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Livia is a character in the Heart of Gold special. She was the wife of Acier and the mother of Olga.[1]


Livia was a slender woman with long blonde hair that reached her back and orange eyes. She wore glasses and a collared, long-sleeved white shirt.


Not much is known of Livia's personality, but it can be deduced that she was very caring and loving to her daughter and husband. She was very concerned when Olga fell ill and had created the Pure Gold with Acier to help her.



Livia with her husband and daughter.

Two hundred years ago, Livia lived a happy life on Alchemi with her husband Acier and their daughter Olga. She would always sing the island lullaby to Olga. When Olga fell ill and was in danger of dying, Livia and Acier created the Pure Gold and gave it to Olga in a ring so that she would never age. Unfortunately, the news of the creation of pure gold made its way around pirates, who were on Alchemi to steal it. Livia was killed during one of these attacks.[2]


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