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Llamaman is a Gifter in the Beasts Pirates who serves as one of the antagonists of One Piece Premier Show 2021.[1]


Llamaman is a muscular man wearing what appears to be mascara. Due to him eating a Llama SMILE he has the head and neck of a llama sprouting out of his scalp which is wearing purple sunglasses with yellow lenses. His outfit makes him resemble a wrestler. He wears a high-collared unbuttoned vest with star-shaped buttons, light blue shoulder pads with purple frills, a golden star on a chain connecting the collar, and a yellow cape. He wears a pair of light brown boxing gloves and a matching pair of light brown boots which have stars on them and magenta-colored rims. He also wears a pair of light brown briefs with a light blue belt with stars around it and with a pink "R" in the center.[1]


Llamaman frequently flexes his muscles and strikes poses.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Llamaman ate a Llama SMILE, causing a llama's neck to sprout out of the top of his head and covering his skin with fur.[1]


One Piece Premier Show 2021

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