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Not to be confused with the Ilusia Kingdom.

The Lulusia Kingdom is a World Government affiliated kingdom located in Paradise. It is located south-west to Marine Base G-2,[2] and close to Momoiro Island.[3]

Layout and Locations[edit | edit source]

The island has a large ragged mountain range and a vast wooden forest with pine trees. It has a very large castle, towering over the port town.

Unnamed Town[edit | edit source]

An unnamed town visited by Ace.

A town where Ace heard Blackbeard was seen. Pasta Lake is located there. It is near a river.[1]

Port Town[edit | edit source]

A port town that was attacked by the Pinkbeard Pirates, and was rescued by the Revolutionary Army's executives.[4]

Milk Farm[edit | edit source]

A farm where Moda works. Its main export is cow milk.[5]

Citizens[edit | edit source]

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Lulusia Kingdom
King Seki Princess Komane Kurotsuru
Moda Kyuji Koda

History[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

Sometime in the past, the kingdom affiliated itself with the World Government. G-2, a Marine Base, was then established nearby.

Ace's Great Blackbeard Search[edit | edit source]

After hearing rumors about Blackbeard being on the island, Ace traveled there as part of his search for vengeance. However, the rumors were proven misleading and lead him to Doctor Kurotsuru. After Ace dine-and-dashed and attacked the innocent doctor, the citizens threw him into the river.

Sometime later, Ace was rescued by Moda, a milk maiden, who in return for helping him asked him to deliver a letter to the nearby Marine Base G-2. After returning the favor, Moda was reunited with her parents Kyuji and Koda who worked at the base, and Ace left to continue his search.[6]

During the Timeskip[edit | edit source]

At some point during the timeskip, the kingdom was forced to offer gold to the World Nobles, which caused much of the kingdom (or at least its port city) to fall into poverty.

Levely Arc[edit | edit source]

The kingdom's royal family was heading to the upcoming Levely, but the family was attacked by pirates, and Princess Komane was kidnapped for ransom. When the report arrived to New Marineford and Sakazuki heard it, he became angry at their escort. Koby's team then rescued the princess.[7]

Meanwhile, back at the kingdom, Pinkbeard attacked a port city in the name of the Emperor Blackbeard. Despite the town's people begging to be left alone and saying the town was poor, the Pinkbeard Pirates continued their search for the Celestial Dragons’ gold. The Revolutionary Army executives then arrived and rallied the citizens to fight. After the pirates were defeated, Belo Betty told the citizens to claim Pinkbeard's bounty and gave them a way to contact the revolutionaries in case they need help before leaving with her team.[4]

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