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Maidy is a servant in the castle of Vivi's family.[2] She helped Terracotta make a dress for Vivi for the speech Vivi delivered to the people of Arabasta.[1]


She is a middle-aged woman with brown hair and dark eyes. She wears a purple maid dress with a frilly white border and a white hat with a light colored part in the front, with an intricate design.[1]


She seems to be helpful since she is often seen assisting Terracotta in her duties.[1]


Arabasta Arc

She was first seen helping Vivi getting dressed and doing her hair on the morning of Princess Vivi's big speech for her Coming-of-Age ceremony. She commented on the fact that the speech was going to be broadcast around the whole country via Den Den Mushi and that the square was already packed hours before the official start of the broadcast.[1]

From the Decks of the World

Maidy fitting Pell for the Levely.

After the timeskip, Maidy was seen taking Pell's measurements so he could have new clothes in time for the upcoming Levely.[3]


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