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Marumieta is the daughter of Bimine, the mayor of Pucci.[2]


Marumieta has long light-colored hair tied in a curling ponytail. She wears a semi-formal dress and a tiara.[2] She had binoculars in both of her appearances.[1][3]


Marumieta as she appeared in SBS Volume 47.
Marumieta in Digital Manga.png
Marumieta as she appears in the digitally colored manga.


Marumieta is a person who is "ignorant of the ways of the world", thus she is a curious one.[2] She appears to be benevolent, as she went to Water 7 in order to deliver supplies after the Aqua Laguna.

She used her binoculars to look at a catalog her father was holding despite standing right next to him.[3] It is unknown if it is because using binoculars is a habit or if she is extremely nearsighted.


Post-Enies Lobby Arc

She was seen in the background during Franky's naked run through Water 7 and spied on him with binoculars, being named in SBS Volume 47.[1] She came to Water 7 to deliver emergency supplies after the Aqua Laguna, and was accompanied by her manservant, Yamenahare.[2]

From the Decks of the World

She and Yamenahare were seen again when her father came to Galley-La Company as a client. Both she and Bimine were looking into buying ships from Zambai, a member of the Galley-La Company. He was giving them a deal of two ships and cola while Yamenahare was trying to convince Marumieta not to decide too quickly.[3]


  • Marumie (丸見え?) means "completely exposed to view", possibly referring to Franky's condition during her first appearance.


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