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The Lvneel Kingdom is a kingdom in the North Blue. This is where Mont Blanc Noland was born and where he was executed. This is also Mont Blanc Cricket's ancestral home.[1]


400 years ago, Lvneel looked like a typical sleepy village, with rolling green hills, pine trees and wooden houses, plus the royal castle looming over the rest of the kingdom. The country had at least one port and an execution stand.

It is unknown if Lvneel is or was unaffiliated with the World Government, as the king stated he had to request Mary Geoise for permission first before entering the Grand Line.


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Lvneel Kingdom
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Noland telling his king about Shandora.

400 years ago, Mont Blanc Noland, a famous explorer from Lvneel Kingdom, set off in an expedition to the Grand Line. While there, he landed on Jaya and met the Shandia, having saved their lives from a devastating plague and earning their friendship and gratitude. He also learned about and got to visit Shandora, the legendary city of gold, but due to a misunderstanding regarding a local disease, he and his crew decided not to take any gold during their leave out of respect for Jaya's natives. When Noland returned to Lvneel, he told his king about his adventure at Jaya and discovery of the fabled Shandora, with the king showing great interest in it.

Noland arriving at Jaya with his king.

Five years later, King Aruyutayan V received authorization for another expedition led by Noland on the Grand Line, although this time, he and his soldiers were to accompany Noland instead of the latter's usual crew, leading to a turbulent voyage due to the soldiers' inexperience at sailing. Unknowingly to Noland, half of Jaya had been shot up to the sky by the Knock Up Stream a year before his second arrival, leaving only the empty forested side of the island behind. Arriving there and finding nothing, King Aruyutayan angrily accused Noland of having deceived him.

Noland is sentenced with execution.

The failed expedition then returned to Lvneel, where Noland was set to be executed in public for supposedly lying to the crown. A false witness was arranged to testify against Noland, posing as one of his crew members to the protest of Noland's real crewmates, who all attempted to interfere in the execution, but were suppressed by the royal army under King Aruyutayan's orders. Before his death, Noland insisted about Shandora's existence and was deeply saddened about his Shandia friends suddenly vanishing.

Liar Noland, the book that distorted Noland's legacy.

A children's book about the event was eventually commissioned by the Lvneel government, although with the facts heavily distorted to make Noland look more like a buffoon and the Lvneel king a heroic figure. Thanks to this book's popularity over the North Blue, the Mont Blanc family had to live in ostracism, with one descendant setting off on an adventure of his own in order to prove that Noland was not wrong, centuries later.

Lvneel appeared once more when Donquixote Rosinante and Trafalgar Law visited this island while looking for a cure for Law's disease.[2][3]


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