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Lunarians[5] are a race of people from the Red Line capable of creating fire from their body.[3] The race is commonly thought to be extinct, with King as the only known survivor.[6]


While mostly human-looking, lunarians are noted for the following distinctive traits: a pair of black-feathered wings on their back (similar to, but significantly larger than, the wings of sky island residents), as well as silver-white hair and brown skin. In addition, lunarians have a plume of fire visibly, near-constantly burn on their upper back, although it will go out at certain points.[2] King in particular is also a man of incredible stature, but it is unknown if lunarians in general are taller than regular humans.


Lunarians possess the ability to "ignite" (発火 hakka?) their body and manipulate the fire they create.[3] Additionally, their physiology somehow grants lunarians incredible resistance to physical harm, allowing them to thrive in any natural environment.[4][7] However, it appears that, at certain points, a lunarian's signature durability is lost when the flame burning at their back goes out, though they will gain extra speed in exchange.[8] Whether a lunarian's flame extinguishes only when they want it to or if there is a time limit on how long their flame (and thus their bodily defense) can persist is currently unclear.

Unlike the inhabitants of sky islands, a lunarian's wings appear to be extremely functional and allow swift and extremely fast flight with no visible drain.[9]

Inter-species Relationships

Lunarians used to be known as a tribe of "gods" while they dwelled on top of the Red Line. According to Whitebeard, there used to exist a "Kingdom of Gods" (神の国 Kami no Kuni?) on the red continent long before Mary Geoise was ever there.[10][4]

However, under as-of-yet unknown circumstances, lunarians have gone nearly extinct, with but a single survivor of the tribe currently known.[6][4] The World Government seemingly hunts lunarians around the world to this day, rewarding anyone with a handsome sum of Beli.png100,000,000 for any tip-off about a lunarian's whereabouts.[11] When Kaidou discovered King, then known as Alber, on Punk Hazard, he noted that the Government would never give him up.[12]

Accordingly, lunarians are one of only three races not present in the nation of Totto Land, where various races of the world unite. For this reason, Charlotte Linlin has expressed her wish to recruit King into her crew, so that she can have a lunarian reside in her nation.[6]

Overall Strength

King shaping his flames into a dragon.

Lunarians have the ability to emit fire from their bodies that they can control and weaponize in combat, such as using flames to boost the power behind their melee attacks by cladding their limbs in fire,[13] unleashing powerful fire blasts,[14][15] and even shaping flames into constructs, including very large ones.[16] At their strongest, King's flames are shown to be so potent that they appear to take on the consistency of magma.[17] However, it is unknown if a lunarian's excessive use of their flames causes them any kind of drawback.

He can't beat King...!! That guy's a remnant of the extinct lunarian tribe!! A monster that can survive in any natural environment. In the distant past, "gods"... That's what they were called!!
— Queen on King's lunarian heritage.[4]

Other than that, lunarians are noted for their incredible physical resilience, something that supposedly contributed to them being called "gods" before going extinct. The surviving lunarian King has been described by Queen as a "monster that can survive in any natural environment",[4] and he was decades ago experimented on by the World Government specifically to test his bodily endurance.[7] In the present, King has shown the ability to withstand extremely powerful attacks without shedding a single drop of blood.[18] More than that, lunarians either lose, after some time, or can deliberately turn off the flames burning at their back, which will cause them to temporarily lose said characteristic endurance, although this loss comes in exchange for a drastic boost in mobility, allowing members of this tribe to reach speeds faster than the untrained can follow.[8]


  • Lunaria is Latin for "moon-like". In fiction, the term "Lunarian" is sometimes used to describe inhabitants of the moon.
    • Interestingly, the tribes that reside on the Sky Islands, which possess distinctive wings on their backs much like lunarians, did originate from the Moon;[19] however, there has yet to be any indication given that lunarians share this origin.
  • King's facial tattoo resembles the stylized version of the moonwort flower known as Botrychium lunaria.
  • The lunarians' ability to create and control fire is similar to the minks' natural ability to conjure electricity from their bodies, as well as the abilities of fish-men and merfolk to manipulate water via Fish-Man Karate and Merman Combat.


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