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Luffy singing the first verse.

Luffy's Skypeia Song was a brief song, apparently of Monkey D. Luffy's own invention, meant to accompany exploration in Skypeia. Its two verses were first sung in Chapter 257 (Episode 169); Luffy had apparently prepared more verses, but was interrupted by Wyper before he could sing them.

It was sung again in Episode 291, by Luffy's Grand Jipang counterpart.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese script Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
みなみのしまは Minami no shima wa The islands in the south are
あったけえ〜♪ Atta ke-e〜♪ Warm〜♪
あたまポカポカ Atama pokopoko Heads all a-swoon-swoon
アホばっか〜♪ Aho baka〜♪ Buncha fools〜♪
きたのしまは Kita no shima wa The islands in the north are
さむい〜♪ Samui〜♪ Chilly〜♪
あたまブルブル Atama buruburu Heads all a-brr-brr
アホばっか〜♪ Aho baka〜♪ Buncha fools〜♪

SBS Lyrics[edit | edit source]

At a fan's request, these additional verses were provided in Chapter 311's SBS.

Japanese script Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
ひがしのしまは Higashi no shima wa The islands in the east are
朝早ェ〜♪ Asa haya-e〜♪ Early〜♪
元気モリモリ Genki morimori Hearts all a-woo-hoo
アホばっか〜♪ Aho baka〜♪ Buncha fools〜♪
にしのしまは Nishi no shima wa The islands in the west are
夜遅ェ〜♪ Yoru oso-e〜♪ Late〜♪
体ウキウキ Karada ukiuki Bodies all a-firey-wirey
アホばっか〜♪ Aho baka〜♪ Buncha fools〜♪
あああ〜あくびでた〜♪ Aā〜akubideta Ahh... what a yawn〜♪
みんなニコニコ〜♪ Min'na nikoniko〜♪ Everyone's smiley-wiley〜♪
アホばっか〜♪ Aho baka〜♪ Buncha fools〜♪

FUNimation Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Oh, the islands in the south are warm...
And their heads get really hot...
They grow-a pineapples...
They grow-a coconuts...
And they're all morons!

The islands in the north are snowy...
And their heads get really cold...
They're very chilly-chilly...
They're very willy-nilly...
And they're idiots!

Notes[edit | edit source]

In the manga, to reflect Luffy's childish nature, the lyrics are depicted solely in hiragana, even for words One Piece usually spells with the more sophisticated kanji system.

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