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For the member of the Whitebeard Pirates with a similar name, see Marco.

Marc is a character from One Piece - Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands.


A closeup of Marc.

Marc is a reddish-skinned, muscular man with a large, downward-pointed nose, a predominant jaw, small eyes, and short brown hair. He wears a black eye patch, a brown, short-sleeved shirt, brown skintight pants, and brown shoes. He also wears a brown bracelet and carries around a dark brown bag.


Marc seems to be an over-reactive person, yelling multiple times during his conversation with the Straw Hat Pirates and running away after being angered.

Abilities and Powers

Marc's physical abilities are unknown, but his muscular appearance suggests that he has some strength. However, he was easily struck down by Zabal.


Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

When traveling through the mines of one of the islands, Marc encountered the Straw Hat Pirates, telling them to keep their distance. When he realized they were not enemies, he moved closer to them. Usopp took particular interest in him, and Marc spoke with him for a little while. He then introduced himself to the crew, but, after more conversation that began to frustrate Marc, he ran off.

Zabal strikes Marc.

Marc and the Straw Hat Pirates crossed paths again in the mines near a village. However, their exchange was interrupted by Zabal, who struck Marc down and fought the crew. An injured Marc was taken back to the nearby village chief's house to rest and recover.


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