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A map is a diagram or graph designed to show the locations of things as they lay on the landscape, such as where forests or villages are located. They are normally used as a guide to get from one location to another with or without the aid of a compass.


In the world of One Piece, maps are an essential tool for navigation, as they often depict the geography of an individual island, a group of islands or even an entire ocean (in which case, they are sometimes referred as sea charts).[2] In sailing, it is usually the duty of navigators to read and interpret maps during voyages, in order to establish safe navigation routes and avoid natural hazards or getting lost.

The first relevant map shown in the series was one of the Grand Line, which belonged to Buggy, but was stolen by Nami and subsequently used by the Straw Hat Pirates to enter the Grand Line through Reverse Mountain.[1][3] Another important map was of Skypiea's, which Luffy managed to find in the old remains of the St. Briss and allowed the Straw Hats to consider the idea of Sky Islands.[4]

The treasure map Buggy found in his apprentice days.

Moreover, certain maps are utilized to keep track of a hidden treasure hoard, in which case they may display a "X" mark to specify the exact location of said hoard. Buggy found one of those during a raid in his Pirate Apprentice days and planned to use it to become rich, but he ended up losing the map by accident shortly after eating the Bara Bara no Mi.

Despite the fact that most islands seem to have detailed maps of their own, a full map of the world still seemingly does not exist yet (due to the Roger Pirates being the only known group to have successfully circumnavigated the globe). It is Nami's dream to draw such a map, after sailing through all of the world's seas.[5]


A very rough, undetailed map drawn by Bepo.

Cartography refers to the art and practice of making maps. This ability is highly valuable, especially among certain groups like the Arlong Pirates; Nami was kept as their subordinate for years because, as stated by Arlong himself, his crew lacked a good cartographer to adapt his crew's oceanic data into paper and he needed accurate maps in order to conquer the East Blue and the other three Blue Seas.[6] While navigators with poor cartography skills may still be capable of drawing maps, the results will often be barely comprehensible and serve as nothing more than general orientation.[7]

Furthermore, having a cartographer is essential to reach the final island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale, since in order to do so, it is necessary to draw sea charts containing the coordinates described in the four Road Poneglyphs and find the point where they all intersect with each other.[8]

Being a navigator is also not a pre-requisite for one to be able to draw maps. Marco, for example, had an interest in drawing sea charts during his childhood.[9] Vivi, Pudding and Kikunojo have also shown themselves to be capable of drawing rough maps of their homelands.


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The following maps are known to exist within the series or in supplementary material, either as a physical object or part of a character's visual memory.


About Reverse Mountain.png
The Grand Line map the Straw Hats stole from Buggy.
East Blue Infobox.png
A full map of the East Blue.
North Blue Infobox.png
A map of North Blue, belonging to Rosinante.
West Blue Infobox.png
A map of West Blue, from Jinbe's memory.
Calm Belt Infobox.png
A map of the Calm Belt, from Nami's memory.

Islands and societies

Goa Kingdom Infobox.png
A map of the Goa Kingdom.
Nami's Conomi Island Map.png
The map Nami drew of her home island in the Conomi Islands.
Arabasta Kingdom Infobox.png
A map of Arabasta Kingdom, drawn by Vivi.
Jaya Infobox.png
A map of Jaya, marked by Robin
Skypiea Infobox.png
A map of Skypiea, found by Luffy.
The merged maps of Jaya and Skypiea forming Jaya's original shape.
Omatsuri Island Infobox.png
A map of Omatsuri Island.
Water 7 Map In The Anime.png
Ukkari Hot-Spring Island Infobox.png
Map of Sabaody Archipelago.png
A map of the Sabaody Archipelago, belonging to Hatchan.
Fish-Man Island Map.png
Map of Dressrosa in the Anime.png
The Marines' map of Dressrosa.
Pudding's Secret Map.png
The rough map of Totto Land's secret route drawn by Pudding.
Chiffon's Map of Totto Land.png
Chiffon's map of Totto Land.
Wano Country Map.png
A map of Wano Country drawn by Kikunojo.
Onigashima Diagram.png
A map of Onigashima, used by Law and the Nine Red Scabbards.


Back Street Map In The Anime.png
An anime-only map of Water 7's Back Street.
Tarai Current Infobox.png
A map of the Tarai Current, from Gloriosa's memory.
Third Research Institute Layout.png
A map of the Third Research Institute, used by Caesar.
Wano Ports.png
A map of the ports in Wano Country, marked by Kin'emon.


Long Ring Long Land's Donut Race Map.png
A map for the Davy Back Fight's Donut Race, showing one of Long Ring Long Land's islands.
Kokoro's Water 7 Map.png
Kokoro's "map" of Water 7.
Amanda's Back Map.png
The treasure map tattooed on Amanda's back.


  • The armband that Luffy obtained after the events of Thriller Bark and then handed over to Buggy at Impel Down supposedly acts like a map to John's legendary treasure hoard, but it is unknown how exactly that is supposed to work.


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