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Lovely Land is located deep within Hyokaido and is home to the headquarters of the Accino Family. It appeared in the anime-only Ice Hunter Arc.

Layout and LocationsEdit

It is a golden castle of sorts that seems to have a tropical jungle atmosphere completely different from the rest of Hyokaido. The Accino Family brings their captives here and keeps them imprisoned within glacial caverns to freeze, possibly to death. When the Accino Family later presents the captured pirates to the Marines, the pirates are apparently smiling despite being detained, implying that captivity with the Marines is preferable than at Lovely Land.[1]

It can be inferred that due to Don Accino's Atsu Atsu no Mi powers, he creates the tropical area seen around Lovely Land.


Thriller Bark SagaEdit

Ice Hunter ArcEdit

Zoro was the first Straw Hat to reach it. In the final battle between Luffy and Don Accino, Lovely Land was destroyed and reduced to rubble and the Accino Family left Lovely Land and sailed on.[2]


  1. One Piece Anime — Episode 330, Brindo explains that captured pirates that are taken to Lovely Land are later smiling when given to the Marines.
  2. One Piece Anime — Episode 335, Lovely Land perishes and the Accino Family departs.

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