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The Little Pirates[1] is a pirate crew led by Little Oars Jr. It is a subordinate crew of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Jolly Roger

The Little Pirates' jolly roger is a large, red skull resembling their captain, with large horns, a predominant widow's peak, and sharp cheekbones. The jolly roger also has a flat chin, bones arranged in a cross behind the skull, and the words "Oars III" underneath the skull.

Crew Members

Little Oars Jr.'s crew.

The crew is made up of its captain, Little Oars Jr., and a group of normal-sized humans that are imitating his look, with fake yellow jaws with big fangs and long orange hair.

Crew Strength

As a subordinate crew of the Whitebeard Pirates and having made themselves a reputation in the New World, the Little Pirates are likely quite strong.


Further information: Little Gerais

Little Gerais

The Little Gerais is the main ship of the Little Pirates. It is a massive, wideset ship with a figurehead resembling the crew's jolly roger.



At some point, the Little Pirates became a subordinate crew of the Whitebeard Pirates. It is unknown if this occurred before or after Little Oars Jr. and Ace became friends.

Marineford Arc

The Little Pirates joined the Whitebeard Pirates in the Summit War of Marineford to rescue Portgas D. Ace from execution. Their captain, Little Oars Jr., led the charge but suffered heavy injuries.[2] The fate of the Little Pirates is unknown, as their captain was last seen unconscious on the battlefield.


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