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The Magistrate is a Wano Country government official who lives in the Flower Capital.[2] He is a murderer who attacked strangers at night.[1]


The Magistrate's anime concept art.

The Magistrate is an average-sized man with thick eyebrows and black hair tied in a topknot. He wears a dark blue kimono, light blue hakama and a light blue vest.


The Magistrate is a cruel individual who murdered random people to sate his bloodlust. He is cunning and remorseless enough to frame an innocent man as the perpetrator and sentence him to seppuku. He seems to hold an interest in high-quality swords like the Meito Shusui, as he was even drooling slightly while holding the sword in his possession. The Magistrate was perceptive enough to acknowledge that Zoro could not be the thief of Shusui due to his young age, and instead believing him to have taken it from the thief.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As the Magistrate, he commands a large number of samurai and has jurisdiction over the Flower Capital.[1]


He has some skill with a sword as he is secretly an infamous street slasher who has evaded capture for a long time. In the anime, he is seen practicing his swordsmanship on a straw dummy and cutting it cleanly in half.[1]


Zoro cuts down the magistrate.


At some point, the Magistrate became a street slasher who murdered people at night. He had claimed three victims in a month when the ronin Zorojuro was caught as the perpetrator.[1]

Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

The Magistrate convicted Zorojuro of being the street slasher sentenced him to commit seppuku. While he was overseeing the sentence, he examined the sword Shusui which he had extracted from the convict. However, he was cut by Zoro using the seppuku knife after the latter deduced him as the true culprit. Zoro subsequently became a wanted criminal all across the Wano Country for the crime of attacking the Magistrate.[1]

Anime and Manga Differences

The Magistrate at night as the street slasher.

The anime expands upon the sequence of events leading to Zoro's conviction. The Magistrate is shown killing a man at night before running into Zoro, who decides to confront him. However, a crowd of people soon rushes to the street, which allows the Magistrate to flee the scene while Zoro is mistaken for the culprit. The next day, the Magistrate is seen practicing his swordsmanship against a straw dummy before Zoro is brought in. The Magistrate also explains his philosophy that swords become stronger by absorbing human blood.[3]


  • Magistrates (bugyō) were samurai officials in feudal Japan.
  • His crimes are referred to as tsujigiri, which is a Japanese term for a practice where a samurai tests the effectiveness of a sword by using it against human opponents. The added scenes in the anime tie in with the notion that the Magistrate wanted to improve his sword's effectiveness.


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