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MAX Marx[2] was a member of the Roger Pirates until the crew's dissolution. His current whereabouts and status are unknown.


Marx's concept art.

Marx is a tall, muscular man with broad shoulders, large arms, and slim legs. He has medium-length, dark-colored hair, a mustache, a beard, a widow's peak, and prominent lips. He also has a tattoo on his neck.

In his concept art, his tattoo stretched down his left arm.[2]


Marx was shocked at seeing the Sky Island of Skypiea.[1]



After the crew took the Knock Up Stream, Marx stood with his crewmates in shock at the sight of Skypiea.[1]

Marx later sat in on a meeting with Roger and some of the other crew members about their plans to sail to the final island on the Grand Line.[3]

After the Roger Pirates disbanded, it is unknown what became of Marx.[4]


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