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M. Danbo was the father of Mobambi, the boy from the third movie.


Danbo was a young man with brown and curly hair. He wore a tie and a shirt. He also had glasses.


As a father, Danbo really loved his son and died trying to protect him from the fury of Battler. He also had the typical mentality of a scientist: curiosity and thirst of new discoveries, as he decided to study the entire animal population of an island.[1]



Many years ago, M. Danbo worked together with Battler because they were both zoologists.[1]

Danbo decided to study the animals that lived on Crown Island and took a boat with his son Mobambi. Battler, having discovered that on the island there was an animal with horns able to give "the power to shake the world", thought that Danbo was looking for them and followed his colleague. The two men fought and Battler killed Danbo.[1]


M. Danbo's Logbook

The signature of Mobambi's father seen on his log book.

M. Danbo's name, despite being partially initialed, is discernible from his signature on a log note book that he wrote which was taken from the ruins of his cabin. [1]


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