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Longlimb humans are a hybrid between the Longarm Tribe and the Longleg Tribe.[1]


Longlimbs have not canonically been seen yet, but they likely possess the same traits as longarms and longlegs (double-jointed long arms and long legs respectively).[1]


Whole Cake Island ArcEdit

One longlimb human was captured by Big Mom and trapped within a book full of different creatures by her son, Mont-d'Or. Big Mom showed it to the Vinsmokes along some of the other creatures in her collection.[1]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

In the manga, when Big Mom showed the Vinsmokes the longlimb she had, only a speech bubble of it crying for help was shown. So nothing about its appearance and gender are known.

The anime depicted the longlimb as a man, giving him masculine limbs (the rest of his body was not shown) and a male voice actor. His arms did not appear to have the double-joints characteristic of the Longarm Tribe.


  • The literal transition of longlimb humans is "Longarmleg Humans".
  • They appear to be based on the Ashinaga-tenaga (足長手長 Long Legs Long Arms?), which are a pair of creatures, one of which has long arms and the other has long legs; the longlimb humans are thus a combination of the two.


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