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Luffy's Baka Song

Luffy singing the first verse.

Luffy's Skypeia Song was a brief song, apparently of Monkey D. Luffy's own invention, meant to accompany exploration in Skypeia. Its two verses were first sung in Chapter 257 (Episode 169); Luffy had apparently prepared more verses, but was interrupted by Wyper before he could sing them.

It was sung again in Episode 291, by Luffy's Grand Jipang counterpart.


Japanese script Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
みなみのしまはMinami no shima waThe islands in the south are
あったけえ〜♪Atta ke-e〜♪Warm〜♪
あたまポカポカAtama pokopokoHeads all a-swoon-swoon
アホばっか〜♪Aho baka〜♪Buncha fools〜♪
きたのしまはKita no shima waThe islands in the north are
あたまブルブルAtama buruburuHeads all a-brr-brr
アホばっか〜♪Aho baka〜♪Buncha fools〜♪

SBS LyricsEdit

At a fan's request, these additional verses were provided in Chapter 311's SBS.

Japanese script Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
ひがしのしまはHigashi no shima waThe islands in the east are
朝早ェ〜♪Asa haya-e〜♪Early〜♪
元気モリモリGenki morimoriHearts all a-woo-hoo
アホばっか〜♪Aho baka〜♪Buncha fools〜♪
にしのしまはNishi no shima waThe islands in the west are
夜遅ェ〜♪Yoru oso-e〜♪Late〜♪
体ウキウキKarada ukiukiBodies all a-firey-wirey
アホばっか〜♪Aho baka〜♪Buncha fools〜♪
あああ〜あくびでた〜♪Aā〜akubidetaAhh... what a yawn〜♪
みんなニコニコ〜♪Min'na nikoniko〜♪Everyone's smiley-wiley〜♪
アホばっか〜♪Aho baka〜♪Buncha fools〜♪

FUNimation LyricsEdit

Oh, the islands in the south are warm...
And their heads get really hot...
They grow-a pineapples...
They grow-a coconuts...
And they're all morons!

The islands in the north are snowy...
And their heads get really cold...
They're very chilly-chilly...
They're very willy-nilly...
And they're idiots!


In the manga, to reflect Luffy's childish nature, the lyrics are depicted solely in hiragana, even for words One Piece usually spells with the more sophisticated kanji system.

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