一層漫画頑張りマンモス。
347 2005 Issue 1 Next March a number of special One Piece-related plans will see the light of day and it's going to be a heck of a celebration. In the middle of working on it all now.[ref] 来年の3月はワンピースに関する企画が色々ぶつかってまさにお祭りになる。只今頑張り中。
348 2005 Issue 2 Made a cheese fondue. If you dig into one of those expecting to polish it off in one sitting your stomach'll be bursting at the seams.[ref] チーズフォンデューした。あれはあればっかで一食終えようとしたらどっかりくる。
349 2005 Issue 3-4 Bought a new microwave. One of the functions is an automatic shutdown when the item is warmed up enough. Unreal.[ref] 新しいレンジを買った。物があたたまったら勝手に止まる機能つき。意味がわからん
350 2005 Issue 5-6 NEW YEAR!!! Last year was, hmmm I guess a lot of things turned out to be, well, ya' know; but of course this year I'm aspiring to draw a fun and interesting comic.[ref] 明け!!!去年はまあ色々アレでしたが、今年の抱負はやはり、面白い漫画描きたいです。
351 2005 Issue 7 Having all seven voice actors together for Jump Festa 2005 with the cheers from the crowd was really powerful. I had such a great time at this year's on-stage event.[ref] ジャンプフェスタ2005はメイン声優7人勢揃いでお客さんの声援まで大迫力。大変楽しいステージでした。
352 2005 Issue 8 Changing of the editors. Habuyan, thanks for four years ob yur... Whoops, flubbed that. Thanks-bye!!... Seriously, I'm very grateful.[ref] 担当交替。ハブやん4年間おつかばら…あ、かんじゃった。おつば!!…本当は大感謝
353 2005 Issue 9 My new Editor Mr. Watanabe is the first who's younger than me. 'Younger' being relative since he's 27; I ain't gonna hold back asking for your help!! Thanks in advance.[ref] 新担当は初の年下渡辺氏。年下つっても27歳、ガンガン頼ってくぞー!!宜しくお願い。
354 2005 Issue 10 I drew some really cool pictures for the special project this March!! Had enough fun to make up for the six months I took off from drawing color pictures last year.[ref] 3月の企画の為にいい絵を描いた!!去年半年程カラーお休みしてた分やたら楽しい。
355 2005 Issue 11 In Chapter 353 I mistakenly wrote '12 years ago' instead of '8 years ago'. I'm gonna sneak the correct date into the volume.[ref] 353話で「8年前」を「12年前」と書き間違えた。コミックスではしれっと訂正しときます。失敬。
356 2005 Issue 13 About that One Piece: Punch Battle that came out last year. All the staff members who've been using it at the office are suffering from sore muscles. Bunch of weaklings. That includes me.[ref] 去年発売したワンピースパンチバトル。仕事場でやったスタッフ全員筋肉痛。みんな弱すぎ。僕含む
357 2005 Issue 14 As part of the special plans for breaking the hundred million mark in sales we're hijacking Shibuya!! And that means Shibuya is looking really friendly. If you live close by stop on over![ref] 1億冊突破企画はワンピースで渋谷をジャック!!ということで今渋谷が愉快な事になってます。近い人は是非!
358 2005 Issue 15 Nosebleed FWOOSH!! I got lots of chocolates this year too!! Thank y- *munch munch* Than- *munch munch* Thanks!![ref] 鼻血ブー!!今年もたくさんチョコ頂きました!!ありがモグモグありモグありがとう!!
359 2005 Issue 16 If you go into the year's movie unsteeled, it's gonna make you cry. And the animation is really well done. The magic word is 'Toothbrush Moustache'.[ref] 今回の映画は油断してると泣かされる。で絵がとにかく上手い。合言葉はチョビヒゲ!!!
360 2005 Issue 17 Seeing my assistants fighting over the controller for Grand Battle! Rush! is hilarious!! And I'm really happy about all the hidden costumes.[ref] グラバト!RUSHは助っ人の奪い合いが面白い!!隠れ衣装が多いのがまた嬉しいな―。
361 2005 Issue 18 Had a parting with the anime's producer Shimizu-san that I felt was incomplete. He took care of me on an immeasurable level. Let's remain good friends.[ref] アニメのプロデューサー清水さんと微妙なお別れ。人生レベルでお世話になって大感謝。一生友達でいましょう
362 2005 Issue 19 There's this kind of fish that I was never thrilled about eating when I was a kid. But now I think I'm starting to like it. In fact it's delicious!! TASTY FISH!![ref] 子供の頃はテンション落ち気味で食べてた魚。最近ハマリ気味。うまいんだよ!!魚が!!
363 2005 Issue 20 So I went outside for a bit right, and as if on cue for pollen season there were a ton of square-masked men about.[ref] なんかちょっと外に出たら花粉症の時期らしくカクばったマスクメンがいっぱいいた。
364 2005 Issue 21-22 In springtime I get a lot of fan mail where readers declare their determination for working toward future goals. You guys have big dreams. I'm cheering for you with all my heart. Don't let anything hold you back!![ref] 春に貰うファンレターにはみんなの将来への決意表明が多い。夢あるね―。ほのぼのと応援します。負けるなよ!!
365 2005 Issue 23 Saw the Ichigo 100% anime with my assistants. That's some really special background music. Very nice stuff.[ref] 「いちご100%」のアニメをスタッフと観た。いやああのBGMすごい独特でナイスですねー。
366 2005 Issue 24 The Straw Hat Voice Acting Brigade tugged at my heartstrings by giving me a special recording they made themselves on CD; and it's the only copy in existence. You guys are the best.[ref] 麦わらの声優軍団から世界に1枚しかない自作のCDを貰い感動。もーあんた達眩しいぜ
367 2005 Issue 25 Dragon Dream! on the Game Boy Advance is really fun.* Not sure what to make of me, the author, getting questions wrong on the quizzes though.[ref] ゲームボーイアドバンスの「ドラゴンドリーム!」面白い。しかしクイズで間違える僕は作者としてどうだ。
368 2005 Issue 26 Heard there was a kind of mikan called 'dekopon' that's a special local product of my home prefecture, Kumamoto. I tried one for the very first time and it was sweet n' delish.[ref] 地元熊本の特産らしく気にはなってたみかん「デコポン」。初めて食べたら甘うまーっ!!!
369 2005 Issue 27 The anime has entered the Water 7 arc and seems to be quite popular but I'm still on that same series so on this end it's like all hell's broken loose.[ref] アニメもウォーターセブン編に入ってきて、好評のようですが、こちとらまだそのシリーズやってる訳でてんやわんや
370 2005 Issue 28 Regarding cell phones as of late, they freeze up just like a PC. I wonder if this means they'll start coming with drawing software too.[ref] 近頃の携帯ときたら、フリーズしたりしてまるでPC。その内お絵描きソフトもつくかな
371 2005 Issue 29 Really impressed by Mr. Toshio Asakuma's sculptures on display in Ikebukuro's Loft. I'm waiting for them to be sold. I want to be able to draw animals like that.[ref] 池袋ロフトで朝隈俊男氏の造形物に感動。全種発売希望。僕もあんな動物描きたい。
372 2005 Issue 30 The iPod broke. And it's been one year since the PC I used to edit the iPod broke. START FIXING YOURSELVES!![ref] iPodが壊れた。その前にそれを編集するPCが壊れて1年以上たつ。なおれー!!
373 2005 Issue 31 I went to see Mayumi Tanaka in a play for the first time in a long while. As usual the troupe 'Oh, Peretta' was a lot of fun.[ref] この前だいぶ久しぶりに田中真弓さんの芝居を観てきた。相変わらず楽しい劇団「おっ、ぺれった」でした。
374 2005 Issue 33 I saw Sanji's voice actor Mr. Hirata in a stage version of Flowers for Algernon and was deeply moved. It was a remarkable performance.[ref] サンジの声優平田氏のお芝居、「アルジャーノンに花束を」を観て感動。名演技でした。
375 2005 Issue 34 Y-kun of my staff started tending to some flowers in our miniature garden. I wonder if they'll actually bloom for someone as obstinate as me!?[ref] スタッフのY君が、ウチのチビ庭で花を育て始めた。非協力的な僕に負けず花は咲くのか!?
376 2005 Issue 35 I forgot to mention this but Murata-san, Takei-kun, thank you for drawing Luffy in Jump Heroes.[ref] 言い忘れましたがジャンプヒーローズで村田さんと武井君、ルフィを描いてくれてありがと
377 2005 Issue 36-37 Was on the 30th floor of a building when an earthquake put the elevators out of commission. My legs were cramped for two days after I took the stairs down.[ref] 建物の30階にいたら地震がきて、エレベーターが停止。階段で下りたら2日筋肉痛。
378 2005 Issue 38 After two years of development it's finally here; presenting the cell phone hi-jacker Moja!! Check out page 13!![ref] 企画から2年以上の時間をかけて、遂に顔出し携帯ジャッカー「モジャ」!!13ページ【注:掲載号の告知ページ】必見!!
379 2005 Issue 39 I barged into Watsuki-sensei's new abode. It's a really spacious and clean place. Good livings means good work.[ref] 和月先生の新居に乗り込んだ。広くてきれいでいい家だ。暮らしが整うといい仕事もできるのでしょう。
380 2005 Issue 40 Went for a ride on Odaiba's The Going Merry. I'd like to personally thank Matsuzaki-san from FujiTV for an amazing voyage.[ref] お台場のゴーイング・メリー号に乗ってきた。フジTVの松崎さんには大感謝楽しい航海ありがとう
381 2005 Issue 41 Tears of joy were shed upon receiving a One Piece-themed Boston terrier from plastic modeling artist Mr. Toshio Asakuma. Thank you very much!![ref] 造形作家朝隈俊男氏より、ワンピース仕様ブルテリアを頂いて感涙。ありがとうございます!!
382 2005 Issue 42 The title of next spring's movie has already been decided. And I'm all finished with the character design work. Now all I have to do is look forward to the finished product.[ref] 早くも来春映画のタイトル公開。僕のキャラデザ作業はもう完了。後は完成が楽しみだ。
383 2005 Issue 43 Fighting for One Piece. It's like a brawler, cool!! If the characters are big like that they're way more impressive! Woooow!![ref] ファイティングフォーワンピース。格ゲーって感じで面白い!!やっぱデカいと迫力あるね――!!うお――っ!!
384 2005 Issue 44 A fish cleaner I know who gave me some tuna cheeks and the flavor was out of this world.[ref] 魚の卸売り屋さんとのご縁あって、マグロのほっぺた頂き、食ったら宇宙美味(ギャラクティカうめ)ー!!
385 2005 Issue 45 Saw Final Fantasy's Advent Children and was moved by the evolution of the CG age. Its beauty is blinding.[ref] FF(ファイナルファンタジー)のアドベントチルドレンを観て、CG時代の進化に感動。美し過ぎて眩しいよ。
386 2005 Issue 46 Mr. Children is truly, just incredible every single time. The lyrics from their new album are very honest and I'm soaking them in. Mmm~MH, they're good.[ref] ミスチルはホント、いつもスゴイね。ニューアルバムの歌詞が素直で浸り中。んースゴイ
387 2005 Issue 48 The second One Piece omnibus will be coming out. I asked them to make it as cheap as they possibly could for you boys who don't have the money to collect all the comics.[ref] ワンピース総集編第2弾が出るよ。コミックス揃えるお金のない少年達が読めるように極力安くしてと頼んだよ
388 2005 Issue 49 Morita-sensei was on TV. His workplace was so neat and friendly. Please put me on your staff.[ref] 森田先生がTVに出てた。仕事場がものすごく綺麗で快適そう。スタッフにして下さい。
389 2005 Issue 50 Went to Roppongi. To meet someone amazing. They tell me I can't spill the beans yet.[ref] 六本木に行った。すごい人に会う為に。なんかまだこの情報出しちゃいけないらしい。
390 2005 Issue 51 Here at year's end I can only describe it as rush hour for a ton of neat projects I'm working on. That's a shout of happiness.[ref] 今年年末はもうラッシュという他言葉がない程面白仕事進行中。嬉しい悲鳴ですけども
391 2005 Issue 52 There's an artbook coming out!! For the customary interview I sat down with Mr. Yoshitaka Amano. What a pleasant man.[ref] イラスト集が出ます!!恒例の対談で、天野喜孝氏とお話しました。とてもいい空気を持った人でした。
392 2006 Issue 2 I like that comedian who says, "DA-MNIIIT!" I can't help but worry about the day he destroys his vocal chords.[ref] お笑いの「チッッキショー!!」という人が好きだ。あの人のノドがいつ潰れるか心配だ。
393 2006 Issue 3 Bought a shredder. Wa-hooah it's sick. More…need more, are there any more secret documents!?[ref] シュレッダー買いました。うおー面白え。もっと…もっと重要書類はないか!?
394 2006 Issue 4-5 One Piece's big Christmas event. I hear it was a huge success. I reeeally wanted to go. Seems like everyone had such a good time.[ref] ワンピースのクリスマス大イベント。大成功に終わったモヨウ。行きたかった~。楽しかったろうなー。
395 2006 Issue 6-7 Went to Jump Festa and thought about how funny the actors all are up on stage like that.[ref] ジャンフェス行ってステージの上で麦わらの声優さん達面白いなーと眺めてた。
396 2006 Issue 8 Wishing you a happy New Year. Went to a hot spring and a sea of adventure with some friends at the end of the year. Gonna be another year of thrills and excitement!!![ref] 賀正。年末は仲間と温泉&冒険の海へ。今年もハイテンションでいくぞウオーッ!!
397 2006 Issue 9 The movie, The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle~!!! I'm serious!!! Please see it!!! To the theater, now GO!!!! It's really fun!!![ref] 映画カラクリ城のメカ巨兵ー!!!も~絶対!!!観て下さい!!!映画館にGO!!!面白いぞォ!!!
398 2006 Issue 10 The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle's director, Mr. Kounosuke Uda, is someone I put my complete faith in!! Check it out!![ref] カラクリ城のメカ巨兵の監督は僕が絶対の信頼をおいてる宇田鋼之介氏だ!!観てね!!
399 2006 Issue 11 I really enjoyed Noppo Takami-san's DVD, "Grandfather Grasshopper". It's a remarkable song.[ref] 高見のっぽさんの「グラスホッパー物語」というDVDがよかった。名曲だ。
400 2006 Issue 12 The week before last on the cover story I forget that Crocodile's left hand was a hook. (laughs) No biggie, not like anyone noticed, right.[ref] 先々週表紙連載でクロコダイルの左手がカギ爪なの忘れてた(笑)まー誰も気づいてまい

Chapters 401-800[]

Chapters 401–500
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
401 2006 Issue 13 "There's nothing like hearing laughter from the audience in a movie theater!", said a member of the movie staff. We've spent a year making this film of epic proportions!! MECHA!!![ref] 「映画館で聞く笑い声最高だよね」と言う映画スタッフ。1年かけてこんな超大作作っちゃった!!メカ!!!
402 2006 Issue 14 Since last year I've been inching my way through Animal Crossing on the DS. I wanna reel in a shark, I need the shark.[ref] 去年からDSのどうぶつの森をコツコツやってる。サメが釣りたいんだ僕はサメが
403 2006 Issue 15 Nosebleed FWOOOOSH!! There were hardly any Valentine's Day chocolates addressed to the characters this year. What's gives, sending ME chocolates? My deepest thanks.[ref] 鼻血ブー!!今年のバレンタインチョコはキャラ宛がほぼなかった。何だよ~僕宛て?大盛感謝
404 2006 Issue 16 Went to see the movie!! I was laughing from beginning to end. But Nami's chest jiggled way too much (lol) Really enjoyed it!![ref] 映画観てきた!!最初から最後まで笑いっぱなし。ナミの胸ゆれすぎ(笑)面白かったよ!!!
405 2006 Issue 17 I met Mr. Goro Inagaki and Mr. Kato & Mr. Yamamoto of 'Gokuraku' at the launch party of the film. We didn't get a chance to talk very long but I'm grateful to you for lending your talents to the movie.[ref] 映画の打ち上げで稲垣吾郎氏、極楽の加藤氏、山本氏に会った。ゆっくりお話できなかったけど名演感謝
406 2006 Issue 19 A collection of past One Piece omnibus comics are especially for new readers. They told me you can order 1-7 at your local bookstore.[ref] 新規読者に贈る過去ワンピースの総集編。1~7全部本屋で注文できるんだってよ。
407 2006 Issue 20 Went for a stroll to see the new blossoms. Something wonderful about hearing the overacting of a baked sweet potato salesman while walking on a path with cherry blossom petals dancing to the ground.[ref] お花見散歩に出かけた。桜舞い散る小道で過剰演出を受ける焼イモ屋が超素敵。
408 2006 Issue 21-22 I went to see Yoshitaka Amano-san's gallery exhibit. As expected it was stirring. It's definitely something you should experience once in your life.[ref] 天野喜孝さんの原画展を観てきた。やっぱり感動。アレは生を一度体験すべき!
409 2006 Issue 23 20 or so One Piece characters made from Kewpie Dolls. A reader sent me them. They're awwwesome. Thank you.[ref] キューピー人形で作ったワンピースのキャラ約20体。読者に頂いた。すげ~よ、ありがとう。
410 2006 Issue 24 Been having hotdogs for dinner lately. Literally pounding 'em down. Packed away four while just drawing this week's color page.[ref] 最近の夜食はホットドッグです。モリモリ食べます。今週のカラーを描きながらモリモリ4本食べた。
411 2006 Issue 25 'Shinyappo' Suzuki*!! Here's to your hard work on Mr. Fullswing. Quite a long serialization. Get some rest, okay.[ref] 鈴木信也っぽ!!ミスフル連載お疲れさんでした。長い戦い。ゆっくり体休めてね。
412 2006 Issue 26 This is terribly late but Murata-kun, congratulations on your marriage! I heard all the good news from Inagaki-san.[ref] 遅ればせながら、村田君結婚おめでとう!稲垣さんから幸せ話を聞きました。
413 2006 Issue 27 I saw Mayumi Tanaka in the stage production of On With Opportunism! Geez, I couldn't stop laughing!!![ref] 田中真弓さんの舞台「ご都合主義で行こう!」を観た。いやー笑った笑ったー!!!
414 2006 Issue 28 I tried the 99% pure chocolate that Murasame-kun's Itou-san has been attempting to get me to eat. BI-!!! SO BITTERRRRR~R!![ref] 「村雨くん」のいとうさんが薦めるCACAO99%食ってみた。に!!にっが~~っ!!!
415 2006 Issue 29 Watching bits and pieces of Stephen Chow films recently. What a remarkable dumbass. I strive to be an adult that focuses intensely on creating such stupidity.[ref] チャウ・シンチーの映画を最近チョコチョコ観てる。アホでいいな。アホな物を真剣に作る大人でいたい。
416 2006 Issue 30 The role of young Robin's voice has been cast for the animation. YOWZA!!! Please you've gotta watch it!!![ref] アニメのロビンの少女時代の声の配役が決定した。うお!!!絶対観て下さいっ!!!
417 2006 Issue 31 Found myself swept into a takoyaki party with the Straw Hat Voice Acting Brigade out of the blue. Yuriko-san's takoyaki is professional grade quality.[ref] 突発的に麦わら声優(コント)軍団とタコ焼パーティー。由里子(ロビン)さんのタコ焼はプロ級だ。
418 2006 Issue 32 The staff is fixated on Monster Hunter. Seems their total playtime is 800 hours and it would appear they're still going.[ref] スタッフがモンスターハンターばっかやる。プレイ時間800時間らしいまだまだやるらしい
419 2006 Issue 33 I attended the Serial Comic Commemoration Awards. Was a rare case where I finished my manuscripts beforehand so I could relax and enjoy myself.[ref] 連載表彰式に行った。珍しく原稿上げて行ったので何やらのんびりできました。
420 2006 Issue 34 Mr. Shoushou Kurihara, author of the comic upon which the TV drama Uramiya Honpo was based on, has been a friend of mine for a long time. It's really intriguing.[ref] ドラマ「怨み屋本舗」の原作者栗原正尚氏とはもうだいぶ長いお友達。面白いよ
421 2006 Issue 35 So there's this console called Wii that looks like it's pretty good for your body. I bet all the kids are really into it.[ref] Wiiっていうゲーム機は体に効きそうだ。子供は元気にやるんだろうなー。
422 2006 Issue 36-37 An attack of Luffy's I couldn't remember turned up on an i-mode search. Databases that fans make are so useful (lol)[ref] 思い出せないルフィの技がiモード検索で判明。読者の作ってくれてるデータベースがとても便利(笑)
423 2006 Issue 38 I've been a fan of that testosterone-filled brawler series Tekken from way back. I noticed it just kind of appeared on PSP so I'm gonna give it a spin.[ref] 昔から男の格ゲー「鉄拳」が超好き。お手軽PSPで出たので地道にやり込むぞ
424 2006 Issue 39 Luffy's Gear 2 in the anime was seriously awesome. Sakai-san directed that.[ref] ルフィの技“ギア2”アニメで観たらえ~らいカッコよかった!!演出は境さんだ。
425 2006 Issue 40 A One Piece event at Shinagawa was literally overflowing with excited children. I'm so happy I'm a manga author.[ref] 品川のワンピースイベントはお子様達大はしゃぎ。漫画家やってて本当によかった。
426 2006 Issue 41 I met this cheerful old-timer aged 71 years where I was staying in Okinawa and he showed me around the place for two whole days. Goya champuru from its birthplace was amazing.[ref] 旅先で71歳の陽気なおっちゃんと出会い、2日間沖縄案内をして貰った。本場のゴーヤチャンプル最強だ
427 2006 Issue 42 I kinda broke my policy of not using toner for characters' clothing. (lol) Congratulations! 30 years!![ref] キャラの服にトーンは貼らないというポリシーを軽く破った。(笑)祝!!30年!!
428 2006 Issue 43 'Ejirin' from P2 is actually one of our former staff members. I'm thrilled! Go for it!!![ref] 今週号からスタート「P2!」のエジリンはウチのスタッフ出身者。嬉し~!!頑張れよ!!!
429 2006 Issue 44 I've just gotten a Frenchman as a younger older brother. Big sis, Cyrille, congratulations on your marriage![ref] フランス人の年下の兄貴ができた。ねーちゃん、シリル、結婚おめでとう~。
430 2006 Issue 45 Recently I had an epiphany, 'I put down three packs on natto today'. Natto's so freakin' delicious I just….'I CAN'T STOP'!![ref] 納豆を1日3個食う今日この頃。納豆超うまくて、も~~I CAN’T STOP!!
431 2006 Issue 47 The anime has stopped airing on some affiliate stations. I think more than contacting me, if you contact the local providers directly, they might be able to do something.[ref] 地方では終わっちゃった局もあるアニメ。僕にお願いするよりも、テレビ局に頼めば放送してくれるかもよ
432 2006 Issue 48 An RPG just came out on i-mode's Moja!!! So this is how far phones have come!? Sick!!![ref] iモードのモジャでRPGが始まった!!!アプリでここまでできるの~!?スゴ!!!
433 2006 Issue 49 I've got a new editor!! Watanabe-san, thank you for all your work!! Kawashima-san, pleasure's mine![ref] 担当がかわった!!渡辺さんどうもお世話になりました!!新担当川島さん、よろ
434 2006 Issue 50 Regarding Whitebeard's original jolly roger that was nixed in the anime. Now I've been told I can't use it in the comic either.[ref] アニメでアウトだった白ひげの海賊旗。この度漫画でもダメだといわれたー。
435 2006 Issue 51 Next year's movie will be about the Arabasta arc!!! I'd like new readers or even people that don't know anything about One Piece to check it out.[ref] 来年の映画はアラバスタ編です!!!新規読者やワンピースを知らない人にも観て欲しい
436 2007 Issue 1 Had a party with the anime staff onboard a ship. Gonna try to express the kind of fun we had in my work.[ref] ワンピースアニメスタッフと船上パーティー。現場の楽しさは作品で伝わる筈。
437 2007 Issue 2 The anime's timeslot changed and the ratings are phenomenal. Anime really is for kids.[ref] アニメ時間帯変わりまして視聴率絶好調らしい。アニメは子供のものだしね。
438 2007 Issue 3 Oboro Tofu is 'nomnomlicious'. Your 'epic-cutie ' Oda is currently studying Shoko-tanese. Not really, just 'lulzing'.[ref] おぼろ豆腐ギザウマス。ショコタン語練習中のギザカワユスな尾田ス。うそス。
439 2007 Issue 4-5 I think I worked pretty hard this year. I hear next year will be the 10th anniversary. Several projects are brewing that we've got under wraps.[ref] 今年もだいぶ頑張ったと思います。来年はなんと10周年だそうで。色んな企画が水面下で動いてます。
CE 2007 Issue 4-5 It's something we had to please fans of both works with so we proceeded with attention to every little detail as we drew it. Seems I'm the one who had the most fun with it.[ref]
440 2007 Issue 6-7 I gotta eat a lotta mochi if I wanna finish the projects we have lined up. Looking forward to this year with you![ref] 今年はいっぱいもち食っておかねば色んな企画をこなせない。今年もよろしく
441 2007 Issue 8 Totally forgot a New Year's greeting so here's wishing you very happy new year. Went to Luffy's Mayumi-san's place and ate and had a great time.[ref] 新年の挨拶忘れてた賀正。新年はルフィの真弓さんちで食って騒いできました
442 2007 Issue 9 Went to the first of the New Year's parties. Boy it was good to see 'Ejirin' after all these years.[ref] 新年会に1時間だけ参加した。もう何年ぶりだかで江尻んに会えてよかった。
443 2007 Issue 10 Tickle Me Elmo is scary. And yet amazing. Scamazing. Red.[ref] くすぐりエルモという玩具(おもちゃ)の動きがキモい。だけど凄い。キモすごい。赤い。
444 2007 Issue 11 Hello there. This is MyMix Oda. The MyMix-man who has been hand-picked in order to be allowed to read his friend's diary.[ref] こんにちは。マイミク尾田です。友人の日記を読める選ばれた男マイミクです
445 2007 Issue 12 I hope you'll take a look at the movie on the official site for Episode of Arabasta. It's good.[ref] 映画エピソードオブアラバスタの公式HPにある動画を観てほしい。あれいい
446 2007 Issue 13 E ! I ! G ! A ! ★ Ei-GA!! M ! O ! V ! I ! E ! ★ Mmm..Ei-GA! Running from March through mid-April go and see it!![ref] E!I!G!A!★映画っ!!M!O!V!I!E!★ん~~映画っ!3月から4月中旬の間に観てねー!!
447 2007 Issue 14 The Super Battle has finally begun at the mobile site Moja! What's this excitement I feel?[ref] 携帯サイト「モジャ!」で遂にスーパーバトルが始まった。このワクワクは何だ
448 2007 Issue 15 In a nutshell, One Piece Unlimited Adventure is a HUGE project that I've put three-fold the time and effort compared to other titles.[ref] Wiiのワンピースアンリミテッドアドベンチャーはつまり、今までの3倍の時間と労力をかけた超大作です。
449 2007 Issue 17 I heard lots of sniffles in the theater. You guys really moved me!! Seems like there's a lot of men going to see it this year. Give it up for the movie staff!![ref] 映画館で大勢のすすり泣きが響いた。僕はそれに感動!!今年は男(ヤロー)も多いそうで。凄いだろワンピース映画スタッフは!!
450 2007 Issue 18 Atsushi-san, Yaguchi-san, Yama-chan, Shizu-chan and Kawashima-san I want to extend my gratitude to the movie support team!![ref] 敦さん、矢口さん、山ちゃん、静ちゃん、川嶋さん、映画の応援団に大感謝です!!
451 2007 Issue 19 I got permission from Ken Shimura's office before I drew the special comic for One Piece Yellow.[ref] ワンピースYELLOWのオマケ漫画は志村けんさんの事務所の許可とってあるよ。
452 2007 Issue 20 NOSEBLEED FWOO~~~~~SH!! This is way overdue. Thank you for the Valentine chocolates.[ref] 鼻血ブ~~~~~~~!!遅くなりすぎました。バレンタインチョコありがとう
453 2007 Issue 21 Went wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood for cherry blossom viewing. Next year I'll definitely do it the right way in the right place.[ref] 近所でぶらりと花見をしました。来年こそちゃんとした花見スポットに行くぞ
454 2007 Issue 22-23 Had a takoyaki extravaganza at the home of Luffy's voice actress, Mayumi Tanaka. We ate too much and ran out of octopus. Nankai Yama-chan came too and it was a blast.[ref] ルフィ声優真弓さんちでタコ焼き大会やった。食いすぎてタコが足りず。南海山ちゃんも来て面白かった。
455 2007 Issue 24 One Piece Rainbow! And the pop-up picture book! Really classy and amazing books. I'm completely satisfied.[ref] ワンピースレインボー!!そして飛び出す絵本!!豪華でスゴイ本ができた。大満足だ。
456 2007 Issue 25 The pop-up book project is something that first came up about 5 or 6 years ago. It's a special book I've wanted to complete for quite a while![ref] 飛び出す絵本の企画が上がったのは、もう5年、6年前の話。念願の本です!!
457 2007 Issue 26 The planning for the extra special events this summer are chugging along. Both are great. Start bugging your parents now about going to Osaka and Kamakura.[ref] 夏の特大イベント着々と進行中です。どっちも楽しいよ。大阪、鎌倉に行こうと今から親に頼み込んでね
458 2007 Issue 27 It's a little late but congrats on your marriage Nishi-kun!! I bet your happiness will help you draw even better.[ref] ちょっとずれましたが、西君結婚おめでとう!!嬉しさで益益絵がうまくなるな
459 2007 Issue 28 18 special pages in Volume 46. All diagrams of Sunny. I wanted to draw more.[ref] 46巻のおまけに全18ページ。サニー号の図解を描きました。もっと描きたかった
460 2007 Issue 30 In the anime, the parting with Merry, splendid job making me cry. YOU TOEI FIENDS! Makin' me a wreck on a Sunday morning.[ref] アニメ、メリーの別れ、見事泣かされた。東映め!日曜の朝からやってくれる
461 2007 Issue 31 The messaging battle game on Moja! is awesome!! Unlimited is really cool too! Don't miss out![ref] 携帯サイト「モジャ」の通信対戦超ヤベー!!アンリミテッドも面白いね!絶好調!
462 2007 Issue 32 Makogarei is in season so I had some. DELISH! Special thanks to Kojima-kun at the fish market who always takes care of me![ref] 旬なのでマコガレイを食べた。超うまい!!魚の卸売屋、小島君いつもありがとう。
463 2007 Issue 33 I thoroughly enjoyed reading the final chapter of Bobobo. Sawai-kun, that's 6 years of hard work. So how about a break?[ref] ボーボボ最終回しかと読ませて頂きました。澤井君6年間お疲れ!!まず休んで
464 2007 Issue 34 Try doing a search for "Yaguchi" and "Yamaken". 10th Anniversary internet radio broadcast has begun! I know you guys will do great![ref] 「矢口」「やまけん」で検索してね。10周年記念インターネットラジオが始まりました!お2人さんどうぞよろしく~
465 2007 Issue 35 I'm considering burning some Balsam at the workplace. In celebration of 10 years I'm going to burn Balsam.[ref] 仕事場でバルサンをたこうと思います。10周年を記念してバルサンをたきます。
466 2007 Issue 36-37 Went to the Kamakura Hijack. Was surprised there were so many people out even though it was cloudy. I also had a great time at the beach.[ref] 鎌倉ジャックに行ってきた。くもりなのに人いっぱいで驚き。ついでに海賊満喫した。
467 2007 Issue 38 To all the authors, celebrities and production staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making 10th Treasures possible. It's an amazing book.[ref] 10THトレジャーズにご協力戴いた作家や芸能人、製作スタッフの皆様に深々感謝!!!凄い本だ。
468 2007 Issue 39 Recently I've started up that 'Rodeo Boy' device. The tip-top of my ass-crack is sore.[ref] 最近ロデオボーイを始めた。なんかシリの割れ目の上の方がヒリヒリします。
469 2007 Issue 40 I went to see the Universal Studios Japan Premiere Show!! What an awesome gig. Gotta see it again!!![ref] USJのワンピース・プレミアショー観てきた!!大満足のステージでした。もう1回観たいッ!!!
470 2007 Issue 41 I finished checking the script of next year's movie and wrapped up designing the new characters. Please look forward to it.[ref] 来年の映画の脚本チェックと新キャラデザイン終わりました。ご期待ください。
471 2007 Issue 43 Pay attention to Brook's voice actor!! I cracked up when I heard how perfectly it fit. You can hear him in Gear Spirit for the DS too.[ref] ブルックの声優さん注目して欲しい!!僕はそのピッタリ具合に爆笑した。DSのギアスピでも聞けるよ。
472 2007 Issue 44 I tried all of the Lawson x One Piece products!! YUM!! The onigiri is very marketable. Despite being HUGE.[ref] ローソンのワンピースの商品全部食った!!うまい!!鬼斬りが売れ筋だって。デカイのに。
473 2007 Issue 45 I went to see Dorikamu's 60,000-fans-strong jam-packed highlight concert of. I actually got to talk with the stars.[ref] ドリカムの6万人の圧巻ライブに行ってきた。スタードリカムと話をしたぞ。
474 2007 Issue 46 The wrap party for the anime's Water 7 arc was great. The anime has already been going 8 years. Made it seem more like a family get-together.[ref] アニメのウォーターセブン編の打ち上げ楽しかった。もうアニメも8年。まるで親戚の寄合だ。
475 2007 Issue 47 The recap section of Volume 47. Where it says 'Former Warlords', color in the 'Former' part with a pen.[ref] コミックス47巻のあらすじページ。「元七武海」って所、「元」を黒くぬってね
476 2007 Issue 48 The au version of Moja! has launched and it seems like people are already enjoying it. It's the same as the Docomo version. Have a look.[ref] モジャ!のau版始まり、お楽しみ頂いてる様で。内容はドコモと同じです。是非
477 2007 Issue 49 Changing editors again. I'd like to keep one editor for at least 3 years. Thanx Kawashima-san, letz go Onishi-san.[ref] また担当交替。最低3年はやって欲しいです編集長。川島さんオツ、大西さんヨロ。
478 2007 Issue 50 The original pages are B4 size. Recently fax and shredders are all A4 size only. TOO SMALL!![ref] 漫画の原稿のサイズはB4。最近のFAXやシュレッダーはみんなA4専用。小さいよ!!
479 2007 Issue 51 When it comes to matsutake rice the best way to eat it is: adding a lot of the cheap mushrooms, instead of only a few expensive ones.[ref] 松茸ごはんは高いやつを少量厳かに入れるより安物を大量に入れた方がうまい
480 2008 Issue 1 The one-shot Toriko from last week was exciting. I wanna read it in serialization puh-leeeze!![ref] 先週の読切り「トリコ」にわくわくした。早く連載で読ませて下さいしまぶー!!
481 2008 Issue 2 I had an interview with Usuta-kun. Actually, less an interview than a…a what? Gabfest? Seems it will be going on sale in January.[ref] うすたさんと対談してきたよ。対談つーか何だアレ。ダベリ?1月発売らしいよ
482 2008 Issue 3 Inagaki-san, I got a fax-copier!! It's so useful!! Have all the pros been using this!?[ref] 稲垣さん、コピー機をFAXにしたよ!!超便利~!!プロって皆こうしてたの!?
483 2008 Issue 4-5 I started listening to the work of Torazo Hirosawa. It's given me all sorts of inspiration. That's all for now.[ref] 最近ハマっているアーティストは広沢虎造です。また新たな刺激を開拓した。ちょうど時間となりました
484 2008 Issue 6-7 We find ourselves in the midst of a Kinnosuke Yorozuya boom. Of course I'm a fan of Kin-chan myself. A GOOD man.[ref] 時代は空前の萬屋錦之介ブーム。僕も勿論、錦ちゃんのファンです。イイ男だ。
485 2008 Issue 8 Wishing you a happy New Year. Big thanks to all involved with Jump Festa. Year after year the voice actors and actresses are so energetic it makes me happy just seeing them.[ref] 賀正っ。ジャンプフェスタお疲れさまでした。麦わら声優の人々は毎年元気すぎて見てて楽しい
486 2008 Issue 9 The advance tickets for next year's One Piece movie are being sold by the truckloads breaking our previous records. Great news.[ref] 来年のワンピース映画の前売りは史上最高に売れ倒してるそうです。嬉しいニュース
487 2008 Issue 10 The anime has reached Thriller Bark and Brook's Cho-san is superb. Check it out, ok.[ref] アニメがスリラーバーク編に突入して、ブルックのチョーさん大好評!みてね
488 2008 Issue 11 Dorikamu allowed me to draw the cover art of their incredible single, "Mata ne"! It's got some of my scribbles on the inside too; on sale February 27th.[ref] ドリカムの名曲「またね」のジャケ画描かせて頂いた!中に落描きあり2/27発売
489 2008 Issue 13 I'm really sorry about that. I used my break last week to work on something you're all gonna love next year. It's going to knock your socks off. I'll do my best.[ref] 申し訳ないです。先週のお休みは来年のみなさんの興奮の為に使いました。凄い興奮にします。頑張る。
490 2008 Issue 14 Reports from the movie's screenings are very positive!!! I'm dying to see what the viewers have to say myself.[ref] 映画の試写会の評判がとてもいい!!!僕も客の反応早く見たくてそわそわしてる。
491 2008 Issue 15 So, Prince of Tennis finally came to an end. A long-term serialization that stretched over 9 years, Konomi-san, congratulations on a job well done.[ref] 「テニスの王子様」終わりましたね。9年に及ぶ長期連載許斐さん、大変お疲れ様でした!!
492 2008 Issue 16 The Chopper arc movie is a remarkable achievement. Complete satisfaction. I'm literally beaming with pride.[ref] チョッパー編の映画は会心の出来となりました。大満足。とても誇らしい。
493 2008 Issue 17 Nakamura-san from 'Dorikamu' wrote up his impressions of the movie. You can check it out at the 'Dorikamu-buro'.[ref] ドリカムの中村さんが映画観た感想書いてくれました。詳しくは「ドリブログ」で
494 2008 Issue 18 The final push!! Please bring all your fathers to see the movie. I wanna make some dads cry![ref] 最後の一押し!!みんなの父親を映画館に連れてって下さい。オヤジを泣かしたい
495 2008 Issue 19 Mr. Takei has been working on refurbishing his original drafts since the year before last. Fans are gonna love the Shaman King perfect edition.[ref] 一昨年から武井氏が原稿直しまくってたよ。ファンは喜ぶでしょうシャーマンキングの完全版!!
496 2008 Issue 20 I realized it's about time I started writing New Year's postcards, so I'm working on them. Happy New Year.[ref] 年賀状をそろそろ出さなきゃなーと思い、書いてます。明けましておめでとう
497 2008 Issue 21 NOSEBLEED FWOO------SH!! I forgot to say 'thank you' for Valentine's! They were delicious!![ref] 鼻血ブ――!!バレンタインのお礼忘れておりましたー!!ごちそう様でした!!
498 2008 Issue 22-23 The One Piece mobile site Moja now has an online Othello game. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by what they can do with these things by now, fantastic![ref] ワンピース携帯サイトモジャで通信対戦オセロができた。できるもんなんだなー偉い
499 2008 Issue 25 I'm in the middle of handling the story for next year's One Piece movie. I might cause some hiccups in Jump but that's because I refuse to half-ass my way through either job.[ref] 来年ワンピース映画のストーリー担当中。ジャンプに迷惑かけますが原作も映画も半端な仕事は絶対にしません。
500 2008 Issue 26 Was at Shaman King's Takei-san's place for a barbeque. I carved my way into a slab of meat from Hanamasa Butchers. That store is awesome.[ref] シャーマンキング武井さんちでBBQ。肉のハナマサの巨大肉をぶった切った。あの店最高
Chapters 501–600
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
501 2008 Issue 27 I added a bunch of decorations to the back of my cell phone only to realize, that made it impossible to fit into the charger. LOL.[ref] 携帯の裏面までデコったら、アダプターにはまらなくなりました。爆笑。
502 2008 Issue 28 Yoshitaka Amano-san's Vegetable Fairies on NHK is reaaa~lly classy.[ref] NHKでやってる天野喜孝さんの「やさいのようせい」はスンゲ~完成度です。
503 2008 Issue 29 Manga author hopefuls must have a blast reading Hettapi Manga Studio. If you read that you can learn to be a pro!! Murata-kun, do your best![ref] 漫画家志望者は「へたっぴマンガ研究所」嬉しいでしょう。あれ読めばプロになれます!!村田君頑張ってね。
504 2008 Issue 30 I couldn't attend the Serial Comic Commemoration Awards. I missed out on some great party food.[ref] 連載表彰式に、出られませんでした。パーティー料理を食べ損ねました~。
505 2008 Issue 31 I've been introduced to this coffee maker-like-thing, the Dolce Gusto. The staff and I are pounding down the joe.[ref] ドルチェ・グストという珈琲メーカーの様なの導入。スタッフも僕も珈琲のみまくり
506 2008 Issue 32 There's two of 'em now!! Onishi-san is now in charge of media and Hattori-san is in charge of the manga. Two editors huh, iii~nteresting.[ref] なんか増えた!!大西さんメディア担当、服部さんは漫画担当。担当2人かー面白~
507 2008 Issue 34 The second RPG has finally come out on the One Piece mobile site Moja! I've been waiting for it. It's gorgeous!![ref] ONE PIECEケータイサイト「モジャ!」でRPG2がやっと出た!待ってました。きれい!!
508 2008 Issue 35 I stayed overnight in Nagoya with the voice acting and anime staff. Eating REAL miso katsu is like having a completely different kind of dish. A delicacy.[ref] 声優アニメスタッフと名古屋一泊。本場のミソカツはも~別物でびっくりした。美味
509 2008 Issue 36 This is the last week we're accepting votes for the popularity ranking. I'm looking forward to the results this time more than ever before. I can't imagine how it's going to turn out.[ref] 人気投票今週まで受けつけてます。今回は特に結果が楽しみ。想像つきません
510 2008 Issue 37-38 I am sooo~ looking forward to One Piece Unlimited Cruise. As I promised Ganbarion, I beat the first game!![ref] ワンピースアンリミテッドクルーズ超~楽しみ。約束通り前作クリアしたよガンバリオンさん!!
511 2008 Issue 39 And now Tezuka and Akatsuka, masters of their field, are both gone. Now that they're gone we realize that the size of our loss is comparable to the North Star itself.[ref] とうとう手塚・赤塚、両巨匠お亡くなりに。失ってわかる北極星(ポールスター)の大きさです
512 2008 Issue 40 Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo tiny little fish, She's a little fish from the deep blue sea, Ponyo, Pon-[ref] ポーニョポーニョポニョ魚の子~青い海かーらやーてきた~♪ポーニョポーニ
513 2008 Issue 41 The Shinobu Kaitani Pirate Crew attacked our office. What a nuisance. Come back anytime.[ref] 海賊甲斐谷忍一味が仕事場に来襲。も~うるっさいうるさい。また来て下さい。
514 2008 Issue 42 At a drinking party with the anime staff, all of One Piece's editors, past and present, were forced to dress up in drag. You're all disgusting.[ref] ワンピースの歴代担当達はアニメスタッフとの飲み会で女装させられる。全員気持ち悪いです
515 2008 Issue 43 Happy about the Luffy dolls coming out from Panson Works celebrating 40 years. I've got a TON of Laundry t-shirts.[ref] 40周年でパンソンワークスからルフィ人形が出て嬉しい。ランドリーのTシャツ超持っとる
516 2008 Issue 44 Unlimited Cruise. A fun series as per usual!! Even the staff who aren't into One Piece play this game.[ref] アンリミテッドクルーズ。相変わらず面白いシリーズです!!あんまりワンピースに興味ないスタッフも、これだけはやる。
517 2008 Issue 45 I got a chance to hear the voice actors' recording of the sailing song I wrote in the comic, "Binks' Sake". It's rea~lly good.[ref] 作中に書いた舟唄「ビンクスの酒」声優陣のレコーディングが終わって聴いた。凄いイイ~。
518 2008 Issue 46 Those of you concerned about the order of the comics might be startled this week but it's only because I was late handing in my final manuscripts. Sorry!![ref] 今週は掲載順気にする方驚くかと思いますが僕が原稿遅れたせいです。失礼!!
519 2008 Issue 48 My former editor 'Pooh-san', aka Kawashima-san, got married. Looks like you'll have even more of a reason to hurry home early![ref] 元担当プーさんこと川島さんが結婚した。これからは早く家に帰るんだぞっ!
520 2008 Issue 49 So like my cell phone's like ring tone is like Kevin&Paul's like "Turkey Cock'n Roll" like the music video like so like totally awesome. Congratulations to Jump for publishing like 2000 issues!![ref] 携帯系の着音系はケヴィン&ポール系のターキーコックンロール系でPVまじヤベー系。祝ジャンプ2000号系!!
521 2008 Issue 50 I saw the Chopper movie extras disc with the video of them post-recording. Those guys… they're really amazing.[ref] チョッパー映画DVD特典DISCのアフレコ観た。あの人達…実は凄い人達なんだ
522 2008 Issue 51 Looks like they're doing something to commemorate the 100th One Piece anime DVD. Also I finished up work on Volume 52.[ref] ワンピースDVD100巻記念で何かやってるみたい。JC(コミックス)52巻の制作も完了しましたー。
523 2008 Issue 52 A baked sweet potato vendor passed by so I bought one. The potatoes are HUGE now and they're practically a delicacy like chestnuts![ref] 焼きイモ屋が通ったのでイモ食った。最近のイモはデカくて栗の様に美味だ!!!
524 2009 Issue 1 We're getting closer to "Binks' Sake" in the anime. Don't miss it.[ref] アニメで舟唄〝ビンクスの酒〟が流れる回が近づいてます。ぜひ、お見逃しなく。
525 2009 Issue 2 After reading Akimoto-sensei's Manga Brain Training I feel like making a fresh start next year.[ref] 秋本先生のマンガ脳の鍛え方を読んで僕は来年こそ生まれ変わろうと思った。
526 2009 Issue 4-5 Jump Festa should be over by the time you read this but right now the voice acting team is busily prepping their costumes. Wonder what I'll be wearing this time.[ref] もうジャンプフェスタは終わってる頃でしょうが、今着々と声優さん達が衣装の準備中。僕はまたどんな恰好するの
527 2009 Issue 6-7 The deliciousness of Krispy Kreme donuts is insane. Just what is it, that miracle in my mouth?[ref] クリスピークリームのドーナツがヤバいうまさだ。何あの口の中で起こる奇跡
528 2009 Issue 8 I had a horse steak for the first time in my life. It has a consistency different from beef and I think I might be able to run a little faster.[ref] 馬のステーキを生まれて初めて食べました。牛とはまた違った弾力があり、少し足が速くなりました。
529 2009 Issue 9 I had an interview with Takehiko Inoue-sensei for his manga exhibition. I've met yet another living legend.[ref] 井上雄彦先生と漫画展の為に対談してきた。また一人伝説に会ってしまった。
530 2009 Issue 10 Both of my editors had a baby. Neither liked my idea for a name, Thousandsunnyko. Congratulations.[ref] 担当2人共子供が生まれた。サウザンドサニ子の命名を拒絶された。おめでとう
531 2009 Issue 11 Naruto's 10th Anniversary!! Whew, you've got a load of work heading your way Kishimoto-sensei so good luck and congratulations![ref] ナルト10周年!!大変だコリャ仕事増えるけど岸本さん頑張ってねおめでと~!!
532 2009 Issue 12 I went to the anime's New Year's party. Comic, movie, toys and music, let's continue to do our best this year![ref] アニメの新年会に行ってきました。原作、アニメ、映画、玩具(オモチャ)、音楽、今年も1年頑張っていきましょう
533 2009 Issue 13 While in the middle of writing my manuscripts, I realized that my driver's license was up for renewal this year; and that the expiration date was the very next day. It was a mad rush but somehow I made it in time.[ref] 免許更新が今年だったと、有効期限1日前、原稿中に気づいた。慌ててセーフ
534 2009 Issue 15 I saw Akimoto-sensei's documentary on Jounetsu Tairiku. Because we're in the same field I feel I might have a deeper understanding of his accomplishments. What a dazzling career.[ref] 秋本先生の「情熱大陸」を観た。同業者だからより解っちゃうあの凄さ。眩しいよ。
535 2009 Issue 16 One Piece Volume 44 won an award at Germany's Frankfurt Book Fair. I'm happy they chose to pinpoint one particular part of the story.[ref] ドイツのフランクフルトブックフェアでワンピース44巻が賞貰った。そのピンポイント嬉しい
536 2009 Issue 17 I went to the world premiere of Dragon Ball Evolution. It was very 'Hollywood'!![ref] ドラゴンボールワールドプレミア行ってきました。まさにハリウッドでした!!
537 2009 Issue 18 The CD of "Binks' Sake" has been released. It's a very special song that will come up again in the main story. Please just wait a few years.[ref] ビンクスの酒のCDが発売しました。今後も本編で使う大切な曲です。よければ数年持ってて下さい。
538 2009 Issue 19 One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2 is out but you probably already KNEW THAT!! I wanna take down Oars!![ref] ワンピースアンリミテッドクルーズ2が出ましたね、遅いか!!とにかくオーズ倒したい!!
539 2009 Issue 20 Nosebleed Fwoosh!! Valentine Chocolates have been most humbly accepted. And to everyone that always sends fan letters, thank you!!![ref] 鼻血ブー!!バレンタインチョコ受け取り候。そして毎週貰うファンレターにも感謝いつもありがとう!!!
540 2009 Issue 22-23 With the number of breaks I've taken for the winter 2009 movie increasing, I'm causing trouble everywhere I turn. I only have a few things left to wrap up. We're making something big.[ref] 2009年冬公開映画の為休載が増えて各方面ご迷惑かけました。残る僕の作業も後少し。凄いのできるよ。
541 2009 Issue 24 It's the start of the new semester, made any new friends? It's times like this I try to make my manga help create new friendships.[ref] 新学期、友達は増えました?この時期、友達作りに活躍できる漫画でありたい。
542 2009 Issue 25 I'm terribly late with this. Neuro's Matsui-kun, great job on your 4-year serialization. I'm looking forward to your next work.[ref] 申し遅れました。ネウロの松井君4年の連載お疲れ様でした。次の連載楽しみ。
543 2009 Issue 26 Went to Costco!! Had a blast!! I'd love to go there as a group to get food and stuff for a party.[ref] コストコ行った!!楽しい~!!パーティー前に大人数で買い出しに行きたいなあ
544 2009 Issue 27 I tried out a new kind of manuscript paper that manga authors seem to be using recently. It was too easy to draw on so I couldn't get used to it.[ref] 最近漫画家さん達がよく使ってるらしい原稿用紙を試した。描き易すぎて合わぬ。
545 2009 Issue 28 There are several varieties of G-pens. I tried some out and my favorites are probably Zebra and Nikko. No surprise there.[ref] Gペンって色々種類がある。試して好きなのはゼブラと日光(ニッコー)だなー。やっぱり
546 2009 Issue 29 The 11th Serial Comic Commemoration Awards. In place of a trophy I got a real leather pirate flag. THIS THING CAN'T POSSIBLY FLY![ref] 11回目の連載表彰式。トロフィーの代わりに本革の海賊旗を頂いた。なびかねえ!
547 2009 Issue 30 At last we've reached the collapse of the Straw Hat crew in the anime. We had a Takoyaki Break-Up Party to celebrate the event. Thank you guys for 10 great years.[ref] アニメの麦わらの一味も遂に崩壊。崩壊記念タコ焼パーティーをやった。声優さんの皆さん10年間どうもありがとう。
548 2009 Issue 31 Inagaki-san, Murata-kun, great job on your 7-year serialization. You've done a splendid job pioneering a whole new genre of sports comics.[ref] 稲垣さん村田君7年間の連載大変お疲れ様!スポーツ新ジャンル開拓お見事でした!!
549 2009 Issue 32 Shopping by cellphone is my latest craze. Gonna get kimchee delivered straight to my place from a supermarket!! Yuuum.[ref] 最近のブームは携帯で買い物。スーパーの宅配でキムチを届けて貰うのだ!!うめェ
550 2009 Issue 34 I went to a Dorikamu concert. The "Mata ne" encore was really touching.[ref] ドリカムライブ行ってきた。ラストアンコールの「またね」は感ドゥーしました。
551 2009 Issue 35 I spotted Toshio Suzuki of Ghibli fame in a random restroom! I'm sorry for the impromptu greeting![ref] とあるWCでジブリの鈴木敏夫さんを発見!突然挨拶してしまって失礼しました
552 2009 Issue 36 The voice actors have told me that the reason the ratings are so high for the Island of Women arc is because they said, "…family jewels."[ref] TV女ヶ島編、視聴率が高いのは「金玉」と言ったからだと声優さん達が言ってる。
553 2009 Issue 37-38 They've got Flash screensavers on the mobile site Moja. This surprised me at exactly 3:33PM.[ref] ケータイサイト「モジャ」で今FLASH待受っていうのがあるんですよ。3時33分に僕はびっくりした。
554 2009 Issue 39 Listen up all you middle school boys!! I wrote this winter's movie especially for you!! Buy the advance tickets and shake with anticipation![ref] 男子中高生!!冬の映画は君達の為に描いたんだ!!前売り買ってわくわくしてて!!
555 2009 Issue 40 Really looking forward to seeing the DVD, This is How Ponyo Came to Be, when it's released this December!!! I like this series better than the actual movies.[ref] 12月発売のDVD「ポニョはこうして生まれた」が早く観たい!!!このシリーズ映画より好き。
556 2009 Issue 41 During Obon I went to see the World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go. Seeing all those houses with the thatched rooftops is like looking at the wisdom of people from long ago all lumped together.*[ref] お盆に、世界遺産白川郷を見てきました。合掌造(がっしょうづくり)の家々は昔の人の知恵の塊。
557 2009 Issue 43 Ele-kata is made up of nothing but trouble so I'd rather not bother with 'em but their radio program is too funny to miss.[ref] エレ片(かた)はヤバイ人達なので関わりたくないけどラジオは面白いから聴いてます
558 2009 Issue 44 It's way cooler than I ever dreamed! I went to Naoto Takenaka-san's recording session. Gold Lion Shiki is aweso~me![ref] 期待以上のカッコ良さ!竹中直人さんのアフレコ行った。金獅子のシキ最高~
559 2009 Issue 45 One of the modelers who worked on the Portrait of Pirates series, Kuroiwa-san, has passed away. I'm deeply grateful for all of your work.[ref] P・O・P(ポート・オブ・パイレーツ)シリーズの造形師の1人黒岩さんが亡くなられた。最期に深い感謝を。
560 2009 Issue 46 I couldn't attend the wedding of 'Daasa', my very first editor. Congratulations!! I personally promised him that, from one man to another, I'd definitely make it to his funeral.[ref] ワンピース初代担当のダーアサの結婚式に出れなかった。おめでとう!!葬式は必ず出ると男の約束を交わしました。
561 2009 Issue 48 I'm dead serious when I tell you how cool it is. The main theme of the movie by Mr. Children!!![ref] シャレにならん程カッコイイ曲を作って戴きました。映画主題歌ミスチルですよ!!!
562 2009 Issue 49 Master Kaitani-sensei's Liar Game is gonna be a movie!! Congratulations!! I had an interview with Kaitani-sensei by the way.[ref] 師匠甲斐谷先生の「ライアーゲーム」が映画化!!おめでとうございます!!甲斐谷先生と対談してきたよ。
563 2009 Issue 50 I got some stew and curry from House Foods which is taking care of some of the movie-related particulars. Yum![ref] 映画でお世話になるハウス食品さんからシチューやらカレーやら戴いた。うまっ!
564 2009 Issue 52 Was on the radio for the first time ever. I really enjoyed the hallowed walls of the 'brick cottage' on Toshio Suzuki's Sweat-Soaked Ghibli.[ref] ラジオに初めて出た。「鈴木敏夫のジブリ汗まみれ」念願のれんが屋楽しかった。
565 2009 Issue 53 I can feel everyone's kindness as I continue to hear that the advance movie tickets are selling one after the other. I hear there's an unprecedented number of extras. Be sure to hurry.[ref] 映画前売り、売り切れ続出だそうで、皆様の優しさが胸にきます。特典は極力追加するそうです。お早めに
566 2010 Issue 1 Really enjoyed that interview with Sakurai-san of Mr. Children. The one in Jump is just an excerpt. The magazine Switch conveys the full extent of it.[ref] ミスチルの桜井さんと対談楽しかった~。ジャンプの記事は抜粋です。雑誌Switchの方が真意は伝わるかな。
567 2010 Issue 2 One of the BIG deals about the movie, I never thought he'd let us so I was thrilled when Mr. Yasuharu Konishi let us use that song for the opening music.[ref] 映画のこだわりの1つ、小西康陽氏のオープニングBGMまさかこの曲使わせて貰えるとは僕が興奮した。
568 2010 Issue 3-4 I'm late in extending my thanks to Kosuke Kitajima and Aiko Kaito for helping support the movie.[ref] 申し遅れました世界の北島康介選手、皆藤愛子様の超強力宣伝協力に感謝です!
569 2010 Issue 5-6 It's the first time we've had this many moviegoers for a film so the entire staff was super-DUPER shocked there weren't enough Volume 0's!![ref] 映画でこんなに客入るの初めてだから0巻足りなくてスタッフ一同びっくらこいた!!!
570 2010 Issue 7 Happy New Year!! Forgot about that, the New Year's greeting. The 13th year of One Piece, gonna knock this one out of the park.[ref] 賀正っ!!忘れてました新年のごあいさつ。ワンピース13年目、かっ飛ばして行きます!
571 2010 Issue 8 Due to the popularity of the film some theaters have extended its run, check to make sure if it's still playing and go see it.[ref] 映画好評につき公開延長する映画館もあるそうで、チェックして観に行ってね。
572 2010 Issue 9 At the end of the year I went to Mr. Children's concert at Tokyo Dome. Nothin' could match the excitement "fanfare" raised.[ref] 年末ミスチルの東京ドームライブに行った。fanfareの興奮は半端やないです。
573 2010 Issue 10 Right about now my editor should be watching the This is How Ponyo Came to Be DVD. As usual it was thrilling.[ref] 担当が今頃「ポニョはこうして生まれた」(DVD)を観てる。今回もゾクゾクしました。
574 2010 Issue 11 Had an interview with Takashi Yanase-san for the artbook. I'd really like you to read it.[ref] イラスト集の為にアンパンマンのやなせたかしさんと対談。これは読んで欲しい。
575 2010 Issue 12 The anime's New Year's party was at Chinzanso in grand fashion. That's what 10 years will get you.[ref] 今年のアニメの新年会は椿山荘で盛大に行われました。さすが10周年ですねー。
576 2010 Issue 14 The musical that Yasuharu Konishi-san is in charge of, really enjoyed it. I even get a chance to say 'hello' to Shingo Katori.[ref] 小西康陽さんが音楽担当の舞台(ミュージカル)、楽しかった。香取慎吾さんにも挨拶できた。
577 2010 Issue 15 The kids of my editor Onishi and a friend of mine are absorbed in Miracle Battle Carddass!! I hear things are fierce. They're Generation Card.[ref] 担当大西と友人の子一押しはミラクルバトルカードダス!!熱いらしい。カード世代だねー。
578 2010 Issue 16 Currently obsessed with ochazuke. Ochazuke with simmered shijimi clams *sipsiiiip*. With maikon seaweed *sipsiiiip*. Mustard green *sip* salmon *siiiip* sea bream *sippip*[ref] お茶漬けハマり中。しじみ茶漬けしぐれでサラサーラ。舞昆でサラサーラ。高菜サラ鮭サーラ鯛サララ。
579 2010 Issue 17 Went to Osaka to see the final manga exhibition of Takehiko Inoue. I was able to meet Inoue-sensei too. The power of charcoal is remarkable.[ref] 井上雄彦最後のマンガ展を見に大阪へ。井上先生にも会えた。墨の力スゴい。
580 2010 Issue 18 I wasn't informed that their expressions would be that erotic but seems they're a hit given the flood of pre-orders for those mousepads.[ref] あんなエロい表情になるとは聞いてなかったけど予約殺到らしいマウスパッド
581 2010 Issue 20 At the Ghibli Museum I was able to hear the rakugo of Kosanji Yanagiya, and I was also granted the chance to meet him which was exciting.[ref] ジブリ美術館にて柳家小三治さんの落語を聞き、直接お会いする事ができ感動
582 2010 Issue 21-22 Listen, you simply can't afford to miss out on any of the foods that Hikaru Ijuin or 'Gucci' Yuzo introduce. They're bound to be delicious.[ref] 伊集院光とグッチ裕三が紹介する食べ物は、とりあえずチェックしなきゃならない。絶対ウマいから。
583 2010 Issue 23 Weather's been all over the place both hot and cold but I'm glad it was warm for cherry blossom viewing with the anime staff.[ref] 寒かったり暑かったり変な気候だけどアニメスタッフとの花見はポカポカでよかった
584 2010 Issue 24 The special gift by House Foods, Chapter 0 the anime, is finished. And what a magnificent 18 minutes it is...!!![ref] ハウス食品さんからのプレゼント第0話アニメできたよ。何て豪華な18分…!!!
585 2010 Issue 25 Is Cookin' Idol Main-chan's voice her real one? Or is she lip-synching? Currently a hot dispute in the family.[ref] クッキンアイドルマインちゃんの声は地声なの?当てレコなの?家庭内論争中
586 2010 Issue 26 When I catch a cold while working on manuscripts there is but one option: not getting enough sleep and making it even worse. DAAAAMNIIIIIT!!![ref] 原稿中風邪をひくと、睡眠をとれないので悪化するしか道はない。チキショー!!!
587 2010 Issue 27 As an adult, going around in a training suit wearing geta will only lead to trouble so I'm getting a brand new suit.[ref] ジャージとゲタで大人としてマズイ事が増えそうなのでスーツを新調します
588 2010 Issue 28 I'm currently supervising the limited edition version of the Strong World DVD. I've asked for a lot of special things so it's filled with goodies!! Including some additional scenes to the main film.[ref] 映画STRONG WORLDのDVD限定版の方監修中。色々無理言ってサービス満点です!!本編少し追加シーンも。
589 2010 Issue 30 Mr. Minoru Suzuki and soccer's Mr. Nishizawa came to our takoyaki party. Soccer's on fire.[ref] たこ焼きパーティーに鈴木みのる氏とサッカーの西澤氏参加。サッカー熱上昇
590 2010 Issue 31 The staff tell me they wouldn't eat gyudon first thing in the morning. The moment I open my eyes I wanna dig into a bowl! It's the advent of a gyudon boom.[ref] スタッフが朝一の牛丼はやだと言う。僕は起きてすぐ牛丼食べたいのよ!牛丼ブーム到来
591 2010 Issue 32 This was the first World Cup where my assistants from work got into it with me. We had a blast.[ref] 今年のサッカーワールドカップは初めて仕事場スタッフが一緒に騒いでくれた。盛り上がった。
592 2010 Issue 33 I made a little reservation through HIS and they threw something extra my way. Now that's a nice collaboration.[ref] ちょっと旅の予約をHISでとったらサ~ビスして貰っちゃった。ナイスコラボ。
593 2010 Issue 34 Moja's Card Wars!! led me to understand the appeal of card games. I see quite clearly now, you gotta use your head for these thingers.[ref] モジャの「カードWARS」でカードゲームの面白さが理解できた。成程頭使うなーコリャ
594 2010 Issue 35 I'm looking forward to seeing The Borrower Arrietty as a family. Can't wait.[ref] 借りぐらしのアリエッティを家族で観に行くのが楽しみなのです。早く観たい
595 2010 Issue 36-37 I found myself showered with One Piece-themed food samples. The chinsuko are really good. But isn't the castella a little on the small side!?[ref] ワンピースの食品の商品見本がどっさりウチに来た。ちんすこうがウマいですよ。カステラは量少なくない!?
596 2010 Issue 38 The 'Take Off! Chopper Robo' toy has just come out and it's so much like a dream that it makes me weak in the knees. Think I'm in love. ♥[ref] 「発進!チョッパーロボ」という玩具(おもちゃ)が出たんですけど夢ありすぎて腰砕け。ホレた♡
597 2010 Issue 39 Usuta-saaan, congrats on wrapping your serial! As for me, now I'm gonna go have me some fun! WOO-HOO~!!![ref] うすたさーん連載お疲れ様でしたー!そして僕は遊ぶのです!やっほーい!!!
598 2010 Issue 44 The new stage!! I'm going to ease my foot on the gas pedal as I move ahead. It would be my greatest pleasure if you could savor the time and join me once again on the adventure!![ref] 新章です!!ゆっくりとアクセル踏んでまいります。またのんびりと冒険にお付き合い戴ければ幸いです!!
599 2010 Issue 45 I messed up Zoro's eye on the cover page of the very first chapter. The scar is supposed to be on his left eye. Ahahaha[ref] 1話目の表紙のゾロの目の傷間違えました。キズは左目の設定です。あははは
600 2010 Issue 46 Thank you for that amazing gift Bandai! Everyone in the office was applauding. Cell phone pic! Cell phone pic![ref] バンダイさん素敵な贈り物ありがとー!仕事場が拍手で沸いた。写メ!写メ!
Chapters 601–700
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
601 2010 Issue 47 Won't be able to attend the funeral of someone that was very important to me. I should have gone to see them during my break when they were still alive.[ref] 大好きだった人の葬式に行けない。前の休み中生きてる内に会えてよかった。
602 2010 Issue 48 The rice cooker at the office broke and, what's worse, the matsutake rice we were making was ruined!! What the heck, it's like the rice cooker from hell!![ref] 仕事場の炊飯器が壊れ、よりによって松茸ごはん失敗!!何の嫌がらせだお前は!!
603 2010 Issue 49 The special video the Mecha-Ike members sent me as thanks. It's so funny that it's practically a waste watching alone.[ref] めちゃイケメンバーに貰った絵のお礼VTR。一人で観るには勿体ない面白さ(笑)
604 2010 Issue 50 I met Ping-Pong and Tekkon's Taiyo Matsumoto-san. It surprised the heck out of me that he's a really composed fellow because I always thought he'd be a really wild guy.[ref] 「ピンポン」「鉄コン」の松本大洋さんに会った。クレイジーな人かと思えば大人な人格者で逆に驚きましたよ。
605 2010 Issue 52 I started watching GeGeGe's Wife. Could it be my age? I'm not sure why but I can't stop crying.[ref] 「ゲゲゲの女房」を観始めた。トシのせいですか?なぜだか涙が止まりません。
606 2011 Issue 1 December 18th (Friday) starting at 9PM Strong World will be aired without any cuts on TV!! Boys of Japan, be sure to watch it.[ref] 12月18日(土)夜21時からTVで「ストロングワールド」ノーカット放映です!!全国の少年達絶対観てね
607 2011 Issue 2 One of my assistants lined up to buy some of those toronama donuts that everyone is talking about. They're good and all but...ARE THESE THINGS REALLY DONUTS!?[ref] 話題のとろなまドーナツをスタッフが並んで買って来た。うまいがコレは…ドーナツか!?
608 2011 Issue 3-4 Isaka-san looking forward to workin' with 'ya as my new manga editor. Hattori-san is shifting to media editor so Onishi-san, thank you for all your hard work.[ref] 井坂さんが新漫画担当よろ。服部さんがメディア担当にずれて、大西さんお疲れ様です。
609 2011 Issue 5-6 Happy New Year. I can't do much but I'll do what I can bit by bit and give it my best this year too.[ref] 新年明けましておめでとうございます。大きな事はできませんが、小さな事からコツコツと今年も頑張って行こうと思います
610 2011 Issue 7 Up until the end of last year I thought that they still used red and blue glasses for watching 3D movies. They're black now, huh.[ref] 去年の年末まで3D映画って赤と青のメガネで観るんだと思ってた。黒いんだねー。
611 2011 Issue 8 The New Year's party. Slowly but surely I've been able to remember the faces of the junior manga authors. Let's all do our best this year too.[ref] 新年会。後輩の作家さん達の顔をだんだん覚えてきました。今年も頑張りましょう
612 2011 Issue 9 So there are these Schleich animal figurines I bought hand over fist in Hawaii. They're selling like freakin' hotcakes on Rakuten!! Even as complete sets. Those sales don't surprise me though.[ref] 前にハワイで買い込んだシュライヒの動物フィギュア。楽天で超売っとるじゃないか!!品揃えも豊富。そりゃ買いますけど。
613 2011 Issue 10 The number of Legos I've bought but haven't had the time to build are stacking up. Legos are gonna be the joy of my old age.[ref] 買ったけど作る時間のないレゴがたまっていきます。老後の楽しみはレゴだな。
614 2011 Issue 11 We brought something new into the office, THE ★automatic vacuum cleaner!! It's really quite something!! We are now in The Robot Age...!![ref] 仕事場に、ザ★自動掃除機を導入!!これは結構すごいですねー!!ロボ時代だ…!!
615 2011 Issue 12 I saw NHK's Close-up Modern. Seems like it's a pretty impressive manga, that One Piece.[ref] NHKのクローズアップ現代を観ました。何か素晴らしい漫画みたいだワンピースが。
616 2011 Issue 13 I met the sculptor Toshio Asakuma. A fantastic guy who is just as charming as I imagined.[ref] 造形作家の朝隈俊男さんとお会いできました。やはり温かみのある素敵な人でした
617 2011 Issue 15 Went to see the advance movie screening. It's Toriko and One Piece beyond your wildest imagination. Theatergoers will love it.[ref] 映画試写会観てきた。トリコもワンピースも想像を超える出来。これはお客さんも大満足だ
618 2011 Issue 16 No way, a One Piece Dome Tour! The staff are devoted to making it a blast for everyone!! Find a way to get yourself there. I'm going too!![ref] 漫画のドームツアーなんて聞いた事ないよ!スタッフはお客さんを楽しませる気満々です!!ぜひ足を運んでね。僕も行くぞ!!
619 2011 Issue 17 You grown-ups out there, do your best to make children laugh. If children can laugh, then all of Japan laughs with them. Stand strong and get to it!![ref] 大人は子供が笑える様に頑張る。子供が笑うと日本が笑う。フンバって下さい!!
620 2011 Issue 18 The Dome Tour has begun. Of course we've also got a charity collection going for victims. Please head to the convention center.[ref] ドームツアーが始まりました。勿論、被災地への募金もやってます。ぜひ会場へ
621 2011 Issue 19 The manga collaboration with Toriko. I just drew pictures where I was told to. Thanks 'Shimabu~'![ref] トリコとのコラボ漫画。僕は指定された所に絵を描いただけ。しまぶーありがとう!
622 2011 Issue 20-21 I'm concerned when I see Tohoku addresses on fan letters sent from before the devastating quake. There's someone in particular from Tohoku that regularly sends things. If you're okay please send me a letter.[ref] 震災前に貰ったファンレターを読んでると東北の住所が気になる。東北にはよくくれる常連のコもいる。無事でまた必ず手紙を下さい。
623 2011 Issue 22 There's this brand of oil matches called AQ Match, they're hard to light but they're still pretty sweet.[ref] AQマッチっていうオイルマッチがあって、なかなか火が着かないが、いい感じ
624 2011 Issue 23 The Fire King stacking mugs are really nice. Wonder which one I'll drink my joe from today.[ref] ファイヤーキングのスタッキングマグがとても良い。今日はどれで珈琲飲もう。
625 2011 Issue 24 They said 120,000 people attended the Tokyo Dome event over five days. The giant life-like characters were amazing. Luffy must've had his hands fu~ll.[ref] 東京ドームイベント5日でお客12万だって。実物大キャラ凄い。ルフィ大変だ~
626 2011 Issue 25 I participated for a bit in a meeting at the 'brick cottage' of Ghibli's Toshio Suzuki. It's gonna be put on sale!![ref] ジブリ鈴木敏夫さんのれんが屋の会議にちょっと参加しました。アレ発売決定!!
627 2011 Issue 26 I'm receiving letters from the refuge centers with all too real experiences of readers. I'm reading all of them. I'm thankful for them.[ref] 避難所から読者達のリアルな体験のお手紙を貰ってる。全部読んでますよ。感謝
628 2011 Issue 28 I was fortunate to get an invitation to a live show of SUMMERS. Boy, it's not often you can laugh that hard for that long. That was fu~nny.[ref] ご縁あってさまぁ~ずさんのライブにご招待戴きました。いやーあんなに笑いっぱなしな事ってそうそうないです。面白かった~
629 2011 Issue 29 I was determined never to use the word 'sweets' so here's hoping it doesn't die out.[ref] スイーツって言葉はなんか絶対使わないと決めてたけど生き残るのかこの言葉
630 2011 Issue 30 Got myself an automated can opener. I can open cans with ease!! MUST OPEN CANS!![ref] 自動缶切りを手に入れた。缶詰めが簡単に開く!!缶を開けたい。缶を開けたい!!
631 2011 Issue 31 The browser game Grand World is up and running on the mobile site, Moja. Without stealing my treasure, gimme yours.[ref] 携帯サイトモジャでブラウザゲーグランドワールドが始まった。僕のお宝奪わずお宝下さい
632 2011 Issue 32 Whenever I find a mistake in my manuscripts right before an issue goes on sale, I keep my mouth shut about it and unleash a Don't-Notice-It-Beam on the entire country.[ref] 原稿のミスにジャンプ発売日前に気づくと、僕は黙って全国に気づくな光線(ビーム)を放つ。
633 2011 Issue 34 There's nothin' that goes with French fries like McDs' Bacon Lettuce Burger. I like to have one every now and then.[ref] マックのベーコンレタスバーガー程ポテトに合う奴はいない。時々食べたくなる。
634 2011 Issue 35-36 I am extremely grateful to former Editor-in-Chief Sasaki-san for so many things and believing in One Piece back from when the editorial section didn't. Thank you in advance for future dealings.[ref] 編集部がワンピース連載反対の時からワンピースを信じてくれて世話になってばかりの元編集長佐々木さんに大感謝。今後ともよろしうに。
635 2011 Issue 37 Seems there are quite a number of fake Twitter and fake Facebook accounts around. I don't use either so don't be fooled.[ref] 嘘ツイッター嘘フェイスブックが多いらしい。僕もやらないからダマされないでね。
636 2011 Issue 38 'Kimutaku' visited the office for our interview with MEN'S NON-NO. Now there's an adult that's packed with experience.[ref] Men'sノンノ対談でキムタクさんが仕事場にやって来た。経験詰んだ大人だなぁ
637 2011 Issue 39 Rea~lly looking forward to the serialization starting this week from Ikezawa-kun, who was assisting here just up until recently; give it your best!![ref] 最近まで助っ人に入ってくれてた池沢君が今週から連載開始で楽しみ~頑張れ!!
638 2011 Issue 40 I was able to buy a figure that hasn't been released in Japan yet on the website Sekaimon!! This site is super user-friendly[ref] 日本未発売フィギュアを「セカイモン」というサイトで買えた!!このサイト超親切
639 2011 Issue 41 My darling wife and Kishimoto-sensei's wife conspired to drag me to a physical examination. The results were...[ref] うちの奥様と岸本さんの奥様が手を組み僕らを人間ドックへ送り込んだ。結果は…
640 2011 Issue 42 I was shown the Pirate Warriors demo movie for PS3. The CG is so good it's like Luffy's actually right there!![ref] PS3の海賊無双デモムービー見せて貰った。まさにルフィがそこにいるようなCG!!
641 2011 Issue 44 I received an invitation to the Dream Wonderland which is only once every four years. I'm simply overjoyed.[ref] 4年に1度のドリカムワンダーランドご招待いただいた。胸いっぱいであります。
642 2011 Issue 45 The series which Taiyo Matsumoto showed me the rough drafts for when we had our interview, Sunny, is finally on sale. I have rea~lly been waiting for this. I can't get enough of this kind of world view!![ref] 対談した時下描き見せて貰った松本大洋さんの「SUNNY」がやっと発売。待ってましたよ~。たまらんですこの世界観!!
643 2011 Issue 46 Everyone loves when a Chupa Chups tree is put up in the office. I wish they'd sell these trees online.[ref] チュッパチャップスツリーを仕事場に置くと大好評。ネットでツリー売ってほしい
644 2011 Issue 47 I was allowed to draw the DVD jacket for a movie I love, Jirocho Sangokushi. Please watch it!![ref] 僕の大好きな映画「次郎長三国志」のDVDジャケ描かせて貰いました。観てください!!
645 2011 Issue 48 The new phase has begun in the anime. The new main theme song is a true blue anime song. No surprise that a straight pitch works best!![ref] アニメ新章始まりました。新主題歌は正統派アニメソング。やっぱ直球は強い!!
646 2011 Issue 49 I really liked that one-shot about dancing in Jump from a few issues back. Take it nice and easy and please do your best!![ref] この前ジャンプに載ってたダンスの読切すごいよかった。慌てず頑張って下さい!!
647 2011 Issue 50 Saw an awesome cow at Mother Farm. I want it. But I don't wanna take care of it.[ref] マザー牧場にすげーカッコイイ牛がいたー。アレ飼いたい。世話したくないけど
648 2012 Issue 1 About 2 months ago due to certain circumstances I injured a ligament in my right arm. I'm thrilled that it's gotten a lot better. My hand can actually move.[ref] 2か月前ある理由で痛めた右腕靭帯。だいぶよくなってきて幸せ。手が動く。
649 2012 Issue 2 That reminds me, my family just bought a dog. I won't care for it but it's cute. Chihuahua.[ref] そういえば家族が犬を飼い始めた。僕は世話しないけどかわいい。チワワ。
650 2012 Issue 3-4 On the radio program you can listen to on the home page of Sanji's voice actor, Hirata-san, Zoro and Usopp show up too.[ref] サンジ声優平田さんのHPで聴けるラジオにゾロウソップも登場してますよ。
651 2012 Issue 5-6 Happy NEW YEAR!! Apparently it's the 15th year of One Piece so there are tons of special plans mulling about!! Gotta watch my health.[ref] 賀正っ!!今年もワンピース15周年だそうで特別企画が目白押し!!健康に注意しよう
652 2012 Issue 7 So right now, the office has fallen in love with Satou Fisheries. Sheesh, just about anything from them tastes great. Just gotta be wary of the sodium.[ref] 仕事場は今、佐藤水産にハマってまして。まー何でもウマい。塩分注意かな。
653 2012 Issue 8 I was shown the large-scale real-size sculptures for the One Piece Exhibition. Man, are they cool!! Check 'em out in Roppongi.[ref] ワンピース展の等身大造形物を見せて貰った。いやあカッコイイ!!ぜひ六本木で。
654 2012 Issue 9 I thought "Ue Kara Mariko" was the title of a movie called Ue Kara Mariko ga Ochitekuru. Not only is it a song but I got the title wrong too.[ref] 上からマリコは上からマリコが落ちてくる映画だと思ってた。違うし歌だし。
655 2012 Issue 10 Recently, for the first time ever, I've started seriously considering scrubbing the bottom of my feet with pumice.[ref] 最近、生まれて初めて足の裏を軽石でこすってみようかなーと考えています
656 2012 Issue 11 Completed a painting for display at the One Piece Exhibition that's 1 meter across. I drew it while crouching so my muscles are all sore[ref] ワンピース展に飾る横1メートルの絵が完成しました。中腰で描いたから筋肉痛になった
657 2012 Issue 12 They're looking for the ultimate One Piece maniacs on the Hoko x Tate homepage. Kindly give the editors of past and present a thorough beat down.[ref] 「ほこ×たて」のHPで超ワンピースマニア募集中。歴代担当者をブチのめしてください。
658 2012 Issue 14 Had an interview with YASUTAKA Nakata-san. I knew there was something from the first time I met him but we're cut from the same cloth.[ref] 中田ヤスタカさんと対談した。初対面から何か感じていたが、同種の人間でした
659 2012 Issue 15 You can make your own wanted poster at the One Piece Exhibition homepage. It's really slick. Check it.[ref] ワンピース展のHPで自分で手配書作れるよ。かなりセンスのいいHPだ。見て。
660 2012 Issue 16 Started Pirate Warriors. IT'S AWESOME!! And the One Piece Exhibition is going to start in Roppongi. I'm so very, very grateful.[ref] 海賊無双始めた。超面白い!!六本木ではワンピース展始まります。皆(スタッフ)に感謝感謝。
661 2012 Issue 17 I truly enjoyed Kosanji Yanagiya's rakugo at Ghibli. And I said a prayer for Moebius.[ref] ジブリの柳家小三治さんの生落語大変楽しかった。そしてメビウス氏に合掌
662 2012 Issue 18 The One Piece Hoko x Tate airs April 15th. Let's root for the representatives of the readers, the One Piece maniacs!![ref] ワンピースのほこ×たてオンエアは4月15日。読者の代表ワンピースマニア達を応援しましょう!!
663 2012 Issue 20 The DVD they let me draw the jacket cover for last year, Jirocho Sangokushi, is out for rental now[ref] 去年ジャケットを描かせてもらったDVD次郎長三国志のレンタル始まりました
664 2012 Issue 21-22 Bunta Sugawara's wife requested that I illustrate the package of his shichimi chili powder package. It was a pleasure to work on.[ref] 菅原文太さんの奥様より七味唐辛子のパッケージイラストの依頼。嬉しい仕事でした。
665 2012 Issue 23 Okay now guys, listen up, holes in a wall or not normal. The staff is into hard darts.[ref] ねェあんた達、壁の穴が尋常じゃないよ?スタッフがハードダーツにハマってます。
666 2012 Issue 24 Bakuman. It's over. Obata-sensei and Ohba-sensei, here's to all your hard work. It was really entertaining.[ref] バクマン。終わっちゃった。小畑先生、大場先生お疲れ様でした。面白かった。
667 2012 Issue 25 The judges' meeting for the Tezuka Awards. Can't believe I saw Akira Toriyama and Takehiko Inoue taking a picture together. Geeez, that was awe-inspiring.[ref] 手塚賞の審査会。鳥山明・井上雄彦の2ショット見ちゃったよ。いやー、感動した!!
668 2012 Issue 26 1AM at the club ageHa. The release party for capsule was really cool.[ref] 深夜1時のclubアゲハ。「capsule」のリリースパーティーかっこよかたー
669 2012 Issue 27 The anime's art director, Yoshiike-san, always gives me delicious stuff. Very delicious.[ref] アニメ美術監督吉池さんはいつも美味しいものをくれる。とても美味しい。
670 2012 Issue 28 In the middle of reading Kingdom, on Volume 11 now. My editor Hattori spoiled a huge upcoming event. YOU IIIIIIDIOT!!![ref] 「キングダム」読書中、今11巻。先の重大事件を担当服部がネタバレ。アホ――!!!!
671 2012 Issue 29 The Tezuka Award ceremony. Inoue-sensei, Morita-sensei & Tsunomaru-sensei. I was awestruck seeing this 'Golden Generation' lineup.[ref] 手塚賞授賞式。井上先生と森田先生とつの丸先生。黄金世代が揃ってて感動。
672 2012 Issue 31 A 15 meter Shirahoshi in Odaiba this summer!? I'm fairly certain it's safe to say they'll be the largest pair of big-breasts in the world.[ref] 夏のお台場に15メートルのしらほし!?世界一の巨乳と言って間違いないハズです。
673 2012 Issue 32 I couldn't host it but lots of people helped cook at our takoyaki partaaaay and it was a huge success[ref] もてなさないたこ焼きパーリー今回も色んな人が焼いてくれて大成功でした
674 2012 Issue 33 The film in December, the various anime projects taking form at year's end and the comic proper; I'd like to take on all of them very seriously.[ref] 12月の映画と年末に発動する色んなアニメ企画、原作、全部真剣にやりたい。
675 2012 Issue 35 So I bought a Hercules beetle. I named it Heraclesun.[ref] ヘラクレスオオカブトを飼い始めました。ヘラクレスンと名づけました。
676 2012 Issue 36-37 Now arriving, a yakitori boom. Bonjiri is freakin' awesome. Having it just-grilled over a charcoal flame is heaven.[ref] 焼き鳥ブーム到来中。ぼんじりやばい。炭火で焼いて食べるととても幸せ。
677 2012 Issue 38 The Premium Saturday "Episode of Nami" is on August 25th at 9PM!! By all means please watch it.[ref] 土曜プレミアム「エピソード・オブ・ナミ」は8月25日夜9時!!ぜひ観て下さい。
678 2012 Issue 39 Heard of Takehara Pistol? Y'know, he's super cooo~l! Love to know how he's so cooo~l[ref] 竹原ピストル知ってます?超カッコイイんですけど~!何この人カッコイ~
679 2012 Issue 40 Obon means, as is tradition, Universal Studios Japan! I was exceptionally pleased with this year's show. Thank you all!![ref] お盆は恒例USJ!今年のショーは格段によかったなあ。皆様ありがとう!!
680 2012 Issue 41 Went to see Nancan's Yama-chan and Audrey's Wakabayashi live. They were righteously funny.[ref] 南キャン山ちゃんとオードリー若林さんのライブに行った。ゲロ面白かった。
681 2012 Issue 42 I took a stroll through the neighborhood summer festival for a breather. In the middle of some yakisoba I caught a glimpse of One Piece merchandise I'd never seen before.[ref] 息抜きに近所の夏祭りをぶらり。見た事ないワンピースグッズを横目に焼きソバ!!
682 2012 Issue 43 I've finally gotten the hand of making a good cappuccino so I'm messing around with latte-art.[ref] カプチーノをうまくいれられる様になったのでラテアートして遊んでいます。
683 2012 Issue 45 I peeked in on the Special Effects Museum exhibit. I was blown over by the originals. The video was cool too.[ref] 特撮博物館のぞいてきました。実物の力に圧倒された。映像もすごかった。
684 2012 Issue 46 It is incredibly difficult waiting to borrow a recording of King of Conto, which I forgot to watch, without having the winner spoiled.[ref] キングオブコントを観忘れ、録画を借りて観る日まで優勝者を知らずにいるのは困難だ
685 2012 Issue 47 It's not related to One Piece but I collaborated with the brand Dupont. It was a valuable experience.[ref] フジテレビ「ほこ×たて」ワンピースマニア募集中です!今度こそ歴代担当倒してくれ!
686 2012 Issue 48 Fuji TV's Hoko x Tate is gathering One Piece maniacs! This time for sure, please give the editors a thrashing![ref] ワンピースとは関係なく、「デュポン」というブランドとコラボ。貴重な体験でした。
687 2012 Issue 49 It doesn't necessarily seem that the One Piece Exhibition will travel around the whole country. Lots of good stuff to eat in Osaka so if you live in the west, by all means.[ref] ワンピース展は全国を回るわけじゃないそうです。大阪は色々美味だし西の方々ぜひ
688 2012 Issue 50 Since opening, the Mugiwara Store in Shibuya appears to be a success. Think I'll check it out too, to see the faces of the customers.[ref] 渋谷の「麦わらストア」オープンして盛況な様で。僕も行こうお客の顔見に。
689 2012 Issue 52 The movie's level of perfection is beyond my imagination. Any worries I had have vanished. TIME TO GET ADVERTISIIIIIIING!!![ref] 映画が想像を超える完成度でした。色んな不安が消えた。宣伝するぞ―――!!!
690 2013 Issue 1 Two weeks until the movie's release on December 15th. Watch the trailer on the One Piece homepage with the volume on full blast.[ref] 映画公開12月15日まで、あと2週間。ワンピースのHPの予告編は大音量で観てね。
691 2013 Issue 2 Please let the color spread this week allow your imagination to run wild. A film for real men, Z, comes out this Saturday!![ref] 今回のカラー絵(イラスト)で想像を膨らませて下さい。男の映画「Z」今週土曜公開です!!
692 2013 Issue 3 When this Jump is released the movie will already be out. Everything aside, I just really want you to see the action!![ref] このジャンプが出る頃には、もう映画公開中。アクションとにかく観てほしい!!
693 2013 Issue 4-5 Video of that particular thing which connects to the movie Z is currently broadcasting on NOTTV. Being that it's that particular thing, please check it out.[ref] NOTTV(ノッティーヴィー)で映画「Z」につながるアレな映像配信中。アレなので観てみてね。
694 2013 Issue 6-7 I'm so touched right now by all the people who have gone to see the movie Z. On OPWeb we're looking for pictures. Happy New Year!![ref] 映画「Z」、多くの人達が観てくれて感動中。ワンピースWEBで絵を募集中。賀正!!
695 2013 Issue 8 I'm always busy traveling around New Year's so I haven't eaten osechi these past few years but I'm gonna have some now.[ref] 正月は旅行する事が多くここ数年おせち食べてないので、今年はこれから食う
696 2013 Issue 9 The reactions of my editor and I when we saw the Pirate Warriors 2 demo. "WICKED!! INTENSE!! NO WAY!!! SEXXAY!!!"[ref] 海賊無双2のデモを観た僕と担当の反応。スゴッ!!強っ!!ズルい!!!エロッ!!!
697 2013 Issue 10 Plans to go to Huis Ten Bosch with 250 members of the anime staff ended when the flight was cancelled due to snow. We'll try again.[ref] ハウステンボスへアニメスタッフ250人と旅行の筈が雪で飛行機欠航。また今度。
698 2013 Issue 11 Here's to a former assistant at our place, Kurogane's Ikezawa, for the completion of his serialization. At Saikyo Jump, Ando-kun's taking off![ref] ウチで手伝ってくれてたクロガネの池沢君連載お疲れ様。最強ジャンプで安藤君発進!
699 2013 Issue 13 Bapti will be leaving after having completed five years working as my editor. That's a lotta work. G2CU back Onishi.[ref] 5年の仕事を終えて、担当・服部が去る。お疲れ。そして大西カムバックヨロ。
700 2013 Issue 14 Went to Dorikamu's 'Backstage' Wonderland. Masa-san's a goof at the 'Main' and awesome at the 'Backstage'.[ref] ドリカムの裏ワンダーランドに行ってきた。マサさんは表でズッコケ裏で素敵。
Chapters 701–800
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
701 2013 Issue 15 I met Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-chan. She's got a strong personality and, as you might expect, quite a unique sense of creativity.[ref] きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅちゃんに会った。人格はしっかりしてて、あの奇抜センス。
N/A 2013 Issue 16 Got to hear Kosanji's Yuyaban live. A classic routine that I've wanted to see for a loooong time. I'm on cloud nine.[ref] 小三治さんの「湯屋番」を生で聴く。ずーっと聴きたかった名人芸。幸せです。
702 2013 Issue 17 I'm really sorry for worrying and troubling so many people. Even now I'd still like to think that I'm invincible.[ref] 多くの皆様に心配とご迷惑をかけ、すいません。未だ自分が無敵のつもりでいます。
703 2013 Issue 18 Went to the Shibuya Mugiwara Store. Was really happy with all the gimmicky stuff that kids love.[ref] 渋谷麦わらストアに行ってきた。子供の喜ぶギミックの数々が良い感じー。
704 2013 Issue 19 They told me the video game Pirate Warriors 2 sold over 500,000 copies on its day of release. Whaddya expect from such a fulfilling experience!![ref] ゲーム海賊無双2が初日で50万本超えたんだって。スカッとするからね~~!!
705 2013 Issue 20 It's become custom to have the Toei hanami party in mid-April every year. The petals have all fallen but I contend to you that, "It's the thought that counts."[ref] 毎年恒例東映アニメの花見が4月中旬に。もう花ないけど〝気は心〟と申します。
706 2013 Issue 21 I bought one of those big helium tanks for filling balloons. Gonna make anything I can get my hands on float.[ref] ヘリウムガス風船用のでかいガスボンベを買った。何でも浮かせてみせるぜ。
707 2013 Issue 22-23 Started Playing Pirate Warriors 2. Depressed by the fact that the really good players keep turning me down for matches in online mode.[ref] 海賊無双2始めました。通信モードで強い人達に共闘を拒否されてヘコみます。
708 2013 Issue 24 I've read every volume of the manga Kingdom which is in this week's issue. I love how it gushes with chivalry and manliness!![ref] 今週載っているキングダムは僕も全巻読んでます。男気あふれて面白いです!!
709 2013 Issue 25 I received an invitation to an AKB concert. Was blown away by the power of top-class singer idols.[ref] AKBのライブにお誘い頂きました。トップアイドルの迫力に圧倒された。
710 2013 Issue 28 I just want to thank the many people who came from all over just to visit me in the hospital!![ref] 各方面色々な方々にお見舞いいただき、本当にありがとうございましたっ!!
711 2013 Issue 29 With plenty of understanding and kindness from the editorial staff I'm working on my manuscripts at a reasonable pace while heading towards a full recovery.[ref] 編集部の気遣いで完治を目指しつつ無理ないスケジュールで原稿やってます。
712 2013 Issue 31 Being hospitalized gave me an opportunity to start using LINE. Had no idea it was this useful.[ref] 入院きっかけでLINEを始めました。こんな便利なものとは知らなかった。
713 2013 Issue 32 Went to my first SUMMERS manzai performance in two years. Laughing so hard really left me full of energy.[ref] 2年ぶりのさまぁ~ずライブ。相変わらず爆笑ののち、元気いただきました!!
714 2013 Issue 33 Iced Cup Noodles are tasty. My favorite way to have it is putting milk ice cubes in the seafood flavor.[ref] ICEカップヌードルがうまい。シーフードにミルク氷を入れるのがベスト。
715 2013 Issue 34 The Battles Without Honor or Humanity Blu-ray box set came out so I'm in the middle of rewatching them. Them's some slick fellas if you know what I mean, fuggedaboutit.[ref] 仁義なき戦いのブルーレイBOXが出たので観直し中。無敵のカッコ良さじゃい。
716 2013 Issue 36 Come hell of high water, the annual takoyaki party with the anime staff is a must!! It was a blast again this year.[ref] アニメスタッフとのたこ焼きパーティーは、どんな状況でも強行する!!今年も大騒ぎでした。
717 2013 Issue 37-38 My staff members and I have been screaming like kids at work playing NES games on pokeFAMI.[ref] ポケファミでファミコンのゲームして仕事場のスタッフとキャーキャーゆうてます。
718 2013 Issue 39 I met Jusaburo Tsujimura, a leader in the world of dolls. I aspire to reach that level of modeling strength.[ref] 人形界の重鎮、辻村ジュサブローさんにお会いした。あの造形力に憧れます。
719 2013 Issue 40 I'm watching the Japanese reality show Terrace House twice a week. I'm not addicted, I swear! Go Daiki![ref] ただ毎週2回ずつ観てるだけでハマってないよテラスハウス。大樹頑張れー!!
720 2013 Issue 41 I went to see kabuki for the first time in my life. Seeing it live was much more powerful than I could have imagined. I'll have to do it again.[ref] 人生初歌舞伎。生の迫力やっぱ想像超えるものでした。また観に行こう。
721 2013 Issue 42 The Wind Rises was amazing! I can't even describe it. The movie touched my heart![ref] 「風立ちぬ」どえらいよかった。感想を言葉にしたくない。心の映画になりました。
722 2013 Issue 44 They say that thirty-eight is a turning point in a creator's life and that many suddenly pass away at this age. I must live![ref] クリエーターの転機は38歳で突然死ぬ人も多いと方々で言われる。生きねば。
723 2013 Issue 45 I was able to go to the GReeeeN concert, and it was amazing! It's like I traveled into the future![ref] GReeeeNとご縁あってライブに行ったらド肝抜かれた。なにこの未来体験!!
724 2013 Issue 46 I've been relaxing to the song "Tokyo" by a singer named Saya Asakura. So relaxing.[ref] 朝倉さやさんという歌手の「東京」という歌でなごんでる。超なごむんですけど。
725 2013 Issue 47 My assistants use Skype to play video games with former assistants. I barge in and play too.[ref] スタッフがスカイプ使って元スタッフとゲームしてるので僕は邪魔して遊ぶ。
726 2013 Issue 49 I once had the honor of meeting Takashi Yanase. I aspire to be like him when I am older. May he rest in peace.[ref] 一度対談でお会いしたやなせたかしさん。あんな楽しそうな老後に憧れ、合掌
727 2013 Issue 50 The Olympics are in Tokyo in seven years! I'm excited, but what will Japan be like by then?[ref] 7年後に東京オリンピック!!楽しみだけど、日本はどうなってるんでしょうか?
728 2013 Issue 51 I went to watch All Japan Pro Wrestling on an invite from wrestler Minoru Suzuki. What a day of laughter and action! Yeeaow![ref] 鈴木みのるさんのお誘いで全日本プロレス観戦。爆笑と興奮で滾った。イャオ!!
729 2013 Issue 52 I don't think many people know of it, but I started watching a show called Amachan. As they say on the show: "Jejeje!"[ref] 皆知らないと思うけど、あまちゃんというドラマを観始めました。じぇじぇっ!!
730 2014 Issue 2 A few weeks ago I mentioned All Japan Pro Wrestling when I meant New Japan Pro Wrestling. Minoru-san, how embarrassing! Yeeow![ref] 前々回、新日本プロレスを全日と書くミス!!みのるさん、心からてへぺろです!!イャオ!!
731 2014 Issue 3 I got an iPhone. It's all about the iCloud. I'm having trouble because my device is up in the clouds![ref] iPhoneにしました。それはもうiクラウドです。デバイスがクラウドで大変です。
732 2014 Issue 4-5 The shogayaki boom is here! Let's have it with cabbage and mayonnaise! Happy New Year![ref] 生姜焼きブーム到来!!キャベツにマヨかけてご飯と共にSYO(しょうがやきオーケストラ)!!よいお年を!!
733 2014 Issue 6-7 Happy New Year! Last year, I felt like I abused my body throughout the whole year, and I was cursed for overdoing it. I'm going to do it all over again this year![ref] 賀正!!去年は一年中体を壊してたイメージ。無理が祟った。今年も無理するぞ!!
734 2014 Issue 8 Being on the Jump Festa stage every year has been fun, but my manga aesthetic is telling me that last year's appearance will be my last. Thanks![ref] ジャンプフェスタのステージは毎年楽しかったけど、僕の漫画家美学で去年の出演が最後。感謝!!
735 2014 Issue 9 I finally got to see the new Ghibli movie Kaguyahime no Monogatari. What beautiful animation. Japanese people are amazing![ref] かぐや姫の物語やっと観れました。何ちゅう美しいアニメーション。日本人凄い
736 2014 Issue 10 Do an internet search for "One Piece Cry Heart Short" and check out the video. The quality is amazing![ref] 「冬島に降る桜」で検索して、ぜひ動画を観てチョンマゲ。凄いクオリティです。
737 2014 Issue 11 The Dressrosa arc has started in the anime. Knowing what will happen in the future should make for a much different viewing experience.[ref] アニメドレスローザ始まりました。原作で先の事実を知ってると違う話に見える筈。
738 2014 Issue 13 LINE app stickers for One Piece have been released! Thank you so much to the Toei anime staff. I can't wait to use them![ref] ONE PIECEのLINEスタンプが出た。東アニさんありがとう!使おう。
739 2014 Issue 14 The new Sugar Rusk flavor Umaibo is so good! It doesn't have the hole in it, but it's still delicious![ref] うまい棒の新作シュガーラスクがヤバうめェ。穴空いてないんだけどうめェ!!
740 2014 Issue 15 Nose Bleed! Thanks so much for the Valentine's Day chocolates. The sugar is powering the series![ref] 鼻血ブー!!!バレンタインチョコありがとうございました。この糖分が作品の源!!
741 2014 Issue 16 I saw Kosanji Yanagiya do a rakugo performance. It was the first time I laughed so hard at a performance of Sokotsu Nagaya. He's a master![ref] 柳家小三治さんの落語を観覧。こんなに笑った「粗忽長屋」は初めてだ。名人芸!!
742 2014 Issue 18 My staff is smirking. They're watching BABYMETAL on YouTube and smirking.[ref] スタッフがニヤニヤしてる。YouTubeのBABYMETALを観てニヤニヤしてる。
743 2014 Issue 19 Once I'm done with this week's chapter I'm doing a joint interview with Momo-chan. There might be a party. Wait, it's supposed to be an interview![ref] この原稿が上がったらももちゃんと対談してきます。宴をやるらしい。対談なのに
744 2014 Issue 20 I met Momoko Sakura for the first time. What a pleasant person! And what delicious homemade curry![ref] さくらももこさんと初対面。なんつー愉快な人だ。手製カレーなんつーうまさ。
745 2014 Issue 22-23 I've become a man who understands the greatness of tekkamaki sushi rolls. The name is cool and they taste great![ref] 鉄火巻きがわかる男になってきました。名前もカッコイイし鉄火巻きうまいぜ
746 2014 Issue 24 As an adult I should want to use an expensive pen, but the 400 yen ones are the easiest to use.[ref] 大人だし高級なペンを愛用したいけど仕事となると400円のペンが一番使い易い
747 2014 Issue 25 For some reason, I was invited by my friends Sekai no Owari to see their concert. Wow, what an amazing perspective they have![ref] なぜかお友達のSEKAI NO OWARI君達に誘って頂きライブへ。いやー大迫力の世界観
748 2014 Issue 26 Because of Ryou Nakama, I keep wanting to use samurai dialogue. Darn you, Ryou Nakama...[ref] 仲間りょうのせいで侍の台詞にうっかり候ってつけそうになる。仲間りょう…
749 2014 Issue 27 I tried out a famous smart phone escape game called Doors. I'll need to check out a real escape game next...[ref] 「DOORS」という有名なスマホの脱出ゲームをまずやって頂き、リアル脱出ゲームへ…。
750 2014 Issue 30 I'd rather be healthy but busy instead of on vacation and in pain. Sorry for all the trouble I've caused everyone on many fronts![ref] 休んでも痛いくらいなら健康で忙しい方がいい。各方面へご迷惑かけました!!
751 2014 Issue 31 They're switching out my editors, Isaka and Onishi. Thanks for all the hard work, guys! My new editor is Sugita and my former editor Kawashima is coming back![ref] 担当井坂&大西が交代。お疲れ!!新しく杉田さんと元担当の川島が帰還。ヨロ!!
752 2014 Issue 32 I went to Hayao Miyazaki's Nutcracker and the Mouse King exhibit. I was so happy to see new art and be taken into a new world.[ref] 宮崎駿さんの「くるみ割り人形展」へ行った。また新しい絵と世界観を観られて幸せ。
753 2014 Issue 34 The Taiwan One Piece Exhibit is a huge success. I went to Taiwan to thank everyone who made it happen. People are amazing.[ref] 台湾ワンピース展大盛況。現地のスタッフ、協力者の皆様に挨拶しに台湾へ。人間に感動した。
754 2014 Issue 35 I wasn't able to go to the One Piece Escape Game held for those involved in creating it. (So sad!) I might have to sneak into one that's open to the public.[ref] ワンピース脱出ゲーム関係者のプレに行けなかった(涙)一般客として潜り込もうかな。
755 2014 Issue 36 I was wondering why Shibata and Ishiyama hadn't been coming to assist me lately, and it turns out they have new series! Good luck!![ref] 芝田君と石山君が最近助っ人に入ってくれないなーと思ったら連載中!!頑張れ!!
756 2014 Issue 37-38 I started the One Piece Treasure Cruise mobile game after hearing it's been downloaded five million times. I really want to get "Ace" and "Shiawase Punch"![ref] スマホの「トレクル」現在500万ダウンロードと聞き、始めた。「エース」「幸せパンチ」欲しい!!
757 2014 Issue 39 Taiyo Matsumoto's Sunny volume 5 is a masterpiece! It's brimming with artistry! It can't be imitated.[ref] 松本大洋さんの「Sunny」5巻が超名作。センスの塊!!とてもマネできない。
758 2014 Issue 40 I miraculously was able to meet up with some old friends. It's funny how we remembered certain things totally differently.[ref] 懐かしい人達に奇跡的に会う事ができた。時にくい違う記憶がまた面白いもんだ。
759 2014 Issue 41 The architect of my current house and my work studio is the same person! So stylish![ref] 現テラスハウスの設計者とウチの仕事場の設計者は同じ!!ザ☆おしゃれハウス
760 2014 Issue 42 I keep running into old friends. What's with all these coincidences? Is my number coming up soon...?[ref] 最近懐かしい人達によく会う。何だこの巡り合わせ。死期が近いんだろうか。
761 2014 Issue 43 The audition tape for the voice actor for Sabo was amazing! Please watch on 9/28. The voice actor for Sabo will be...[ref] サボの声優オーディションテープは豪華だった!!9/28観てね。サボはあの人!!
762 2014 Issue 45 I was blown away by Amuse's passion for the Tokyo One Piece Tower theme park opening in the spring. It's going to be awesome, just you wait![ref] 「東京ワンピースタワー」アミューズの熱意に感動。想像絶しますよ。覚悟しといて下さい。
763 2014 Issue 46 I was invited to go to a live performance by the comedy duo Nagareboshi. The "Giveneyland" bit made me laugh so hard I thought I would die.[ref] 流れ星さんに誘われてライブへ。いやーずっと笑ってギフニーランドでしぬかと思った。
764 2014 Issue 47 I saw Yoshida and Masa from the band Dreams Come True for the first time in a while. Their youthful energy revitalized me![ref] ドリカムの吉田さん&マサさんに久しぶりに会う。若くてパワフル元気出た!!
765 2014 Issue 48 Lately I've been getting invited out by so many people. If only I could go to all these events.[ref] お陰様で最近は色んな方から色んなお誘いを受ける。全部断らず行けたらな。
766 2014 Issue 50 Colleague, friend and rival. I'm thankful for being able to be serialized alongside you for fifteen years. Kishimoto-san, thank you![ref] タメで友でライバル。15年一緒に連載した心強さに感謝!!岸本さんお疲れ様!!
767 2014 Issue 51 I participated in Halloween for the first time! My house is so full of party items that creating a costume was no sweat![ref] ハロウィンに初めて参加。家の中探したら結構パーティーグッズあるから仮装問題なし!!
768 2014 Issue 52 No matter how great the series, it doesn't get the cover for the final chapter. Gotta love Jump sticking to its guns.[ref] どんな偉大な作品が去る時も最後に表紙は渡さない。そんなジャンプの意地も好きだ。
769 2015 Issue 1 The One Piece: Dance Battle phone game is now available. I had some reservations at first, but it's actually pretty fun![ref] ワンピースのダンスバトル配信開始。抵抗ありまくりだったけど、何だ結構面白いな!!
770 2015 Issue 3 Bunta Sugawara, the greatest looking guy in the world with the best bone structure. Rest in peace. I have no words. I will draw Akainu with great respect.[ref] 世界唯一の骨格、世界一の男前菅原文太。言葉が出ません。「赤犬」大切に描こう。
771 2015 Issue 4-5 We started a section on the One Piece website that features my scribbles. Sorry, they're just scribbles.[ref] ワンピースドットコムで僕が落書きするコーナー始めた。落書きだから。ごめんなさい。
772 2015 Issue 6-7 Tokyo One Piece Tower! Kabuki! So many big events this year! Happy New Year![ref] 東京ワンピースタワー!!歌舞伎!!今年もビッグイベント盛りだくさんです!!賀正ー!!
773 2015 Issue 8 I did a search with the key words "avex One Piece" and found 47 character songs to enjoy.[ref] 「エイベックス ワンピース」で検索したら、47曲のキャラソンが試聴できて面白い。
774 2015 Issue 9 This year's New Year's party was full of youthful energy. I feel like this'll be a strong team![ref] 今年の新年会は何だか若いパワーでみなぎってていいチームになりそうな予感
775 2015 Issue 10 I started playing Threes because Ijuin-san said it was fun. Crap, now I'm addicted![ref] 伊集院さんが面白いとか言うからやっちゃった「Threes!」落ち込む程ハマった。
776 2015 Issue 12 I've been listening to new bands on iTunes and agreeing with their lyrics. We must be from the same generation.[ref] 思わずiTunesする新しいバンドの曲達の歌詞になぜか共通する思考。世代だな。
777 2015 Issue 13 I met with Sayuri Yoshinaga for a certain project that won't be made public. She was so pretty that it looked like she was sparkling![ref] 表には出ない、とある企画で吉永小百合さんに会った。綺麗すぎて光って見えた。
778 2015 Issue 14 The One Piece Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise CD is 1,000 yen, but it's only 250 yen on iTunes. What a deal![ref] 47クルーズCDはCDだと1000円だけどiTunesでは250円で買えて得ですよ
779 2015 Issue 15 After watching a boring movie, I start thinking that I should have watched three episodes of The Walking Dead instead.[ref] 面白くない映画1本観たら、ウォーキングデッド3本観れば良かったと考える。
780 2015 Issue 17 Tokyo One Piece Tower has opened! I strongly recommend it! You can enjoy a full day there![ref] 東京ONE PIECEタワーオープン!!自信を持ってお勧め!一日遊べるよ!!
781 2015 Issue 18 I joined the Suzuki-gun of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling league! Now when my editor comes to pick up the manga pages, I'm gonna attack him with my art![ref] 鈴木軍団に入りました。原稿を獲りに来た担当に原稿で殴りかかる所存です!!
782 2015 Issue 19 I met Utsu-san from TM NETWORK. Great guy, and what an amazing voice and performance![ref] TMネットワークのウツさんに会った。人柄が良く変わらない声とパフォーマンス。凄い
783 2015 Issue 20 When rakugo artist and national treasure Kosanji performs Tokisoba, the laughs don't stop! What a master![ref] 人間国宝小三治師匠が演じると「時そば」が大爆笑の演目になる。存在が名人!!
784 2015 Issue 22-23 I watched the much-talked-about movie Love Exposure. It really moved me. The director Sion Sono and the actors were amazing![ref] 噂の「愛のむきだし」を観ました。感動しました。園子温さんも役者もヤバイ。
785 2015 Issue 24 BBQKDN!! = BBQ no kisetsu desu ne!! (It's BBQ season!) The charcoal's already burning! Time to cook some meat![ref] BBQKDN!!(バーベキューの季節ですね)早速炭火を起こしました。焼くぞ肉!!
786 2015 Issue 25 I went to the beach for Golden Week! I figured I should absorb plenty of sun, but then I got sunburned. Ouch.[ref] ゴールデンウィークは海に行った。普段の分も日光を吸収しようと思ったら焼けすぎて痛い。
787 2015 Issue 26 I went to the Naruto exhibit. The somber feeling walking around the venue thinking I'll never see Naruto again... Priceless.[ref] ナルト展見てきた。もうナルトに会えないのかと会場を歩く心プライスレス!!
788 2015 Issue 27 I bought an Apple Watch. I can use my watch to make calls or for voice input. But will I be able to do it by myself outside? (Laughs)[ref] Apple Watchを購入。腕に向かって電話!音声入力!!外で一人でできるかな(笑)
789 2015 Issue 28 Is it true that a new type of turtle appeared in One Piece Treasure Cruise for only one day?! I missed the Guerilla Turtles that day![ref] 新種の亀が1日だけ出現したって本当!?その日亀ゲリラ逃しちゃったんだよ!!
790 2015 Issue 30 Best in the world!! When I was a kid, I was told to become the best at something. I did it![ref] 世界一!!子供の頃よく何でもいいから一番になれと言われました。なれたー!!!
791 2015 Issue 31 I went to a Mr. Children concert. Wow... It was awesome! The new album is great too![ref] ミスチルのライブに行った。は~~~かっこよかった。NEWアルバムも最高です。
792 2015 Issue 32 I'd like to recommend to new readers the free One Piece app, where you can read the manga for free. The color pages are also awesome![ref] 無料連載が読める「ワンピースアプリ」というアプリを若い新規読者におすすめ!カラーもキレイ
793 2015 Issue 33 When I squeeze the soft Monimaruzu animal toys it relaxes me. So when I squeeze them while working I start to fall behind schedule.[ref] 「もにまるず」をもにもにしてると、心が落ちつくので原稿中にもにると遅くなる。
794 2015 Issue 34 Dunk some thick cuts of meat in cola, cook on all sides and let them rest. Today, I'm a meat master chef![ref] 厚切り肉をコーラにつけて四方焼いたら休ませる。こんにちは肉焼き名人です。
795 2015 Issue 36 I went to the Summers comedy duo live show that only comes around every two years. I was laughing so hard that my face started hurting. I had to watch the rest of the show with a sad face.[ref] 2年一度のさまぁ~ずのライブ。笑い過ぎて顔が疲れて悲しい顔で観続けた。
796 2015 Issue 37-38 I went to Kanda Myojin Shrine and ended up doing a collab with Love Live! School Idol Project. How did this happen?![ref] 神田明神に行ったらラブライブとコラボしてました。なぜそうなったんだろう。
797 2015 Issue 39 Ennosuke and the rest of the staff for the kabuki play are really good. Worked really hard on the art too. I can't wait![ref] 猿之助さんも周りのスタッフもとても雰囲気がいい。絵も頑張った。楽しみ!!
798 2015 Issue 40 Universal Studios Japan! The shows this year were amazing once again. Awesome productions![ref] USJ!!今年のショーも素晴らしかった。いやーあの演出はイカンですよっ!!
799 2015 Issue 41 Every single member of the band GReeeeN is shockingly amazing. I'd love to work with them on something someday.[ref] GReeeeNはねぇ。驚くほど全員の人柄が素晴らしい。いつか何かやりたい。
800 2015 Issue 43 I had heard that revolving sushi places were getting awesome these days, so I went to check one out. It was amazing! I want to live there![ref] 最近の回転寿司は凄いと聞いてて念願でした!超楽しい~もう住みたいあそこ!

Chapters 801-1200[]

Chapters 801–900
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
801 2015 Issue 44 For Obon I went to that famous shop in Uguisudani. I was blown away by the unbelievable atmosphere and artistry.[ref] お盆に噂のうぐいす谷のあの店へ。目を疑う様な空間と芸に圧倒されました。
802 2015 Issue 45 Heishi A-kun no Uta stays in my ears. I mean it stays in my heart. What a wonderful song with a message.[ref] 兵士Aくんの歌が耳に残ります。いや心に残ります。すごいメッセージソング。
803 2015 Issue 46 The staff is addicted to the noodle snack Soba de Sky. We get them by box and they disappear instantly.[ref] スタッフが「そばですかい」にハマりまして、箱で買うのにスゴい早さで消える
804 2015 Issue 48 One Piece LINE stickers that move and talk have finally been released! Get ready for the most valuable voices in Japan![ref] とうとう、喋って動くワンピーススタンプが出ました!日本一価値がある声をくらえ!
805 2015 Issue 49 The One Piece kabuki! To the staff behind the scenes and all the actors, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was all really moving for me.[ref] ワンピース歌舞伎!!制作スタッフの皆様、演者の皆様に心より感謝です。感動しました全てに。
806 2015 Issue 50 I ran into Osamu Akimoto-sensei at the One Piece kabuki performance hall. He said it was his second time seeing it. I'm so honored![ref] ワンピース歌舞伎の会場で秋本治先生に会った。何と二度目の観覧!!光栄でござる。
807 2015 Issue 52 I went to Naoto Takenaka's show. It's awesome because it combines video footage and live acting! It was wonderful![ref] 竹中直人さんの舞台へ。映像と芝居がリンクする演出の面白さ!素晴らしかった
808 2015 Issue 53 I tried to see the One Piece kabuki show one more time before it ended, but it was sold out! Whoa!!![ref] 終わる前にワンピース歌舞伎もう一度観とこうと思ってたら空席なし!!うおお…おお
809 2016 Issue 1 Sorry for all the breaks. I'm working really hard on a bunch of things and eating oden for next summer.[ref] 休み多くてすいません。来年夏の為に色々頑張ったりおでん食ったりしています。
810 2016 Issue 3-4 I went to the Dreams Come True Wonderland festival that only happens every four years! That band blows me away every time.[ref] 4年に一度の祭ドリカムワンダーランド!!毎度2人に感動。
811 2016 Issue 5-6 Happy New Year! I'm going to work hard to make One Piece fun again this year. Because it's manga![ref] 賀正!!今年はもー楽しい漫画ONE PIECEを目指していきたい。漫画だもの
812 2016 Issue 7 I had my health check at the end of the year. It was a whole lot of stuff. I want to exercise.[ref] 年末に人間ドックへ。何か色々アレでした。運動したい。
813 2016 Issue 8 This is Kochikame's fortieth year. And yet Akimoto-sensei is still full of curiosity. What a cool guy.[ref] こち亀40周年。なお好奇心の塊の様な秋本先生カッコいい。
814 2016 Issue 9 Try searching YouTube for Nekomamushi Song.[ref] YouTubeで「ねこまむしの旦那に会いに行こう」と検索してね
815 2016 Issue 10 I joined a gym! I'm working out once a week and getting health! ...But it was all a dream.[ref] ジムに入会した!!週一で通って健康マン!!そんな夢を見た。
816 2016 Issue 11 I finally saw Star Wars! It was really good. I'm no longer afraid of spoilers.[ref] スクールウォーズやっと観た。面白い。もうネタバレ恐くない。
817 2016 Issue 13 Played a little futsal on a team with Sakurai from the band Mister Children. It was supposed to be for my health, but it almost killed me![ref] ミスチル櫻井さんのチームで少しフットサル。健康の為なのに逆に死にかける体力
818 2016 Issue 14 I started doing calligraphy. I never knew it was so much fun![ref] カリグラフィー始めました。知らなかった。むっちゃ楽しい
819 2016 Issue 15 How can these LINE stickers created by Kanahei be so adorable?![ref] LINEスタンプのカナヘイさんの絵のなごみ力何なんだ
820 2016 Issue 16 Kids, seniors, young people, men, and women. I've been playing futsal with a super-mixed group! Now my muscles are killing me...[ref] 子供老若男女ごちゃまぜでフットサル。でも激しい筋肉痛
821 2016 Issue 18 I got to see Nankai Candies comeback show and Miyuki Imori's thirtieth anniversary show up close and personal.[ref] 南海キャンディーズの再出発と井森美幸さんの爆笑30周年をしかと見届けました。
822 2016 Issue 19 Seasome soy milk sundubu is so delicious, I can't stop eating it! It's so goodubu![ref] ごま豆乳スンドゥブがうますぎて止まらない。うまドゥブ
823 2016 Issue 20 My grandmother, who got really mad at me when I wrote "I'll kill you", passed away. May she rest in peace.[ref] 「殺す」とか漫画に書いたらイカンと怒ってた祖母が他界。合掌
824 2016 Issue 21-22 Matsui-kun, congratulations on concluding Assassination Classroom after four years! Let's be serialized together again soon![ref] 松井君「暗殺教室」4年間、連載お疲れ様でした!!また一緒に連載しましょう。すぐ
825 2016 Issue 23 You fix things and then they break. Aftershocks are enemies of the heart. Please take care![ref] 修理しては崩れる。余震は心の敵。何より心をご自愛下さい!!
826 2016 Issue 25 I sprained my ankle! My ankle got swollen, so swollen I had to work on my pages with my leg elevated.[ref] 足こねた。足こねたので腫れた。腫れるので足上げて原稿
827 2016 Issue 26 The children who are victims of the earthquake are afraid to be alone. Of course they are.[ref] 被災した子供達は一人になるのが恐いらしい。そうだよね。
828 2016 Issue 27 The One Piece Thousand Storm game! Please don't kick me out of your group just because I'm weak![ref] 「サウスト」。僕が弱いからってグループ抜けないでよね!!
829 2016 Issue 29 I don't have the courage to use "w". It means "laughing", right? I better practice. w! www!![ref] wっていうのを使う勇気がない。草って言うんですよね。練習中。w!www!!
830 2016 Issue 30 I went to the Kuniyoshi and Kunisada museum exhibit. It was supposed to be a casul outing, but I was so blown away by the quality that I felt small in comparison.[ref] 俺たちの国芳・国貞展。軽い気持ちで行って圧倒されヘコむ。
831 2016 Issue 31 The new movie Gold is done, and it's amazing! See it in theaters starting July 23![ref] 映画GOLD。すげー映画が完成しました!!7月23日公開
832 2016 Issue 33 The playing cards you get with movie admission are really nice. But it's limited to the first two million, so please hurry. The movie opens 7/23.[ref] 入場者特典のトランプはおしゃれです。先着200万人なのでお早めに。7/23映画公開
833 2016 Issue 34 Summer break! Did you see the movie Gold?! Wasn't it awesome![ref] 夏休みですかー!!映画「GOLD」観てくれましたかー!?面白かったでしょ~~!!
834 2016 Issue 35 I'm hearing a lot of good things about the 3D and 4D versions of Gold. I better watch it this weekend![ref] 映画「GOLD」の3D・4Dがヤベーと評判なので週末観る!!
835 2016 Issue 36-37 I watched Gold in 4DX. The shaking was fun, and the 3D was at a level I'd never seen before![ref] 4DXでGOLD観てきた。揺れも楽しいし3Dの立体視はこれまた必見レベル
836 2016 Issue 38 Kubo-san, congratulations on 15 years of hard work on Bleach! Get some good rest.[ref] 久保さんBLEACH連載15年間お疲れさま!!よく休んでね
837 2016 Issue 39 The movie Gold is such a big hit that the theatrical run has been extended into September![ref] 映画「GOLD」大ヒット御礼で9月もロングラン決定です!
838 2016 Issue 40 What a surprise! No, I'm seriously shocked. I feel the same as everyone.[ref] いやーびっくり。いやいや驚いた。皆さんと同じ気持ちです。
839 2016 Issue 42 I could cry. Akimoto-sensei is free! He's free!![ref] 泣ける。秋本先生はもう自由なんだ!!!自由なんだ――!!!
840 2016 Issue 43 The Terrace House show is so good! I'll never forget the drama on the 43rd week![ref] テラスハウスがやばい面白い。43週目の衝撃を僕は忘れない。
841 2016 Issue 44 Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 is so fun. Ryujin, please do the afro again![ref] 清竜人25すごい楽しい。竜人くんまたアフロして欲しい。
842 2016 Issue 45 Do you know about Kenko Land spa? Is that heaven or what?![ref] 健康ランドをご存知でしょうか。なんだアレは天国かっ!!
843 2016 Issue 47 Tsukune meatballs aren't meat! That's how I used to be, and now I'm an adult who enjoys them with ponzu sauce.[ref] つくねなんか肉じゃねぇ!!そんな時代を終えポン酢をかけ楽しむ大人になった。
844 2016 Issue 48 My staff was freaking out over PSVR. Then I tried it and freaked out too![ref] PSVRでスタッフがギャーギャー大騒ぎ。やったら僕もギャー
845 2016 Issue 49 I ran into a lot of old friends at the Kochikame party![ref] こち亀パーティーで懐かしい人達にたくさん会えました
846 2016 Issue 51 Congrats on eight and a half years of Toriko, Shimabu! Go drink as much as you want![ref] しまぶートリコ8年半お疲れ様!!好きなだけ飲んでくれ!!
847 2016 Issue 52 A One Piece movie will open in China for the first time. The scale is massive compared to Japan![ref] 中国で初めてのワンピース映画公開!日本じゃ聞いた事ない規模
848 2017 Issue 1 I had dinner with Kishimoto-san and Shimabu. These are my brothers in battle, and seeing them always reassures me. Twentieth anniversary, let's go![ref] 岸本さんとしまぶーと一緒にご飯。顔見るとホッとする戦友。20周年いくぞ!!!
849 2017 Issue 2-3 I had dinner for the first time in a while with Tokuhiro-sensei and Arkperformance-sensei. It brings back memories of twenty years ago.[ref] 徳弘先生とArk Performance先輩と久しぶりのごはん。20年前を思い出しつつ。
850 2017 Issue 4-5 Thanks to the radio, I'm hooked on Spicy Peanuts and Pingo candies. What delicious food![ref] ラジオの影響で麻辣ピーナッツとピンゴ飴にハマる。何て美味しい食べ物だ!!
851 2017 Issue 6 A New Year's video message from me has been uploaded on Happy New Year![ref] HP「ワンピースドットコム」に僕からの賀正動画をアップしました!!ことよろで!!
852 2017 Issue 7 I'm the guy who buys the leftover holiday food like the Christmas roasted chicken and the New Year's Day osechi.[ref] 売れ残ったローストチキンとか、おせちとか時期など気にせず買う消費者は僕だ
853 2017 Issue 9 My editors, Mr. Isaka and Mr. Sugita, used to be best buddies, but now they've broken up due to a disagreement of musical opinion. I welcome the new team, Mr. Sugita and Mr. Naito.[ref] 仲良し担当井坂&杉田が音楽性の不一致で解散。新ユニット杉田&内藤氏よろ
854 2017 Issue 10 The New Year's party was brimming with the enthusiasm of the new, post-Kochikame generation. Jump can be so awesome.[ref] ジャンプ新年会、こち亀なき後の新世代の熱気がすごい。ジャンプすげえなと思わされた。
855 2017 Issue 11 I've met famous people: Seba-chan, Janiota-san, Hige-chan. I was thrilled.[ref] 有名人にお会いした。セバちゃん。ジャニオタさん。ヒゲちゃん。感動した。
856 2017 Issue 12 Last year I stopped working out... But this year for sure I'll keep doing 2 hours a week, at least!![ref] 去年は運動続きませんでしたが今年こそ1週間に2時間の運動をしなければ!!
857 2017 Issue 14 Two hours of exercise every week gives me a whole week of muscle aches. Little by little, I'm making my way towards a 10-pack.[ref] 毎週2時間の運動で1週間の筋肉痛。ぼちぼち腹筋が10コくらいに割れるはず
858 2017 Issue 15 This Atmoph "digital window" is very cool. I hope they add support for movies next.[ref] ATMOPH(アトモフ)っていうデジタル窓がいい感じ。今後動画の増加を期待してます。
859 2017 Issue 16 There's a One Piece Magazine coming out for the 20th anniversary, and lots of wonderful people are participating. I'm honored![ref] 20周年で出るワンピースマガジンにすごい人々に参加して頂ける事に。光栄!!
860 2017 Issue 17 So LINE has name stamps, and I've been waiting so long for a stamp for Odas... Whoever you are, thank you.[ref] LINEのお名前スタンプ。オダさんスタンプが出るのを待ってた。どこかの誰かに感謝。
861 2017 Issue 18 The One Piece Run in Okinawa seems like it was metcha fun! Next year I will enlist for sure!!![ref] 沖縄で行われたONE PIECE RUNめっちゃ楽しそう。来年は参加するぞ!!!
862 2017 Issue 20 I've now found paradise in Rakubin. Our reception desk has become quite lively! Today I want some of this, and this one too...[ref] 楽びんという幸せを知りました。仕事場の出前が活気づきます!!あれもこれも
863 2017 Issue 21-22 April 30, 9:30AM is Big Mom's anime debut! Make sure you don't miss it!![ref] 4月30日朝9:30放送のワンピースのビッグ・マムの登場シーンは絶対に観てほしいー!!!
864 2017 Issue 23 Live show at the Tokyo One Piece Tower!! And our star attraction iiis... GReeeeN!! The M.C. is... Mistaaa Ryu!! Check it out![ref] 東京ワンピースタワーのLiveショー!!曲はGReeeeN!!MCはRYUさん!!チェキラです!!
865 2017 Issue 24 Drones these days feel pretty safe, so I've been playing with them at work... But now my staff is getting increasingly irritated with all the wind.[ref] 最近のドローンの安定感がスゴイので仕事場で飛ばすとスタッフが風をイヤがります。
866 2017 Issue 26 Kids on their cellphones are just breezing through it... Apparently if you can't use a flick keyboard to write Japanese, it means you're too old! Ok then, time to practice. Flick flick flick...[ref] 子供がスッスッてやってる。フリック入力しなきゃ古い!?よし練習だ!!スッスッ
867 2017 Issue 27 Spotify, Awa, Warp... Even music listening has to be part of app culture these days? (I use them too, though...)[ref] AWAとかスポティファイとかWARPとか。音楽もアプリか。聴くけども。
868 2017 Issue 28 Gatten Anime is so crazy! I can't hide my excitement. Gatten Gatten Gattenten![ref] ガッテンアニメがヤバすぎて動揺を隠せない。ガッテンガッテンガッテンテン。
869 2017 Issue 29 There's now an official One Piece LINE. It's lots of fun, so please check it out.[ref] ワンピースの公式LINEができました。結構遊べるのでぜひ登録してみてください。
870 2017 Issue 31 I've started drinking the same protein shake as Gackt. Soon I'll look just like him.[ref] ガクトが飲んでるプロテインを買ったので、もうすぐ僕はガクトみたいになる。
871 2017 Issue 32 The countdown on the One Piece official Twitter is pretty impressive. Look forward to what is revealed![ref] ワンピース公式ツイッターのカウントダウンは結構な破壊力があると思う。お楽しみに。
872 2017 Issue 33 Words of support and memorable faxes from a friend who experienced the same hardships! [laughs] Thank you, Shimabu! I'll keep working hard![ref] 苦楽を共にした戦友のエールと衝撃のFAX(笑)!!ありがとしまぶー頑張れる!!!
873 2017 Issue 34 I hear the One Piece Magazine mook is selling like crazy. Look forward to the next two issues too.[ref] ワンピースmagazineムック本にはあり得ない売れ行きだそうです。残る2冊もお楽しみに!
874 2017 Issue 36-37 One Piece Magazine volume 2 is now out. It's a limited edition, so please buy it while you still can.[ref] ONE PIECEマガジン2冊目が出ました。記念本で、後では買えませんのでぜひ。
875 2017 Issue 38 I've had help from so many people over these 20 years that I don't even know where to start. I'm so grateful![ref] 20周年で本当に色々な方々にご協力いただき下げた頭が上がりません!感謝です!
876 2017 Issue 39 Congratulations on the 500th performance of the Universal Studios Japan's One Piece Premier Show. This summer has been great once again![ref] USJワンピースプレミアショー500回公演おめでとう!!今年の夏も素晴らしい~っ!!
877 2017 Issue 40 Congratulations to Mr. Children on their 15th anniversary. The Stadium tour was the greatest, most powerful thing ever![ref] ミスチル25周年おめでとうございます!!スタジアムツアー最高最強でしたー!!
878 2017 Issue 42 I went to see Cinema Kabuki YJKT, starring Ennosuke-san and Chusha-san. They were so cool, and it was awesome!![ref] 猿之助さんと中車さんが出演の「YJKT(やじきた)」観てきた。楽しいかっこいい面白い!!
879 2017 Issue 43 When I was 19, I helped with chapter 1 of Gataro-sensei's Manyuki. I'm so grateful for the Chin Piece parody manga last week.[ref] 19歳で画太郎先生の「まんゆうき」第1話を手伝った。先週の「チンピース」感謝です。
880 2017 Issue 44 Fake crab, unagi, karaage and scallops are so good!! Eat up the desire to meet that challenge![ref] ニセ物のカニ、鰻、唐揚げ、ホタテうまい!!その挑戦する意気を食べるのだ。
881 2017 Issue 45 Summer is always busy, and I'm never satisfied with the number of barbecues I can have. I want to cook more meat![ref] 夏は毎年忙しくてBBQの回数に納得いかない。もっと肉を焼きたい!
882 2017 Issue 47 If you're gonna stop taking on challenges, then you might as well be dead! I'm currently challenging myself with "little sister moe". Aren't little sisters great?[ref] 挑戦をやめるくらいなら死んだ方がましだ。僕は今「妹萌え」に挑戦中。妹いいよね
883 2017 Issue 48 I've gone to Kyoto three times this year. A huge thanks to all those involved in the One Piece x Kyoto collab!![ref] 今年は京都に3回行った。ワンピース×京都コラボご協力して頂いた皆様に大感謝!!
884 2017 Issue 49 Congratulations on the conclusion of the Isobe serialization, Nakama-kun! I'm not going down, but I'm looking forward for your next work.[ref] 仲間君「磯兵衛」連載お疲れ様でした。僕はもう倒れないけど次も期待してます。
885 2017 Issue 50 His new album is so good that we're gonna have a second Negabucji boom. You take the helm!![ref] 最新アルバムが良すぎて第二次長渕ブームがやってきた。お前が舵をォ取れェ!!
886 2017 Issue 52 I went to a GLAY concert. Even though they're huge, they never lost their sense of wonder. They were so cool and I had a blast![ref] GLAYのライブへ。大御所になっても忘れない遊び心。カッコよく面白かった
887 2018 Issue 1 The One Piece kabuki is awesome no matter how many times you see it! It's amazing when everyone is laughing and the whole audience stands up.[ref] ワンピース歌舞伎、何度観ても面白い!!笑いが起こり観客が立ち上がるまじ凄いです。
888 2018 Issue 2-3 I started reading a manga called Hibiki and I can't stop. What a unique main character.[ref] 「響」という漫画を読んだら止まらなくなりました。何という新しい主人公の形
889 2018 Issue 4-5 I bought a Lyric Speaker. I'm not sure how it works, but it's so cool! Have a great new year![ref] リリックスピーカー購入。仕組みは分からないがかっこよすぎる!!よいお年を!!
890 2018 Issue 6 If I could travel back in time, I'd want to return over and over to a day I ate some delicious meat. Happy new year![ref] もし過去に戻れるならおいしい肉を食べた日に何回も戻りたい。賀正でーす!!
891 2018 Issue 7 Last year was wild with i being the 20th anniversary, but there will be a lot of exciting stuff this year too. Celebrating 21 years![ref] 去年は20周年で大騒ぎな1年でしたが今年は今年で結構色々ある。祝21周年!!
892 2018 Issue 9 You probably don't know about it yet, but I've started watching Nigehaji. That love dance is gonna get popular, isn't it?[ref] 知らないと思いますけど、“逃げ恥”を観始めました。流行るなきっと…恋ダンス
893 2018 Issue 10 Bob Epic Team. Hey hey! Are you mad. I'm not mad. Hey hey! Are you mad? I'm not...[ref] ボブネミミッミ~。えいえいっ怒った?怒ってないよ。えいえいっ怒った?怒っ
894 2018 Issue 11 Oh yeah, the New Year's party. I was relieved to see that Posuka-chan is still a weirdo. Good luck to all the creators with new series.[ref] そういえば新年会、今年もぽすかちゃんは変なコで安心した。新連載陣がんばれ。
895 2018 Issue 12 I met Katsuya Terada, an artist so good that he must be some kind of super demon! It was great to meet a person who has elevated being a practitioner of art to an amusement.[ref] 絵がうま大魔神の寺田克也さんに会った。絵を遊びまで高めた人に会うと嬉しい
896 2018 Issue 14 Recently, after finalizing each chapter, we watch episodes of Oh My Jump! and discuss the script.[ref] 原稿明けにオーマイジャンプをみんなで観て脚本について語り合う最近です。
897 2018 Issue 15 The One Piece anime is now streaming on Netflix in Japan. It's been 20 years, and the first episode still makes me cry.[ref] NetflixでアニメONE PIECEの配信開始。約20年前の第1話泣ける。
898 2018 Issue 16 A bunch of us started playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but everyone around me is quitting so I'm accepting new friends.[ref] みんなで始めたポケ森なのに周りがやめたので知らない人達にフレンド申請中
899 2018 Issue 17 I'm blown away by the rakugo comedy of the master Kosanji Yanagiya, the national treasure who survived his illness and continues to face off against his age and the comedy stage![ref] 大病から復帰し芸と年齢とに向きあった人間国宝柳家小三治師匠の落語は圧巻!
900 2018 Issue 18 I got glasses for the first time in my life. I use them when I'm drawing detailed art or using my iPad. They call it astigmatism.[ref] 人生初メガネを買った。こまかい絵やiPad見る時に使う用。乱視ですって。
Chapters 901–1000
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
901 2018 Issue 20 Strawberry picking! I'm shoving strawberries and ham into champagne and downing it. Yikes![ref] イチゴ狩り!!シャンパンにイチゴと生ハムつっこんで食って飲む!!や~べ~!!
902 2018 Issue 21-22 I smile everyday as my smart speaker tells me, with no emotion, "Looking good again today!"[ref] AIスピーカーに「今日もかっこいいですね」と無感情に言われてほほえむ日々です。
903 2018 Issue 23 I received the Kumamoto Prefecture Citizen's Honor Prize. They're gonna erect a statue of Luffy in Kumamoto. I wonder if it'll stretch...[ref] 熊本県民栄誉賞戴きました。熊本県にルフィの銅像が立つそうな…!!伸びるかな…。
904 2018 Issue 24 I received a Danny Choo Nami Smart Doll. I had seen photos, but the real thing is impressive![ref] ダニーチュウのナミのスマートドール貰った。写真で知ってたけど実物の迫力
905 2018 Issue 26 I went to a Namie Amuro concert! I've never seen such a beautiful stage! I was in a fantasy world.[ref] 安室奈美恵さんのコンサートへ!!こんな美しいステージ見た事ない。幻想世界
906 2018 Issue 27 My first trip to South Korea. Samgyeopsal, kimchi, bulgogi and dark galbi! What a delicious trip it was![ref] 初韓国。もーサムギョプサルキムチプルコギタッカルビ!!美味しい旅でした。
907 2018 Issue 28 Ready Player One was great. Spielberg always gets me excited.[ref] レディ・プレイヤー1面白かった。スピルバーグはいつまでもワクワクをくれる。
908 2018 Issue 29 I'm enjoying that The Bachelor Japan season 2 has started. I want a rose from Oyaizu.[ref] バチェラー2が始まったのでまた楽しみ。小柳津さんのバラはあたしが貰う。
909 2018 Issue 31 I've been wanting to see Cirque du Soleil for years, and I finally got to see Kurios. Just how much trust do you need to pull off those moves?![ref] 念願のシルクドソレイユ。やっと観に行けた「キュリオス」!!信頼以外の何あの技
910 2018 Issue 32 BBQ season has come, so I want to have a barbecue. I also want to do nagashi somen noodles.[ref] BBQシーズンがやってきたのでBBQしたい。流しそうめんもしたいです。
911 2018 Issue 33 I received a rose from The Bachelor Japan's Rintaro Oyaizu, so I'm thinking of becoming his bride.[ref] バチェラー小柳津林太郎さんより、バラをいただいたので嫁に行こうかと思う!!
912 2018 Issue 34 My heart goes out to the victims of the flooding in Western Japan.[ref] 西日本豪雨で被害にあわれた方々に心よりお見舞い申し上げます。
913 2018 Issue 36-37 Mokkori Hanbe is so good. It's a samurai story so it's good for research, but I need to make Wano unique![ref] もっこり半兵衛面白い。侍物なので勉強になるけど別物を描かねば、ワノ国!!
914 2018 Issue 38 Had a meeting and then ate tempura with Marty-san and the rest of the overseas live-action series producers. Things are advancing![ref] 海外ドラマのプロデューサーマーティーさん達と会議&てんぷら。進行中です!!
915 2018 Issue 39 The show at Universal Studios Japan was hot - both literally and figuratively - once again this year. Thank you so much to the staff and cast![ref] 今年もUSJは熱かったし暑かった!!スタッフキャストの皆様に感謝ですっ!!
916 2018 Issue 40 We're releasing a Vivre Card Visual Dictionary! I've always had a special place in my heart for reference books. When I was a kid, the Gundam one was my treasure. Now you can experience my joy![ref] 憧れの図鑑が出ます。小学生の頃宝物だったガンダム図鑑。あの感動をあなたに!
917 2018 Issue 42 It's been 15 years since I said, "Huh?! Kintama?!" I wasn't that off when it comes to Gintama. So you're bringing it to a close, my friend. Great work, Sorachi-kun![ref] 「え、金玉」?から15年。案外外れてなかった「銀魂」!!同志よ終わるのね。空知君お疲れ様!
918 2018 Issue 43 My best wishes to those suffering from Typhoon No. 21 and the earthquake in Hokkaido.[ref] 台風21号と北海道の地震にあわれた方々に心よりお見舞い申し上げます。
919 2018 Issue 44 I went to a Eikichi Yazawa concert! What a sense of unity with the fans! I saw the power of mastering an art and a man's true worth on stage![ref] 矢沢永吉ライブへ!!何だこのファンとの一体感!!続ける事の凄み、真骨頂を観た。
920 2018 Issue 45 Nachos are good! I'm eating nachos, listening to Japamyu and drawing Wano.[ref] ナチョスがうまい。ナチョス食べながら「じゃばみゅ」聴きながら描いてるワノ国。
921 2018 Issue 47 The new album is already out and it's already in my heavy rotation. Just talking about the awesome Mr. Children again![ref] ニューアルバムが出たのでーヘビーローテーション♪今回も最高のミスチルの話
922 2018 Issue 48 I'm addicted to Ponkotsu Quest and bought the Blu-ray. Hammer, hammer![ref] ポンコツクエストにハマってBlu-rayを買ってしまった。ハンマーハンマー。
923 2018 Issue 49 I'm having issues with Kazuyuki Sakuma's "Ghost in the Well" song being stuck in my head. It's on an all-day loop.[ref] 佐久間一行さんの井戸のおばけの歌が頭から離れず困っている。1日中ループ
924 2018 Issue 50 I did some pottery for the first time in my life. It spins around on the wheel and gets all warped. Then the teacher totally fixes it, and it's done! It's mostly the teacher's work![ref] 人生初陶芸ろくろを回してぐにゃっとなり先生の直しで完成!!ほぼ先生作!!
925 2018 Issue 52 I've been playing Pokémon GO inside my house for over two years. Someone please give me a legendary Pokémon![ref] ポケモンGOを2年以上家の中でやってる。誰か伝説のポケモンをください。
926 2019 Issue 1 The Mr. Children live show keep powering up. The performance with the fabric and light was seriously awesome![ref] パワーアップし続けるミスチルライブ。布と光の演出がヤバカッコ良かった!!
927 2019 Issue 2 The soy jerky and dried squid they sell at the convenience store is too delicious![ref] コンビニに売ってる大豆で作ったジャーキーとさきいかがウマすぎるんですよ。
928 2019 Issue 4-5 I went to the Luffy state unveiling ceremony! I flew to Kumamoto and watched from the shadows. Once again, thank you so much![ref] ルフィ像除幕式!!当日熊本へ飛び裏から見てた。改めてありがとうございます!!
929 2019 Issue 6-7 I met Sanma Akashiya!! What a fun and cute guy!![ref] 明石家さんまさんに会った!!なんて楽しく、なんてかわいらしい人でしょう!!
930 2019 Issue 8 We're now on Instagram! Check out the official One Piece account onepiece_staff! Watch out for fakes. Look for the blue checkmark.[ref] インスタグラム始めました!!ワンピース公式です。ニセ物に注意。本物の青印探してね。
931 2019 Issue 10 There's suddenly a dog boom! Everyone around me won't stop talking about dogs. Dog boom![ref] 空前の犬ブーム!!周りでみんなが「ワンチャン」「ワンチャン」言い始めた。犬ブーム
932 2019 Issue 11 After hearing so much about it, I started watching the Japanese TV drama show Unnatural. It's so good! And gross![ref] みんなが話題にしてるので、アンナチュラり始めました。面白っうぇっうぇっ
933 2019 Issue 12 Finely chopped cabage with shio kombu kelp and sesame oil. It's so good that I'm eating tons of cabbage![ref] キャベツの千切りに塩コンブとゴマ油。美味すぎてキャベツめっちゃ食べてる。
934 2019 Issue 13 I went to a Don Quijote store. What the heck?! They sell everything! I bought loads of stuff![ref] ドンキホーテに行きました所何コレ何でも売ってあるっ!!山盛り買い物した。
935 2019 Issue 15 When I woke up after getting my chapter done, my family kidnapped me and threw me in the car! Huh? Hot springs?! Delicious food?! Yay, it's the Health Land spa![ref] 原稿明け寝て起きたら家族に車で連行され、ん?温泉?料理!!わーい健康ランド!!
936 2019 Issue 16 I'm totally out of shape, and I went for my health check. Guess what? They told me I was out of shape![ref] 日々運動不足の僕が人間ドックに行ってきました。運動不足だねと言われた!!
937 2019 Issue 17 Matsunojo Kanda's Wano Country Kodan performance was wonderful! He's a rare genius of Japanese traditional theater.[ref] 神田松之丞さんのワノ国講談すばらしかった!!伝統芸能にまれに現れる天才だ。
938 2019 Issue 18 It's the season of delicious strawberries and editor changes! Thanks, Team Naikin and Osugi! Let's work well together, new team Takano and Naikin![ref] いちごおいしい季節、担当交代!!ナイキンオスギおつ!!高野さんナイキンヨロ!!
939 2019 Issue 20 It seems that if I don't start exercising I'll have an early death, so I've made it a goal to walk 30 minutes every day![ref] このまま運動しないと本当に早死にする様なので、毎日30分歩く目標をたてた!!
940 2019 Issue 21 Someone recommended that I watch the currently popular drama Juhan Shutai!, which is about the editorial department of a manga publisher. Since I'm in the industry, a lot of the stuff hits me really hard.[ref] 今流行りの「重版出来!」を勧められて観た。関係者なので刺さるものがあります。
941 2019 Issue 22-23 I wanted to make that BE-BENG sound, so I bought a biwa instrument. I can only play the hit song "Lemon" so far. Yeah, right![ref] 「べべん♪」と鳴らしたくて琵琶を買った。まだLemonくらいしか弾けませんウソ。
942 2019 Issue 24 I went on a one-day trip to Kumamoto for the Tokyo Girls Collection event. Thank you for having me![ref] 日帰り弾丸旅行でTGC(トーキョーガールズコレクション)熊本へ!!参加させていただきありがとうございました!
943 2019 Issue 26 Does the fact that I've bought Uncle from Another World volume 2 mean that I've become addicted to this manga?[ref] 「異世界おじさん」の2巻を買ったという事は僕はこの漫画にハマったんだろうか。
944 2019 Issue 27 The Aoharu Cup Noodles commercial is awesome! Thank you to everyone involved! Keep it up![ref] アオハルやばいっす。関わってくれた皆様ありがとうございます!!よろしく!!
945 2019 Issue 28 I finished reading Glass Mask, so now I'm reading Rose of Versailles. Oscar was a woman?![ref] ガラスの仮面読み終えたので「ベルバラ」読み始めた。オスカルは女だったのか!!!
946 2019 Issue 30 I went to my first Yuzu concert. It's amazing that two people with their guitars can create that much energy.[ref] 初めてゆずのライブへ。たった2人とギターでこんなに熱狂を作れるって凄い
947 2019 Issue 31 Yama-chan's wedding announcement press conference and the radio show were totally perfect! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart![ref] 山ちゃんの結婚会見もラジオも最高完璧でした!心より、結婚おめでとうー!!
948 2019 Issue 32 I was like, "What's so good about tapioca milk tea?" But the one from Gong Cha is super delicious![ref] タピオカミルクティーが何だと思ってたら「ゴンチャ」のやつ超うまいんですけど。
949 2019 Issue 34 Boichi-san's superintense One Piece! Wow, it's awesome! I'm so grateful. Super thanks![ref] Boichi(ボウイチ)さんの大迫力のワンピース!!やーかっこいいなー!嬉しいです大感謝!!
950 2019 Issue 35 I've been watching a ton of Pmaru-sama's Nackey series and Gerradon's Kisaragi Marron videos.[ref] P丸様のナッキーシリーズとジェラードンの如月まろんの動画を超観ている。
951 2019 Issue 36-37 Friday, August 9! He's in it! She's in it! The all-star movie Stampede opens![ref] 8月9日金曜日!!あの人もあの人も登場オールスター映画STAMPEDE(スタンピード)公開です!!!
952 2019 Issue 38 I went to a spin class in the dark. I got so tired that it actually affected my drawing. Whoa... ♪[ref] 暗闇サイクリング行ってきました。漫画に支障をきたす程疲れました。フォ~♪
953 2019 Issue 39 I met the Fischer's. They're so popular from YouTube! What a polite and great group of people![ref] フィッシャーズに会った。流石人気者!!礼儀正しくとても気持ちのいい人達だ。
954 2019 Issue 40 I learned how to make a cake roll from Koyama-san, the top chocolatier in the world. I also ate his roll, and it tasted like happiness![ref] 世界一のチョコ職人小山さんにロールケーキを習い、小山ロールも食べた。幸せの味!!
955 2019 Issue 42 The Mewtwo Raid Hour is coming on September 17! With a color variant! Please don't look for me.[ref] 9月17日はミュウツーレイドが来ますね!!色違いも!!僕を探さないでください。
956 2019 Issue 43 Glay's summer live show was awesome! Like a festival! Not that I've ever been to a music festival![ref] GLAYの夏のライブ最高でした!!フェスの様!!フェス行った事ないけどー!!
957 2019 Issue 44 The Bachelor Japan season 3 started, so I have another thing to look forward to after I finish my chapters. I like the grape girl.[ref] バチェラーシーズン3が始まり原稿明けの楽しみが増えました。ブドウかなー。
958 2019 Issue 45 Hold on, summer!! I've only done three barbecues, and we're already getting close to the end of the year.[ref] ちょっと待って夏!!まだ今年BBQ3回しかやってないのに年末に向かっとる。
959 2019 Issue 47 In order to draw the festival scenes, I'm listening to traditional festival music from all over the country. I haven't had a candy apple this year yet![ref] お祭りシーンを描く為に全国の祭囃子を聴いてる。今年まだリンゴ飴食べてない!!
960 2019 Issue 48 I want to eat an infinite amount of the Maru-chan Parpari Infinite Cabbage snack. Uh-oh![ref] マルちゃんのバリバリ無限キャベツを無限に食べていたい。これはいかんぜよ。
961 2019 Issue 49 The Gatebox arrived. It's the future! Having holographic fish swimming around my room is my dream.[ref] Gateboxが来た。未来です!!ホログラムの魚達を部屋に泳がせるのが夢
962 2019 Issue 51 To celebrate Oden's appearance, I kept making oden while working on the pages. I put a ton of beef tendon in.[ref] おでん登場記念で原稿中おでんを作り続けました。牛すじを鬼の様に入れて。
963 2019 Issue 52 Chama-kun, I kept my promise from 20 years ago! The Bump of Chicken concert was awesome![ref] チャマ君20年前の約束守ったよ!!バンプオブチキンのライブ素晴らしかった!!
964 2020 Issue 1 Can I get Simple Naito's "Karasu ni Notte" to be the theme song of the Revolutionary Army?[ref] しんぷる内藤さんの「カラスに乗って」を革命軍のテーマにさせて貰えないかなー。
965 2020 Issue 3 Looking up what part of the cow makes up the T-bone steak was a newly harvest fact this week. So that's where it is![ref] Tボーンステーキが牛のどの部位かネットで調べたのが今週の収穫です。そこか!
966 2020 Issue 4-5 Looking back on it, what a fun year it was. I'll try my best again next year. Happy New Year![ref] 今年も振り返ると色々と楽しい1年でした。来年も頑張ります!!よいお年を!!
967 2020 Issue 6-7 Happy New Year! My goal this year once again is to draw a ton of manga that will make everyone smile![ref] 賀正!!今年も皆様を笑顔にできる面白い漫画を描きまくりたいと思いますっ!!
968 2020 Issue 8 The One Piece stage show at Jump Festa was even more powerful than usual. We'll do it again this year!![ref] 年末のジャンフェスワンピースステージはいつも以上にパワフルだった。今年もやるぞ!!
969 2020 Issue 9 I got so emotional over an autograph request from a foreign superstar. I grew up on your movies![ref] 海外のスーパースターからサインを求められ感動!!あなたの映画で育ちました!
970 2020 Issue 10 Horikoshi-sensei and I did a shiny trade with our Black Rayquazas at the New Year's party. Sorry mine didn't get strong.[ref] 新年会で堀越君と黒レックウザ同士のキラ交換をした。僕のが強くならずすまぬ。
971 2020 Issue 12 I found a good sushi place in my neighborhood. I want to become a regular and someday just walk in and say, "You open?"[ref] 近所においしいお寿司屋さん発見。常連になっていつか「やってる?」ってしたい。
972 2020 Issue 13 I learned what the mystery meat is in Nissin's Cup Noodles! Interesting![ref] 日清カップヌードルの謎肉が一体なんなのか聞いてしまった!!なるほど――!!
973 2020 Issue 15 I'm still trying to determine what flavors are best to add to red meat. I'm currently researching various types of salt.[ref] 結局赤身の肉にはどんな味つけがいいのか問題。只今色んな塩を研究してます。
974 2020 Issue 16 I received SixPad foot training gear from my editor for New Year's, and it's really effective![ref] 正月に担当より足をのせるシックスパッドを貰ったけどこれが結構使えるやつ!!
975 2020 Issue 17 It's hard to write about anything with the world like this. I'm praying for everyone from the bottom of my heart.[ref] 世の中がこうなのに関係ない事書くのも難しい。心より皆様の無事を祈ってます!!
976 2020 Issue 19 I want to draw a sea battle, but it's tough because there's guys on the boats more powerful than cannons.[ref] 海戦を描きたいが大砲より強いやつらが乗っててイメージ通りいかなくて困る。
977 2020 Issue 20 Do you have a favorite character? People that have one seem really happy. Can beef be mine?[ref] 推しはいますか?いる人は幸せそうなので僕も推しが欲しい。牛肉なら推せる。
978 2020 Issue 21-22 During these unfortunate times, Zoom and other online tools are suddenly a big thing. The world sure is changing.[ref] 不幸の中、Zoom等オンラインの需要が一気に上がり、世の中が変わってくなー。
979 2020 Issue 23 I'm washing my hands so often that they're very dry. I'm covering them in whatever cream I have.[ref] 手を洗いすぎて手がカサカサするのでその辺にある何らかのクリームをぬってる
980 2020 Issue 25 The LINE Creators Collaboration! I've really been looking forward to this! Enjoy![ref] LINEスタンプ版権フリー企画!!これ僕とても楽しみにしてました!!よろ!!
981 2020 Issue 27 There's something I can't live without when the big battles start. And that's the online database of all the character techniques. Thanks![ref] 戦闘が始まると毎回本当に重宝してます。ネット上の技のデータベース!!感謝
982 2020 Issue 28 Congratulations to you, Shirai and Posuka. I always enjoyed seeing your "true forms" at the New Year's parties.[ref] 臼井さん、ぽすかちゃん連載お疲れ様でした!!新年会で見る“真の姿”(トゥルーフォーム)楽しみでした。
983 2020 Issue 29 My new manga editor is Iwasaki. Welcome! I have four editors total if you include the ones for other media. It's a revolutionary era for how we work![ref] 原作担当が岩崎さんになった。ヨロ。メディア含め担当4人。働き方改革の時代!!
984 2020 Issue 31 How long am I supposed to continue the working-from-home corona-manga-creation process? It's tricky.[ref] コロナ自粛での漫画製作スタイル。いつまでやればいいのかわからない。悩む
985 2020 Issue 33-34 The LINE Creators Collaboration event! Can't wait to see what everyone came up with on July 22![ref] LINEスタンプ版権フリー企画!!22日、皆様のスタンプ発売超楽しみです!!
986 2020 Issue 35 Itaewon Class? As if I'd watch that popular show! Maybe I should get straight-across bangs to match the main character...?[ref] イテウォンクラス?そんな流行りもの観ないよ!!前髪まっすぐ揃えようかな
987 2020 Issue 36-37 There's over 2000 One Piece LINE stamps. They're awesome, and I've only bought 200 so far![ref] 現時点で2000種類超えのワンピースLINEスタンプ楽しすぎるまだ買ったの200種類
988 2020 Issue 38 I went to thank people involved with Tokyo One Piece Tower on its final day. I'm so grateful to Chairman Osato and all the staff of Amuse.[ref] 東京ワンピースタワー最終日ご挨拶に。アミューズ大里会長始め全スタッフに大感謝
989 2020 Issue 40 I met Arashi again. As before, they were so genuine and so easy to talk to.[ref] 嵐に再びお会いしました。相変わらずなんて壁のない話しやすい人達なんだろ
990 2020 Issue 41 The newest volume, an art book, and the One Piece Magazine will all be released on September 16 (Wednesday)!! Sorry it's a little late!![ref] 9月16日(水)コミックスと画集とワンマガ発売です!!少々遅くなりましたー!!
991 2020 Issue 43 Since the process has been adjusted because of Covid, we're trying for three chapters every four weeks or two chapters every three weeks. The goal is to reach chapter 1000 by the end of the year![ref] 今年一杯コロナ体制で3週2本又は4週3本でいきます!!年末の千話目指して!!
992 2020 Issue 46 No excuses allowed! I'm so, so sorry to everyone. Thank you for all your positive thoughts. I'll do better![ref] みんな大変言い訳厳禁!!各方面にご迷惑すみません。ご心配感謝!精進します!!
993 2020 Issue 47 I want the whole world to hear this. The truth is that there's no better match than a sandwich and potato chips.[ref] 全世界に知って欲しい。サンドイッチとポテチの相性は最高なんだって事実。
994 2020 Issue 48 I'm hooked on uzumaki wheat! So those things in miso soup are called uzumaki wheat. I'll put them in anything![ref] 渦巻き麩ブーム!!みそ汁に入ってるアレ渦巻き麩と言うのね。何にでも入れる!
995 2020 Issue 50 I enjoyed The Bachelorette to the very, very end. Thank you![ref] バチェロレッテ、最後の最後まで楽しませていただきました!!ありがとうー!!
996 2020 Issue 51 There's a small YouTube channel I like, and I always look forward to new videos being posted. It's so small the creator would freak out if I mentioned the channel here.[ref] ある小さなYouTubeチャンネルの更新が楽しみ。ここで言うと本人ビビる程の。
997 2020 Issue 52 I'm laughing so hard every week watching One Piece Variety: I Will be the Pirate King TV. Thank you![ref] 「海賊王におれはなるTV」毎度途切れる事なく爆笑させて貰ってます!!感謝です!
998 2021 Issue 2 I went to the Bustercall Exhibition. Seeing things in person is awesome! I love stuff like this.[ref] 「バスターコール展」行ってきました!!生の迫力スゴかった。こういうの大好物!!
999 2021 Issue 3-4 I'm sure a lot fewer people will be traveling for the new year. Please stay home and read Jump. Next issue is chapter 1000![ref] 旅行に行く人もだいぶ減るであろうお正月、お家でジャンプ読んでね。次号千話!
1000 2021 Issue 5-6 Happy New Year! This year's wish is to draw lots of great manga! Let's have an awesome year![ref] 賀正!!今年の抱負は、面白い漫画を描きたいー!!!今年もよろしくお願いします。
Chapters 1001–1100
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
1001 2021 Issue 7 Thank you so much for all the congratulations on the day I finished chapter 1000. Thank you so much to all the authors in issue 5/6.[ref] 千話の原稿が上がった日、色々な方々からお祝い大感謝5・6号作家さん達に大感謝
1002 2021 Issue 9 There are a lot of things going on to celebrate chapter 1000. Go to and check out the chapter 1000 website.[ref] 千話企画が色々と進行中です。とにかくワンピース.comに飛んで千話サイト楽しんでね
1003 2021 Issue 10 I got a new Blu-ray player for work. You can record a full week of shows?! Absolutely amazing.[ref] 仕事場のブルーレイを変えた。過去一週間分の番組全部撮れるだと!?テラすげー
1004 2021 Issue 11 Queen Bee's "Yaten" is really awesome, and I listen to it on heavy rotation. More and more amazing people keep appearing in the music world.[ref] 女王蜂の「夜天」がかっこよすぎてヘビロテ中。歌の世界どんどん凄い人現れる。
1005 2021 Issue 13 Koshizuka corn beef is so good it's a problem. I'm having it at every meal. A big problem![ref] 腰塚のコンビーフがうますぎて困ってます。毎食食べちゃうんですが、困る!
1006 2021 Issue 14 One Piece has been especially ramping up for the anime since Wano started! Please check it out![ref] ワノ国入って特にアニメのONE PIECEの気合が凄いのでぜひ観て下さい!
1007 2021 Issue 15 A collab video with Wolfgang's Steakhouse is up. Luffy's new hobby! Check it out![ref] ウルフギャングとのコラボ動画がアップされた。もはやルフィの趣味!観てね!
1008 2021 Issue 17 I'm a newbie who just made his debut! I'v gone past the point where I can say, "I don't actually have hay fever if I don't admit it!" Darn it![ref] デビューしました新人です!「認めていないから花粉症じゃない」の限界です畜生!!
1009 2021 Issue 18 I had a banana you can eat peel and all. It was like a crunchy banana! I might get addicted to them.[ref] 皮ごと食べられるバナナを食べた。サクサクしたバナナ!って感じ。クセになる。
1010 2021 Issue 19 Jun Miura's Saigo no Kogi is so good that I've listened to it multiple times. That's how I want to age.[ref] みうらじゅん最後の講義が面白すぎて何度も聞いてる。こういう風に歳をとりたい
1011 2021 Issue 21-22 Watching comedian Kojima-san's YouTube channel with my family is so peaceful. This guy is seriously at peace![ref] 児島さんのYouTubeを家族で観てる時間がとても平和です。何あの人まじ平和
1012 2021 Issue 23 While I work, I listen to Gairoku Channel's interviews with people on the street. Hearing about all the different lives people have is so interesting.[ref] 原稿中にラジオの様に街録chを聞いてる。色んな人の人生がホントに興味深い
1013 2021 Issue 24 My current dream is to go to that Gyomu Super store and buy and eat the giant jelly.[ref] 今の僕の夢は「業務スーパー」って店に行ってデカイゼリーを買って食べる事です
1014 2021 Issue 26 I went to the Gyomu Super store of my dreams and bought the giant coffee jelly and scarfed it down![ref] 夢の業務スーパーへ行った。巨大なコーヒーゼリーを買いデロンってやった
1015 2021 Issue 27 By the time this issue is out, I should have a ton of shiny Gibles thanks to the Community Day![ref] このジャンプが出る頃にはフカマルのコミュニティで色違いフィーバーのはず
1016 2021 Issue 28 The small figurines that are currently being designed behind the scenes are amazing! What kind of techniques is this?![ref] 今水面下で準備中のちっこいフィギュアの出来がすごい!どんな技術?コレ
1017 2021 Issue 30 It's the time of the year when I can't leave the house without a towel. And since I'll also be wearing a mask, hot days are going to come.[ref] もう外出にはタオルがかかせない季節。マスクもあるし暑い日々が始まるなー
1018 2021 Issue 31 Currently doing a campaign to thank everyone. Thanks for having me in Jump and thanks for reading the manga.[ref] 当たり前に感謝するキャンペーン中。載せてくれて、読んでくれてありがとう!
1019 2021 Issue 33-34 The Universal Studios Japan Premiere Show is back after a yearlong break! The staff is really hyped this year! Please check it out![ref] 去年なかったUSJのプレミアムショー!今年はスタッフやる気満々!ぜひ観てねー!
1020 2021 Issue 35 I laughed so hard and was overcome with emotion from seeing Ashita no Tarinai Futari. I respect these two comedians so much.[ref] そういえば「明日のたりないふたり」は爆笑して感動で2人の芸人さんを尊敬したい
1021 2021 Issue 36-37 Did you watch episode 982 of the One Piece anime?! That was insane! Was it a movie? What an amazing episode![ref] TVアニメOPの982話観た!?やばくないですか!?映画なの!?ホント神回でした。
1022 2021 Issue 38 One of my staff members gets really emotional over sports. Seeing people doing their best really energizes you, doesn't it![ref] 仕事場のスタッフからスポーツに一喜一憂。ガンバる人たちを観ると元気になりますね!
1023 2021 Issue 39 An old short story of mine, Monsters, has become a voice comic on YouTube. Please check it out.[ref] 僕の昔の短編「モンスターズ」がYouTubeでボイスコミックになったよ。ぜひ観て!!
1024 2021 Issue 40 Volume 100 is out! Enjoy the volume and all the special celebrations we have planned for the occasion![ref] 100巻が出ました!コミックスと共に100巻パーリー存分にお楽しみください~!
1025 2021 Issue 41 Thank you so much for Vivi's Adventure, Komi-san! The girls were so cute! I was overwhelmed.[ref] 古味さん「ビビの冒険」ありがとうございました!女子かわゆ♡感動したしました!
1026 2021 Issue 43 Thank you so much for the support and kind words for my 100th volume! I'll keep working even harder![ref] 100巻の様々なお祝い、ご協力、ありがとうございます!今後一層努力いたします!!
1027 2021 Issue 44 I can't forget the taste of the endomame crackers I had at a certain shop, so I've been eating a tone of endomame snacks.[ref] とある店のえんどう豆せんべいの味が忘れられず色んなえんどう豆スナック食べてる。
1028 2021 Issue 45 The season for oden is upon us. Gonna buy a ton of beef tendon from a restaurant supplier and simmer it up![ref] おでんの季節がやってきた。業務用牛すじ買い込んでぐつぐつやりますよー!
1029 2021 Issue 47 I underestimated the anime Uma Musume. It has so much respect for the horses. This longtime horse racing fan is moved to tears![ref] アニメウマ娘なめてました。馬への尊敬がスゴい。往年の競馬ファン泣くやつ!
1030 2021 Issue 48 B's, Mr. Children, and Glay did a concert together! What a dream come true! It was so cool![ref] B'z、ミスチル、GLAYが組んでライブ!夢みたいな配信!かっこよかった~!
1031 2021 Issue 49 I've never met him, but he feels like a comrade in arms. I know how tough getting to 100 volumes is, Aoyama-san! Congrats on 100 volumes of Conan![ref] 面識ないんですが戦友の気分。100巻のご苦労分かります青山さんコナン祝100巻!
1032 2021 Issue 51 The anime is now at 1000 episodes as well! Thank you so much Toei Animation! It's an amazing thing.[ref] ついにアニメも1000話───!!!本当に本当にありがとう東アニさん!すごい事だ。
1033 2021 Issue 52 One Piece in Love was hilarious every week! Good luck to the way-out-there create Ihara-san and his new series![ref] 「恋するワンピース」毎週面白かった!!ブッ飛んだ作家伊原さん新連載頑張ってね。
1034 2022 Issue 1 I want to go to the airport just for Pikmin. And also the movie theater, the zoo, and the beach![ref] ピクミンの為に空港に行きたい。あと映画館と動物園と砂浜に行きたいこの頃。
1035 2022 Issue 3-4 The Bachelor has started, but I've been too busy to watch! Don't spoil it. Please!![ref] バチェラーが始まったのに仕事が多すぎて観れてない!先言わないでー頼むー
1036 2022 Issue 5-6 Happy New Year! I hope we can do that BBQ I've been dreaming of this year. I wanna grill![ref] あけよろです!ずっとガマンしてるBBQ今年はできたらいいな。焼きたい!
1037 2022 Issue 7 I want to become an adult who can walk into a sushi restaurant alone and order a drink and some fish before quietly leaving.[ref] 一人で寿司屋に入って酒一杯と少量の魚つまんですっと帰れる大人になりたい
1038 2022 Issue 9 I received your messages from all the Jump Shops and Mugiwara Stores throughout the country. Thank you! You give me strength![ref] 全国のジャンプショップと麦わらストアより皆様のメッセージを受け取りました!感謝!力がみなぎります!
1039 2022 Issue 10 I'm a bit late, but I saw Earwig and the Witch. Isn't Aya cute? What a great anime.[ref] 遅ればせながら「アーヤと魔女」観た。アーヤカワイくない?面白いアニメだった
1040 2022 Issue 11 When I saw people with AirPods, I used to think, "Hey, you have udon in your ears!" But I tried them, and they are frighteningly awesome![ref] 皆耳からうどん出てるよ?って思ってたAirPods。めっちゃ便利でビビりました。
1041 2022 Issue 13 All meat gets softer by soaking it in salt water. I can't wait to try this technique for a barbecue![ref] 全ての肉は塩水につけるとやわらかくなる!早くBBQでこの技使いたいー!
1042 2022 Issue 14 Nobuyuki Sakuma's ability to come up with ideas for his YouTube channel is amazing. Getting into arguments in this era?! Gotta watch![ref] 佐久間宜行さんのYouTubeの企画力がスゴい。この時代に口ゲンカ!観ちゃう。
1043 2022 Issue 15 The One Piece restaurant food you can get delivered from the menu app is delicious! Can't wait to order again.[ref] アプリmenuで配達してくれる「ワンピースレストラン」の料理がうまい!また頼も~
1044 2022 Issue 17 I went to see the Spirited Away stage play! It was so well-done that I could be saying I went to the actual Aburaya bathhouse![ref] 「千と千尋」の舞台裏観てきた!てゆうか「油屋」に行ってきた!ってくらいの再現度凄い!
1045 2022 Issue 18 The latest issue of One Piece Magazine features the boys. Thanks to Boichi-sensei again. It's pure art![ref] 今回のワンピースマガジンは買いだ男子!Boichi先生にまたお世話になった。もはや芸術!
1046 2022 Issue 19 Thanks to Pokémon GO, I found a great park in my neighborhood. How did I miss this huge park?![ref] ポケモンGOのお陰で近所に素敵な公園を発見!こんなデカイ公園があったのか
1047 2022 Issue 21-22 Drawing a ton of Fujiko A. Fujio-sensei's characters is what made me strive to become a mangaka. Rest in peace from the bottom of my heart.[ref] 藤子不二雄A先生の作品群を描きまくって、マンガ家を志すようになった。心より合掌
1048 2022 Issue 23 I'm currently addicted to konnyaku yam cakes! They're great in cold noodle dishes and udon. Miso dengaku is the best.[ref] こんにゃくブーム!冷やし中華やうどんこんにゃくうまい。味噌田楽は最強です
1049 2022 Issue 24 Smoked-chicken salad is delicious! It's supposed to help you lose weight, so I'm eating a ton.[ref] サラダチキンスモークうめえ。やせるらしいので大量に買ってめっちゃ食ってる
1050 2022 Issue 26 I get emotional over the transition from Tomorrow Never Knows to Fanfare. Congratulations on 30 years, Mr. Children![ref] 「Tomorrow never knoes」からの~「fanfare」に感動!ミスチル30周年祝でございます!
1051 2022 Issue 27 The judging for the Tezuka Awards was in person for the first time in a long time. I wonder if we'll slowly be able to get together.[ref] 手塚賞の審査会が久しぶりに対面だった。少しずつ人が集まれる様になるかな
1052 2022 Issue 28 Rice paper is so fun. Wrap a salad from the convenience store and suddenly you have a spring roll! I can wrap anything![ref] ライスペーパー楽しい!コンビニのサラダを包んで生春巻き!なんでも巻くぜ!
1053 2022 Issue 29 I'm taking a break!! There will be a special feature in Jump during the break. Please enjoy Uta Diary and the music video.[ref] お休みいただきます!この間ジャンプで企画あり。「ウタ日記」やMVも楽しんで下さい!
1054 2022 Issue 34 Yu-Gi-Oh! is a revolution of manga!! Fans will always continue to have fun in the world that Takahashi-sensei created. Rest in peace![ref] 「遊☆戯☆王」は漫画界の革命!!ファンはずっと高橋先生の生んだ世界で遊ぶ。合掌!
1055 2022 Issue 35 Gosho Aoyama-san is a fun person who feels like an older brother. I'm happy having a friend who's in a similar situation as I am.[ref] 青山剛昌さん、兄貴!って感じの楽しい人でした。似た境遇の人がいるの嬉しい
1056 2022 Issue 36-37 In order to play the Bikkurapon gacha at Kura Sushi, I ate about 40 plates. So fun! And painful.[ref] くら寿司のビッくらポンする為に40皿くらい食った。なんて楽しいんだ!苦しい
1057 2022 Issue 38 I gave the One Piece Card Game starter decks to my staff, and they played for like ten hours. Is it that fun?! I'm going to try it![ref] OPカードゲームのスタートデッキをスタッフにあげたら10時間くらい遊んでた。そんな面白いの!?やろ。
1058 2022 Issue 39 Age 77. My father messaged me on Line saying he cried watching Red. I underestimated you! So you understand!? Thank you! 77歳。父から「RED」で泣いたとLINE。見くびってた!わかってくれる⁉ありがとう!
1059 2022 Issue 41 I was watching Ado-san's live when I received a report that "New Genesis" was ranked number 1 on Apple Music, and the live "New Genesis" after that was moving. AdoさんのLiveの途中で「新時代」がAM世界一の報告を受け、からの生「新時代」感動
1060 2022 Issue 42 I went to a GReeeeN live performance!! I was moved by how wonderfully they used my illustration. They have so many good songs!! GReeeeNのライブへ!!僕のイラスト素敵に使って貰えて感動。いい曲多いなやっぱ!!
1061 2022 Issue 43 The film Red''s TV anime linked episodes are up on YouTube. You can understand Luffy's thoughts. 映画「RED」のTVアニメ連動編YouTubeに上がってます。ルフィの思考が理解できます。
1062 2022 Issue 45 I tried miracle fruit for the first time and ate one lemon. What's this, lemon tastes delicious!! ミラクルフルーツ初めて食べてレモン1つ食えました!!何これレモンうめー!!
1063 2022 Issue 46 Kohei Tanaka-san's 40-year anniversary concert was magnificent! I'm truly grateful for all your work over the years. 田中公平さんの40周年コンサート素晴らしかった!長年お世話になって大感謝
1064 2022 Issue 47 I purchased a pack of disposable black rubber gloves I've admired on Bayashi TV. The hamburgers I eat with these on are the best!! バヤシTVに憧れて、使い捨て黒ゴム手袋購入!!これで食うハンバーガー最高!!
1065 2022 Issue 49 The movie's climax has this kind of emotion so please take your time looking at it in this week's color spread. 映画の終盤(クライマックス)はこんなエモさがあるって今回のカラーでじっくり眺めてください。
1066 2022 Issue 50 I purchased a new gas grill and I'm training to cook meat with convective heat. I want everyone to taste it soon. 新しいBBQガスコンロを購入し対流熱で肉を焼く修業中。早く皆に食わせたい。
1067 2022 Issue 51 You can listen to the "secondary audio screening" with an app at theater... Wow. I reject including it as a Blu-ray bonus!! LOL 「副音声上映」ってA(アプリ)でどこの映画館でも聴けるんだ…。へ〜。BD(ブルーレイ)特典は拒否!!笑
1068 2023 Issue 1 I met Rumiko Takahashi-sensei for the first time at a certain place! She's young in many ways. I encountered a legend...!! とある場所にて高橋留美子先生と初対面!!色々とお若い方。伝説に遭遇した…!!
1069 2023 Issue 2 Hello, I'm the hot sandwich master. Everything I see will be sandwiched and grilled! こんにちはホットサンドマスターです。目に映った物全てはさんで焼きます!
1070 2023 Issue 4-5 I met Shohei Otani. I beat him at One Piece Akinator! I intend to brag about it for the rest of my life. 大谷翔平選手に会った。ワンピースアキネイターで勝利!一生自慢していく所存です。
1071 2023 Issue 6-7 Happy New Year! I will devote myself to drawing as much interesting manga as possible this year as well. Please enjoy!! 賀正!!今年も精一杯面白い漫画が描けるよう精進いたします。よろしくどうぞ!!
1072 2023 Issue 8 I went to a Mrs. GREENAPPLE live perfomance. The three of them with their unique personalities at full throttle were very powerful! Thank you for the movie song!! Mrs.GREENAPPLEのライブへ。3人の個性全開で大迫力でした!映画楽曲感謝!!
1073 2023 Issue 9 I watched Ado-san's live with Nakata-san, Vaundy, Orisaka-san and others. What a singing ability. It was stunning! 中田さん、Vaundy、折坂さん達と共に観るAdoさんライブ。何て歌唱力。圧巻でした!
1074 2023 Issue 11 I went a GReeeeN live performance! The excitement of the audience when they appeared on stage!! So moving~!! Thank you for using my drawing. GReeeeNのライブへ!まさかの本人登場に沸く会場!!感動的~!!絵使用感謝
1075 2023 Issue 12 Manga editor change! Thank you for the three years of work, Iwasaki-san! Thank you for your help going forward, Anayama-san! 原作担当交代!岩崎さん3年間ありがとうお疲れ様!穴山さんよろしく頼む!
1076 2023 Issue 13 Red ended its theatrical run so I had a barbeque party with the core staff who've worked hard!! There are still people I want to feed meat! RED終映しまして頑張った中心スタッフとBBQ!!肉食わせたい人達はまだまだいる!
1077 2023 Issue 15 I got along well with the musicians who participated in the movie again. They're really good people!! 映画に参戦してくれた音楽家(ミュージシャン)達と改めて仲良くなりました。ええ人達や本当に!!
1078 2023 Issue 16 I was thinking "what's so good about Chiikawa" until I realized that I have been using the stickers that the author Nagano-san created since way back. I admit defeat. 何が"ちいかわ"だと思ってたら作者ナガノさんのスタッフ僕昔から使ってた。敗北宣言
1079 2023 Issue 17 I went to a WBC game!! The stands shook in the world-class super interesting match. It was amazing! WBC観に行った!!世界レベルの超面白い試合にスタンドが揺れる。凄かった!!
1080 2023 Issue 19 A strawberry-picking barbecue for the first time three years! And, I got a Galarian Zapdos in a Lucky trade so it was a happy day. 3年振りのイチゴ狩りBBQ!!で、Gサンダーをキラ交換して貰った幸せな日。
1081 2023 Issue 21-22 I went to Vaundy-kun's live. What a gripping power! I was drawn in by his personality and songs! Vaundy君のライブへ。何という掌握力!個性と歌に惹きつけられっぱなしでした!
1082 2023 Issue 23 Gatebox will evolve with chatGPT!? I can't help but be excited. I'll support them with the sponsor plan! chatGPTでGateboxが進化だと!?わくわくしかない。スポンサープランで応援だ!
1083 2023 Issue 24 Did you all catch it? I finally got it on my own, a Galarian Moltres! 皆さんは捕まえましたか?僕はついに自力でゲットしましたガラルファイアー!
1084 2023 Issue 25 I went to Ghibli Park! The Grand Warehouse was interesting too, but being immersed in the world by walking around was moving. ジブリパークへ!!大倉庫も面白いが歩く事で世界に没入していく感動があった。
1085 2023 Issue 27 I talked properly with Akutami-san for the first time at the Tezuka Prize selection committee. A respectable​ person! A person of character!! 手塚賞審査会で芥見さんと初めてしっかり話した。ちゃんとした人!人格者!
1086 2023 Issue 28 When we were making Red, and when we were making Stampede, the whoooole time we were working on the "live-action version" in the background. 「RED」作ってた時も、「STAMPEDE」作ってた時もその裏で、ずーっと作ってたのが〝実写版〟
1087 2023 Issue 33 Thank you for the rest-beeeeam!!! I will do my best while getting used to my improved eyesight!! おやすみありがとうございビーーーーム!!!上がった視力に慣れつつ頑張りますっ!!
1088 2023 Issue 34 I was so excited to get to eat a giant pizza at Spontini! It was so soft and crunchy! Hope they open more stores! 憧れのスポンティーニで巨大ピザを食べた!!ふわサク美味すぎ!!支店増えてー
1089 2023 Issue 36-37 I’m sorry that my serialization schedule will be unstable until the Netflix show premieres. And please enjoy the Universal Studios Japan ice show![ref] Netflixドラマ公開まで掲載不安定ですいません。アイスショーUSJも楽しんでね!
1090 2023 Issue 38 I went to one of my favorite places, Kenko Land, for the first time in a while. They have it all. So fun![ref] 久しぶりに大好きな健康ランドに行った。この世の全てがそこにある。楽しい!!
1091 2023 Issue 40 The live-action One Piece show is now available! Please watch it! I’ll do my best with the manga too![ref] 実写版ONE PIECEが公開になりましたー!!是非観て!漫画も頑張ります!!
1092 2023 Issue 42 I went to LA! It was fun getting even friendlier with the Netflix and Tomorrow Studios members.[ref] ロス行ってきました!!NetflixTSのスタッフとより仲良くなれて楽しかった!!
1093 2023 Issue 43 My first Dreams Come True live performance in four years was powerful, as expected, and gave me a lot of energy. What a show![ref] 4年ぶりのドリカムのライブは相変わらずパワフルで元気貰いました!!エンタメ!!
1094 2023 Issue 45 Sekai no Owari and Chilli Beans, thanks for the songs for the anime. Your music matches the art so well and makes each episode so satisfying.[ref] セカオワ、チリビ、アニメの歌ありがとう!!絵にもハマって1話観る満足感が凄い。
1095 2023 Issue 46 Lately I cry every time I watch the One Piece anime. The Wano Country Arc is soooo good! Thank you for the wonderful performances!![ref] アニメOPで最近毎回泣いてます。ワノ国面白え〜と思い。いい演出ありがとう!!
1096 2023 Issue 48 It's bashauma! I learned a technique for grilling chicken skin into a crust. The flavor is the best.[ref] バシャウマです。鶏皮を瘡蓋の様に焼く技を習得しました。味の感想は最高です。
1097 2023 Issue 49 Blown away that Iio-san from Zun is the person from La.okaki. I'll never forget that comedy team.[ref] ずんの飯尾さんって「La.おかき」の人だったんだーって感動。頭から離れないコンビ。
1098 2023 Issue 50 We rented out the Ryogoku national hall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the One Piece anime! It was so fun! Now I'm extra motivated![ref] 両国国技館貸切でOPアニメ25周年の大宴!!!お腹一杯楽し かった!!また頑張る!!
1099 2023 Issue 52 I like putting a little hot water on the Zero Second Chicken Ramen!! Then it's no longer zero seconds though...[ref] 0秒チキンラーメンに少しお湯をかけて食べるのが好き!!0秒じゃなくなるが
1100 2024 Issue 1 I enjoy watching the M-1 prelims. I'm rooting for a few of the teams. I hope they make it to the finals![ref] M-1の予選観れるの楽しい。応援してる推しが数組。決勝行けるといいなー!!
Chapters 1101–1200
Chapter WSJ Issue Translation Transcript
1101 2024 Issue 2 Saw my first Godzilla! Minus One was great. I had to watch the first one after that. Next is Shin.[ref] 人生初ゴジラ!!マイナス1面白かった。勢いで第1作も面白かった。次は“シン”
1102 2024 Issue 4-5 I went to the Yuming live performance! The ability to be part of everyone’s life—I felt it in my heart. Amazing.[ref] ユーミンのライブへ!!誰の人 生にも入り込んでる存在の力。 胸にきました。凄い
1103 2024 Issue 6-7 Happy New Year! My goal for this year is to enjoy lots of BBQ and create lots of good manga.[ref] 賀正です!!今年の目標はより多くBBQをしてより面白い漫画を描く事です!!
1104 2024 Issue 8 I can't believe they're making an anime out of a one-shot I did while I was young called "Monsters." I’m so spoiled![ref] MONSTERSモンスターズ」という若い日頃描いた読切がアニメ化する日が来るなんて。ぜいたく!!
1105 2024 Issue 9 I went to the Jump New Year’s party. Everyone was so full of energy that it reinvigorated me!! Let’s all keep grinding![ref] ジャンプの新年会に行って来た。皆様力に溢れてて元気買いました!!頑張ろう
1106 2024 Issue 10 I got an Optimus Prime robot that transforms when you yell, “Transform!”[ref] 「トランスフォーム!!」って声でオプティマスプライムが変形するロボセンゲット!!
1107 2024 Issue 12 The show Moving is great! The more you learn about the character, the more your impressions change. Worth watching.[ref] 「ムービング」面白かった。人物の録り下げでどんどん印象が変わって観応えあり。
1108 2024 Issue 13 I went to a FAKE TYPE. live performance. Simply being able to hear that fast singing live was overwhelming. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.[ref] FAKETYPEフェイクタイプ.のライブへ!!単純にあの早口を生で聴ける感動。唯一無二の迫力でした。
1109 2024 Issue 14 I went to Shibuya to learn the greatness of monjayaki, but sadly every place was packed. It’s that popular?![ref] もんじゃ焼きの良さを知るべく渋谷に行ったらどこも行列で断念。そんな人気!?
1110 2024 Issue 16 I'm having trouble getting the cat-meme music video out of my head. The one with the cat getting in trouble is too cute.[ref] 猫ミームの音楽達が頭を巡って困っている。怒られてる猫のやつがかわいすぎ
1111 2024 Issue 17 Right now he's got a halo on his head and he's saying "Sure is tough to be a mangaka" while building models without a care in the world. I salute you.[ref] 今頃頭に輪っかをつけて漫画家大変だねって他人事の様にプラモ作ってそう。敬礼
1112 2024 Issue 21 Thank you for the break! The maintenance was a big success, and I'm ready to work even harder![ref] お休みありがとうございました!!メンテ大成功につき、より一層頑張りますー!!
1113 2024 Issue 22-23 Isn't Seijo Ishii supermarket wild?! Like the Kazuchee products or all the yakiimo and kimchi products![ref] 成城石井てヤバくない!?かずチーとか焼き芋の色々とかキムチの色々とか・・・!!
1114 2024 Issue 24 Two of my editors as well as one of my former editors got married. Happy stories are the best. Congratulations![ref] 担当が2人、完担当が1人籍婚ラッシュ!!めでたい話は良いものです。おめでとう!!
1115 2024 Issue 26 Ado-san's live concert at Shinkoritsu was amazing. The diva's singing power has only grown after traveling around the world.[ref] Adoアドさんの新国立ライブ凄かった。世界を周ってきた歌姫の迫力増し増し!!
1116 2024 Issue 27 Do you know the deliciousness of sablefish? Last week I ate it pickled overnight in white miso five days in a row.[ref] 銀だらの美味さをご存知ですか?先週5日連続で銀だらの西京焼きを食べました。
1117 2024 Issue 29 The Sekai no Owari concert was an amazing performance once again! They create such a warm atmosphere! I had so much fun![ref] セカオワライブ相変わらず凄いセット!!演出!!暖かい空間作り!!楽しかったです!
1118 2024 Issue 30 I went to the GLAY 30th anniversary concert, which I drew the key art for. It was amazing! I felt it in my heart![ref] キービジュアルを描かせて頂いたGLAY30周年LIVE!!胸にきました最高でした!!
1119 2024 Issue 31 Did you see the Luffy on the Las Vegas Sphere?! I hope to see it in person someday.[ref] ラスベガスの「スフィア」に映るルフィ見て貰えました⁉いつか生で見に行きたい。
1120 2024 Issue 33 I got a Rayquaza nagashi-somen kit, and we’ve been downing noodles like crazy.[ref] レックウザの流しそうめんキットを買ったのでそりゃもう流して食べた。風流
1121 2024 Issue 34 Went to a Summers performance for the first time in forever! I laughed so hard, all my daily stress was blasted away![ref] 久しぶりのさまぁ~ずライブ!!日頃のストレス全部吹き飛ぶ程笑ってきました!!

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