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The Lvneel Kingdom is a kingdom in the North Blue. This is where Mont Blanc Noland was born and where he was executed. This is also Mont Blanc Cricket's ancestral home.[1] It is unknown if Lvneel was an affiliate of the World Government, as the king stated he had to request Mary Geoise for permission first before entering the Grand Line.

Lvneel appeared fully in Wyper's flashback during the Skypiea Arc.[2] It appeared to have rolling green hills with buildings that resembled a northern European style of architecture.

It appears again when Donquixote Rosinante and Trafalgar Law visited this island while looking for a cure for Law's disease.[3][4]


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Lvneel Kingdom
Mont Blanc Noland  King of Lvneel  Noland's Doctor  Mont Blanc Cricket 

Noland's Doctor

The doctor who accompanied Noland on the trip wears a white cap and has a little visible beard. He tends to drink a little when he is depressed. He talked to Mousse about what happened to the trees during the "Relative Trees Affair". He first appeared in Chapter 287 and Episode 187.


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