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For Jack's Devil Fruit, see Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth.

The Mammoth was a ship captained by Jack of the Beasts Pirates.[2] It was destroyed by Zunesha during Jack's second attack on Zou.[3]

Ship Design

The ship's figurehead was that of a mammoth's head, hence the name. It also had the Beasts Pirates' Jolly Roger located on the main sail.[1]


Dressrosa Arc

Jack sailed the Mammoth to the Marine convoy carrying the imprisoned Donquixote Doflamingo, with the intention of rescuing Doflamingo.

Zou Arc

Jack went through with his plan of attack, and managed to sink two of the four escort ships before being defeated by the marines led by Admiral Fujitora and former Fleet Admiral Sengoku.[1]

Jack on board of the Mammoth, returning to Zou.

The ship survived the battle and was still buoyant, although it sustained heavy damage on the sails and the hull, and all the windows shattered.[4] Jack led it and the rest of his fleet back to Zou, where he intended to bring down the elephant carrying it.[5]

The Mammoth smashed to smithereens.

Jack used the Mammoth along with a convoy of four other ships to attack Zunesha, bombarding its leg with a torrent of cannon fire. However, when Zunesha was ordered to fight by Kozuki Momonosuke, with one swing of its trunk, it completely obliterated the Mammoth.[3]


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