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The Marine Headquarters is the main division of the Marine organization that has jurisdiction over the Grand Line. It is one of the Three Great Powers in the world, alongside the Four Emperors and the Seven Warlords of the Sea, who were later replaced by the SSG.

The Marines stationed there are considered "super-elites" among their comrades, and a rank at the other Marine bases is about equivalent to three ranks lower at Headquarters.[2]

The Headquarters' base of operations is currently at New Marineford in the New World.[3] It was previously in Paradise at Marineford until Sakazuki moved it after the Summit War of Marineford.[4]

Base of Operations


Further information: Marineford

Marineford, the Marine Headquarters' former base of operations.

Marineford is the former location of Marine Headquarters. It is located in Paradise, and could only be accessed through the Gates of Justice along with Enies Lobby and Impel Down.

The Marineford Headquarters was a large, fortress-like building which bore a sign containing the kanji for "Marines" and the Marines' symbol between them, and on top of this structure is a large, multi-story tower styled after an ancient Japanese pagoda. There are mountains at each corner of the structure that each have a small building on top carrying the Marine flag.

In front of the Headquarters was Marineford Town, where families of Marines stationed at Headquarters lived, and the Oris Plaza which contains an execution scaffold. The island itself is shaped like a crescent, and Marineford Bay is located in front of Oris Plaza.

New Marineford

Further information: New Marineford

The new Marine Headquarters on New Marineford.

New Marineford is the current location of Marine Headquarters. It is located in the New World where the G-1 headquarters was once located, and is very close to the Red Line. The G-1 and New Marineford act as the two fortresses of the World Government, protecting Marie Geoise from both Paradise and New World threats.

The Marine Headquarters here is significantly larger than the one at Marineford, as it even dwarfs Marine battleships. It is much more heavily fortified, with the fortress below the main building being circular and three-tiered and containing more defense cannons. On the sides of the fortress are massive arches which go up to the top, and there is a small building on top of each arch. The main Headquarters building is on top of the fortress between the two arches, and like the Marineford Headquarters, it is a tall tower styled like an ancient Japanese pagoda.

Nothing on the island outside of the Headquarters has been seen, with its entrance standing very close to the coast. The air around Headquarters is filled with bubbles, similar to those on Sabaody Archipelago.

Grand Line Branches

The Marine Headquarters has an unknown number of branch bases scattered across the Grand Line.


Further information: G-1

G-1 is the base formerly located where New Marineford is now and is currently located on Marineford. The original Headquarters structure still remains, although the front of the fortress now bears the name of G-1 instead of the Marine symbol.


Further information: G-2

G-2 is located near the Lulusia Kingdom. Portgas D. Ace once visited this base to deliver milk from Moda.


Further information: G-3

G-3 is located somewhere in the Grand Line. It was briefly seen after the Summit War of Marineford.


Further information: G-5

G-5 is located in the New World, near the Red Line. Smoker was stationed here after becoming a Vice Admiral. It is notable for the rowdiness, lack of discipline, and cruelty among the Marines stationed there.



Further information: G-8

G-8 is located in Paradise, below the sky island Skypiea. It is located in a rock formation in the middle of a cape and is heavily fortified, although rarely encounters trouble. The Straw Hat Pirates landed here after leaving Skypiea.


G-F is located on Fron Island in the New World, close to Totto Land. The base and its surrounding buildings are protected by forested cliffs encircling the island. The Straw Hats once invaded this base to steal food.

Outside the Grand Line

The Marine Headquarters usually have their hands full with the Grand Line, and thus have no time to deal with problems in the Four Blues.[5] However, should circumstances be severe enough, or if it so happens to be convenient, HQ would send forces to deal with such situations, the little known cases are:


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Marineford had been the location of Marine Headquarters since at least 24 years ago. At that time, it was attacked by Shiki, who wanted to avenge the capture of Gol D. Roger but was defeated.

22 years later, the Marines captured Portgas D. Ace and sentenced him to execution. Drawing the wrath of the Emperor Whitebeard, the Marines prepared for war on Marineford, and many soldiers were summoned to fight. The Marines won the Summit War of Marineford, but the island received significant damage and repairs had to be made afterward.

New Marineford

After Sakazuki took over as Fleet Admiral, he switched the positions of Marine Headquarters and G-1, relocating the Headquarters to the New World on New Marineford. There, Sakazuki attended to business as Fleet Admiral, dealing with the rising alliance of Luffy and Trafalgar Law and later with the Levely.


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