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The Long Long Pirates are a pirate crew that only appeared in One Piece Film: Gold.[1]

Jolly Roger

The Long Long Pirates' Jolly Roger resembles a normal skull and crossbones, with the exception of the top of the skull being elongated, much like Long Long's hair.[1]

Crew Members

The crew consists of many members, although only five are named: Long Long the captain, Morkin, Narcie, Balong, and Nypers. These are also the few crew members with distinct appearances, with most of them being larger than average with elongated body parts and using elongated weapons (Fitting the long theme of the pirate crew). The others are foot soldiers who all resemble each other, as they all wear pink pants, no shirt, and have long beards.[1]

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Long Long Pirates
Long Long Narcie Morkin Balong Nypers

Crew Strength

The Long Long Pirates boast swordsmen in Narcie and Morkin, a strongman in Balong, and most if not all of the other members possess firearms, making them a well-armed crew. Although they were strong enough to operate in the New World, the Long Long Pirates were extremely weak compared to the Straw Hat Pirates, who took them out within minutes while sustaining no injuries or damage in the process.[1]


The Long Long Pirates' ship.

The Long Long Pirates have several very long ships that are chained together to create a single, incredibly long ship. It has several masts and sails; the main mast that flies their Jolly Roger is extremely tall, but can be retracted in order to pass through tunnels. The ship's masthead is a long cannon that is functional and also serves as a bridge for the crew to board enemy ships.[1]


The Long Long crew making preparing to attack the Straw Hats.

The Long Long Pirates went to Gran Tesoro to win money. However, they lost it all. When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Gran Tesoro, the Long Long Pirates attacked them to steal their money, but they were quickly defeated. After the top members were defeated, the remaining foot soldiers tried to run away, but Gild Tesoro grabbed them with tendrils of gold and encased them in gold.[1]


  • The jolly roger of the Long Long Pirates resembles that of the Space Pirates.


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