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A tattoo associated with Squard

The Maelstrom Spider Pirates[5] is a pirate crew, led by Squard. It is a subordinate crew of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Crew Strength

The crew from twenty-four years ago was unknown, but they were decimated by the Roger Pirates, with their captain the sole survivor. The current crew is presumably strong, as their captain has managed to make himself a reputation in the second half of the Grand Line, and are a subordinate crew of the Whitebeard Pirates.


Real Spider

The Maelstrom Spider Pirates possess a ship called the Real Spider (レアルスパイダー号 Rearu Supaidā-gō?).[6] Its appearance is unknown, as has yet to be shown. It is also unknown if the ship was used by the crew during the Summit War of Marineford, as the only ship they were shown using was one that belong to Whitebeard.


Twenty-Four Years Ago

Twenty-four years before the start of the storyline, the Maelstrom Spider Pirates were massacred by Gol D. Roger. Their captain, Squard, was the only survivor, which led him to develop a hatred against the pirate king. He was plunged into a deep depression until meeting Roger's rival, Edward Newgate, also known as "Whitebeard", who adopted him as a son, saving him from the loneliness. From this, Squard was able to regain enough confidence and rebuild his crew, forming a new Maelstrom Spider Pirates, which was a subordinate crew of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Summit War of Marineford

The Maelstrom Spider Pirates were amongst the forty-three New World pirate crews to join the Whitebeard Pirates in attacking the Marines to save Portgas D. Ace from execution. Squard was manipulated by Admiral Akainu to attack Whitebeard, with Ace being Roger's son as the catalyst. Despite this, Squard was forgiven and he and his crew continued to fight against the Marines on Whitebeard's sakes. They tried to destroy Marineford after Ace was rescued by commandeering one of Whitebeard's paddle-boats, as Squard's way of repentance, but Whitebeard ordered them all to retreat. After Whitebeard died at the hands of the Blackbeard Pirates and truce was declared, the Maelstrom Spider Pirates left tearfully, in order to hold a funeral for Ace and Whitebeard.


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