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Marriage Greenland is a non-canon island in the New World known as a wedding destination. It was where Bürst tried to marry Nami.[1]


Marriage Greenland's geography is similar to the structure of Univeral Studios Japan's WaterWorld stage.[1]


Bürst and his brothers Misutta, and Bonbon visited the island to marry Nami. The Straw Hat Pirates, Kin'emon, Bartolomeo, Cavendish, Jeet, Abdullah, Sabo, and Koala came to the island to help save her.[1]



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Marriage Greenland is known as a marriage destination. It is said that lovers travel there to vow their eternal faith to each other and that they can never leave marriages that are held there.[1]



After he calculated that Nami was his scientifically most appropriate fiancee for him, Bürst came to Marriage Greenland and waited while he ordered his brothers to brainwash and kidnap Nami.[1]

One Piece Premier Show 2015Edit

Misutta and Bonbon brainwashed and kidnapped Nami with Bonbon's abilities and brought her to Marriage Greenland. The Straw Hat Pirates followed and docked on the island, but while under Bonbon's influence, Nami was cold to them. The crew and their allies devised an SOS Strategy to rescue her, and Brook disguised himself as marriage officiator to ruin Bürst and Nami's vows. During the ceremony, Brook revealed his true identity and intentions, and the rest of the crew and their allies interrupted it. Bürst became furious and began to rampage, using his abilities to take the form of nitro dragon. Sabo came to the crew's aid, and he and Luffy defeated Bürst, Misutta, and Bonbon together, freeing Nami.[1]


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