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Long Long is the alias of the captain of the Long Long Pirates.[1] His full real name is unknown, but it contains Alexander Alex Kent Paul Harris Hendrix Howard Rudolph Eccentric Rainbow Special. He appears in One Piece Film: Gold as an antagonist.[2]


Long Long's concept art from the anime.

Long Long is a dark-skinned and fat man with incredibly large earlobes that go down to his chest. He has very long white hair which stretches down his back and sticks up a considerable height on top, a long mustache, and a beard that goes down to his waist. He only has a giant belt over his bare chest worn like a sash. He also wears red and white striped pants, a green and yellow cape, and a tricorne hat with his crew's Jolly Roger on it.[1]


Long Long is incredibly greedy, as he was willing to attack the Straw Hat Pirates for their money. He also dislikes Gild Tesoro because he is indebted to him for gambling.[2]

Long Long is very prideful about his name and status as a captain, as he was quite offended when Luffy got his name wrong.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Long Long's gatling gun.

As captain over the Long Long Pirates, Long Long has authority over his crew. Despite the fact that he and his crew traversed to the New World, Long Long is fairly weak, as he and his crew were easily defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates.[2]


Long Long wields a cutlass.[1] He also wields a gatling gun under his hair and uses his earlobes to fire.[2]



Sometime in the past, Long Long and his crew went to Gran Tesoro to win money but lost it all.[2]

One Piece Film: Gold

Long Long is defeated by Luffy.

Long Long and his crew attacked the Straw Hat Pirates at the entrance of Gran Tesoro in order to steal money from them. However, the Straw Hats managed to easily overwhelm them, and Monkey D. Luffy confronted Long Long as he swung around the mast. Long Long revealed his gatling gun and shot the spinning Luffy, but Luffy's rubber body reflected all the bullets back at him. Luffy then flew toward Long Long and hit him in the face with Jet Pistol, defeating him.[2]

Major Battles



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