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Märchen Time is the 8th story in the Straw Hat Theater series. It was originally published in The 10th Log: Bell on June 10, 2008.


Eiichiro Oda begins the preface by trying to escape from his editor again, but is caught and handed three blank sheets of paper. Oda claims he is busy (playing around) and that it takes a long time just to think of a good story. However, his editor reveals that they have been asking for requests from readers, so Oda is forced to give in. Oda picked the request "What if Luffy and the others took a trip to a fairy tale world?" by Shun Mirikitani from the Hiroshima Prefecture.


Broobuu, Chobuu and Lubuu.

Lubuu, Chobuu, and Brubuu are introduced as three pig brothers who built houses out of straw, sticks, and bricks. Fragaruru, the big bad wolf, decides to blow their houses down with a 'Wolf de Vent'. The three pigs respond with violence, forcing Fragaruru to rebuild everything he knocked down.

Meanwhile, Zoro White, a misfortunate princess, runs away from her castle because her stepmother is jealous of her beauty and treats her badly. Zoro White comforts herself by saying that she's sure prince charming will one day to sweep her off her feet. Usochi, the honest fairy godmother, gives Zoro White a stunning dress before commenting that Zoro White looks 'seriously creepy'.

While riding her carriage into town, Zoro White meets the three pigs who invite her into their new home. However, little does Zoro White know that her stepmother, Nami Queen has decided to kill her with poisoned apples. The three pigs offer Zoro White apples that they had bought from an old lady, and the poison takes effect and puts Zoro White in a comatose state, only to be awakened by true love's kiss.

Prince Robipri is introduced, standing next to a lake where his axe had fallen into. Sanchuu, the lake goddess, retrieves it for him before asking if what Robipri truly wants who she really is. Robipri ignores Sanchuu and sets off on his horse. Seeing the sad looks of the three pigs and wanting to help them, Robipri asks to see Zoro White.

After a glance, Prince Robipri decides Zoro White is unloveable, leaving Brobuu to bury her. And they all lived 'happily ever after.'


  • Lubuu (ルブー Rubū?): The Eldest Brother Pig, who built a house made of straw. Played by Luffy.
  • Chobuu (チョブー Chobū?): The Middle Brother Pig, who built a house made of sticks. Played by Chopper.
  • Broobuu (ブルッブー Burubbū?): The Youngest Brother Pig, who built a house made of bricks. Played by Brook.
  • Fragaruru (フラガルル Furagaruru?): The Big Bad Wolf. Played by Franky.
  • Zoro White (ゾロ雪姫 Zoroyuki-hime?, literally meaning "Zoro Snow Princess"): The Misfortunate Princess, played by Zoro.
  • Granny Usocchi (ウソッチばーさん Usocchi Bāsan?): The Honest Fairy Godmother, played by Usopp.
  • Nami Queen (ナミクイーン Nami Kuīn?): The Queen, and Zoro White's evil stepmother, played by Nami.
  • Prince Robipri (ロビプリ王子 Robipuri Ouji?): Prince of a Neighboring Country, played by Robin.
  • Sanchuu (サンチュー Sanchū?): The Lake Goddess, played by Sanji.


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