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The Maki Maki no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and control scrolls at will, which have special properties, including the ability to store objects inside them. It was eaten by Raizo.[1]


  • "Maki" is short for Makimono (巻物?), the Japanese word for "scroll".

Strengths and Weaknesses

Raizo releasing Kaido's sealed attack from a scroll after wrapping it around his body.

With this power, the user can manifest and telekinetically control scrolls. These scrolls can change size as the user wills, being capable of growing big enough to dwarf people in size and extending long enough to wrap around Kaido's extremely long dragon body. Scrolls can be summoned and unrolled almost instantaneously.

The scrolls possess the special ability of storing objects inside them, allowing them to intercept and capture any attacks performed by the user's opponents, even energy attacks like Kaido's fire breath. On the user's command, the attack can be released from the scroll at any time, potentially allowing the user to turn their opponent's attack directly against them. With the scroll being able to fully wrap around anyone, this gives the user the opportunity to hit their opponent's entire body with the attack.[1]

No weaknesses of this power are currently known aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Raizo first used this power in open combat against Kaido, using a scroll to capture the Emperor's fire breath and redirect it at him. Since he lacks knowledge of Devil Fruits and their properties, he refers to this power as a "jutsu", considering it one of his ninjutsu techniques.[1]


  • Hokan (奉還 Hōkan?, literally meaning "Restoration"): After using a scroll to intercept his opponent's attack and wrapping the scroll around his opponent's body, Raizo releases their attack from the scroll to strike them across their whole body. Before unleashing this attack, Raizo says "Return" (お返しいたす Okaeshi itasu?) followed by the name of the opponent's attack. It was first used against Kaido to redirect his Bolo Breath attack back at him.[1]


  • This power is quite similar to that of the Buku Buku no Mi, as both give the users special control over a specific kind of written medium (books in the latter's case), including using that medium to store objects.


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