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The Marines are the World Government's military sea force, tasked with law enforcement, international security, and military operations. They are present in all the seas around the world, as evidenced by their branch offices. However, the main focus of their assets is on the far more dangerous Grand Line.

The Marines are one of the Three Great Powers in the world, alongside the Four Emperors and the Seven Warlords of the Sea, who were later replaced by the SSG.

Due to their actions and role, they are one of the main antagonist groups of the series overall. They are the main antagonists of the Romance Dawn, Loguetown, Enies Lobby, Sabaody Archipelago, Marineford, and Return to Sabaody Arcs. They are also antagonists in various non-canon material, such as the Warship Island, Goat Island, G-8 and Marine Rookie filler Arcs, the fifth and eleventh movies, and the third, sixth and tenth specials.


The exact process of joining the Marines is unclear. It appears that one simply needs to ask to join and a ranking officer, presumably the base commander specifically, simply needs to approve the enlistment.

There are no enlistment restrictions regarding gender. While a majority of Marines are seen to be male, there is also a good number of female Marines, including Tsuru, Gion, Hina, Tashigi, Isuka and formerly Bell-mère. There also seems to be no restriction based on nationality. One can even enlist if the base they are enlisting at is outside their homeland, as seen when Koby enlisted at the base in Shells Town, even though he is from somewhere else. There also seems to be no restrictions regarding race; while a vast majority of Marines are human, they are known to also employ Giants and (non-canonically) members of the Longarm Tribe.

Not all people who join the Marines do so willingly; Mother Carmel was a human trafficker who sold children from her orphanage to the government to be trained as Marines. Another example is Kaidou; the king of his homeland enlisted him in the Marines so that their kingdom could have a place at the Levely and because the kingdom could not handle him.

It is currently unknown if there is minimum age requirement for joining the Marines. Canonically, the youngest known person to enlist in the Marines is Koby, who joined at the age of sixteen. Non-canonically, the youngest known person to enlist is Zephyr, who joined at the age of fourteen. Notably, the orphans that Caramel had been planning to sell to the government all appeared to be under the age of ten.

The Marines try to make sure that no pirates infiltrate their ranks. The Marines at the 153rd Branch in Shells Town had initially wanted to perform a background check on Koby.[1] However, some pirates, such as Vergo, manage to join without the Marines realizing.[2] A former pirate may join the Marines if they undergo a trial and are pardoned for past crimes, such was the case for Jango. It is also possible for a pirate to become a Marine if they have the recommendation of a Marine officer.[3]


The Marines executing a captured pirate.

The duty of the Marines is to maintain a law and order throughout the world and impose the will and might of the World Government. The main purpose of the Marines is bringing any criminal to justice, with a particular focus on capturing pirates. They use justice as their constituted policy to manage a world that is made almost entirely of ocean much easier. They are generally divided between those who support Moral Justice and those who support Absolute Justice, with the latter being the code of conduct for the Marines as a central doctrine.

Amongst their duties is awarding bounty hunters the bounties for the head of a criminal. They tolerate bounty hunters as a method of making their jobs easier, but are known to go out bounty hunting themselves. Apprehended criminals who are brought in alive are handed over to be made an example of. The Marines are left to ensure the transportation of these criminals to prison and/or to their execution.

Higher-ranked Marines (Admirals and the Fleet Admiral) are expected to be on call to lead the Marine forces into war. This may take the form of apprehending many criminals at once, protecting the World Nobles, or calling a Buster Call to tackle a situation. Vice admirals are the ones who serve on the ships that the admirals call out, and are tasked with carrying out the admirals' orders exactly.

Some high-ranking Marines are also involved in infiltrating notorious and/or dangerous pirate crews. The goals for infiltration may vary, from attempting to stop the intake of recruits[4] to monitoring their activities.[5] Also, high-ranking Marines may even be involved in the apprehension of notorious pirates and/or other criminals, to the extent that even an admiral can be tasked to do the job, as seen when Admiral Fujitora was dispatched by Fleet Admiral Sakazuki to arrest Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law.[6]

Rank System

Further information: Marine Ranks

The system of military rank in place for the Marines is fairly straightforward, where each rank is clearly outlined.[7] The Marines can be divided into two basic categories: Officers and Infantry. The officers hold a position of leadership while the infantry carry out the officers orders. A Marine force will usually consist of one or two officers and multiple infantry soldiers.

Smoker with his right hand, Tashigi.

Commanding Marines often work in pairs, with one superior officer and a second-in-command, or a subordinate who is of a lower rank.[8] These partnerships may remain even during promotions, with both Marines advancing in rank together.[9] In the pair, the higher ranked officer will give the orders to those under their command, while the other acts as an advisor or information gatherer while ensuring their partner's command is undertaken by the subordinates.

Higher ranking Marines are noticeably stronger than lower ranked ones; the admirals in particular are known as the world government's ultimate powerhouses. Officers and recruits stationed at Marine Headquarters are considered "Super-elites". All ranks present from "Lieutenant" above are usually trained here, exceptions being those in command of other Marine bases, which includes Axe-Hand Morgan and Nezumi.[10]

It appears that higher ranked Marine Officers have the authority to poach subordinates from Marine Officers of a lower rank, as seen when Vice Admiral Garp transferred Koby and Helmeppo to his command from Commander Ripper.

The Ranks within the Marines from highest to lowest are as follows:

Commissioned Marine Officers

The Marine Elites before the timeskip.

Infantry and Sailor Division

Behind the Straw Hat Pirates and Z, this panel shows almost all the known marines when they were simple cadets.

Special Ranks


  • Captain of the Science Unit (科学部隊隊長 Kagaku butai taichō?)
  • Captain of SWORD (「SWORD」隊長 Sōdo taichō?)
  • Base Commander (基地長 Kichi-chō?, Non-canon)
  • Special Operations Advisor (特別作戦参謀 Tokubetsu sakusen sanbō?, Non-canon)
  • Special Inspector (特別監査官 Tokubetsu kansa-kan?, Non-canon)
  • Fleet Commodore (提督 Teitoku?, Non-canon)
  • (Base) Commander (司令官 Shirei-kan?, Non-canon)
  • Chief (所長 Shochō?, Non-canon)


In addition to the ranks of the military forces, in the Marine Bases there are employees in charge of the service of the base and the other Marines, including chefs[11] and kitchen employees,[12] doctors,[13] or scientists. They also have a Photography Department.[14]

Rank Insignia

The Marines do not have a system of rank insignia per se. However, there is a significant variation in the kinds of uniforms worn by Marines of different rankings, with many opting to wear a variety of dress showcasing their own eccentric style. However, as a general rule, uniform guidelines are as follows:[15]

  • Upon first entering the Marines, new recruits are given the standard uniform, consisting of a white short-sleeved button-up shirt displaying the Marine emblem, a simplified seagull, with "MARINE" underneath it on the back, and two horizontal blue lines around the collar; a blue neckerchief; dark blue trousers; and a white baseball cap, aqua-green in the front, with "MARINE" across the front in blue letters. All officers at the rank of Seaman (一等兵 Ittōhei?) and below wear this.
    • Originally, Marines were known to wear dark brown shoes with dusty-blue colored tape tied around their ankles. Later in the series, the standard footwear was changed to black boots.
    • The quasi-rank of "Chore Boy" (雑用 Zatsuyō?) adds the kanji 雑 Zatsu ("various" or "odds and ends") to the sleeves, which are slightly longer, and to the Marine emblem on the back.
  • Once an officer has reached the rank of Petty Officer (伍長 Gochō?), he or she can choose from a number of different uniforms, including his or her own personal clothes. Only those who want to appear "sailor-like" will continue to wear a more traditional uniform. This uniform is generally the standard Marine infantry outfit, but with the addition of red and blue epaulettes.
  • Sailors at the rank of Ensign (少尉 Shōi?) and above are allowed to wear the coat with "Justice" (正義 Seigi?) on the back. This coat tends to be worn like a cape, draped over the shoulders with the arms not in the sleeves. It should be noted that the sleeves of these coats are often much longer than the wearers' arms.
  • For the rank of Lieutenant-Commander (少佐 Shōsa?) and above, a suit worn underneath the "Justice" coat is the preferred attire. Individual officers are free to choose the suit's color and pattern.

There are, of course, exceptions: Jango and Fullbody wear their own clothes with the "MARINE" hat, despite holding the rank of "Seaman Recruit" (三等兵 Santōhei?). This may have something to do with the exceptional circumstances by which both of these men were brought into their present situation (Jango been a former pirate with a bounty and Fullbody being a Lieutenant who was demoted), the leniency of their commanding officer, or just the fact that the dress code is not strictly enforced. Also, low rank soldiers stationed at G-5 tend to not wear the full uniform due to their disregard for the rules, to the point of wearing slacks and/or wearing a bucket as a hat.

Some high ranking officers are also known to disregard the standard dress code. Smoker continues to be shirtless under his jacket, which he wears under his marine officer coat. Admiral Fujitora also foregoes the conventional suit and tie, and retains his personal clothes underneath his Marine coat.

Some Marines, particularly high ranking ones, have special custom colors in their coats. While Sengoku was an admiral, his Marine coat sported red epaulettes, instead of the usual yellow that is commonly worn by an admiral. Garp and Tsuru also wear their special epaulettes, as Garp wears red and black, while Tsuru wears purple with white dot epaulettes, and Zephyr's were blue. Similarly, top ranked Marines' coats also have custom colored cuffs, with the Admirals for example having all of their coat cuffs match their color scheme.

Promotion and Demotion

It is currently unknown what the exact standard is for a Marine to be promoted to a higher rank. The only time a Marine is seen being promoted in the series is when Smoker and Tashigi were both promoted by one rank following the defeat of Crocodile.

A Marine does have the right to reject the offer of promotion and remain at their current rank, as evidenced by Vice Admiral Garp rejected the promotion to Admiral numerous times.

Marines can also be demoted to a lower rank. Fullbody was demoted from Lieutenant to Seaman Recruit as a condition for his friend Jango to be pardoned for his past crimes as a pirate.

Military Powers

Former Marine Headquarters surrounded by Warships.

Although the exact total number of Marines in the world is unknown, it is without a doubt the mightiest military power in the world of One Piece. The last time there was an assembly of a massive force was during the execution of Portgas D. Ace. The number reported to have assembled was around 100,000 foot soldiers, accompanied by 50 Naval Warships. In the aftermath of the war, it was shown that Marine bases all around the world still had a very large number of troops stationed there during the battle.

Marines are allowed to wield whatever weapon they are most comfortable with, no matter how unusual they may be. They are even free to fight bare-handed. Some Marines possess Devil Fruit powers, some of which are very strong and versatile.

The Marines enlist not only humans, but also giants as well. Including Vice Admiral John Giant, there are currently nine known giants in the Marines. Later, they added the mechanized Pacifistas to their ranks, which have the physical form of Bartholomew Kuma with the augmentation of Admiral Kizaru's laser beams.

They were also aided by the dreaded Seven Warlords of the Sea, seven extremely powerful pirate captains who assist them in their endeavors in exchange for no longer being considered wanted criminals. The Warlord system was later abolished and replaced by the SSG.

Then there are the powerhouses in the form of the Admirals, as well as numerous Marine officers who are not only strong and effective, but also have made their names known and remembered. Last but not least, they also boasted possibly the strongest Marines to have ever lived, Former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Former Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, though the two of them have since retired.

Buster Call battleships.

The strongest offense the Marines can unleash is the Buster Call; an assault of ten battleships lead by five Vice Admirals. The Buster Call is equal in strength to an entire nation's military and the target island is completely destroyed, the buildings, the people, even the island itself. Within the Marines, only the three admirals and the fleet admiral have the authority to order a Buster Call, of course, they could bestow the privilege onto someone else temporarily.

The Marines are protected by their Headquarters Marineford, later relocated to New Marineford, which is one of, if not the strongest Marine Fortress in the Grand Line, with numerous defense mechanisms and artillery in almost every direction.

It is a force formed all for the sake of defending, ensuring, and enforcing the might of Justice. With the battle against Whitebeard's forces that came to a close, they emerged victorious, although many had perished as a result. However, that did not stop the uninterrupted march of the Marines, as they have spent most of their time rebuilding their damaged forces. With Whitebeard's final proclamation bringing about a new wave of pirates and new military staff reassignment with Admiral Akainu becoming Fleet Admiral, the Marines have doubled their efforts in cracking down on the new surge of pirates, especially in the New World.

With the way things are progressing, it is most likely that another war will start and the Marines might have to conjure an even greater force to combat what is to come.

Questionable Actions

The main problem within the Marines is their approach to Justice. There is little worry from the higher-ranked Marines as to how the Justice is carried out, so long as it is, leading those who truly support absolute justice to take questionable actions in carrying out their duties. In some cases, even causing more damage than the pirates they were trying to stop would have, sometimes deliberately.

As the primary military force of the World Government, they are considered the key strategic development force in the World Government and are expected to obey its orders at will. Sometimes these orders are questionable; however, they are expected to carry them out regardless of opinion. Examples include the destruction of Ohara and the decimation of Flevance.

The Marines working with pirates.

The Marines are also aided by the Seven Warlords of the Sea, seven powerful pirate Captains who have been pardoned by the government in exchange for their impressive combat prowess being at their beck and call. A severe act of hypocrisy, as the main practice of the Marines is to capture pirates. Several Marines, such as Aokiji, Akainu, Smoker, Sengoku, Kizaru, and Fujitora think of the Seven Warlords of the Sea as no more than pirates. In turn, the Seven Warlords of the Sea have no obligations to obey the Marines unless under the direct orders of the World Government itself. The Warlords also continue their pirate activities, with the Marines being unable to do anything about it.

One of the most questionable parts of their "Justice" is when it comes to slavery. Despite the practice supposedly being abolished years before, it is often shown that they just look the other way. Especially when it comes to the slaves of the World Nobles', where it is even seen as a crime to free said slaves, even if the person is merely a child. Often they are tasked in finding and retrieving the person to be a slave once again. The Marines have even purchased promising children from slave traders to be recruited and trained into soldiers.

The New Age

In the aftermath of the Summit War of Marineford, because of Blackbeard's actions and the death of Whitebeard, a new age has begun upon the world and the "Age of Pirates" that Roger established has ended. Thus began a new time for the Marines as well. With the greatest Marines, Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Garp resigning, a power vacuum for the position of fleet admiral occurred.

Despite Sengoku's recommendation for Aokiji to replace him as leader of the Marines, the upper echelons of the world government wanted Akainu to become fleet admiral. While Aokiji is normally very laid back, he was quite adamant in his disapproval of Akainu receiving the promotion.

Aokiji vs. Akainu

The two admirals commenced a ten day duel on the island of Punk Hazard. The whole world knows of the duel, but details of what happened during the battle were agreed to be kept secret. It was decided that the loser would withdraw his candidacy without complaint and the winner would become the new fleet admiral.

Both admirals were heavily injured, but ultimately Akainu managed to win and therefore became the new leader of the Marines. However, after the battle, Akainu spared his rival's life, his reasons for this remain unknown. Aokiji, disliking Akainu and his methods and not wanting to serve under him, resigned from the Marines and disappeared.

To compensate the loss of so much military power, the World Government granted the Marines unprecedented power, and with Sakazuki as the new fleet admiral, the organization has become a much more powerful organization of justice.

New Marineford.

To better combat the forces of the Four Emperors and all the other pirates strong enough to handle the New World Akainu had the base of operations for the Marines relocated to the New World. It is now on an island known as New Marineford, which was previously the location of the G-1 base, which is now located at the old Marine Headquarters in Marineford.[16]

The Marines also held a World Military Draft to conscript additional troops, among them were the two new admirals that took Aokiji and Akainu's places.


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Exactly how long the Marines have been around for is unknown, as well as how they were created; however, it has been commented that Marineford has been their "stronghold/watchpost of justice" for centuries, implying that they have existed for quite a while.[17]

Over 100 years ago, the Marines issued bounties to the captains of the Giant Warrior Pirates, Dorry and Brogy.[18] 100 years ago, the Marines captured the other members of the crew after they dispersed, and prepared to execute them. However, the execution was staged in coordination with the underworld dealer Carmel, who appeared during the execution to spare the giants' lives. This move allowed Carmel to establish an orphanage in the powerful giant country of Elbaf,[19] where she secretly sold children of all races to be enlisted by the Marines and Cipher Pol. Within 37 years, John Giant became the first giant ever to enlist in the Marines thanks to Carmel, and he would be joined by several more over the years. The Marines' partnership with Carmel was ended when she died 62 years ago.[20] Ten years later, Oimo and Kashii of the Giant Warrior Pirates were captured by the Marines and tricked into working on Enies Lobby under the impression that Dorry and Brogy were imprisoned.[21]

Fifty-six years ago, Monkey D. Garp, Sengoku, and Tsuru joined the Marines and gained high rankings and renown during their careers.[citation needed] Garp became known as the "Hero of the Marines" 38 years ago due to the God Valley Incident, where he and the pirate Gol D. Roger joined forces to defeat the dangerous pirate Rocks D. Xebec and his crew the Rocks Pirates.[22] In the next two decades, Garp would pursue and corner Roger frequently as the latter ultimately became Pirate King, and Garp and Sengoku attempted to stop a clash between Roger and Shiki 27 years ago. Three years later, Roger turned himself in to the World Government and was set to be executed. Shiki attacked Marineford in retaliation, but was defeated by Garp and Sengoku and imprisoned in Impel Down. However, Shiki managed to escape from Impel Down two years later.[23] After Roger's death, the Marines continued pursuing people who were connected to him, and later arrested and executed Tom, who had built his ship, the Oro Jackson.[24]

Twenty-two years ago, around the time when Shiki escaped from Impel Down, the World Government discovered that scholars on Ohara were studying the Poneglyphs and commissioned a Marine Buster Call. Five vice admirals, including Sakazuki and Kuzan, led the attack and utterly destroyed Ohara and its scholars, with Sakazuki killing the other citizens in order to ensure no scholar survived. Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul defected against the Marines and allowed the young Nico Robin to escape, causing the Marines to pursue her for her ability to read the Poneglyphs.[25]

Shortly before the present day, X Drake, the captain of the secret unit SWORD and a rear admiral, left the Marines in order to work undercover as a pirate, forming the Drake Pirates.[5]

East Blue Saga

Romance Dawn Arc

Luffy confronts Captain Morgan.

The Marines stationed under Captain Morgan at Shells Town imprisoned Roronoa Zoro after he attacked Morgan's son Helmeppo; they planned to execute him later. Days afterward, they worked to erect a statue of Morgan, but the statue was broken when Monkey D. Luffy came flying in. Luffy captured Helmeppo and went to free Zoro as the Marines chased after him. Luffy blocked their bullets as Zoro was freed, and the two battled the Marines, defeating Morgan in the process.

Later, Luffy staged a fight in order to distance himself from Koby so that the latter could join the Marines. The Marines took Koby in and ordered the Straw Hats to leave, but thanked them for defeating their abusive captain.

Diary of Koby-Meppo

Koby and Helmeppo joined the Marines as cabin boys. One day, they served on a ship captained by Vice Admiral Garp that was taking the captive Morgan to face trial. However, Morgan escaped and brought his son with him as a hostage. Koby managed to prevent the Marines from killing Helmeppo with Morgan, and Helmeppo freed himself and returned as Morgan sailed away at large.

Baratie Arc

The Marine Fullbody came to Baratie to eat, but got in a fight with the chefs and was left badly beaten.

Arlong Park Arc

Commodore Pudding Pudding attempted to free the people of Cocoyasi Village from their captivity to the fish-man Arlong, but was killed by Arlong and his crew.

Captain Nezumi took bribes from Arlong to prevent Marine investigation. After Arlong was defeated, Nezumi attempted to take the credit and Arlong's money, but was beaten up by the Straw Hat Pirates. Enraged, he ensured that Luffy was given a bounty of Beli.png30,000,000.

Loguetown Arc

The mysterious Dragon saves Luffy from Captain Smoker.

Captain Smoker was stationed on Loguetown, where he successfully captured all pirates stepping foot in there. His petty officer Tashigi encountered Zoro while shopping for swords. Later, as the Buggy and Alvida Alliance failed to publicly execute Luffy, Smoker and his men raced to capture the pirates. Smoker trapped the Buggy Pirates and succeeded in chasing and pinning down Luffy. Meanwhile, Tashigi angrily confronted Zoro, but was quickly defeated by him. Smoker was forced to free Luffy when a man named Dragon suddenly arrived, and the Straw Hats were able to escape Loguetown.

Arabasta Saga

Jango's Dance Paradise

Fullbody participated in a dance contest at Mirror Ball Island, but lost to the disguised pirate Jango. Not knowing who he was, Fullbody struck up a quick friendship with Jango. Yurikah and the Tulip Pirates then attacked, managing to overpower Fullbody. Jango worked with Fullbody to defeat them, although he revealed his identity in the process. Jango was tried and set to be executed, but Fullbody bailed him out at the cost of a demotion. Jango then joined Fullbody as a cabin boy on Hina's ship.

Drum Island Arc

Smoker captured the Baroque Works agent Mr. 11 in order to find out more information about the organization. When Mr. 11 blew his cover, he was shot by one of his fellow agents.

Arabasta Arc

Smoker spares Luffy on Arabasta.

Smoker confronted Luffy again on the coast of Arabasta, but was stopped by Luffy's brother Ace, and the two fought to a stalemate.

Smoker later confronted the Straw Hats again at Rainbase, but they were led into Crocodile's seastone cage. They were eventually freed by Sanji, and Smoker decided to not arrest Luffy.

Smoker and his men apprehended Crocodile upon his defeat. He later heard that he was the one to receive credit for Crocodile's defeat, to his anger.

When the Straw Hats set off from Arabasta, they were confronted by Hina and her troops. However, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei arrived and held off the Marines long enough for the pirates to escape.

Water 7 Saga

Long Ring Long Land Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates encountered Marine Admiral Aokiji, who taunted them about Nico Robin and her checkered past. An angered Luffy attacked him, but Aokiji froze him and Robin solid before heading out, deciding not to harm anyone further.

Enies Lobby Arc

Hundreds of Marines stationed on the island fought when the Straw Hat Pirates and the Franky Family invaded Enies Lobby, but they were routed.

When Spandam accidentally ordered a Buster Call, many large Marine ships came to destroy the island. Despite Spandam's pleas, they were unable to prevent the Straw Hats from escaping.

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

Monkey D. Garp and his men came to Water 7 in order for Garp to speak to his grandson Luffy. Koby and Helmeppo also came and reunited with Luffy and Zoro.

During a celebration on Water 7, Aokiji secretly confronted Robin about his involvement in the destruction of Ohara.

As the Straw Hats prepared to leave Water 7, Garp returned under orders to capture them, but the pirates managed to escape.

Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Admiral Kizaru arrives at Sabaody Archipelago.

When Luffy punched a World Noble, Marine Admiral Kizaru was called to eliminate him. Initial Marine reinforcements were defeated by Kid, Law, and Luffy, all of them captains and Super Rookies. Kizaru and his troops then arrived and routed the pirates on the archipelago, with the Straw Hats disappearing after confronting the Warlord of the Sea Bartholomew Kuma. Rayleigh also appeared and fought Kizaru in a duel to distract him from the Straw Hats before escaping as well.

Amazon Lily Arc

Vice Admiral Momonga came to Amazon Lily in order to give the Warlord of the Sea Boa Hancock her mandatory summons to participate in the upcoming Summit War of Marineford. She refused, turning his men to stone. However, she later relented and freed his men in order to bring Luffy to Impel Down.

Marineford Arc

Further information: Summit War of Marineford

War rages between the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates.

After Marshall D. Teach had captured the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates Portgas D. Ace to become a Warlord of the Sea, with Ace's execution being announced, the Marines were preparing to have an all-out war against the Whitebeard Pirates,[26] which took place at Marineford.[27] Alongside the Whitebeard Pirates came Monkey D. Luffy and a motley crew of Impel Down breakout convicts,[28] and the battle had escalated to its final phase after an hour and a half.

Upon Ace and Whitebeard's deaths, Shanks arrived to stop the war, and Sengoku agreed with him.[29] With that, the world who despises pirates celebrated the Marines for their victory, only to be shocked that pirates became more aggressive due to Whitebeard's death.[30] However, Sengoku then finds out that several Level 6 prisoners from Impel Down escaped thanks to Blackbeard, and is even more furious when the World Government declares the second mass escape must be suppressed from the general public.[31]

Post-War Arc

Shortly after the end of the war, Sengoku resigned from his position as fleet admiral, three weeks after Garp did.[32]

During the Timeskip

The position of fleet admiral was replaced after a great ten day battle between Aokiji and Akainu at some point between the two years, following the war. The victor was Sakazuki, who became the new fleet admiral, and though Kuzan was alive, he refused to work under Akainu and thus left the Marines. Aokiji's resignation was a great loss to the Marines although they have become much stronger under the command of their new fleet admiral.[33]

The Marines held a World Military Draft (世界徴兵 Sekai Chōhei?), through which Fujitora received a special appointment to the rank of admiral. [34]

During his operation as a pirate, X Drake joined the Beasts Pirates and quickly rose in rank, becoming one of their Shinuchi.[5]

Fish-Man Island Saga

Return to Sabaody Arc

Marines came to Sabaody Archipelago in order to arrest Brook of the Straw Hat Pirates, but ended up becoming involved with the Fake Straw Hat Crew. While the impostors were easily defeated, the real Straw Hat Pirates arrived, routing the Marines and heading to the New World.

Dressrosa Saga

Caribou's Kehihihihi in the New World

The pirate Caribou was taken to the G-5 Marine base by Jinbe. The Marines tied Caribou to a stake to burn him, but Caribou's crewmates suddenly arrived to rescue him. They succeeded in freeing Caribou, but Caribou immediately abandoned them at the base. However, the crew eventually managed to escape the base.

Punk Hazard Arc

Law attacks the G-5 Marines.

Now stationed at G-5, Smoker found out that the Straw Hat Pirates had entered the New World, following them to the forbidden island Punk Hazard. Smoker then encountered the Warlord of the Sea Trafalgar Law, who defeated him, took his heart, and switched him with Tashigi. The Marines then attempted to invade Caesar Clown's lab, having found out about him experimenting on abducted children. However, they encountered and battled the Straw Hats, and Caesar arrived and easily defeated them, putting Smoker and Tashigi in a cage with the Straw Hats and Law.

G-5 soldiers are engulfed by Shinokuni.

Caesar put the cage outside for them to be poisoned by his gas, but they escaped and reentered the facility to stage a counterattack. Smoker confronted Vice Admiral Vergo, who was actually a spy for the Donquixote Pirates, but was defeated. Meanwhile, the G-5 Marines worked to liberate the captive children while running from the gas, and with help from Zoro, Tashigi managed to defeat Caesar's underling Monet. During the frenzy, many G-5 Marines became encased by the gas Shinokuni as they sacrificed themselves to help Tashigi and others.

Doflamingo knocks out G-5 with Haoshoku Haki.

With Caesar being defeated by Luffy and Vergo being defeated by Law, the Marines and the Straw Hats managed to escape from the facility with the children before the gas reached them. They then celebrated, though halfheartedly attempted to separate themselves from the pirates. However, they were saddened when the Straw Hats and Law left.

Later, Donquixote Doflamingo came to the island in search of Caesar, routing the Marines and brutally beating Smoker. However, he was stopped by Kuzan, and decided to leave.

Dressrosa Arc

Admiral Fujitora sends a battleship flying at the Straw Hats.

Having received the news of Luffy's and Law's alliance, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki sent Admiral Fujitora to deal with them on Dressrosa. Marines were stationed on Dressrosa at the Corrida Colosseum, waiting to arrest the multitudes of criminals inside. Vice Admiral Maynard attempted to enter as a contestant in order to take out criminals, but was beaten by the pirate Bartolomeo. When Doflamingo went back on a deal he made in order to ambush Law, Fujitora accompanied him, and together the two managed to defeat Law. Law managed to escape and rendezvous quickly with some of the Straw Hats on the Thousand Sunny. Fujitora attempted to attack them by flying a Marine battleship towards them, but the ship was damaged by Law and Fujitora decided to turn back. When Doflamingo defeated Law again, Fujitora returned to assist him, easily dealing with Zoro as he and Doflamingo took Law away.

Fujitora accompanied Doflamingo to his palace, where he revealed his intentions to destroy the Seven Warlords of the Sea system, creating some friction between him and Doflamingo. Meanwhile, Vice Admiral Bastille led a convoy of Marines to assist the Donquixote Pirate Senor Pink against the Straw Hat Pirate Franky. Together, they managed to defeat Franky.

When the toys on Dressrosa became humans again, chaos erupted in Dressrosa, and Doflamingo took back control by trapping everyone with a giant cage. Doflamingo used the Birdcage to take control of some Marines and cause them to attack others indiscriminately. As this happened, Fujitora went to confront Luffy, Law, and Zoro, but their battle was interrupted when the Donquixote Pirate Pica attacked.

Sabo confronts the Marines.

The Revolutionary Sabo then arrived, defeating Bastille before battling Fujitora. Fujitora eventually left their battle to tell the former king Riku Doldo III that he would be betting everything on the Straw Hats to win against Doflamingo. He and the Marines, in the meantime, worked to control the chaos inside the Birdcage. When Doflamingo began constricting the Birdcage, Fujitora and his soldiers eventually assisted the Straw Hats and their allies in trying to stop it until Doflamingo was defeated.

The Marines arresting Doflamingo.

When Doflamingo was defeated, the Marines arrested him and most of his crew. Maynard then broadcasted the destruction to neighboring islands, and Fujitora lay prostrate before Riku in apology for the Marines allowing this to happen. On Mary Geoise, Sakazuki angrily confronted the Five Elders over Doflamingo's earlier deception, but found out about Doflamingo's defeat in the midst of this. He became angry at Fujitora and ordered him to capture Luffy and Law, or else he could never enter another Marine base. Fujitora agreed to do so, but only if his die said it was right. For two days, it did not.

Luffy attacks Fujitora.

On the third day, Sengoku and Tsuru arrived on Dressrosa to assist in transporting Doflamingo. The dwarf Mansherry came to the Marine camp and asked for blood donations so that she could heal injured people, and the Marines easily agreed. Tsuru rolled Fujitora's die, and this time it did not land on a one. Fujitora led his platoons to capture the Straw Hats and their allies, who attempted to escape the island. Due to donating blood, many of the Marines were too weak to fight, and their weapons were also stolen by dwarves. Fujitora confronted the pirates himself and prepared to crush them with a giant mass of rubble. Luffy attacked Fujitora, and was overpowered by the admiral, but the pirates took the opportunity to rush to the port. Fujitora prepared to crush them, but the citizens of Dressrosa rushed in, saying they would take out the pirates themselves, although they were really trying to protect the Straw Hats. Not willing to harm citizens, Fujitora dropped the rubble on some enemy ships that were attacking the Straw Hats and their allies.

The Marines then departed Dressrosa with Doflamingo in tow. However, they were attacked by Jack of the Beasts Pirates who sought to rescue Doflamingo. They defeated Jack and continued on.

Four Emperors Saga

Zou Arc

Marines contacted each member kingdom of the World Government, preparing themself to become escorts for royals attending the Levely. Hina escorted the royals of Arabasta, the Nefertari Family, to Mary Geoise. The king of Prodence Kingdom declined an escort from the Marines.

Levely Arc

With the time of Levely approaching, the Marines were occupied with escorting royals and their companions to Mary Geoise. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki was furious when a Marine escort group failed to protect Komane's ship from pirates, but Koby and Helmeppo managed to intercept the abducters just as the pirates were about to attempt abducting Viola as well. Koby's ship became an escort for the Dressrosa and Prodence Kingdom ships.

Sakazuki was furious when he learned from Captain T Bone about Fujitora's presence on Levely. At Mary Geoise, Fujitora and Ryokugyu had a friendly conversation, despite Ryokugyu receiving orders to make Fujitora leave. At the Red Port, Garp escorted the Neptune Family to the bondola and encountered Sterry, whom he had an unpleasant conversation with. Garp then took his leave after the Neptune Family reached the bondola.[35]

The Marines later intercepted a communication between Big Mom and Kaidou.[36]

Wano Country Arc

After the royalty at the Levely voted to abolish the Seven Warlords of the Sea system, Marine fleets were sent after Dracule Mihawk, Boa Hancock, Buggy, and Edward Weevil to take them down.[5]

Around the same time, X Drake reported from Wano that Big Mom and Kaidou had formed an alliance, putting the Marines on edge.[5]

"Gang" Bege's Oh My Family

In Dressrosa, an intoxicated Kyuin was seen kissing and consequently knocking out Marines that were attempting to subdue her.[37] Later, a group of Marines caught Charlotte Lola in a hair salon, mistaking her for her sister Charlotte Chiffon when she is recognized as Capone Bege's wife.[38] Gotti then attacked the Marines to rescue Lola, whom he also thought was Chiffon.

Early One Piece

According to One Piece Green: Secret Pieces, the Marines' original theme was supposed to be sort of Mafia-like. In the first version, Marines were supposed to wear black suits instead of Marine coats and every member was planned to have a hard, scary look on their faces. Also, some minor Marine characters, like John Giant and Brannew, were already planned out from the beginning of the series.

Translation and Dub Issues

The "proper" English translation of this organization's name remains a point of dispute among both fans and professional translators. Although the term "MARINE" (in Roman characters) is directly displayed on countless uniforms, ships, and installations throughout the manga and anime, in-series dialogue almost invariably uses the term 海軍かいぐん (Kaigun?), which translates most closely to "Navy"—a discrepancy particularly noticeable to American audiences, as the United States Marine Corps is well-known for its fierce rivalry with the United States Navy.

While English-speaking fans almost universally use "Marines" for both individual personnel and the organization as a whole, each of the series' professional English translations differs:

  • The VIZ manga favors "Navy" for the overall organization, but occasionally uses terms such as sailor, soldier, or even Naval Marine when referring to smaller divisions or individuals. In-story text—both 海軍 and "MARINE"—is usually left unchanged, but sometimes edited to read "NAVY" (a notable instance being Chapter 96's introduction of Marineford).
  • The 4Kids-dubbed anime uses "Navy" in all instances, and edits every piece of in-story text—no matter how minor—accordingly.
  • The Funimation anime largely follows the Viz manga, referring to the whole organization as the "Navy" while using more disparate terms—including "Marines"—for smaller groups and individuals. The uncut Funimation dub uses "Marines" more frequently, though not universally.

(It should be noted that in several non-English languages, such as French and German, "Marine" serves as a literal translation of Navy; one of these, rather than the English term, may have served as Eiichiro Oda's inspiration.)


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