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Kansorn Island (カンソーン島 Kansōn-tō?), better known as Little East Blue, is a non-canon island inhabited by settlers from East Blue. Its name is similar to minor ethnic communities such as chinatowns or more accurately named places like Little France and Little Germany. Its mayor is Fabre.

Due to the inhabitants originating from East Blue, many of its buildings resemble structures found in East Blue such as a mini Baratie, a mansion resembling Kaya's, the giant windmill resembling the one in Foosha Village, a dojo resembling that of Zoro's master's dojo, and even a Orenami Fanclub dedicated to Nami. It also has a mikan plantation very similar to Bell-mère's. It is protected by a large Hercules beetle named Boss.

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Because of the island being so far from any location, the village is attacked constantly by pirates as the Marines do not come by. Yoko's father, who was a marine, stayed behind to be the sole protector, however, he was later killed by pirates five years before the story line. The villagers usually cower when in the presence of pirates, even being proud at the fact they are the best at running away and using the caves in the mountain to lose the pirates if they chase after them as it is a maze. However, they are not afraid of the Straw Hat Pirates, as they originated from East Blue, and even kindly invite them to their village.

Citizens[edit | edit source]

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Little East Blue
Fabre Yoko Mitsuboshi Luigia
Mendo Orenami Fanclub Boss Ryudo 

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  1. One Piece Anime — Episode 429.

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