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The Magu Magu no Mi is a Logia-type[2] Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into magma at will, turning the user into a Magma Human (マグマ人間, Maguma Ningen?).[3] It was eaten by Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, formerly known as Admiral Akainu.

The fruit's power was first shown during the Summit War of Marineford,[4] but its name was not revealed until SBS Volume 62.[3]


  • "Magu" comes from maguma (マグマ?), the Japanese word for and pronunciation of "magma" in English.
  • In the VIZ manga, it is called the Mag-Mag Fruit, "mag" standing for "magma".

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


Sakazuki Attacks Whitebeard

Sakazuki's magma is strong enough to severely injure Whitebeard, one of the Four Emperors.

Even when compared to the standard Logia, which are powerful in their own right, the Magu Magu no Mi possesses incredible power, particularly in terms of offense. The main strength of this Devil Fruit is that it allows the user to become, control and produce magma (molten rock) to attack their opponents with. The intense heat can vaporize an iceberg instantly and boil seawater that the magma happens to land in. Additionally, the heat from the magma melts away almost any flesh or metal it comes in contact with and is capable of burning away entire parts of a human body, leaving the victim in a scarred or disfigured shape.[5][6][7] With this power running for a ten-day battle, it was strong enough to permanently change the weather of one half of an island into a blazing inferno.[8]

Magu Magu no Mi's Intangible

Sakazuki surviving an otherwise lethal attack.

As a Logia, it can let physical attacks, such as punches and slashes, harmlessly pass through the user unless they are imbued with Busoshoku Haki. Because of the fruit's natural element, if one were to attempt to strike the user with their own body, they would end up seriously injured or burned. Weapons, such as swords, were also shown to melt after coming into contact with Akainu.[9]

Our powers are in a relationship of superiority!
— Sakazuki states the reason of how he defeated Ace[2]

Ace Saves Luffy

Akainu fatally wounds Ace.

This fruit's ability is naturally of a higher order than the fire-manipulating Mera Mera no Mi,[10] with the magma produced able to consume the opposing flames, and neutralize the fire-based intangibility, harming the user.[2]

The Magu Magu no Mi has one of the highest offensive power among the Devil Fruits[11] and its strength is powerful enough to take on people like Emporio Ivankov[12] and Jinbe[9] with minimal effort. The magma is hot enough to melt even a Pacifista armoring.[7]


Shanks Saves Koby From Sakazuki

Shanks stopping Sakazuki's magma with his Haki-coated blade.

Aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, the powers do not seem to be weak against anything specific. In fact, the only things that the Magu Magu no Mi could not burn were the flames produced by Marco's Mythical Zoan fruit (however, in the anime, Sakazuki was still able to push Marco aside in order to reach Luffy with another burst of magma), Vista's swords, Shanks' saber, and Whitebeard's bisento. Additionally, despite having abilities naturally vulnerable to the fruit's power, Aokiji was able to deal grievous injuries to the other Admiral during their ten-day duel.[13][14]

Other ways the user can be hurt include if the user is touching Seastone, being caught off guard (assuming they are not trained to transform reflexively), and being attacked by the fruit's elemental weakness (though no such weakness has been canonically revealed so far). Like any Devil Fruit, Busoshoku Haki can bypass its intangibility. However, Sakazuki demonstrated some degree of resistance toward Haki-powered attacks, as both Marco and Vista failed to bypass his body's elementality. So far, only Whitebeard was successful in injuring him with Haki.

Other than that, the user is affected by standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Akainu Defeats Curiel

Sakazuki magma punching his foes down.

Sakazuki's signature method of offense is to transform his fist into magma and expand it with a forward motion, usually in the form of a punch (in the anime, it is also shown that Sakazuki can launch his magma fists much like a rocket punch). Just by forming an attack, the heat coming off his body has been shown to melt enemy weapons around him. Sakazuki has been shown to repeatedly pierce through the bodies of his adversaries with ease using his power, and was responsible for the complete destruction of the Moby Dick as a side-effect of using a single one of his techniques.

Along with the incredible corrosion and temperatures, the magma-based attacks also carry highly explosive properties; one attack is enough to cause an explosion capable of inflicting tremendous damage throughout the entire battlefield. In the anime, this Devil Fruit also carries concussive force great enough to allow Sakazuki, at one point, to clash with Whitebeard's quake-imbued fist.[15]

When it comes to transport, Sakazuki can move at extremely high speeds by launching himself like an actual volcano blast towards his target, and can even melt solid earth and rock to make tunnels to move through the underground.[16]


Akainu vs Block of Ice

Dai Funka.

  • Dai Funka (大噴火だいふんか, Dai Funka?, literally meaning "Great/Major Eruption"): Sakazuki's signature attack. He transforms his (usually right) fist into pure magma before expanding and throwing it forward akin to an oversized rocket, burning whatever lies in its path. The giant fist may further be made to explode, bursting apart into igneous rock fragments that hit the ground akin to small meteors. The Dai Funka was first seen used by Akainu to swiftly evaporate an iceberg hurled at his fellow Marines by Jozu.[4] According to spectators, the below battlefield resembled an apocalypse after this one attack. In the VIZ manga and Funimation adaptations, the move is called Great Eruption.
Ryusei Kazan

Ryusei Kazan.

  • Ryusei Kazan (流星火山りゅうせいかざん, Ryūsei Kazan?, literally meaning "Meteor Volcano"): An attack resembling Dai Funka, but with multiple giant magma fists rather than just one. Sakazuki points both fists into the air and fires a great number of magmic fists upwards in order to let them rain down upon the battlefield, wreaking enormous area damage in what resembles a cross between a volcanic eruption and a meteor shower. The attack was first seen used to swiftly destroy an extremely thick ice floor created by Aokiji, causing the pirates standing upon it to fall into the sea below, with the seawater itself starting to boil and scalding anyone who remained in it. Even Whitebeard's flagship, the Moby Dick, quickly sank after being hit by the attack. In the anime, the meteoric fists were first seen flying high into the sky and above the clouds, then falling back down after a delay as if truly descending from space; the anime also added a fireworks' sound effect during said firing and falling of the fists.[17] Further in the anime, Sakazuki was shown able to use Ryusei Kazan as a close-range, rapid-projectile attack, as seen when he fired it off against Whitebeard, and as his Kizuna Rush/Level 2 special in Pirate Warriors 3.[18] In the VIZ manga and Funimation adaptations, the move is called Meteor Volcano.
Inugami Guren

Inugami Guren.

  • Inugami Guren (犬噛紅蓮いぬがみぐれん, Inugami Guren?, literally meaning "Dog Biting Crimson Lotus"): An attack where Akainu creates a wave of magma shaped like a fanged doghead and launches it against his opponent. It was first used against Whitebeard who successfully deflected the attack.[19] The name of the technique plays on inugami (犬神, inugami?, literally meaning "dog god/spirit"), which in Japanese folklore describes the possession of humans by the spirits of dogs (similar to kitsunetsuki). Although it remained unnamed in the manga, the technique has its name introduced in the anime.[20] In the video game Gigant Battle, the technique is instead called Gansho Kenga (岩漿犬牙がんしょうけんが, Ganshō Kenga?, literally meaning "Magma Dog Fang").[21] However, it is still unknown if either of the names are officially given by Oda or not. In the Funimation adaptations, the name is Hound Blaze. In the English localization of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and in J-Stars Victory Vs., it is called Hound Crimson Lotus.
Meigo on Whitebeard

Sakazuki using Meigo on Whitebeard.

  • Meigo (冥狗めいごう, Meigō?, literally meaning "Dark Hound"): Sakazuki transforms his hand into magma and lashes out at the opponent with a claw-thrust. This simple blow was shown powerful enough to melt off part of Whitebeard's head with a glancing blow. In the anime, as to severely censor the gore, this technique's execution is different: Sakazuki punches into and pierces his opponent's body with a molten rock fist in a stance similar to Dai Funka, then detonates it, filling the victim's body with magma and inflicting massive internal damage. Against Whitebeard, it caused the pirate's stomach to be burned from within, while leaving a residual fire flickering at the wound.[22] In the VIZ manga, this attack is called Hellhound, and in the Funimation adaptations it is called Hell Hound.

Non-Canon Techniques[]

Video Game Techniques[]

  • Bakuretsu Kazan (爆裂火山ばくれつかざん, Bakuretsu Kazan?, literally meaning "Exploding Volcano"): Sakazuki transforms his hand into magma, and then punches the ground. This results in an eruption of volcanic rocks around the punched area and several spots around it, inflicting damage to anyone within the blast radius. This technique is seen only in One Piece: Pirate Warriors (as Akainu's final basic attack string input, his C2 first input and used as a CPU) and J-Stars Victory VS (as a special move; the latter game allows the attack to strike at far distances underneath someone, and is more clearly named).
    • Kazan Bakuhatsu (火山爆発かざんばくはつ, Kazan Bakuhatsu?, literally meaning "Volcano Explosion"): A variation of the above used as a CPU-only attack in Pirate Warriors, where he performs his normal attack string finisher to rapidly erupt lava balls from below his target's feet. The move's name can be heard if a mod is used to play as the CPU version of Sakazuki, but also appears as one of his selectable R1 special attacks in Pirate Warriors 4.
  • You're Next! (?): Sakazuki transforms his body into magma and performs an uppercut with his left fist made of magma, then follows up the attack with a punch with his right fist (when facing a single opponent). If fighting against a team of opponents, the uppercut will force the opponent to swap out and the follow-up attack will hit the teammate that is swapped in. This technique appears in One Piece: Burning Blood as Sakazuki's Unique Special Attack.


  • This was the last Logia-type Devil Fruit to be revealed in the series before the timeskip.


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