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Marine X is the alias for a non-canon Marine stationed at the 153rd Branch Marine Base.[1] He appeared in One Piece King Battle.


Marine X is a muscular man with fair skin and short blonde hair. He has small pupils, thin black eyebrows, and a bright smile. He wears a standard Marine uniform with the sleeves rolled up. He also has a green neckerchief instead of a blue one.


Marine X is a dedicated member of Marines and was confident in his abilities against Monkey D. Luffy.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Marine X was recognized for his unique talent of marksmanship and was cultivated by the Marines as a secret elite soldier. He was considered a shining star in the organization.[2] When fighting alongside his childhood friends Morgan and Fullbody, Marine X's abilities improve significantly.[3]


Marine X is able to wields two weapons at once. He uses a flintlock pistol in his left hand and a bazooka, which fires cannonballs and bombs, held on his shoulder by his right arm.[2]


  • Mortar (迫击炮): Marine X fires a cannonball that can penetrate an enemy, damaging them.
  • Artillery (火炮): Marine X fires a giant cannonball that greatly damages enemies, repelling and stunning them.
  • Incendiary (燃烧弹): Marine X fires incendiary bombs, creating a flame that lasts three seconds long.
  • Fire Bombing (火力轰炸): Marine X fires his bazooka with a shell that either causes extreme damage to an enemy upon impact or explodes into flames if it travels a far enough distance. The flame lasts longer than the Incendiary's and damages the surrounding area more.



Marine X grew up with Morgan and Fullbody, and the three joined the Marines together. Marine X was recognized for his exceptional abilities with weapons and was trained to be a become a promising member of the organization. He was stationed in Shells Town's 153rd Branch under Morgan.[2]

One Piece King Battle

When Luffy broked into the Marine base in search of Zoro's swords, Marine X confronted him. Luffy defeated Marine X, but the latter returned to fight Roronoa Zoro after the pirate hunter was freed. He was defeated again before the two felled his superior.[1]

Major Battles


  • This character operates under the alias of "Marine X" (海军·X), but his real name was never revealed in the only game he appeared in.[1]
  • Marine X is one of only two known One Piece characters to debut in non-Japanese media, having been created for a Chinese exclusive mobile game. The only other known character is Blago, who never appeared.[1]
  • Marine X is one of the few non-canon characters to have a birthday.


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