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One Piece: Loguetown Arc (ONE PIECE ローグタウン編 Wan Pīsu Rōgutaun Hen?) is the first of the series' tie-in books, a novelization of the Loguetown Arc. It was written by Tatsuya Hamazaki, and released on July 17, 2000 in Japan.


While the novel primarily retells the Loguetown Arc (with several expansions and minor changes), it also draws material from every previous arc of the East Blue Saga, mainly for exposition on the Straw Hat Pirates' backgrounds.


Act 1

Going Merry: The Red-Headed Navigator (ゴーイング・メリー ~赤毛の航海士~?)

Act 2

Katana: A Swordsman's Vow (KATANA ~剣士の約束~?)

Act 3

Daddy Masterson: A Sniper's Pride (ダディ・マスターソン ~狙撃の誇り~?)

Act 4

To the All-Holding Sea: A Cook's Dream (すべての海へ ~コックの夢~?)

Act 5

Crossroads of Legend (伝説の交差点?)

Act 6

Battle Royal (BATTLE ROYAL?)



For the most part, the novel uses resized panels and pages from the manga for illustration; however, it does feature four original illustrations by Eiichiro Oda, as well as a partial world map by painter Takahashi Tsunemasa.

Nami's Bath Loguetown Novel.png
Bathing Nami, from the first chapter.
Daddy and Carol Masterson Loguetown Arc (novel).png
Daddy Masterson and Carol, from the third chapter.
Daddy Masterson vs Usopp.png
Daddy's challenge, from the third chapter.


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