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Maria is a citizen of Dressrosa and the mother of Antonio. Her husband was turned into a toy by Sugar.[1] She made her debut in the Episode of Sabo.


Maria is a fair-skinned woman with shoulder-length blonde hair. She wore a pink dress.


Maria is very protective of her son Antonio, as shown when she quickly pulled the toy robot away and proceeded to comfort her son after he cried out that he was being hurt.[1]



At some point, she got married to her husband and they had a son, Antonio. However, her husband was eventually turned into a toy which led to neither her nor Antonio remembering him.[1]

Dressrosa Arc

Maria was alerted to Antonio being grabbed by a toy robot after he cried out in pain. She ran towards her son and proceeded to push the toy robot away from him while screaming for help. She then watched as the police dragged away the toy robot as it begged her to try to remember that he was her husband.[1]


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