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For the female character from One Piece Film: Z, see Marin (Non-Canon).

Marin is a male slave who was forced to dress as a mermaid by his owner.[1]


Marin is a large, overweight man. He dresses like a woman due to being forced, with long blonde hair and makeup. He has stubble around his mouth and sports a swimsuit that covers his chest. He wore a fake mermaid tail, and had a slave chain around his neck.[1]


Marin seemed quite tired and distressed while swimming in his aquarium-like cell, since he is not a real mermaid and can not survive in water.[1]


Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Sometime before he was presented to Luffy, Hatchan, and Pappag while they were searching slave shops for Camie, he was captured by slavers and became a slave. Marin was restrained by a chain collar and could barely swim in his aquarium-like cell. The owner of the slave shop presented him to the group, but the terrible disguise did not fool them (not even Luffy).[1]


  • Marin is a French word that translates to sailor, or "from the sea".


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