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Saint Marcus Mars[3] is one of the Five Elders who publicly head the World Government,[1] holding the title of Warrior God of Environment.[3]

Due to his actions and role, and along with the other Elders, he is one of the main antagonists of the Egghead Arc and the Final Saga overall, and one of the overarching antagonists of the One Piece series.


Mars is a very tall and thin, elderly man with long white hair, including a mustache and goatee which reach down to his upper chest. He wears a navy blue suit over a black tie and a white buttoned shirt, as well as navy blue pants.[1]


Like the other Elders, Mars cares about the balance in the world maintained by the Three Great Powers and wishes to maintain it.[1] This also includes preserving the image of the World Government by keeping the events of the Void Century a secret, and he and the other Elders will immediately have anyone destroyed who is found to be studying it. During the Ohara Incident, he was courteous to Clover, acknowledging the scholar's achievements and justifying the danger of reviving the ancient weapons. At the time of ordering the killing of scholars, Mars was seriously grieved when he gave that order,which proves that he has some humanity.[4] He appears to view the Nefertari Family's rejection of life on Mary Geoise harshly, as he stated that such an action makes them traitors.[5] He will obey any order given by Imu without question, as he views Imu to be a "creator" who alone has the power to shape the course of the world. Mars has been shown to be extremely callous, as he had no issue with annihilating a highly populated country and justified it because its populace had started to show signs of rebellion.[6]

While other Elders have occasionally struggled with their composure in the wake of massive threats, Mars has always been shown with a calm and stoic demeanor. He seems to keep profiles on people, allowing him to be discerning when discussing them, as he knew that Shanks' personality made his contact with Whitebeard less threatening.[1] He also knew that Blackbeard's past would give him a great advantage in replacing Whitebeard as an Emperor, and wanted to know the connection between Luffy and Rayleigh.[7]

Like the other Elders, he has little tolerance for people of lower rank challenging their authority, as shown during the Elders' meeting with Marine Fleet Admiral Sakazuki.[8] Like his fellow Elders and World Nobles, Mars has little care or regard for human lives, which extends to those that work for the World Government such as Cipher Pol, as he bluntly stated to Rob Lucci that he could not guarantee the survival of his partner Kaku from the Buster Call or his imminent rampage, comparing the latter agent to an insect that might be stepped on by accident. Despite this, he was pleased by Lucci's work and commended him for it.[9]

When under pressure, however, Mars has been seen to discard his calm demeanor and act surprisingly reckless. His first idea of stopping Vegapunk's message was to destroy the entire lab instead of looking for the transmission transponder snail in the Labophase, leading to York criticizing him as his plan could accidently set off a chain reaction that would destroy all of Punk Records.[10] After failing to stop Vegapunk's message and having only seconds left, Mars openly considered destroying the power plant in hopes of stopping the broadcast, but was rejected by his fellow elders of the losses they would suffer.[11]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a member of the Five Elders, Mars is one of the few to have the "highest authority of the World Government", being above even the World Nobles.[2] He has control over every facet of the World Government, including the police, the Marines, and Cipher Pol, and even the Fleet Admiral of the Marines is incapable of challenging his power.[8] As a result, he has authority to declare a Buster Call, and he and the other Elders can use their great degree of power to manipulate the media and withhold facts from the general public, including erasing entire segments of history, most notably the Void Century.[4] Additionally, Mars as well as the other Elders are endowed with total authority over the Pacifista and Seraphim (above even their creator, Dr. Vegapunk's, though due to Vegapunk's secret meddling, their authority over all Kuma-formed Pacifista is second to Jewelry Bonney). The only known person who seems to outrank the World Nobles is Imu.[5]

Unique Powers[]

As one of the Five Elders, Mars has demonstrated some esoteric abilities. Which of these, if any, stem from his Devil Fruit is currently unclear:

  • Mars appears to have some form of telepathy, at least with his other Elders. The Elders were able to communicate with Saturn who was as far away as Egghead, while they were at Mary Geoise.[12]
  • Mars arrived on Egghead by being summoned through a "Magic Circle" (魔法陣, Mahōjin?) on the ground as if through a portal; said circle had a pentagram in its middle and five number 4s in-between its jags. It is unclear if Mars can make use of these portals on his own as Saturn did when he arrived on Egghead, or if Saturn's presence is required to invoke the portal.[13]

Devil Fruit[]

Mars Beast Form
Mars's Awakened Beast Form.
Mars Laser
Mars firing an energy beam.

Mars acquired the power of a Mythical Zoan-type Itsumade (以津真天?) Devil Fruit, which lets him transform into an Itsumade—a giant monster bird with a serpentine body—plus a human-Itsumade hybrid at will. Mars appears to have "awakened" this ability while maintaining his personality, as indicated by the ribbon of dark, flaming smoke around his shoulders and torso when he is transformed.[14] In this form, he could withstand a point-blank blast of fire from Sabo without difficulty.[15]

In his full Beast Form, Mars can fly freely and was able to reach the Labophase layer of Egghead quickly, piercing through the Frontier Dome while being unaffected by being shot by laser beams.[16] For offense, Mars is able to fire a powerful energy beam directly from his mouth,[17] which can easily destroy metal structures and ignite flames capable of burning giants.[18]


Main article: Haki

Like the other Elders, Mars possesses powerful Haki. His arrival on Egghead was accompanied by a massive burst of Haki visible as black lightning.[19] Jinbe was startled by the feeling of Mars' Haki.[20]

Haoshoku Haki[]

Mars Uses Haoshoku Haki

Mars uses Haoshoku Haki

Mars is one of the very few people in the world who has the ability to use Haoshoku Haki. He used it to knock several Den Den Mushi unconscious.[21]

Kenbunshoku Haki[]

Mars is a very skilled user of Kenbunshoku Haki. As he used it to detect the Den Den Mushi concealed inside Punk Records.[22]


Mars carries a flintlock, which he intended to use to execute Nefertari Cobra for seeing Imu.[15]



As recognition for his genius inventions in MADS, Dr. Vegapunk was invited to Mary Geoise for an audience with the Five Elders.[23]

Five Elders Listening to Clover

Mars and the other Elders talking to Clover.

Twenty years before the start of the series, Mars was with the other Elders (Topman Warcury and Shepherd Ju Peter) as he spoke to Professor Clover, an archaeologist from Ohara who was revealed to have been studying the Poneglyphs. He warned that the Poneglyphs would result in the return of the Ancient Weapons that would bring crisis to the world, but Clover revealed that he had discovered the truth about a Great Kingdom that was destroyed by the World Government. This caused Mars and the Five Elders to immediately order for Ohara and its scholars to be destroyed with a Buster Call.[4]

Less than fourteen years ago (over ten years since Gol D. Roger's execution), Spandam persuaded the Five Elders to give him the authority to seek out the blueprints for Pluton.[24]

Sky Island Saga[]

Jaya Arc[]

A Marine came to the Room of Authority to report that Shanks had made contact with Whitebeard. Although the prospect of two of the Four Emperors meeting was dangerous, Mars stated that Shanks did not want to change the world under his own will. The Five Elders then talked about finding a replacement for Crocodile's position in the Seven Warlords of the Sea.[1]

Water 7 Saga[]

Long Ring Long Land Arc[]

The Five Elders got a call that Marine Admiral Aokiji had gone off on his own.[25]

Post-Enies Lobby Arc[]

The Five Elders received a report that Shanks had successfully met with Whitebeard himself, to their shock.[26]

Summit War Saga[]

Post-War Arc[]

The Five Elders talked about the aftermath of the Summit War of Marineford, and Mars wondered about Luffy's connection to Silvers Rayleigh. They then talked about Blackbeard's rise to power, with Mars noting that he was very familiar with Whitebeard's former territory.[27]

Dressrosa Saga[]

Dressrosa Arc[]

Fleet Admiral Sakazuki came to the Room of Authority to question the Five Elders about why they let Donquixote Doflamingo use the World Nobles' authority to misinform the entire world. The Elders reminded Sakazuki of his place and reprimanded his insolence, when a Marine came in and revealed that Luffy and Trafalgar Law's alliance had taken down Doflamingo, and that their victory had been broadcast to the entire world, shocking the Elders and Sakazuki.[8]

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

Levely Arc[]

Imu Sits on the Empty Throne

Mars and the other Elders kneel before Imu.

As the Levely was beginning, the Five Elders were approached by Shanks. Because of his position, they reluctantly allowed him to talk to them about a certain pirate, although Mars stated that Shanks was not suitable to get involved with politics.[28] After meeting with Shanks, they headed toward the Empty Throne, and talked about how King Nefertari Cobra of Arabasta had requested to meet with them. Upon reaching the Empty Throne, they knelt before its occupant Imu as they requested that Imu tell them the name of the "light" that needed to be extinguished from history.[5]

Wano Country Saga[]

Wano Country Arc[]

Sabo Attacks Elders

The Five Elders are attacked and ambushed by Sabo.

Shortly following their meeting with Imu, the Elders granted Cobra the audience he requested at the Empty Throne. Cobra brought up his ancestor, Nefertari Lili who was one of the First Twenty founders of the World Government, but who disappeared following her decision to abdicate living in Mary Geoise; he asked if the Elders had any records of what became of Lili. The Elders claimed to have no answer for this, and Cobra then asked about the meaning of the initial D., revealing to the Elders' shock that a letter from Lili had been passed down through the Nefertari Family. Imu then entered the room and sat on the Empty Throne, and the Elders were shocked at Imu's decision to be revealed to Cobra.[29] Imu talked with Cobra about Lili and the D., and the Elders drew flintlocks as they intended to execute Cobra for seeing Imu. Imu was the first to strike Cobra, but then along with the Elders was attacked by Sabo using Hiken. Following the attack, the Elders and Imu transformed into beastly forms and pursued Sabo as he fled the room with Cobra. Following another strike by Imu, Cobra sacrificed himself to allow Sabo to flee and was promptly killed; the Elders then noticed that Wapol had been spying on the affairs in the room through a small peephole.[15]

Following the Levely's conclusion, the Five Elders were in the Room of Authority discussing Sabo and the growing issues with Vegapunk on Egghead when they received a call from Imu, who wished to test out Vegapunk's Mother Flame invention on the Lulusia Kingdom. Mars had no issue with this, saying the world moved as Imu dictated and noting that there were growing sentiments of rebellion in Lulusia. Imu also gave them the command to find and seize Nefertari Vivi.[6]

They later discussed the Raid on Onigashima, namely the orders they had given to eliminate Nico Robin and prepare to have the Marines assume control of Wano Country in the aftermath of the battle.[30] They then discussed the potential of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, or the "Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika" awakening, and commanded Guernica to interfere in the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Kaidou to eliminate the former, who possessed the fruit's power. Guernica sacrificed himself to allow Kaidou to inflict a deadly blow on Luffy. The Elders talked about how the fruit had eluded them for the last 800 years, and Mars noted that it seemed like it was actively doing so.[31]

The Five Elders' attempt to eliminate Luffy proved a failure, as they later came to learn that the Gomu Gomu no Mi had indeed been awakened and Kaidou and Big Mom had both fallen in battle. Because Wano's borders were not opened as was initially expected, the Elders called off the Marine invasion but maintained the order for Robin to be captured.[32]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece Film: Red[]

The Five Elders watched Uta's concert in Elegia from the Den Den Mushi. They discussed about Uta being the daughter of Shanks, a serious threat that was opposed to the Great Pirate Era, and how to stop her rebellion, though there was some hesitation among them to carry out her elimination as they worried, she may have been related to the Figarland Family. Also, they were very concerned about Uta's connection with Tot Musica and they could not afford to be cautious if she summoned that as a threat. The Five Elders were the only ones who didn't fall asleep to Uta's powers as they already muted her songs. They were later informed by Lucci about an estimate being 70% of the world's population would be pulled into Uta World.

The Five Elders, horrified, witnessed Uta turning everyone including Saint Charlos into inanimate objects. As they couldn't afford more casualties, they had to make a decision even if a Celestial Dragon would get caught in the crossfire. They witnessed Tot Musica, finally summoned by Uta, attacking the Marine ships. After Tot Musica was defeated by Luffy and Shanks, the Five Elders witnessed Uta releasing everyone from the Uta World through singing.[33]

Concludes non-canon section.

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

Having received their orders from Imu, the Elders then received a call from Marine Headquarters revealing they had traced Sabo to Lulusia, and the Elders took note of this stroke of fortune as the Lulusia Kingdom was completely annihilated by the Mother Flame soon afterward, with the Five Elders declaring it never existed in the first place.[34]

The Five Elders also received a call by York, who was aspiring to become a Celestial Dragon, that Vegapunk was doing forbidden research on the Void Century and decided to send a squad of CP0-Agents to assassinate Vegapunk and all his satellites, including York.[35][36]

Following Saturn departing to Egghead, the remaining elders in the Room of Authority were contacted by York again. While their conversation was overheard by Saturn and Kizaru, York asked them why they intended to kill her as well, with Marcus Mars replying she was still a Vegapunk after all. Upon the elders negotiating a deal with her, York revealed that she needed saving from Luffy before he kills her, much to Mars' shock.[37] After Luffy began speaking directly to the Five Elders, Mars tried to acquire information by asking him about his group's condition, though another voice cut off Luffy before he could reveal too much information.[38]

Five Elders Confront Luffy

The Five Elders confront Luffy.

As the Egghead Incident went on, the situation did not play into the World Government's favor. While Vegapunk had been successfully eliminated by Saturn and Kizaru, his death triggered a global broadcast that would reveal much of the World Government's top secrets to the entire planet. Mars and the other Elders were unnerved by the very idea, and eventually contacted Saturn to summon them to Egghead in order to stop the broadcast before it could be completed.[39] Saturn complied with their request, with Mars and his fellow Elders able to successfully touch down on Egghead by means of four additional Magic Circles. All Five Elders stood transformed in unison against Luffy, before going off on their separate tasks. Mars quickly took to the skies, taking advantage of the flight his Devil Fruit ability granted him. He attempted to break through the laser barrier outside of the Labophase, causing an explosion.[40]

York Meets Mars

Mars locates York.

Mars was eventually able to pass through the barrier completely unscathed. He quickly located Rob Lucci, and asked him the location of York. After hearing a complete, detailed rundown of the entire situation from Lucci, Mars complimented him on his work, and began to fly toward the main lab. Before he could leave, Lucci begged him to find a way to spare Kaku, but Mars stated that he was unsure if it was possible, and that he could not make any guarantees when they were planning to wipe out almost everyone on Egghead. A bit later, Mars arrived in the main lab, and questioned a scared York on the location of the room displayed on the monitor.[41]

Mars Locates Vegapunk Brain

Mars locates Vegapunk's brain.

After freeing York from her shackles, she and Mars moved deeper into the lab. The two successfully located where Vegapunk recorded his broadcast, but there was no sign of the Den-Den Mushi. Without a second of hesitation, Mars used his ability to fire an energy beam through the lab, in an attempt to stop the broadcast. York attempted to inform him that the Den-Den Mushi was likely hidden, but Mars stated that he would simply destroy the entire lab if that was the case. York argued back once more, stating that the lab contained many valuable items to the government, as well as potentially explosive items. While Mars asked for a solution, he was able to locate the general area of the Den-Den Mushi far above, in Punk Records. After getting a description of the Den-Den Mushi from York, Mars flew upwards, and located a Den-Den Mushi within Punk Records.[10]

As Mars looked upwards, he discovered that he had also located Vegapunk's brain. He wondered to himself on if it even housed Vegapunk's consciousness, before preparing to kill the Den-Den Mushi to stop the broadcast. Just as he attempted to crush it, the shell shattered, revealing it to be no more than an ordinary Den-Den Mushi and not the one that had been broadcasting. Mars was shocked and outraged at the discovery, quickly making his way back out of Punk Records in an attempt to locate the real Broadcast Den-Den Mushi once more. After destroying another part of the main lab and still finding the broadcast going, Mars questioned his fellow Elders on whether or not destroying the Power Plant would be a good idea. His question was met with immediate scrutiny by the other Elders, due to the potential losses that would be incurred.[11]

Elders Confront Iron Giant

Mars confronts the Iron Giant alongside his Fellow Elders.

Mars later walked through the Labophase's interior, knocking out several Den Den Mushi with his Haoshoku's Haki while angrily listening to Vegapunk talking about Joy Boy, the Void Century and the Great War that led to the reshaping of the world.[42] He, alongside the other Elders, were later informed by York that the Iron Giant was protecting the broadcast Den-Den-Mushi.[43] Upon hearing this theory, Mars quickly made his way out of the Labophase and back down to the Fabiriophase, where he reconvened with his fellow Elders(sans Nusjuro) around the Iron Giant. As the group got a clear look at the robot, they came to the realization that it was the very same machine that had attacked Mary Geoise 200 years prior. After hearing Vegapunk begin to make his announcement on the meaning of the letter "D.", Mars watched as Warcury quickly dispatched the Iron Giant, knocking it to the ground, and successfully stopping Vegapunk's broadcast.[44]

Wishing to continue with their success, the Five Elders moved on to the next most pressing issue: killing off the remaining Vegapunks. After figuring out the locations from York, each of the Elders proceeded with their new task. Mars flew to the coastline, where he spotted the Giant Warrior Pirates attempting to make their escape. Mars proceeded to fire an energy beam at the ship, although the Giants were able to block it. Mars then declared that none of them would be permitted to escape alive. Moments later, however, Luffy and Bonney would make their reappearance, both looking the same as Nika, to Mars' shock.[18]

Gomu Gomu No Dawn Balloon

Mars is blasted away by Luffy and his allies.

Mars quickly came to the realization that Bonney had used her Toshi Toshi no Mi abilities, and discounted its potential threat toward him. He then fired a second energy beam, striking Luffy, whom took the brunt of the blast in order to protect his allies. Unfortunately for Mars, his attack failed, and Luffy used the time to grab Mars by his wings, preventing him from moving, and forced Mars into his ballooned-up chest. Luffy's crew and Bonney then unleashed simultaneous attacks on Luffy's body and with the momentum in addition to his own, Luffy blasted Mars off far into the distance.[45]

Major Battles[]


Video Games[]

Non-Playable Appearances[]


  • Mars' name is based on Mars, the fourth planet in the real-life Solar System, keeping in relation with the planet-themed names of the Five Elders.
    • Mars' surname, Marcus, is thought to have been derived from the Roman god of war Mars, meaning that both parts of his name share the same origin.
  • Mars' appearance may be based on Itagaki Taisuke, a Meiji Japanese politician who founded the Freedom and People's Rights Movement and Japan's first political party, the Liberal Party in the late 19th century. His elderly appearance includes a large, drooping mustache and a large beard split down the middle.
  • Mars' Devil Fruit is based on the "itsumade", a yōkai who is often depicted in artworks as an ominous snake-like bird with a human face and sharp teeth. Ironically, the word "itsumade" is not the original name of the creature (which is otherwise unnamed), but rather it refers to its specific human-like cry (a Japanese expression that roughly translates to "until when?").


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