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The Macro Pirates are a trio of fish-men who are notable for attempting to abduct the mermaid Camie thirty-one times.[1][2]


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Macro Pirates
Macro Gyaro Tansui

The crew is rather small, as it only has three members: Macro, Gyaro, and Tansui.[2] They were originally part of the Sun Pirates' crew which was later divided into three factions, Jinbe's crew, the Arlong Pirates, and the Macro Pirates.[3]


The crew's ship.

The Macro Pirates' ship is an odd craft with paddle wheels and a large fish bowl taking up all the room on the back half of the ship. The steering is on the front of the ship, and a small cabin is located on the front half of the ship. On top of the cabin is a rooftop held by pillars, a fish on top of the roof and a sofa with a high back underneath. The crew's Jolly Roger is on top of the tank. It was only seen briefly in Hatchan's cover story before Hatchan destroyed it.[4]



The trio used to be friends of Hatchan, as they were once members of the Sun Pirates like him.[3]

Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll

They first appeared when Hatchan sold Camie to them in exchange for a map.[1][5] Hatchan later comes to believe the map they sold him was a fake, and he destroys their ship, beats them up and frees Camie.[6] As a result, the crew and Hatchan ended up on negative terms.

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

The Macro Pirates worked for the kidnapping ring leader Duval, near the Sabaody Archipelago, in order to capture Hatchan and Camie. After Hatchan was freed, they attacked him, but were easily defeated.[7]

Translation and Dub Issues

Upon their introduction in the cover story of Chapter 197, VIZ Media translated the name of the crew as the "Macro Fishman Pirates". Despite this, the next time the crew is named at the end of Chapter 491, their name is instead translated as "Makuro Gang". The name changes a third time in the following chapter, where it is written as "Macro Gang".


  • Despite the strong feelings against slavery taken by most fish-men, Macro and his group show no objections towards the idea of selling mermaids or other fish-men as slaves. Additionally, they were once members of the Sun Pirates, who hated that kind of behavior among humans.
  • All the fish-men that make up the crew are freshwater fish.
  • They are currently the smallest known crew in the series, made up of only three members.


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