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File:Zoro Super Grand Battle X.pngFile:Zoro Takes Judy to the Hospital.pngFile:Zoro Tanto.png
File:Zoro Thriller Bark Outfit.pngFile:Zoro Throws Pickles.pngFile:Zoro Tied up in Shells Town.png
File:Zoro Two Years Later.pngFile:Zoro Unlimited World Red Post Skip.pngFile:Zoro Using Busoshoku Haki.png
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File:Zoro White Storm Thousand Storm.pngFile:Zoro White Suit Thousand Storm.pngFile:Zoro Z's Ambition Arc Outfit.png
File:Zoro and Kuina's Promise.pngFile:Zoro and Mihawk's Weapons Colored Black.pngFile:Zoro and Samurai Push Birdcage.png
File:Zoro and Sanji.pngFile:Zoro and Sanji Block Dosun and Ikaros Much.pngFile:Zoro and Sanji Defeat Kerodeek and Keroshot.png
File:Zoro and Sanji Defeat PX-7.pngFile:Zoro and Sanji Win The Groggy Ring.pngFile:Zoro and Tonoyasu.png
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File:Zoro in Cross Epoch.pngFile:Zoro in movie 3.pngFile:Zoro on volume 3.png
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