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Maha[3] is a member of the intelligence agency CP0.[1]

Due to his actions and role, he is a supporting antagonist during the Wano Country Arc.


Maha seems to be taller and slimmer than the other agents. He has a light colored mask with round eyes, a cylindrical mouthpiece that sticks out, a high hat, and a long holding stick that he grasps with both hands in front of himself. His hair is green and wild. Like most CP0 members, he wears a white suit and cape.[1]


Like most of CP0's agents, Maha is professional and prioritizes his missions above all else. Maha takes the World Government's reputation very seriously, declaring that the fugitive Who's-Who must be eliminated.[4]

Abilities and Powers

Maha's overall abilities remain mostly unseen. However, the fact he wears a mask puts him among the top operatives of CP0, according to Nico Robin.[5]

Physical Abilities

As one of CP0's top agents, Maha possesses a great amount of strength. During his pursuit of Nico Robin, he and another agent defeated various powerful individuals present at Onigashima, including numerous Mink warriors[5], Zanki (one of the Numbers, and with little difficulty)[6], and even Izou (a former commander of the Whitebeard Pirates), though they fought each other to a mutual defeat.[7]

He also displayed a great degree of stamina and endurance, showing no signs of exhaustion after multiple battles. He also dove through Kazenbo and emerged unscathed, despite being engulfed in flames in the process.[8]


Being an agent of CP0, the elite Cipher Pol agency, Maha can be assumed to be a master assassin and user of Rokushiki.[5]

He was shown to have access to at least Shigan.[9]


Wano Country Arc

In the Flower Capital, Maha, Guernica, and another CP0 agent negotiated with Shogun Kurozumi Orochi about the new supply of weapons to the World Government after the arrest of Donquixote Doflamingo. Due to Orochi's surreal demands, CP0 was unable to agree to his terms.[1]

The CP0 agents monitor the raid on Onigashima.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Maha and the two other agents stayed in Onigashima's guest room and used a Go board to track the forces during the raid on Onigashima.[10] Maha questioned why another agent brought up that Vegapunk had extracted the Lineage Factor from Kaidou's Devil Fruit and created an Artificial Devil Fruit since the explosion on Punk Hazard had destroyed the lab.[11] When the battle turned in favor of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, Maha claimed that either side's victory was irrelevant to them and commented that Who's-Who's death needed to be confirmed. Maha reasoned that leaving a fugitive was a precedent they could not allow to happen, but his companions assured him that Who's-Who would not survive his battle with Jinbe.[4]

Maha and his partner find and pursue Robin.

After hearing about the events of the battle that took place and seeing how little by little the numbers of the rebels were assimilating those of their enemies, Maha and the other two agents received priority orders through Rob Lucci to capture Nico Robin,[12] whereupon Maha and another member immediately left their hideout in order to search and arrest her.[13] Both members ended up finding Robin and Brook somewhere in the second floor and began to give chase, defeating countless warriors of the Mink Tribe who dared to get in their way to slow them down.[5]

Maha and his partner are confronted by Drake and Apoo.

The chase led both members to the basement as they got caught by surprise by Kazenbo, who engulfed them in flames, although they emerged unscathed. Scratchmen Apoo took the opportunity to photograph them with the intent of revealing their connections with Kaidou to Morgans. Intending to keep their business secret, CP0 confronted both Apoo and X Drake, the latter whose true identity they knew.[14] Apoo quickly fled the fight leaving an outmatched Drake and Zanki against the government agents, as Maha noticed the longarm deserting the battle. Immediately after that, Guernica called and informed them about the great defeats produced on Kaidou's side, as well as the massive implications that a loss from the Four Emperors would mean to the current state of the world.[15]

Maha and Izou defeat each other.

Shortly after, Izou dropped down from the floor above and landed near the CP0 agents. The agents were willing to ignore the Whitebeard pirate despite the conflict of interest, but Izou refused to let them pass.[16] Despite being outnumbered, Izou fought the two agents, ending with him and Maha simultaneously knocking each other out. This resulted in Izou's death, and Maha's status remains unknown.[17][18]

Major Battles


  • His name is likely a reference to the Francisco Goya paintings La maja vestida (The Clothed Maja) and La maja desnuda (The Nude Maja), the latter of which fell under investigation by the Spanish Inquisition for its depiction of nudity.
    • He and his fellow CP0 agent Guernica may also share a reference to the Japanese writer Maha Harada, whose pen name is derived from the aforementioned Goya paintings, and her book Guernica Undercover (暗幕のゲルニカ Anmaku no Gerunika?) which focuses on Picasso's painting Guernica.


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