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Marin is an elderly woman who appeared in One Piece Film: Z.[1]


Concept Art of Marin.

Marin is an elderly woman who gets around in a wheelchair that says "Y-1" on the side of the wheel. She has grey hair and wears small round glasses. She sports a purple shirt with a green sweater tied around her neck and shoulders. She wears a dark blue long skirt with an orange polka-dotted blanket across her legs. She also wears light blue shoes.


Marin was terrified by the molten rocks that almost hit her, Homey, and Zomino. When Kuzan saved them, she was very thankful.



When she was young, she was a yacht racer.[2]

One Piece Film: Z

Marin was first seen arriving on Secon Island, via the sea train. When Z activated the Dyna Stone on Secon Island, Kuzan saved Marin, Homey, and Zomino from being hit by a molten rock. The trio thanked him and fled to the Sea Train.


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