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Man-Demon Tactics[2] is Gin's fighting style. The style centers around his tonfa and incorporates his dexterity and strength.[3]


Gin's tonfas act like hammers, gaining more power from Gin spinning them by their handles and building up momentum for his swing.[4] Combined with his own abilities, Gin is a very deadly opponent when using these, as shown when he smashed Pearl's iron shields with a single blow while moving so quickly that he took Pearl by surprise.[1] This is a testament to his strength, as even Sanji could not make a scratch on Pearl's shields.[5]


  • Kijin Ranbu (鬼人乱舞, Kijin Ranbu?, literally meaning "Demonic Dance"): Gin leaps forward at his enemy with one of his tonfas swinging and lands in a crouched position, slamming one of them down onto the opponent or ground in front of him. This technique was first used against Sanji,[6] but it was only given a non-canon name in One Piece Treasure Cruise.

Video Game Only[]

  • Krieg Kantai Delta Explosion (クリーク艦隊・デルタエクスプロージョン, Kurīku Kantai Deruta Ekusupurōjon?, literally meaning "Krieg Fleet Delta Explosion"): Working in tandem with Krieg and Pearl, the three charge an opponent simultaneously. Gin strikes with his tonfa, Krieg with his Daisenso, and Pearl with one of his handheld shields. This attack can focus on a single enemy or damage multiple enemies at once. The technique appears in One Piece Treasure Cruise.


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