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Machina Hallelujah[2] was a ship used by Gaimon's crew when he was a pirate.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Machina Hallelujah is a small ship with three masts, rails with a wave-like design, and figurehead resembling a dragon. It also has three cannons on its right side.



Twenty-two years ago, the Machina Hallelujah docked at the Island of Rare Animals. The ship's crew searched the island for treasure but left when they found nothing. They also abandoned Gaimon, who became stuck in a treasure chest after falling into it from a cliff.[1]


  • The ship's name may be a reference to deus ex machina (lit. "God out of the machine"), a term commonly applied to abrupt and/or illogical plot-devices in fiction. Hallelujah, specifically, is a Hebrew phrase directly associated with the Biblical God.


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