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Lodestar Island is the last island in the New World that can be reached by following the Log Pose, and the second to last island in the Grand Line.[1]

General Information

All the different paths on the Grand Line ultimately meet at Lodestar Island. According to Inuarashi, travelers who reach the island become aware of the Poneglyphs, the civilization that created them, as well as the hidden final island of Laugh Tale.[2]

Since the Roger Pirates were the first known people to visit Lodestar Island in 800 years, it is implied that reaching it is extremely difficult. Additionally, for some unknown reason, the Log Pose cannot reset and point toward the next island on Lodestar Island and instead the needles will just spin.[1]



Thirty-nine years ago, Gol D. Roger and his crew were the first known people to reach the island. Upon reaching it, they realized that there was one more island ahead, but the Log Pose was unable to register it. Roger then began the journey to discovering the route to Laugh Tale.[1]


  • A lodestar is a star that is used to guide the course of a ship. This matches the literal meaning of the kanji in the name of the island.


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